Results 2010-11

Results for the 2010-11 Season
1Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardColour Print1st Isabel Cartmel Facade Detail, Florence Cathedral 63-Nov-10Alex Madrell
2Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardColour Print2nd Isabel Cartmel Door Detail, Florence Cathedral 53-Nov-10Alex Madrell
3Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardColour Print3rd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Clivedon Gate 43-Nov-10Alex Madrell
4Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardColour Print3rd Shirley Lotfy Tympanum 43-Nov-10Alex Madrell
5Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardColour Print5th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Cloisters At 11am 23-Nov-10Alex Madrell
6Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardColour Print5th Shirley Lotfy Wall Feature 23-Nov-10Alex Madrell
7Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardColour PrintVH COMM Hazel Walsh Rusted Flag 3-Nov-10Alex Madrell
8Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardColour PrintVH COMM Hazel Walsh The Roost 3-Nov-10Alex Madrell
9Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardDigital1st Isabel Cartmel Door Panel Florence Baptistry 63-Nov-10Alex Madrell
10Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardDigital2nd Bob Corrin Bandstand 53-Nov-10Alex Madrell
11Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardDigital3rd Hazel Walsh Masonic Hall 43-Nov-10Alex Madrell
12Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardDigital4th John Prince Dragon 33-Nov-10Alex Madrell
13Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardDigital5th Patricia Harvey Chester Cathedral 23-Nov-10Alex Madrell
14Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardDigital6th Shirley Lotfy Capital Detail 13-Nov-10Alex Madrell
15Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardDigital6th Isabel Cartmel Door Panel Florence Cathedral 13-Nov-10Alex Madrell
16Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardDigitalH COMM Patricia Harvey Chimneys in Tinity Lane Cambridge 3-Nov-10Alex Madrell
17Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardMono Print1st Isabel Cartmel Facade Detail, Santa Croce 63-Nov-10Alex Madrell
18Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardMono Print2nd Isabel Cartmel Lion, Florence Cathedral Facade 53-Nov-10Alex Madrell
19Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardMono Print3rd Hazel Walsh Fireplaces 43-Nov-10Alex Madrell
20Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardMono Print4th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Hotel Balconies 33-Nov-10Alex Madrell
21Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardMono Print4th Hazel Walsh Doorways 33-Nov-10Alex Madrell
22Assignment - Architectural DetailStandardMono Print6th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Spiral Staircase 13-Nov-10Alex Madrell
23Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateColour Print1st Mark Stringer Mosaic Detail 63-Nov-10Alex Madrell
24Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateColour Print2nd Mark Stringer Stairwell 53-Nov-10Alex Madrell
25Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateColour Print2nd Claire Stringer Rivoli Clock 53-Nov-10Alex Madrell
26Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateColour Print4th Ian Lumsden Waterstones Farnham 33-Nov-10Alex Madrell
27Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateColour Print4th Jenny Shanley Amsterdam Root Detail 33-Nov-10Alex Madrell
28Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateColour Print6th Diane McCudden Stained Glass Window 13-Nov-10Alex Madrell
29Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateColour Print6th Ian Lumsden Bricks, Tiles and Windows 13-Nov-10Alex Madrell
30Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateColour PrintVH COMM Claire Stringer Tile and Stone Patterns 3-Nov-10Alex Madrell
31Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateColour PrintVH COMM Diane McCudden Door Detail 3-Nov-10Alex Madrell
32Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateColour PrintVH COMM Anita Gould-Davies A Slice Of Wedding Cake 3-Nov-10Alex Madrell
33Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateColour PrintH COMM Anita Gould-Davies 19th Century Stone Work 3-Nov-10Alex Madrell
34Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateDigital1st John Dale Government Office 63-Nov-10Alex Madrell
35Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateDigital2nd Mark Stringer Chimney 53-Nov-10Alex Madrell
36Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateDigital2nd Claire Stringer Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth 53-Nov-10Alex Madrell
37Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateDigital4th Jenny Shanley Bolt Head Calf of Man Lighthouse 33-Nov-10Alex Madrell
38Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateDigital5th Anita Gould-Davies Keys Crest 23-Nov-10Alex Madrell
39Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateDigital6th Diane McCudden Eric Morcame 13-Nov-10Alex Madrell
40Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateDigital6th Diane McCudden Bleak House 13-Nov-10Alex Madrell
41Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateDigitalVH COMM John Dale No Parashuting in this Area 3-Nov-10Alex Madrell
42Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateDigitalVH COMM Jenny Shanley Manchester Airport Roof 3-Nov-10Alex Madrell
43Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateDigitalH COMM Janet Servante Entrance Detail Nobels Hospital 3-Nov-10Alex Madrell
44Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateMono Print1st Diane McCudden Celtic Cross Detail 63-Nov-10Alex Madrell
45Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateMono Print2nd Claire Stringer Elements Relief Detail 53-Nov-10Alex Madrell
46Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateMono Print3rd Diane McCudden In Gods House 43-Nov-10Alex Madrell
47Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateMono Print4th Mark Stringer Door 33-Nov-10Alex Madrell
48Assignment - Architectural DetailIntermediateMono Print4th Anita Gould-Davies Cornice Detail 33-Nov-10Alex Madrell
49Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedColour Print1st John Phipp Niarbyl Thatch 63-Nov-10Alex Madrell
50Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedColour Print2nd Chris Blyth Sanctuary Knocker, Durham Cathedral 53-Nov-10Alex Madrell
51Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedColour Print3rd Sue Jones Steel Structure 43-Nov-10Alex Madrell
52Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedColour Print3rd Ron Shimmin Mayfair House Detail 43-Nov-10Alex Madrell
53Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedColour Print5th Sue Jones Modern Design 23-Nov-10Alex Madrell
54Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedColour Print6th Chris Blyth Entrance Lonan Old Church 13-Nov-10Alex Madrell
55Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedColour PrintVH COMM John Phipp Temple Cladding 3-Nov-10Alex Madrell
56Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedColour PrintH COMM Tony Curtis Casa Gigi Samperi 3-Nov-10Alex Madrell
57Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones The Museum 63-Nov-10Alex Madrell
58Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedDigital2nd Ray Davies The Lamp 53-Nov-10Alex Madrell
59Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedDigital2nd John Phipp Temple Carving 53-Nov-10Alex Madrell
60Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedDigital4th Bob Servante Arcade Ceiling 33-Nov-10Alex Madrell
61Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedDigital5th Jessie Russell Dome of Legislative Building Edmonton 23-Nov-10Alex Madrell
62Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedDigital6th Ray Davies A Load of Bullocks 13-Nov-10Alex Madrell
63Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedDigital6th John Phipp Buddha 13-Nov-10Alex Madrell
64Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedMono Print1st Tony Curtis Niarbyl Cottage 63-Nov-10Alex Madrell
65Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedMono Print2nd John Phipp Thai Temple Carving 53-Nov-10Alex Madrell
66Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedMono Print3rd Ron Shimmin Wall Detail 43-Nov-10Alex Madrell
67Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedMono Print3rd Tony Curtis Roof LInes 43-Nov-10Alex Madrell
68Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedMono Print5th Sue Jones Geometric Design 23-Nov-10Alex Madrell
69Assignment - Architectural DetailAdvancedMono Print5th Sue Jones Different Styles23-Nov-10Alex Madrell
70Assignment - People at WorkStandardColour Print1st Isabel Cartmel It Takes Two 68-Dec-10John Atkinson
71Assignment - People at WorkStandardColour Print2nd Isabel Cartmel I Love My Job 58-Dec-10John Atkinson
72Assignment - People at WorkStandardColour Print3rd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Bakewell Cattle Market 48-Dec-10John Atkinson
73Assignment - People at WorkStandardColour Print3rd Shirley Lotfy Team Work 48-Dec-10John Atkinson
74Assignment - People at WorkStandardColour Print5th Anne Bidwell Sweet Work 28-Dec-10John Atkinson
75Assignment - People at WorkStandardColour Print6th Shirley Lotfy Catch Of The Day 18-Dec-10John Atkinson
76Assignment - People at WorkStandardDigital1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Hard Work 68-Dec-10John Atkinson
77Assignment - People at WorkStandardDigital2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Fishing 58-Dec-10John Atkinson
78Assignment - People at WorkStandardDigital3rd Anita Imberger Fixing The Nets 48-Dec-10John Atkinson
79Assignment - People at WorkStandardDigital4th Isabel Cartmel Alabaster Worker 38-Dec-10John Atkinson
80Assignment - People at WorkStandardDigital5th Shirley Lotfy Gardener 28-Dec-10John Atkinson
81Assignment - People at WorkStandardDigital6th Patricia Harvey Drilling The Turnip 18-Dec-10John Atkinson
82Assignment - People at WorkStandardDigitalCOMM Isabel Cartmel Dolphin Trainer 8-Dec-10John Atkinson
83Assignment - People at WorkStandardMono Print1st Isabel Cartmel A Hard Day At The Office 68-Dec-10John Atkinson
84Assignment - People at WorkStandardMono Print2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Sheep Market 58-Dec-10John Atkinson
85Assignment - People at WorkStandardMono Print3rd Isabel Cartmel Ready For The Next Bale 48-Dec-10John Atkinson
86Assignment - People at WorkStandardMono Print4th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Self Portrate: Man At Work 38-Dec-10John Atkinson
87Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateColour Print1st Claire Stringer Masseur 68-Dec-10John Atkinson
88Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateColour Print2nd Claire Stringer Window Cleaner 58-Dec-10John Atkinson
89Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateColour Print3rd Ian Lumsden Enjoying His Childhood Ambition 48-Dec-10John Atkinson
90Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateColour Print4th Natasha Wilson Little Green Fingers 38-Dec-10John Atkinson
91Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateColour Print5th Diane McCudden The Welder 28-Dec-10John Atkinson
92Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateColour Print6th Mark Stringer The Market Research Girls 18-Dec-10John Atkinson
93Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateDigital1st Mark Stringer Making Chairs The Easy Way 68-Dec-10John Atkinson
94Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateDigital2nd Phyllis Christian Hold On To The Sail 58-Dec-10John Atkinson
95Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateDigital3rd John Dale Hi-Tec Score Board 48-Dec-10John Atkinson
96Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateDigital4th Janet Servante Making Hay While The Sun Shines 38-Dec-10John Atkinson
97Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateDigital5th Diane McCudden Pit Lane Preparations 28-Dec-10John Atkinson
98Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateDigital6th Janet Servante Watch The Birdie 18-Dec-10John Atkinson
99Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateDigitalCOMM Phyllis Christian Is It Time To Pick Up The Brush 8-Dec-10John Atkinson
100Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateMono Print1st Natasha Wilson Open Wide 68-Dec-10John Atkinson
101Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateMono Print2nd Claire Stringer Strongman 58-Dec-10John Atkinson
102Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateMono Print3rd Claire Stringer Cameraman 48-Dec-10John Atkinson
103Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateMono Print4th Mark Stringer The Queens Guard 38-Dec-10John Atkinson
104Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateMono Print5th Janet Servante Barror Boy 28-Dec-10John Atkinson
105Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateMono Print6th Diane McCudden The Headmaster 18-Dec-10John Atkinson
106Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateMono PrintCOMM Mark Stringer Mime Artist 8-Dec-10John Atkinson
107Assignment - People at WorkIntermediateMono PrintCOMM Diane McCudden Community Bankers 8-Dec-10John Atkinson
108Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedColour Print1st Ron Shimmin Spreading The News 68-Dec-10John Atkinson
109Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedColour Print2nd Bob Servante Rescue In Progress 58-Dec-10John Atkinson
110Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedColour Print3rd Chris Blyth For Your Ears Only? Tynwald Day 48-Dec-10John Atkinson
111Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedColour Print4th Bob Servante Ploughing To Perfection 38-Dec-10John Atkinson
112Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedColour Print5th Sue Jones Make Up Artist 28-Dec-10John Atkinson
113Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedColour Print6th Sue Jones Threshing 18-Dec-10John Atkinson
114Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin Guarding The City 8-Dec-10John Atkinson
115Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones Photographer At Work 68-Dec-10John Atkinson
116Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedDigital2nd Antony Hamilton Street Artist Montmatre Paris 58-Dec-10John Atkinson
117Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedDigital3rd Ray Davies Barman At Work 48-Dec-10John Atkinson
118Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedDigital4th Jessie Russell Is It OK To Go 38-Dec-10John Atkinson
119Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedDigital5th John Phipp The Artist 28-Dec-10John Atkinson
120Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedDigital6th Bob Servante Net Income 18-Dec-10John Atkinson
121Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedDigitalCOMM Bob Servante Make Up Artist 8-Dec-10John Atkinson
122Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedDigitalCOMM Sue Jones Painting The Hub 8-Dec-10John Atkinson
123Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedDigitalCOMM Chris Blyth Big Boys Toys For The Fire Brigade 8-Dec-10John Atkinson
124Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedMono Print1st John Phipp Trombones 68-Dec-10John Atkinson
125Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedMono Print2nd Sue Jones Preparation 58-Dec-10John Atkinson
126Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedMono Print3rd Sue Jones High Expectations 48-Dec-10John Atkinson
127Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedMono Print4th John Phipp Clean Your Car Sir? 38-Dec-10John Atkinson
128Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedMono Print5th Tony Curtis Please Give Me An Interview 28-Dec-10John Atkinson
129Assignment - People at WorkAdvancedMono Print6th Bob Servante Bill The Blacksmith 18-Dec-10John Atkinson
130Assignment - ShapesStandardColour Print1st Isabel Cartmel Octagonal Summerhouse 62-Feb-11Ray Kelly
131Assignment - ShapesStandardColour Print2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme The Herring Cran 52-Feb-11Ray Kelly
132Assignment - ShapesStandardColour Print3rd Isabel Cartmel Saturday Evening Relaxation 42-Feb-11Ray Kelly
133Assignment - ShapesStandardColour Print4th Ernie Lumsden Vinery Supports 32-Feb-11Ray Kelly
134Assignment - ShapesStandardColour Print5th Ernie Lumsden Stone Wall 22-Feb-11Ray Kelly
135Assignment - ShapesStandardColour Print6th Hazel Walsh Rusty Gate 12-Feb-11Ray Kelly
136Assignment - ShapesStandardColour PrintH COMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Lobster Pots 2-Feb-11Ray Kelly
137Assignment - ShapesStandardColour PrintH COMM Shirley Lotfy The Moeraki Boulders 2-Feb-11Ray Kelly
138Assignment - ShapesStandardColour PrintCOMM Shirley Lotfy Stonework Sculpture 2-Feb-11Ray Kelly
139Assignment - ShapesStandardDigital1st Hazel Walsh Optical Illusion 62-Feb-11Ray Kelly
140Assignment - ShapesStandardDigital2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Ready for the Pot 52-Feb-11Ray Kelly
141Assignment - ShapesStandardDigital3rd Isabel Cartmel Triangle of Peppers 42-Feb-11Ray Kelly
142Assignment - ShapesStandardDigital4th Patricia Harvey Just an Illusion 32-Feb-11Ray Kelly
143Assignment - ShapesStandardDigital5th Shirley Lotfy Skyscraper 22-Feb-11Ray Kelly
144Assignment - ShapesStandardDigital6th Patricia Larkham Waves 12-Feb-11Ray Kelly
145Assignment - ShapesStandardDigitalH COMM Anita Imberger Icicle up North Barrule 2-Feb-11Ray Kelly
146Assignment - ShapesStandardDigitalH COMM Patricia Larkham Blue Lines 2-Feb-11Ray Kelly
147Assignment - ShapesStandardDigitalCOMM Isabel Cartmel Shapes in Marble 2-Feb-11Ray Kelly
148Assignment - ShapesStandardDigitalCOMM Patricia Harvey A Seed Head 2-Feb-11Ray Kelly
149Assignment - ShapesStandardMono Print1st Isabel Cartmel All Different Shapes And Sizes 62-Feb-11Ray Kelly
150Assignment - ShapesStandardMono Print2nd Hazel Walsh Lady Evelyn 52-Feb-11Ray Kelly
151Assignment - ShapesStandardMono Print3rd Isabel Cartmel Saturday Morning Relaxation 42-Feb-11Ray Kelly
152Assignment - ShapesIntermediateColour Print1st Janet Servante Wheels 62-Feb-11Ray Kelly
153Assignment - ShapesIntermediateColour Print2nd Janet Servante Baboon Bark 52-Feb-11Ray Kelly
154Assignment - ShapesIntermediateColour Print3rd Phyllis Christian Ancient Shapes 42-Feb-11Ray Kelly
155Assignment - ShapesIntermediateColour Print4th Peter Brew blue Ladies 32-Feb-11Ray Kelly
156Assignment - ShapesIntermediateColour Print5th Ian Lumsden Lions Mane, Part of Wooden sculpture 22-Feb-11Ray Kelly
157Assignment - ShapesIntermediateColour Print6th Claire Stringer Pasta Shapes 12-Feb-11Ray Kelly
158Assignment - ShapesIntermediateColour PrintH COMM Claire Stringer Early Learning Shapes 2-Feb-11Ray Kelly
159Assignment - ShapesIntermediateColour PrintH COMM Diane McCudden Rock Formations 2-Feb-11Ray Kelly
160Assignment - ShapesIntermediateDigital1st John Dale A Multitude of Shapes 62-Feb-11Ray Kelly
161Assignment - ShapesIntermediateDigital2nd Diane McCudden Colourful shots 52-Feb-11Ray Kelly
162Assignment - ShapesIntermediateDigital3rd Natasha Wilson Green Brain Coral 42-Feb-11Ray Kelly
163Assignment - ShapesIntermediateDigital4th Diane McCudden Leaf Shape 32-Feb-11Ray Kelly
164Assignment - ShapesIntermediateDigital5th Phyllis Christian Smart Egyptian Appartments 22-Feb-11Ray Kelly
165Assignment - ShapesIntermediateDigital6th Natasha Wilson Glass Rods 12-Feb-11Ray Kelly
166Assignment - ShapesIntermediateDigitalH COMM Mark Stringer Shapes In Art 2-Feb-11Ray Kelly
167Assignment - ShapesIntermediateDigitalH COMM Keith Malloy Hexagonal Orange 2-Feb-11Ray Kelly
168Assignment - ShapesIntermediateDigitalCOMM Janet Servante The Medusa Effect 2-Feb-11Ray Kelly
169Assignment - ShapesIntermediateMono Print1st Diane McCudden Reflections Under The Pier 62-Feb-11Ray Kelly
170Assignment - ShapesIntermediateMono Print2nd Janet Servante Pot Luck Skyline 52-Feb-11Ray Kelly
171Assignment - ShapesIntermediateMono Print3rd Diane McCudden Stonework Detail 42-Feb-11Ray Kelly
172Assignment - ShapesIntermediateMono Print4th Claire Stringer Georgeous Chocolate Shapes 32-Feb-11Ray Kelly
173Assignment - ShapesIntermediateMono Print5th Claire Stringer Shapes Of A Cheese Board 22-Feb-11Ray Kelly
174Assignment - ShapesIntermediateMono Print6th Janet Servante Log Circles 12-Feb-11Ray Kelly
175Assignment - ShapesIntermediateMono PrintH COMM Phyllis Christian The Old Quarter, Toulouse 2-Feb-11Ray Kelly
176Assignment - ShapesAdvancedColour Print1st Bob Servante Shapes In Stone 62-Feb-11Ray Kelly
177Assignment - ShapesAdvancedColour Print2nd Sue Jones Transparent Shapes 52-Feb-11Ray Kelly
178Assignment - ShapesAdvancedColour Print3rd Sue Jones Sweet Shapes 42-Feb-11Ray Kelly
179Assignment - ShapesAdvancedColour Print4th Ron Shimmin Reflecting Spheres 32-Feb-11Ray Kelly
180Assignment - ShapesAdvancedColour Print5th Ron Shimmin Roof Shapes 22-Feb-11Ray Kelly
181Assignment - ShapesAdvancedColour Print6th Bob Servante Peppers 12-Feb-11Ray Kelly
182Assignment - ShapesAdvancedDigital1st Ray Davies Japanese Parasol Detail 62-Feb-11Ray Kelly
183Assignment - ShapesAdvancedDigital2nd Ray Davies Shape and Shadow 52-Feb-11Ray Kelly
184Assignment - ShapesAdvancedDigital3rd Jessie Russell Tile Shapes 42-Feb-11Ray Kelly
185Assignment - ShapesAdvancedDigital4th Bob Servante Arcs & Rectangles 32-Feb-11Ray Kelly
186Assignment - ShapesAdvancedDigital5th Sue Jones Sweet Display 22-Feb-11Ray Kelly
187Assignment - ShapesAdvancedDigital6th Sue Jones Lava Lamp Formation 12-Feb-11Ray Kelly
188Assignment - ShapesAdvancedDigitalH COMM Antony Hamilton Light Fandango 2-Feb-11Ray Kelly
189Assignment - ShapesAdvancedMono Print1st Chris Blyth Shadow Play 62-Feb-11Ray Kelly
190Assignment - ShapesAdvancedMono Print2nd Sue Jones Architectural Shapes 52-Feb-11Ray Kelly
191Assignment - ShapesAdvancedMono Print3rd Ron Shimmin Steel Shapes 42-Feb-11Ray Kelly
192Assignment - ShapesAdvancedMono Print4th Sue Jones Geometric Shapes 32-Feb-11Ray Kelly
193Assignment - ShapesAdvancedMono Print5th Ron Shimmin Trio 22-Feb-11Ray Kelly
194Assignment - ShapesAdvancedMono Print6th Chris Blyth Cologne Railway Station 12-Feb-11Ray Kelly
195OPEN 1StandardColour Print1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Spinner Dolphin Pod 613-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
196OPEN 1StandardColour Print2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Snorkelling Silhouette 513-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
197OPEN 1StandardColour Print3rd Isabel Cartmel A Rainy Day 413-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
198OPEN 1StandardColour Print4th Isabel Cartmel Love Is 313-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
199OPEN 1StandardColour Print5th Shirley Lotfy Gold Cup 213-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
200OPEN 1StandardColour Print6th Shirley Lotfy The Geberation Game 113-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
201OPEN 1StandardDigital1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Surfer 620-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
202OPEN 1StandardDigital2nd Patricia Harvey Amber Eyes 520-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
203OPEN 1StandardDigital3rd John Prince Black in Black 420-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
204OPEN 1StandardDigital4th Shirley Lotfy Rig on Tow 320-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
205OPEN 1StandardDigital5th Bob Corrin Gorgeous 220-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
206OPEN 1StandardDigitalVH COMM John Prince Four on a Wall 20-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
207OPEN 1StandardDigitalH COMM Mark Corlett Next stop the National 20-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
208OPEN 1StandardDigitalCOMM Shirley Lotfy Tenerriffe 2010 20-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
209OPEN 1StandardMono Print1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Morning At Norris Geyser 613-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
210OPEN 1StandardMono Print2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Alhskan Beach Scene 513-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
211OPEN 1StandardMono Print3rd Isabel Cartmel River Nidd 413-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
212OPEN 1StandardMono Print4th Isabel Cartmel White tree Nymth 313-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
213OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print1st Claire Stringer Tree Frog 613-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
214OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print2nd Janet Servante Juvenile Blue Tit 513-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
215OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print3rd Mark Stringer Eagle Eye 413-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
216OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print4th Peter Cartmel Mandarin Duck 313-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
217OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print5th Claire Stringer Tiger Face 213-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
218OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print6th Peter Cartmel Check The Lips 113-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
219OPEN 1IntermediateColour PrintH COMM Jenny Shanley Reflections 13-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
220OPEN 1IntermediateDigital1st John Dale Soul Man 620-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
221OPEN 1IntermediateDigital2nd Natasha Wilson Lilac Finger Coral 520-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
222OPEN 1IntermediateDigital3rd Keith Malloy Mother and Child 420-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
223OPEN 1IntermediateDigital4th Janet Servante Gull with Prey 320-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
224OPEN 1IntermediateDigital5th Claire Stringer Field Mouse 220-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
225OPEN 1IntermediateDigital6th Claire Stringer Baaard Hair Day 120-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
226OPEN 1IntermediateDigitalVH COMM Diane McCudden Redshank 20-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
227OPEN 1IntermediateDigitalH COMM Jenny Shanley Wasp on Sea Holly 20-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
228OPEN 1IntermediateDigitalCOMM Anita Gould-Davies Portugal 2009 20-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
229OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print1st Peter Cartmel Abandond 613-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
230OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print2nd Peter Cartmel Balconies 513-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
231OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print3rd Mark Stringer Alfie 413-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
232OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print4th Claire Stringer Tree Roots 313-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
233OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print5th Mark Stringer Thoughtfull 213-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
234OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print6th Natasha Wilson Sleeping 113-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
235OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print1st Ruth Nicholls Heaven On Earth 613-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
236OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print2nd Ruth Nicholls Montmartre 513-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
237OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print3rd John Phipp Lynx 413-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
238OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print4th Sue Jones City Skyline 313-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
239OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print5th Chris Blyth Grey Heron 213-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
240OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print6th Ray Davies Free Running 113-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
241OPEN 1AdvancedDigital1st Tony Curtis Daryl Johnson 620-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
242OPEN 1AdvancedDigital2nd Ray Davies Waiting for the Tube 520-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
243OPEN 1AdvancedDigital3rd Chris Blyth Egret in the Rain420-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
244OPEN 1AdvancedDigital4th Bob Servante Neon Arcade 320-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
245OPEN 1AdvancedDigital5th Tony Curtis Hot Pursuit 220-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
246OPEN 1AdvancedDigital6th Antony Hamilton Near Mallaig Scotland 120-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
247OPEN 1AdvancedDigitalVH COMM Sue Jones Ancient Stone 20-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
248OPEN 1AdvancedDigitalH COMM Dave Welsh Theirs an alien in my Front Room 20-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
249OPEN 1AdvancedDigitalCOMM Ray Davies The Hustler 20-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
250OPEN 1AdvancedDigitalCOMM Ruth Nicholls Tuscan Mist 20-Oct-10Eddie Fryer
251OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print1st Sue Jones Across The Thames 613-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
252OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print2nd Ron Shimmin Street Music 513-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
253OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print3rd Bob Servante Shipwreck 413-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
254OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print4th Ruth Nicholls Bradda Glen 313-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
255OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print5th Sue Jones Street Furniture 213-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
256OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print6th John Phipp Whitby 113-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
257OPEN 1AdvancedMono PrintH COMM Bob Servante Sea Side Brass 13-Oct-10Victoria Harrop
258OPEN 2StandardColour Print1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme From Here To Eternity Beach 624-Nov-10Richard Kinley
259OPEN 2StandardColour Print2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Snapper Shoal 524-Nov-10Richard Kinley
260OPEN 2StandardColour Print3rd Hazel Walsh London Skyline 424-Nov-10Richard Kinley
261OPEN 2StandardColour Print4th Sam Bucknall Watter Lily At Ballanet 324-Nov-10Richard Kinley
262OPEN 2StandardColour Print5th Isabel Cartmel King Vulture 224-Nov-10Richard Kinley
263OPEN 2StandardColour Print6th Isabel Cartmel Santa Croce 124-Nov-10Richard Kinley
264OPEN 2StandardDigital1st Patricia Harvey Baby Grizzly Bear 62-Dec-10Margaret Oates
265OPEN 2StandardDigital2nd Andrew Cowan IMG 3688a 52-Dec-10Margaret Oates
266OPEN 2StandardDigital2nd Hazel Walsh Lighthouse Sunset 52-Dec-10Margaret Oates
267OPEN 2StandardDigital4th Patricia Harvey It's Christmas 32-Dec-10Margaret Oates
268OPEN 2StandardDigital5th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Long Nosed Hawkfish 22-Dec-10Margaret Oates
269OPEN 2StandardDigital5th Mark Corlett Tree Lined Avenue 22-Dec-10Margaret Oates
270OPEN 2StandardDigitalCOMM Shirley Lotfy Alpina 2-Dec-10Margaret Oates
271OPEN 2StandardMono Print1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Fisherman 624-Nov-10Richard Kinley
272OPEN 2StandardMono Print2nd Isabel Cartmel Lucca 524-Nov-10Richard Kinley
273OPEN 2StandardMono Print3rd Isabel Cartmel After The Storm 424-Nov-10Richard Kinley
274OPEN 2StandardMono Print4th Hazel Walsh Cranstal Farmhouse 324-Nov-10Richard Kinley
275OPEN 2StandardMono Print5th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Buffalo Silhouette 224-Nov-10Richard Kinley
276OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print1st Peter Cartmel Arnhem Remembered 624-Nov-10Richard Kinley
277OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print2nd Claire Stringer Frog 524-Nov-10Richard Kinley
278OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print3rd Janet Servante Juvenile Sparrow, Quayside 424-Nov-10Richard Kinley
279OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print4th Diane McCudden Male Cheetah 324-Nov-10Richard Kinley
280OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print5th Jenny Shanley A Knotty Problem 224-Nov-10Richard Kinley
281OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print6th Mark Stringer Monument In The Clouds 124-Nov-10Richard Kinley
282OPEN 2IntermediateColour PrintCOMM Janet Servante Crofters Yard 24-Nov-10Richard Kinley
283OPEN 2IntermediateDigital1st Mark Stringer Bruce Anstey 62-Dec-10Margaret Oates
284OPEN 2IntermediateDigital2nd Diane McCudden The lineout Lift 52-Dec-10Margaret Oates
285OPEN 2IntermediateDigital3rd John Dale The Clypse Reservoir 42-Dec-10Margaret Oates
286OPEN 2IntermediateDigital4th Phyllis Christian Maisie 32-Dec-10Margaret Oates
287OPEN 2IntermediateDigital5th Janet Servante Red Crested Pochard 22-Dec-10Margaret Oates
288OPEN 2IntermediateDigital5th Jenny Shanley Scops Owl 22-Dec-10Margaret Oates
289OPEN 2IntermediateDigitalH COMM Claire Stringer Hedgehog 2-Dec-10Margaret Oates
290OPEN 2IntermediateDigitalH COMM Natasha Wilson Blue Shoal 2-Dec-10Margaret Oates
291OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print1st Mark Stringer Storm Wrecked 624-Nov-10Richard Kinley
292OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print2nd Peter Cartmel Elgol Beach View 524-Nov-10Richard Kinley
293OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print3rd Diane McCudden Bicycle Man 424-Nov-10Richard Kinley
294OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print4th Diane McCudden Lighthouse 324-Nov-10Richard Kinley
295OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print5th Claire Stringer Fountains Abbey Pillars 224-Nov-10Richard Kinley
296OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print6th Natasha Wilson Contented Chloe 124-Nov-10Richard Kinley
297OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print1st Ray Davies White Orchid 624-Nov-10Richard Kinley
298OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print2nd Chris Blyth The Gold Dust Day Gecko, Hawaii 524-Nov-10Richard Kinley
299OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print3rd Ron Shimmin Taking A Break 424-Nov-10Richard Kinley
300OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print4th Ruth Nicholls Hallowed Footsteps 324-Nov-10Richard Kinley
301OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print5th Ron Shimmin Mersey Evening 224-Nov-10Richard Kinley
302OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print6th Ruth Nicholls Hayfield 124-Nov-10Richard Kinley
303OPEN 2AdvancedColour PrintH COMM Sue Jones Fright Night 24-Nov-10Richard Kinley
304OPEN 2AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Bob Servante Waiting For A Dry Spell 24-Nov-10Richard Kinley
305OPEN 2AdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones Music Maker 62-Dec-10Margaret Oates
306OPEN 2AdvancedDigital2nd Sue Jones Last Light 52-Dec-10Margaret Oates
307OPEN 2AdvancedDigital3rd Chris Blyth Katy 42-Dec-10Margaret Oates
308OPEN 2AdvancedDigital4th Tony Curtis Boy George 1 32-Dec-10Margaret Oates
309OPEN 2AdvancedDigital5th Antony Hamilton Seen Better Days 22-Dec-10Margaret Oates
310OPEN 2AdvancedDigital6th Ray Davies Royal Blue Rose 12-Dec-10Margaret Oates
311OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print1st Ruth Nicholls Sanctuary 2 624-Nov-10Richard Kinley
312OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print2nd Sue Jones Rythm Sticks 524-Nov-10Richard Kinley
313OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print3rd Tony Curtis On Reflection 2 424-Nov-10Richard Kinley
314OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print4th Ray Davies Emerging From Youth 324-Nov-10Richard Kinley
315OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print5th Bob Servante Penny Whistler 224-Nov-10Richard Kinley
316OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print6th Chris Blyth View From Druidale 124-Nov-10Richard Kinley
317OPEN 2AdvancedMono PrintH COMM Sue Jones The Pathway 24-Nov-10Richard Kinley
318OPEN 2AdvancedMono PrintCOMM Chris Blyth The Rhine At Basle 24-Nov-10Richard Kinley
319OPEN 2AdvancedMono PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin Paris Street Scene 24-Nov-10Richard Kinley
320OPEN 3StandardColour Print1st Isabel Cartmel Florence Cathedral 619-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
321OPEN 3StandardColour Print2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Bale Out 519-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
322OPEN 3StandardColour Print3rd Anne Bidwell Friendly Seal 419-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
323OPEN 3StandardColour Print4th Shirley Lotfy Silver Fern, New Zealand 319-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
324OPEN 3StandardColour Print5th Isabel Cartmel Lake Garda Refections 219-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
325OPEN 3StandardColour Print6th Sam Bucknall Ready For Action, Peel Dip 119-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
326OPEN 3StandardColour PrintCOMM Bob Corrin Who Put That Last Peice Of Straw On My back 19-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
327OPEN 3StandardColour PrintCOMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Moro Mountain, Grand Tetons 19-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
328OPEN 3StandardDigital1st Andrew Cowan Precious 626-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
329OPEN 3StandardDigital2nd Mike Trout Contemplation 526-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
330OPEN 3StandardDigital3rd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Protea Flower 426-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
331OPEN 3StandardDigital4th Patricia Larkham Larger than Life 326-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
332OPEN 3StandardDigital5th Patricia Harvey Snowy Waterwheel 226-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
333OPEN 3StandardDigital6th Mike Trout Boathouse Door 126-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
334OPEN 3StandardDigitalCOMM Bob Corrin Beach Huts 26-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
335OPEN 3StandardMono Print1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Dolphins 619-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
336OPEN 3StandardMono Print2nd Isabel Cartmel White Roses 519-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
337OPEN 3StandardMono Print3rd Sam Bucknall Did You Say, "Summerhill Road?" 419-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
338OPEN 3StandardMono Print4th Robert Blyth-Skyrme New York From The Air 319-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
339OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print1st Diane McCudden brown Hare 619-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
340OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print2nd Peter Cartmel Logasaurus 519-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
341OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print3rd Claire Stringer Curiosity 419-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
342OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print4th Diane McCudden Childs PLay 319-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
343OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print5th Mark Stringer Dragonflies Mating 219-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
344OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print6th Jenny Shanley Cerinthe 119-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
345OPEN 3IntermediateColour PrintH COMM Peter Cartmel Duck A L'Orange 19-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
346OPEN 3IntermediateColour PrintCOMM Claire Stringer Croaking In The Rain 19-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
347OPEN 3IntermediateDigital1st Keith Malloy On parade in Beijing 626-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
348OPEN 3IntermediateDigital2nd Janet Servante Watching Me Watching You 526-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
349OPEN 3IntermediateDigital3rd Keith Malloy South Pacific Ghost 426-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
350OPEN 3IntermediateDigital4th Mark Stringer Under The Arches 326-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
351OPEN 3IntermediateDigital5th Phyllis Christian Lets go in 226-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
352OPEN 3IntermediateDigital6th Jenny Shanley Arms & Legs 126-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
353OPEN 3IntermediateDigitalCOMM Diane McCudden Black headed gull coming into land 26-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
354OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print1st Claire Stringer Leopard 619-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
355OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print2nd Mark Stringer Street Llight 519-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
356OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print3rd Peter Cartmel Loch Corruisk 419-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
357OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print4th Mark Stringer Squirrel 319-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
358OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print5th Jenny Shanley Tholt Y wizard 219-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
359OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print6th Diane McCudden Beach Hut 119-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
360OPEN 3IntermediateMono PrintH COMM Peter Cartmel Knotty Bark 19-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
361OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print1st Sue Jones Lamp Light 619-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
362OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print2nd Bob Servante Elements Of A Violin Concerto 519-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
363OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print3rd Ron Shimmin Smart Address 419-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
364OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print4th Sue Jones Snow Day Post Box 319-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
365OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print5th Tony Curtis Meayll Circle 219-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
366OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print6th Ray Davies Orchid 119-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
367OPEN 3AdvancedColour PrintH COMM Ron Shimmin Five For Two Pounds 19-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
368OPEN 3AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Bob Servante Final Approach 19-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
369OPEN 3AdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones Left to Decay 626-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
370OPEN 3AdvancedDigital2nd Ray Davies Ullswater 526-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
371OPEN 3AdvancedDigital3rd Bob Servante Ploughing Set Pride 426-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
372OPEN 3AdvancedDigital4th Sue Jones Rust and Rope 326-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
373OPEN 3AdvancedDigital5th Bob Servante 3D TV 226-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
374OPEN 3AdvancedDigital6th Chris Blyth Hibiscus 126-Jan-11Eva Lancaster
375OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print1st Sue Jones Ancient And Modern 619-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
376OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print2nd Ruth Nicholls Tholtal At Gordon 519-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
377OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print3rd Sue Jones Mooring Rope Texture 419-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
378OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print4th Tony Curtis Ramsey Harbour 319-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
379OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print5th Ron Shimmin The Attic Room 219-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
380OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print6th Bob Servante Rounding The Point Of Ayre 119-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
381OPEN 3AdvancedMono PrintH COMM Bob Servante Tank Reflections 19-Jan-11Eddie Fryer
382OPEN 4StandardColour Print1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Makapu'u Dawn 616-Feb-11Richard Kinley
383OPEN 4StandardColour Print2nd Isabel Cartmel White Tulips 516-Feb-11Richard Kinley
384OPEN 4StandardColour Print3rd Isabel Cartmel Iguana 416-Feb-11Richard Kinley
385OPEN 4StandardColour Print4th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Turtle Symmetry 316-Feb-11Richard Kinley
386OPEN 4StandardColour Print5th Shirley Lotfy End Of The Pier 216-Feb-11Richard Kinley
387OPEN 4StandardColour Print6th Anne Bidwell Young Herring gull in Flight 116-Feb-11Richard Kinley
388OPEN 4StandardDigital1st Shirley Lotfy dandylion Clock Fountain 623-Feb-11Andrew Barton
389OPEN 4StandardDigital2nd Patricia Larkham Suspended 523-Feb-11Andrew Barton
390OPEN 4StandardDigital3rd Hazel Walsh Arragon Veg 423-Feb-11Andrew Barton
391OPEN 4StandardDigital4th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Alarm Call Of the Arctic Tern 323-Feb-11Andrew Barton
392OPEN 4StandardDigital5th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Lily Lake USA 223-Feb-11Andrew Barton
393OPEN 4StandardDigital6th Hazel Walsh Something Blue 123-Feb-11Andrew Barton
394OPEN 4StandardMono Print1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Shoal Of Convict Fish 616-Feb-11Richard Kinley
395OPEN 4StandardMono Print2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Sand Dollar 516-Feb-11Richard Kinley
396OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print1st Claire Stringer Chameleon 616-Feb-11Richard Kinley
397OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print2nd Diane McCudden Arctic Tern 516-Feb-11Richard Kinley
398OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print3rd Claire Stringer Twit Twoo 416-Feb-11Richard Kinley
399OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print4th Jenny Shanley Painted Lady 316-Feb-11Richard Kinley
400OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print5th Diane McCudden Adolescent Male Lions 216-Feb-11Richard Kinley
401OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print6th Peter Cartmel The Staircase 116-Feb-11Richard Kinley
402OPEN 4IntermediateColour PrintCOMM Janet Servante Shag 16-Feb-11Richard Kinley
403OPEN 4IntermediateDigital1st Mark Stringer Tree Frog 623-Feb-11Andrew Barton
404OPEN 4IntermediateDigital2nd John Dale Every Cloud Has 523-Feb-11Andrew Barton
405OPEN 4IntermediateDigital3rd Mark Stringer No Future 423-Feb-11Andrew Barton
406OPEN 4IntermediateDigital4th John Dale Mono Reflecting Colour 323-Feb-11Andrew Barton
407OPEN 4IntermediateDigital5th Natasha Wilson Scalet Tandem Orchid 223-Feb-11Andrew Barton
408OPEN 4IntermediateDigital6th Jenny Shanley Traffic Hold Up On The Poortown Road 123-Feb-11Andrew Barton
409OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print1st Peter Cartmel Cellarium - Fountains Abbey 616-Feb-11Richard Kinley
410OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print2nd Peter Cartmel Ribblehead Viaduct 516-Feb-11Richard Kinley
411OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print3rd Diane McCudden Playtime 416-Feb-11Richard Kinley
412OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print4th Diane McCudden Dhow Boat 210 316-Feb-11Richard Kinley
413OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print5th Mark Stringer Night Spirit 216-Feb-11Richard Kinley
414OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print6th Mark Stringer Dereliction 116-Feb-11Richard Kinley
415OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print1st Bob Servante Seal With Prey 616-Feb-11Richard Kinley
416OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print2nd Ray Davies Atmospheric Walk 516-Feb-11Richard Kinley
417OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print3rd Bob Servante Going Clear 416-Feb-11Richard Kinley
418OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print4th Ray Davies Trio Of Calla Lillies 316-Feb-11Richard Kinley
419OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print5th Sue Jones Old Door Detail 216-Feb-11Richard Kinley
420OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print6th Brian Speedie Tongue In Cheek 116-Feb-11Richard Kinley
421OPEN 4AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Chris Blyth Streets Of San Francisco 16-Feb-11Richard Kinley
422OPEN 4AdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones explosion Of Colour 623-Feb-11Andrew Barton
423OPEN 4AdvancedDigital2nd Bob Servante Clara The Clown 523-Feb-11Andrew Barton
424OPEN 4AdvancedDigital3rd Ray Davies Waiting For The Tube 423-Feb-11Andrew Barton
425OPEN 4AdvancedDigital4th John Phipp Ben 10 323-Feb-11Andrew Barton
426OPEN 4AdvancedDigital5th Sue Jones Steam Powered 223-Feb-11Andrew Barton
427OPEN 4AdvancedDigital6th Jessie Russell Colours 123-Feb-11Andrew Barton
428OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print1st Sue Jones Trio 616-Feb-11Richard Kinley
429OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print2nd Sue Jones Mid-Winter 516-Feb-11Richard Kinley
430OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print3rd Bob Servante The Harbourside 416-Feb-11Richard Kinley
431OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print4th Ron Shimmin The Park In Winter 316-Feb-11Richard Kinley
432OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print5th Bob Servante Lady Isabella 216-Feb-11Richard Kinley
433OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print6th Ron Shimmin The Ruined Pier 116-Feb-11Richard Kinley
434Small Print 1StandardSmall Print1st Hazel Walsh Old Portsmouth 610-Nov-10Tony Curtis
435Small Print 1StandardSmall Print2nd Shirley Lotfy Red Admiral 510-Nov-10Tony Curtis
436Small Print 1StandardSmall Print3rd Isabel Cartmel Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder 410-Nov-10Tony Curtis
437Small Print 1StandardSmall Print4th Hazel Walsh Portsmouth Abstract 310-Nov-10Tony Curtis
438Small Print 1StandardSmall Print5th Isabel Cartmel You'll Blink Before Me 210-Nov-10Tony Curtis
439Small Print 1StandardSmall Print6th Robert Blyth-Skyrme The Lone Swimmer 110-Nov-10Tony Curtis
440Small Print 1StandardSmall PrintH COMM Anne Bidwell Concentration 10-Nov-10Tony Curtis
441Small Print 1IntermediateSmall Print1st Janet Servante When I Grow Up 610-Nov-10Tony Curtis
442Small Print 1IntermediateSmall Print2nd Natasha Wilson A Family Affair 510-Nov-10Tony Curtis
443Small Print 1IntermediateSmall Print3rd Janet Servante Catch Of The Day 410-Nov-10Tony Curtis
444Small Print 1IntermediateSmall Print4th Jenny Shanley Welcome To Douglas 310-Nov-10Tony Curtis
445Small Print 1IntermediateSmall Print5th Natasha Wilson Anne Grace 210-Nov-10Tony Curtis
446Small Print 1IntermediateSmall Print6th Janet Servante Young Female Chaffinch 110-Nov-10Tony Curtis
447Small Print 1IntermediateSmall PrintCOMM Jenny Shanley Coming In To Land 10-Nov-10Tony Curtis
448Small Print 2StandardSmall Print1st Shirley Lotfy Boats 617-Nov-10Antony Hamilton
449Small Print 2StandardSmall Print2nd Patricia Harvey An African Serval 517-Nov-10Antony Hamilton
450Small Print 2StandardSmall Print3rd Anne Bidwell Tripple Intent 417-Nov-10Antony Hamilton
451Small Print 2StandardSmall Print4th Bob Corrin Awesome 317-Nov-10Antony Hamilton
452Small Print 2StandardSmall Print5th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Hawaiian Surfer 217-Nov-10Antony Hamilton
453Small Print 2StandardSmall Print6th Patricia Harvey The Abandoned Wheel 117-Nov-10Antony Hamilton
454Small Print 2StandardSmall PrintCOMM Sam Bucknall Welsh Regiment Museum, Conway 17-Nov-10Antony Hamilton
455Small Print 2IntermediateSmall Print1st Jenny Shanley Man Playing Jesus 617-Nov-10Antony Hamilton
456Small Print 2IntermediateSmall Print2nd John Dale Bandits At One O'Click 517-Nov-10Antony Hamilton
457Small Print 2IntermediateSmall Print3rd Jenny Shanley Boy With Cockerel 417-Nov-10Antony Hamilton
458Small Print 2IntermediateSmall Print4th Janet Servante Harbourside 317-Nov-10Antony Hamilton
459Small Print 2IntermediateSmall Print5th John Dale Groudle Bridge 217-Nov-10Antony Hamilton
460Small Print 2IntermediateSmall Print6th Natasha Wilson New Buddes 117-Nov-10Antony Hamilton
461Small Print 2IntermediateSmall PrintCOMM Janet Servante Compare The Meercat.Com 17-Nov-10Antony Hamilton
462Small Print 2IntermediateSmall PrintCOMM Phyllis Christian Rose Window, Ypres 17-Nov-10Antony Hamilton
463Small Print 3StandardSmall Print1st Patricia Harvey Happy New Year! 612-Jan-11Chris Blyth
464Small Print 3StandardSmall Print2nd Anne Bidwell The Look Out 512-Jan-11Chris Blyth
465Small Print 3StandardSmall Print3rd Shirley Lotfy War Museum Window 412-Jan-11Chris Blyth
466Small Print 3StandardSmall Print4th Shirley Lotfy Red Damselfly 312-Jan-11Chris Blyth
467Small Print 3StandardSmall Print5th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Niece In The Summer Garden 212-Jan-11Chris Blyth
468Small Print 3StandardSmall Print6th Shirley Lotfy Smiley Face 112-Jan-11Chris Blyth
469Small Print 3StandardSmall PrintCOMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme By-Gone Days 12-Jan-11Chris Blyth
470Small Print 3StandardSmall PrintCOMM Hazel Walsh France 12-Jan-11Chris Blyth
471Small Print 3IntermediateSmall Print1st Janet Servante Cashtal Yn ard 612-Jan-11Chris Blyth
472Small Print 3IntermediateSmall Print2nd Jenny Shanley Maltese Wall Lizard 512-Jan-11Chris Blyth
473Small Print 3IntermediateSmall Print3rd Peter Brew Thumbs Up For Beavers 412-Jan-11Chris Blyth
474Small Print 3IntermediateSmall Print4th Janet Servante The Waiting Game 312-Jan-11Chris Blyth
475Small Print 3IntermediateSmall Print5th Anita Gould-Davies Pimms O'Clock 212-Jan-11Chris Blyth
476Small Print 3IntermediateSmall Print6th Jenny Shanley Loaghtan Lamb 112-Jan-11Chris Blyth
477Small Print 4StandardSmall Print1st Patricia Harvey Cheers 69-Feb-11Mark Stringer
478Small Print 4StandardSmall Print2nd Shirley Lotfy At Anchor 59-Feb-11Mark Stringer
479Small Print 4StandardSmall Print3rd Mike Trout The Old Courtyard 49-Feb-11Mark Stringer
480Small Print 4StandardSmall Print4th Anne Bidwell Fluffy Lemur 39-Feb-11Mark Stringer
481Small Print 4StandardSmall Print5th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Dolphin Pod 29-Feb-11Mark Stringer
482Small Print 4StandardSmall Print6th Shirley Lotfy Clivia 19-Feb-11Mark Stringer
483Small Print 4StandardSmall PrintCOMM Shirley Lotfy Rough Sea 9-Feb-11Mark Stringer
484Small Print 4StandardSmall PrintCOMM Hazel Walsh Carrick-A-Rede, N.Ireland 9-Feb-11Mark Stringer
485Small Print 4IntermediateSmall Print1st Natasha Wilson Sam And His Mummy 69-Feb-11Mark Stringer
486Small Print 4IntermediateSmall Print2nd Jenny Shanley Spiny Seed Head 59-Feb-11Mark Stringer
487Small Print 4IntermediateSmall Print3rd John Dale Lincoln Cathedral 49-Feb-11Mark Stringer
488Small Print 4IntermediateSmall Print4th Janet Servante Fish Supper 39-Feb-11Mark Stringer
489Small Print 4IntermediateSmall Print5th Janet Servante Me And The Nipper 29-Feb-11Mark Stringer
490Small Print 4IntermediateSmall Print6th John Dale Welcome To Venice 19-Feb-11Mark Stringer
491Annual CreativeStandardDigital1st Anita Imberger Departing Souls 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
492Annual CreativeStandardDigital2nd Anita Imberger Snowmobile Adventure at Dusk 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
493Annual CreativeStandardDigital3rd Hazel Walsh All Around the World 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
494Annual CreativeStandardPrint1st Hazel Walsh St Georges Church 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
495Annual CreativeStandardPrint2nd Patricia Harvey Amber Eyes 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
496Annual CreativeIntermediateDigital1st Jenny Shanley Spiny Sea Head 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
497Annual CreativeIntermediateDigital2nd Jenny Shanley Wasp on Sea Holly 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
498Annual CreativeIntermediateDigital3rd Mark Stringer Spirit of the Night 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
499Annual CreativeIntermediatePrint1st Mark Stringer Contemplation 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
500Annual CreativeIntermediatePrint2nd Jenny Shanley Singing In The Rain 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
501Annual CreativeIntermediatePrint3rd Mark Stringer Under The Arches 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
502Annual CreativeIntermediatePrintCOMM Janet Servante Life Above The Tiles 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
503Annual CreativeIntermediatePrintCOMM Jenny Shanley Serinthe 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
504Annual CreativeAdvancedDigital1st Bob Servante Trip of a Lifetime (BEST DIGITAL IN ANNUAL)25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
505Annual CreativeAdvancedDigital2nd Sue Jones Children of the Corn 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
506Annual CreativeAdvancedDigital3rd Ray Davies Life in a Lava Lamp 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
507Annual CreativeAdvancedDigitalVH COMM Ray Davies Egg and Spoon Race 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
508Annual CreativeAdvancedDigitalVH COMM Bob Servante 3D TV 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
509Annual CreativeAdvancedDigitalCOMM Sue Jones Music Maker 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
510Annual CreativeAdvancedDigitalCOMM Dave Welsh Last Lap of the Week and Five Wins! 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
511Annual CreativeAdvancedPrint1st Sue Jones Glastonbury Afternoon 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
512Annual CreativeAdvancedPrint2nd Ray Davies Playing The Property Market 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
513Annual CreativeAdvancedPrint3rd Sue Jones Steal Structure 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
514Annual CreativeAdvancedPrintVH COMM Ray Davies Bottle Top Teath 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
515Annual CreativeAdvancedPrintH COMM Ron Shimmin The Atic Room 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
516Annual CreativeAdvancedPrintH COMM Ron Shimmin Enigma 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
517Annual CreativeAdvancedPrintCOMM Bob Servante Maughold Lighthouse 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
518Annual CreativeAdvancedPrintCOMM Sue Jones Ancient And Modern 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
519Annual CreativeAdvancedSlide1st Sue Jones The Kiss (BEST SLIDE IN ANNUAL)25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
520Annual CreativeAdvancedSlide2nd Sue Jones Winter Walk 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
521Annual NatureStandardDigital1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Artic Tern 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
522Annual NatureStandardDigital2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Bottlenose Dolphin at Play 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
523Annual NatureStandardDigital3rd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Protea Close Up 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
524Annual NatureStandardDigitalH COMM Patricia Larkham Hawktailed "Garden" Hummingbird 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
525Annual NatureStandardDigitalCOMM Anita Imberger Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
526Annual NatureStandardPrint1st Shirley Lotfy Silver Fern 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
527Annual NatureStandardPrint2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Snapper Shoal 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
528Annual NatureStandardPrint3rd Shirley Lotfy Thrush Fledgeing 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
529Annual NatureStandardPrintH COMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Tutle 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
530Annual NatureStandardPrintCOMM Patricia Harvey Baby Grizzy Bear 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
531Annual NatureIntermediateDigital1st Natasha Wilson Anemone Fish 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
532Annual NatureIntermediateDigital2nd Janet Servante Juvenile Female Sparrow 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
533Annual NatureIntermediateDigital3rd Janet Servante Juvenile Herring Gull with Prey 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
534Annual NatureIntermediateDigitalVH COMM Diane McCudden Artic Turn 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
535Annual NatureIntermediateDigitalH COMM Diane McCudden Damselfly 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
536Annual NatureIntermediateDigitalH COMM Keith Malloy Two White Storks on a Nest 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
537Annual NatureIntermediateDigitalCOMM Claire Stringer Heron 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
538Annual NatureIntermediateDigitalCOMM Janet Servante Male Chaffinch With Seed 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
539Annual NatureIntermediatePrint1st Diane McCudden Herring Gull (BEST NATURE IN ANNUAL)24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
540Annual NatureIntermediatePrint2nd Mark Stringer Damselflies 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
541Annual NatureIntermediatePrint3rd Diane McCudden Adolescent Male Lions 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
542Annual NatureIntermediatePrintVH COMM Diane McCudden Arctic Turn 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
543Annual NatureIntermediatePrintH COMM Peter Cartmel Manderin Duck 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
544Annual NatureIntermediatePrintCOMM Diane McCudden Cheetah 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
545Annual NatureIntermediatePrintCOMM Natasha Wilson Lilac Finger Corol 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
546Annual NatureAdvancedDigital1st Chris Blyth Pin Cushion Protea 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
547Annual NatureAdvancedDigital2nd Jessie Russell Damselfly (Alberta Canada) 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
548Annual NatureAdvancedDigital3rd Jessie Russell Two Striped Grasshopper 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
549Annual NatureAdvancedDigitalVH COMM Chris Blyth Protea Head 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
550Annual NatureAdvancedDigitalCOMM Bob Servante Blue Tit 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
551Annual NatureAdvancedDigitalCOMM Chris Blyth Hibiscus 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
552Annual NatureAdvancedPrint1st Chris Blyth Gold Dust Day Gecko Hawaii 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
553Annual NatureAdvancedPrint2nd Chris Blyth Gray Heron 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
554Annual NatureAdvancedPrint3rd Chris Blyth Juvanile Goldfinch 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
555Annual NatureAdvancedPrintCOMM Tony Curtis Male Bohemian Waxwing 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
556Annual NatureAdvancedSlide1st Sue Jones Mallard Drake 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
557Annual NatureAdvancedSlide2nd Sue Jones Wild Rabbit 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
558Annual OpenStandardColour Print1st Isabel Cartmel White Tulips (BEST COLOUR PRINT IN ANNUAL)24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
559Annual OpenStandardColour Print2nd Hazel Walsh Rusted Door 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
560Annual OpenStandardColour Print3rd Hazel Walsh Abandoned 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
561Annual OpenStandardColour PrintVH COMM Hazel Walsh Shades Of Rust 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
562Annual OpenStandardColour PrintH COMM Shirley Lotfy The Generation Game 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
563Annual OpenStandardColour PrintH COMM Shirley Lotfy Gold Cup 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
564Annual OpenStandardColour PrintCOMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Cloisters At Ilam 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
565Annual OpenStandardColour PrintCOMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme From Here To Eternity Beach 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
566Annual OpenStandardColour PrintCOMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Bail Out 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
567Annual OpenStandardColour PrintCOMM Isabel Cartmel It Takes Two 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
568Annual OpenStandardDigital1st Hazel Walsh Something Blue 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
569Annual OpenStandardDigital2nd Shirley Lotfy Flower Detail 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
570Annual OpenStandardDigital3rd Patricia Larkham Vibrant Love 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
571Annual OpenStandardDigitalVH COMM Patricia Larkham Loungers on Parade 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
572Annual OpenStandardDigitalVH COMM Patricia Larkham White in Red 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
573Annual OpenStandardDigitalH COMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Surfer 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
574Annual OpenStandardDigitalH COMM Hazel Walsh An Excercise in Restraint 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
575Annual OpenStandardDigitalCOMM Shirley Lotfy Boats 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
576Annual OpenStandardDigitalCOMM Anita Imberger Splash of Colour 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
577Annual OpenStandardDigitalCOMM Patricia Larkham Larger than Life 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
578Annual OpenStandardDigitalCOMM Hazel Walsh Layers of History 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
579Annual OpenStandardDigitalCOMM Hazel Walsh Lighthouse Sunset 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
580Annual OpenStandardDigitalCOMM Hazel Walsh Optical Illusion 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
581Annual OpenStandardMono Print1st Hazel Walsh Cranstal Farmhouse 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
582Annual OpenStandardMono Print2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Fishermen 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
583Annual OpenStandardMono Print3rd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Sand Dollar 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
584Annual OpenStandardMono PrintVH COMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Sheep Market 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
585Annual OpenStandardMono PrintH COMM Isabel Cartmel Saturday Morning Relaxation 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
586Annual OpenStandardMono PrintCOMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Spiral Staircase : Iam Hall 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
587Annual OpenStandardMono PrintCOMM Hazel Walsh Doarlish Ard 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
588Annual OpenIntermediateColour Print1st Mark Stringer The Squat 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
589Annual OpenIntermediateColour Print2nd Peter Cartmel Arnhem Remembered 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
590Annual OpenIntermediateColour Print3rd Peter Cartmel Check The Lips 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
591Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintVH COMM Claire Stringer Keeping One Eye Open 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
592Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintVH COMM Claire Stringer Chameleon 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
593Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintH COMM Diane McCudden Laura 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
594Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintH COMM Janet Servante Double Port Cullis Rushen Castle 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
595Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintCOMM Mark Stringer Eagle Eye 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
596Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintCOMM Diane McCudden The Storm 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
597Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintCOMM Diane McCudden Childsplay 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
598Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintCOMM Peter Cartmel The Staircase 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
599Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintCOMM Peter Cartmel Blocks Of Colour 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
600Annual OpenIntermediateDigital1st Claire Stringer Field Mouse 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
601Annual OpenIntermediateDigital2nd Keith Malloy Cuban Colours 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
602Annual OpenIntermediateDigital3rd Claire Stringer Here's Looking At You 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
603Annual OpenIntermediateDigitalVH COMM Diane McCudden Pebble Beach 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
604Annual OpenIntermediateDigitalVH COMM Janet Servante Watching You Watching Me 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
605Annual OpenIntermediateDigitalH COMM Claire Stringer Tree Frog 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
606Annual OpenIntermediateDigitalH COMM Keith Malloy On Parade In Beijing 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
607Annual OpenIntermediateDigitalCOMM Mark Stringer No Future 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
608Annual OpenIntermediateDigitalCOMM Claire Stringer Baard Hair Day 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
609Annual OpenIntermediateDigitalCOMM Diane McCudden Cashtal Yn Ard 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
610Annual OpenIntermediateDigitalCOMM Janet Servante The New Padlock 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
611Annual OpenIntermediateDigitalCOMM Natasha Wilson Fish Family 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
612Annual OpenIntermediateDigitalCOMM Phyllis Christian Hong Kong Harbour 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
613Annual OpenIntermediateMono Print1st Peter Cartmel Loch Coruisk (BEST MONO PRINT IN ANNUAL)24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
614Annual OpenIntermediateMono Print2nd Peter Cartmel Abandond 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
615Annual OpenIntermediateMono Print3rd Natasha Wilson Open Wide 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
616Annual OpenIntermediateMono PrintVH COMM Peter Cartmel Balconies 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
617Annual OpenIntermediateMono PrintH COMM Diane McCudden Dhow Boat 210 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
618Annual OpenIntermediateMono PrintH COMM Peter Cartmel Ribblehead Viaduct 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
619Annual OpenIntermediateMono PrintCOMM Claire Stringer Leopeard 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
620Annual OpenIntermediateMono PrintCOMM Diane McCudden Beach Hut 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
621Annual OpenIntermediateMono PrintCOMM Diane McCudden Play Time 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
622Annual OpenIntermediateMono PrintCOMM Janet Servante When I Grow Up 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
623Annual OpenAdvancedColour Print1st Sue Jones Old Door Detail 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
624Annual OpenAdvancedColour Print2nd Ray Davies The Wait 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
625Annual OpenAdvancedColour Print3rd Tony Curtis Meayll Circle 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
626Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintVH COMM Ray Davies White Orchid 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
627Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintVH COMM Sue Jones Lamp Light 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
628Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintVH COMM John Phipp Lynx 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
629Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintH COMM Ray Davies String Of Orchids 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
630Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintH COMM Sue Jones Glass Reflections 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
631Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Ray Davies Trio Of Calla Lillies 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
632Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Bob Servante Natural Variatons On A Theme 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
633Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Chris Blyth Hawaiian Surfer 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
634Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin Reflecting Spheres 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
635Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Dave Welsh Buttermere Shores 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
636Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Dave Welsh Pebels 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
637Annual OpenAdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones Rust and Rope 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
638Annual OpenAdvancedDigital2nd John Phipp Eagle Detail 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
639Annual OpenAdvancedDigital3rd Ray Davies Waiting for the Tube 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
640Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalVH COMM Bob Servante One Step from a Storm 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
641Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalVH COMM Sue Jones Photographer at Work 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
642Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalH COMM Sue Jones The Museum 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
643Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalH COMM Chris Blyth Snaefell Mine 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
644Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalH COMM Jessie Russell Floral Beauty 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
645Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalCOMM Ray Davies Anthirium 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
646Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalCOMM Ray Davies Royal Blue Rose 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
647Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalCOMM Jessie Russell Merlin Female 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
648Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalCOMM Antony Hamilton Seen Better Days 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
649Annual OpenAdvancedMono Print1st Sue Jones Across The Themes 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
650Annual OpenAdvancedMono Print2nd Sue Jones Moaring Rope Texture 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
651Annual OpenAdvancedMono Print3rd Sue Jones Midwinter 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
652Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintVH COMM Sue Jones Rhythm Sticks 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
653Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintVH COMM Sue Jones Trio 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
654Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintH COMM Bob Servante Penny Whistler 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
655Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintH COMM Chris Blyth Shadow Play 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
656Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintCOMM Ray Davies Monoca Cathedral Interior 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
657Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintCOMM Sue Jones Street Furniture 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
658Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintCOMM Nigel Owen Religion On The Roaps 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
659Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintCOMM Nigel Owen A Full Head Of Steam 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
660Annual OpenAdvancedSlide1st Sue Jones Lloyds of London 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
661Annual OpenAdvancedSlide2nd Jessie Russell Tea Break 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
662Annual OpenAdvancedSlide3rd Sue Jones Old Door Detail 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
663Annual OpenAdvancedSlideCOMM Sue Jones High Rise 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
664Annual OpenAdvancedSlideCOMM Jessie Russell Athabasca 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
665Annual RecordStandardDigital1st Shirley Lotfy War Museum Window 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
666Annual RecordStandardDigital2nd Sam Bucknall Medals, Royal Welsh Regiment Museum (BEST JUNIOR IN ANNUAL)25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
667Annual RecordStandardDigital3rd Isabel Cartmel Door Detail Baptistry 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
668Annual RecordStandardPrint1st Isabel Cartmel Door Detai Florence Cathedral 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
669Annual RecordStandardPrint2nd Isabel Cartmel Lion In Marble 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
670Annual RecordStandardPrint3rd Isabel Cartmel Facade Detail Santa Croce 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
671Annual RecordIntermediateDigital1st Jenny Shanley Window; Onchan Parish Church 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
672Annual RecordIntermediateDigital2nd Janet Servante Loughtan Sheep and Flowers, Stained Glass Window; St Peter's Church Cregneash 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
673Annual RecordIntermediateDigital3rd Claire Stringer Tank Detail 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
674Annual RecordIntermediatePrint1st Mark Stringer Street Light Detail 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
675Annual RecordIntermediatePrint2nd Claire Stringer Rivoli Clock 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
676Annual RecordIntermediatePrint3rd Phyllis Christian Detail From Doorway St Saviour Pebrac 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
677Annual RecordIntermediatePrintCOMM Claire Stringer Tile And Stone Detail - Rivoli Jersey 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
678Annual RecordIntermediatePrintCOMM Diane McCudden Stained Glass Winfow 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
679Annual RecordAdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones St Georges Church Window Detail 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
680Annual RecordAdvancedDigital2nd Sue Jones Panel Detail; Queen Mothers Monument 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
681Annual RecordAdvancedDigital3rd John Phipp Temple Carving Angkor Wat 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
682Annual RecordAdvancedDigitalH COMM Ray Davies Parasol Interior Detail with Cotton Binding 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
683Annual RecordAdvancedDigitalCOMM Jessie Russell Altar; St Mary's St Agata 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
684Annual RecordAdvancedDigitalCOMM Antony Hamilton Commando Memorial; Near Fort William 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
685Annual RecordAdvancedPrint1st Sue Jones Relief Detail Queen Mother Monument 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
686Annual RecordAdvancedPrint2nd Sue Jones Statue Detail Albert Memoral 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
687Annual RecordAdvancedPrint3rd Ron Shimmin Guards Memoral Plaque 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
688Annual RecordAdvancedPrintVH COMM Sue Jones Guards Memoral Panel Detail 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
689Annual RecordAdvancedPrintCOMM Chris Blyth Sanctuary Knocker Durham Cathedral 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
690Annual RecordAdvancedPrintCOMM John Phipp Thai Temple Carving 24-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
691Annual RecordAdvancedSlide1st Sue Jones Relief Detail; Battle of Britain Memorial 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
692Annual RecordAdvancedSlide2nd Sue Jones Thomas Henry Huxley Statue; Natural History Museum 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
693Annual RecordAdvancedSlide3rd Sue Jones Window Detail; Lonan Old Church 25-Mar-11Tillman Kleinhans
694Manx LandscapeALLColour Print1st Diane McCudden Cottage At Sulby Reservoir (BEST MANX IMAGE)13-Apr-11Tricia Craig & Rosie Wood
695Manx LandscapeALLColour PrintH COMM Sue Jones Gleen Dhoo 13-Apr-11Tricia Craig & Rosie Wood
696Manx LandscapeALLColour PrintCOMM John Phipp Point Of Ayre 13-Apr-11Tricia Craig & Rosie Wood
697Manx LandscapeALLColour Print1st Dave Welsh Distant Views 13-Apr-11Tricia Craig & Rosie Wood
698Print PanelALLPrints1st John Phipp Images Of Whitby (BEST PRINT PANEL)22-Dec-10Michael Corrin
699Print PanelALLPrints2nd Sue Jones Hop-Tu-Naa 22-Dec-10Michael Corrin
700Print PanelALLPrints3rd Ray Davies Yasmin 22-Dec-10Michael Corrin
701Print PanelALLPrints4th Anita Gould-Davies Views Of Lisbon, Portugal 22-Dec-10Michael Corrin
702Print PanelALLPrints5th Claire Stringer Jerset - Battle Of The Flowers 22-Dec-10Michael Corrin
703Print PanelALLPrints6th Tony Curtis Posers 22-Dec-10Michael Corrin