Awards 2014-15

Awards for the 2014-15 Season
 CompetitionWinner Award
1Open Std Mono PrintMike Trout wins theGlenfaba Cup
2Open Std Colour PrintBeryl Quayle wins theLowey Cup
3Open Std DigitalBarry Murphy wins theDavies Cup
4Assignment Std Mono PrintJoy Brodie wins thePlaque
5Assignment Std Colour PrintRichard Shafto wins thePlaque
6Assignment Std DigitalLara Howe wins theG4S Trophy
7Small Prints StdJoy Brodie wins theGroudle Cup
8Open Int Mono PrintNessie Gillen wins theAyrshire Trophy
9Open Int Colour PrintShirley Lotfy wins theL. B. Jones Cup
10Open Int DigitalChris Nicholls wins theKentraugh Cup
11Assignment Int Mono PrintChris Nicholls wins thePlaque
12Assignment Int Colour PrintChris Nicholls wins thePlaque
13Assignment Int DigitalNessie Gillen wins theKillabregga Cup
14Small Prints IntShirley Lotfy wins theCochaslys Beg Trophy
15Open Adv Mono PrintRon Shimmin wins theCeltic Cup
16Open Adv Colour PrintSue Jones wins theMalvern Cup
17Open Adv DigitalClaire Stringer wins theHamilton Cup
18Assignment Adv Mono PrintRon Shimmin wins thePlaque
19Assignment Adv Colour PrintRon Shimmin wins thePlaque
20Assignment Adv DigitalClaire Stringer wins thePort-e-Chee Shield
21Annual Std Open Mono PrintMike Trout wins theTranter Cup
22Annual Std Open Colour PrintBeryl Quayle wins theWoodbourne Cup
23Annual Std Nature PrintBeryl Quayle wins theBaldwin Shield
24Annual Std Creative PrintJoy Brodie wins theGreeba Cup
25Annual Std Record PrintBeryl Quayle wins theDreemfroy Trophy
26Annual Std Nature DigitalSakkie Meeuwsen wins theYork Trophy
27Annual Std Creative DigitalJoy Brodie wins theSalisbury Cup
28Annual Std Record DigitalPatricia Larkham wins theAtlantean Trophy
29Annual Int Nature DigitalShirley Lotfy wins theJensen Trophy
30Annual Int Creative DigitalHazel Walsh wins theSheiling Cup
31Annual Int Record DigitalShirley Lotfy wins theSummerhill Cup
32Annual Int Open Mono PrintChris Nicholls wins theBallure Cup
33Annual Int Open Colour PrintChris Nicholls wins theCoombe Cup
34Annual Int Nature PrintShirley Lotfy wins theBallaragh Cup
35Annual Int Creative PrintNessie Gillen wins theCarnane Cup
36Annual Int Record PrintNessie Gillen wins theLezayre Trophy
37Annual Adv Open Mono PrintSue Jones wins theBridge Cup
38Annual Adv Open Colour PrintRuth Nicholls wins theSanderson Cup
39Annual Adv Creative PrintRuth Nicholls wins theSnaefell Cup
40Annual Adv Nature PrintChris Blyth wins theCaraghan Cup
41Annual Adv Record PrintRon Shimmin wins theGlenrigh Cup
42Annual Adv Nature DigitalDiane McCudden wins theKelly Cup
43Annual Adv Creative DigitalSue Jones wins theMalew Cup
44Annual Adv Record DigitalSue Jones wins theDreeym Beary Trophy
45BEST DIGITAL IN ANNUALSue Jones wins theMistral Trophy
46BEST COLOUR PRINT IN ANNUALRuth Nicholls wins theRedwood Trophy
47BEST MONO PRINT IN ANNUALSue Jones wins theMackie Cup
48BEST NATURE IN ANNUALDiane McCudden wins theSpiers Trophy
49BEST MANX IMAGERon Shimmin wins theIsle of Man Bank Cup
50BEST TRIPTYCHRon Shimmin wins theWest Lee Trophy
51MOST BESTS IN COMPETITIONNessie Gillen wins theTo be advised