Results 2012-13

Results for the 2012-13 Season
1Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardColour Print1st Jiri Podobsky Fishing Fleet On Sunday 65-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
2Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardColour Print2nd Annette Slater Bringing In The Harvest 55-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
3Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardColour Print3rd Steve Bridson We PLough The Fields 45-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
4Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardColour Print4th Paul Dougherty Safely Gathered In 35-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
5Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardColour Print5th Elaine Dewhirst Ewe-Nice And Baby Baaabaara 25-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
6Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardColour Print6th Elaine Dewhirst First "Class" Job 15-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
7Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardDigital1st Aida Podobska Turning the Soil 65-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
8Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardDigital2nd Jiri Podobsky Ballakilmartin Farm 55-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
9Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardDigital3rd Mark Thorsby Seafood Medley 45-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
10Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardDigital4th Aida Podobska Young Farmers 35-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
11Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardDigital5th Jiri Podobsky Ladies First 25-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
12Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardDigital6th Elaine Dewhirst Barley Spraying 15-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
13Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardMono Print1st Elaine Dewhirst Combine Earth And Sky 65-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
14Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardMono Print2nd Annette Slater Cock-A-Doodle-Doo 55-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
15Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardMono Print3rd Annette Slater Do You Like My Ear-rings? 45-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
16Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesStandardMono Print4th Elaine Dewhirst Angus - Scottish Blackface Ram 35-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
17Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateColour Print1st Janet Servante Problem With The Binder 65-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
18Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateColour Print2nd Patricia Harvey No Gates On Our Field 55-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
19Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateColour Print3rd Janet Servante When I'm Ready 45-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
20Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateColour Print4th Anne Bidwell Bacon Rolls 35-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
21Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateColour Print5th Anne Bidwell The Boss 25-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
22Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateColour Print6th Patricia Harvey Dressed For Work 15-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
23Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateDigital1st Patricia Harvey The Way it Was 65-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
24Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateDigital2nd Phyllis Christian All is Safely Gathered In 55-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
25Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateDigital3rd Janet Servante A Mothers Love 45-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
26Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateDigital4th Patricia Harvey Bringing home the Catch 35-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
27Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateDigital5th Anne Bidwell Feeling Crabby 25-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
28Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateDigital6th Janet Servante Mother Hen 15-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
29Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateMono Print1st Janet Servante Off To Work 65-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
30Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateMono Print2nd Anne Bidwell The Ploughing Team 55-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
31Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateMono Print3rd Janet Servante Hauling IN The Catch 45-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
32Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateMono Print4th Patricia Harvey Tilling The Furrow 35-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
33Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesIntermediateMono Print5th Anne Bidwell Gutting The Herring 25-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
34Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedColour Print1st Sue Jones Threshing 65-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
35Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedColour Print2nd Sue Jones Building The Stack 55-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
36Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedColour Print3rd Bob Servante Twawler Float 45-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
37Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedColour Print4th Chris Blyth Crab Fising - A Triumph Of Optimism? 35-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
38Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedColour Print5th Ron Shimmin Winter Crop - Cregneash 25-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
39Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedColour Print6th Bob Servante Digging For Victory 15-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
40Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedDigital1st Brian Speedie Early Morning Catch 65-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
41Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedDigital2nd Bob Servante Chicken in the Haystack 55-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
42Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedDigital3rd Sue Jones In the Harvest 45-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
43Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedDigital4th Sue Jones Thirsty Work 35-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
44Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedDigital5th Chris Blyth Got'cha 25-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
45Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedDigital6th Chris Blyth Salmon Supper - 5 Days Late 15-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
46Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedMono Print1st Sue Jones Loading The Mill 65-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
47Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedMono Print2nd Chris Blyth Going Fishing - Anyone Coming? 55-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
48Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedMono Print3rd Sue Jones Ploughing 45-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
49Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedMono Print4th Bob Servante Agricultural Heritage 35-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
50Assignment - Agriculture And FisheriesAdvancedMono Print5th Bob Servante Preparing The Land 25-Dec-12Victoria Harrop
51Assignment - AttractionsStandardColour Print1st Annette Slater PLease!! Just One? 612/31/2012Eddie Fryer
52Assignment - AttractionsStandardColour Print2nd Steve Watson Tardis Re-charge Station 512/31/2012Eddie Fryer
53Assignment - AttractionsStandardColour Print3rd Elaine Dewhirst Big Wheel, York 412/31/2012Eddie Fryer
54Assignment - AttractionsStandardColour Print4th Elaine Dewhirst Looking For Nectar ( Nature ) 312/31/2012Eddie Fryer
55Assignment - AttractionsStandardColour Print5th Jiri Podobsky The Play People Circus Show 212/31/2012Eddie Fryer
56Assignment - AttractionsStandardColour Print6th Annette Slater Inside The Circle 112/31/2012Eddie Fryer
57Assignment - AttractionsStandardDigital1st Jiri Podobsky TT Attraction 612/31/2012Eddie Fryer
58Assignment - AttractionsStandardDigital2nd Elaine Dewhirst Castle Howard fountain 512/31/2012Eddie Fryer
59Assignment - AttractionsStandardDigital3rd Aida Podobska Tram Number 7 412/31/2012Eddie Fryer
60Assignment - AttractionsStandardDigital4th Elaine Dewhirst Minature Engine Crogga 312/31/2012Eddie Fryer
61Assignment - AttractionsStandardDigital5th Aida Podobska Mutual Attraction 212/31/2012Eddie Fryer
62Assignment - AttractionsStandardDigital6th Martyn Parnell The new Attraction 112/31/2012Eddie Fryer
63Assignment - AttractionsStandardMono Print1st Elaine Dewhirst Clip Art ( Magnetic ) 612/31/2012Eddie Fryer
64Assignment - AttractionsStandardMono Print2nd Annette Slater Inside The Wheel 512/31/2012Eddie Fryer
65Assignment - AttractionsStandardMono Print3rd Elaine Dewhirst St. Michael's Chappel 412/31/2012Eddie Fryer
66Assignment - AttractionsStandardMono Print4th Aida Podobska Fairy Saddle: One Ride-3 Daisy Petals 312/31/2012Eddie Fryer
67Assignment - AttractionsStandardMono Print5th Annette Slater Liverpools Finest 212/31/2012Eddie Fryer
68Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateColour Print1st Janet Servante The Cats Whiskers 612/31/2012Eddie Fryer
69Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateColour Print2nd Anne Bidwell Carousel 512/31/2012Eddie Fryer
70Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateColour Print3rd Janet Servante Princess Of Hearts 412/31/2012Eddie Fryer
71Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateColour Print4th Ian Lumsden Jubilee Fair Family Fun 312/31/2012Eddie Fryer
72Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateColour Print5th Anne Bidwell Blooming Bountiful 212/31/2012Eddie Fryer
73Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateColour Print6th Shirley Lotfy Star Slider 112/31/2012Eddie Fryer
74Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateColour PrintH COMM Patricia Harvey Waiting For The Action 12/31/2012Eddie Fryer
75Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateDigital1st Shirley Lotfy Olympic torch 612/31/2012Eddie Fryer
76Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateDigital2nd Anne Bidwell Sea Lion Show 512/31/2012Eddie Fryer
77Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateDigital3rd Hazel Walsh Attractive 412/31/2012Eddie Fryer
78Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateDigital4th Patricia Harvey 5th November Firework Patterns 312/31/2012Eddie Fryer
79Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateDigital5th Hazel Walsh No Heavy Petting 212/31/2012Eddie Fryer
80Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateDigital6th John Dale No one likes a Smart arse 112/31/2012Eddie Fryer
81Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateDigitalH COMM Janet Servante Jurassic Park aka Summerhill Glen 12/31/2012Eddie Fryer
82Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateMono Print1st Janet Servante Give Us A Kiss, Baldy 612/31/2012Eddie Fryer
83Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateMono Print2nd Janet Servante That Certain Smile 512/31/2012Eddie Fryer
84Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateMono Print3rd Anne Bidwell Baby Elephant 412/31/2012Eddie Fryer
85Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateMono Print4th Patricia Harvey May Day At Cregneash 312/31/2012Eddie Fryer
86Assignment - AttractionsIntermediateMono Print5th Anne Bidwell Animal Attractions 212/31/2012Eddie Fryer
87Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedColour Print1st Sue Jones Sausages 612/31/2012Eddie Fryer
88Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedColour Print2nd Chris Blyth Rodeo Action 512/31/2012Eddie Fryer
89Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedColour Print3rd Ron Shimmin Fairground Thrill 412/31/2012Eddie Fryer
90Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedColour Print4th Bob Servante Precious Moments 312/31/2012Eddie Fryer
91Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedColour Print5th Ron Shimmin Elephant Ride 212/31/2012Eddie Fryer
92Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedColour Print6th Bob Servante Daisys Holiday 112/31/2012Eddie Fryer
93Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones Plasma attraction 612/31/2012Eddie Fryer
94Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedDigital2nd Bob Servante Rainy Race Day 512/31/2012Eddie Fryer
95Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedDigital3rd Brian Speedie The attraction of the rock pool 412/31/2012Eddie Fryer
96Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedDigital4th Sue Jones Magnetism 312/31/2012Eddie Fryer
97Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedDigital5th Bob Servante Promenade Funfare 212/31/2012Eddie Fryer
98Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedDigital6th Claire Stringer Wenlock 112/31/2012Eddie Fryer
99Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedMono Print1st Sue Jones Mutual Attraction 612/31/2012Eddie Fryer
100Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedMono Print2nd Chris Blyth By Any Other Name 512/31/2012Eddie Fryer
101Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedMono Print3rd Sue Jones Ultimate Attraction 412/31/2012Eddie Fryer
102Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedMono Print4th Bob Servante Sidecar Sonata 312/31/2012Eddie Fryer
103Assignment - AttractionsAdvancedMono Print5th Bob Servante Carnical Chuck Wagon 212/31/2012Eddie Fryer
104Assignment - FoodStandardColour Print1st Ernie Lumsden Melting Moment 66-Feb-13Dennis Wood
105Assignment - FoodStandardColour Print2nd Elaine Dewhirst Fig In The Middle 56-Feb-13Dennis Wood
106Assignment - FoodStandardColour Print3rd Annette Slater Conquering Mount Sugar 46-Feb-13Dennis Wood
107Assignment - FoodStandardColour Print4th Elaine Dewhirst Love Apples 36-Feb-13Dennis Wood
108Assignment - FoodStandardColour Print5th Jiri Podobsky Noa Bake House: From Oven To Counter 26-Feb-13Dennis Wood
109Assignment - FoodStandardColour Print6th Annette Slater Setting The Mood For Valentines 16-Feb-13Dennis Wood
110Assignment - FoodStandardDigital1st Aida Podobska 3 Stages Of Bread 66-Feb-13Dennis Wood
111Assignment - FoodStandardDigital2nd Bob Corrin How Come It's Me That's Being Cut To Pieces - Yet It's You That's Crying 56-Feb-13Dennis Wood
112Assignment - FoodStandardDigital3rd Jiri Podobsky Our Daily Bread 46-Feb-13Dennis Wood
113Assignment - FoodStandardDigital4th Elaine Dewhirst Cream Scons 36-Feb-13Dennis Wood
114Assignment - FoodStandardDigital5th Mark Thorsby Cauli DOg 26-Feb-13Dennis Wood
115Assignment - FoodStandardDigital6th Elaine Dewhirst Fish Platter 16-Feb-13Dennis Wood
116Assignment - FoodStandardMono Print1st Annette Slater Extreme Vegitarian 66-Feb-13Dennis Wood
117Assignment - FoodStandardMono Print2nd Annette Slater It's Pouring 56-Feb-13Dennis Wood
118Assignment - FoodStandardMono Print3rd Elaine Dewhirst Prime Cut 46-Feb-13Dennis Wood
119Assignment - FoodStandardMono Print4th Elaine Dewhirst Breakfast in Bed 36-Feb-13Dennis Wood
120Assignment - FoodIntermediateColour Print1st Shirley Lotfy Box Of Tomatoes 66-Feb-13Dennis Wood
121Assignment - FoodIntermediateColour Print2nd Janet Servante Death Row 56-Feb-13Dennis Wood
122Assignment - FoodIntermediateColour Print3rd Janet Servante Eggstreme Indulgence 46-Feb-13Dennis Wood
123Assignment - FoodIntermediateColour Print4th Shirley Lotfy Sea Food 36-Feb-13Dennis Wood
124Assignment - FoodIntermediateColour Print5th Patricia Harvey The Hand That Feeds Me 26-Feb-13Dennis Wood
125Assignment - FoodIntermediateColour Print6th Anne Bidwell Fresh Fruit Stall 16-Feb-13Dennis Wood
126Assignment - FoodIntermediateDigital1st Anne Bidwell Mmmmm! Tasty 66-Feb-13Dennis Wood
127Assignment - FoodIntermediateDigital2nd Patricia Harvey Bare Essentials 56-Feb-13Dennis Wood
128Assignment - FoodIntermediateDigital2nd Hazel Walsh Lamb Stew 56-Feb-13Dennis Wood
129Assignment - FoodIntermediateDigital4th Anne Bidwell How Long Does Swan Have To Wait 36-Feb-13Dennis Wood
130Assignment - FoodIntermediateDigital5th Shirley Lotfy Grapes On The Vine 26-Feb-13Dennis Wood
131Assignment - FoodIntermediateDigital6th Shirley Lotfy Squashes 16-Feb-13Dennis Wood
132Assignment - FoodIntermediateDigital6th John Dale I Love Chips 16-Feb-13Dennis Wood
133Assignment - FoodIntermediateMono Print1st Janet Servante Fishermans Feast 66-Feb-13Dennis Wood
134Assignment - FoodIntermediateMono Print2nd Janet Servante Mixed Nuts 56-Feb-13Dennis Wood
135Assignment - FoodIntermediateMono Print3rd Patricia Harvey The Pasta Parade 46-Feb-13Dennis Wood
136Assignment - FoodIntermediateMono Print4th Hazel Walsh Busy Bees 36-Feb-13Dennis Wood
137Assignment - FoodIntermediateMono Print5th Anne Bidwell The HoneyComb 26-Feb-13Dennis Wood
138Assignment - FoodIntermediateMono Print6th Patricia Harvey The Harvest 16-Feb-13Dennis Wood
139Assignment - FoodAdvancedColour Print1st Ron Shimmin A Touch Of THe Orient 66-Feb-13Dennis Wood
140Assignment - FoodAdvancedColour Print2nd Ron Shimmin Food - Spanish Style 56-Feb-13Dennis Wood
141Assignment - FoodAdvancedColour Print3rd Sue Jones Pepper REflection 46-Feb-13Dennis Wood
142Assignment - FoodAdvancedColour Print4th Sue Jones Bread And Cheese 36-Feb-13Dennis Wood
143Assignment - FoodAdvancedColour Print5th Chris Blyth The Cheese Cake Factory 26-Feb-13Dennis Wood
144Assignment - FoodAdvancedColour Print6th Chris Blyth Waiting For THe Guests 16-Feb-13Dennis Wood
145Assignment - FoodAdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones Pepper Pattern 66-Feb-13Dennis Wood
146Assignment - FoodAdvancedDigital2nd Bob Servante Chicken In The BAsket 56-Feb-13Dennis Wood
147Assignment - FoodAdvancedDigital3rd John Phipp Roadside Market 46-Feb-13Dennis Wood
148Assignment - FoodAdvancedDigital4th Sue Jones Salad Colours 36-Feb-13Dennis Wood
149Assignment - FoodAdvancedDigital5th Chris Blyth Looking Good.... 26-Feb-13Dennis Wood
150Assignment - FoodAdvancedDigital6th John Phipp Horshoe Crab 16-Feb-13Dennis Wood
151Assignment - FoodAdvancedMono Print1st Sue Jones Crusty Cob 66-Feb-13Dennis Wood
152Assignment - FoodAdvancedMono Print2nd Sue Jones Chocolate Design 56-Feb-13Dennis Wood
153OPEN 1StandardColour Print1st Annette Slater Pineing For The River 610/10/2012John Keelan
154OPEN 1StandardColour Print2nd Paul Dougherty Humpback Whale, Lunge Feeding 510/10/2012John Keelan
155OPEN 1StandardColour Print3rd Jiri Podobsky He Pushed Me 410/10/2012John Keelan
156OPEN 1StandardColour Print4th Ernie Lumsden Oystercatcher 310/10/2012John Keelan
157OPEN 1StandardColour Print5th Jiri Podobsky Flying Inspection Of the Orange Tip Nursery 210/10/2012John Keelan
158OPEN 1StandardColour Print6th Elaine Dewhirst Foam Party Fun 110/10/2012John Keelan
159OPEN 1StandardColour PrintCOMM Elaine Dewhirst Welcome Sight Of Home 10/10/2012John Keelan
160OPEN 1StandardDigital1st Mark Corlett Hutchy 617-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
161OPEN 1StandardDigital2nd Martyn Parnell Deep in thought 517-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
162OPEN 1StandardDigital3rd Jiri Podobsky Heading through the sea of hats 417-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
163OPEN 1StandardDigital4th Aida Podobska Sheeps Bit 317-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
164OPEN 1StandardDigital5th Paul Dougherty Muscle beech 217-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
165OPEN 1StandardDigital6th Paul Dougherty Sunset telegraph cove BC 117-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
166OPEN 1StandardMono Print1st Elaine Dewhirst Ring-Tailed Lemur - Have You Brought Food? 610/10/2012John Keelan
167OPEN 1StandardMono Print2nd Steve Watson Love Cherising The Soul 510/10/2012John Keelan
168OPEN 1StandardMono Print3rd Elaine Dewhirst Roll Out the Barrell 410/10/2012John Keelan
169OPEN 1StandardMono Print4th Norma Cowel Moonlight At St Johns 310/10/2012John Keelan
170OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print1st Patricia Harvey The Stairs 610/10/2012John Keelan
171OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print2nd Anne Bidwell On The Ropes 510/10/2012John Keelan
172OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print3rd Shirley Lotfy Peacock 410/10/2012John Keelan
173OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print4th Ian Lumsden Rocamadour, France 310/10/2012John Keelan
174OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print5th Janet Servante Spam Sandwiches And A Cuppa Char 210/10/2012John Keelan
175OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print6th Jenny Shanley Blue Morpho 110/10/2012John Keelan
176OPEN 1IntermediateColour PrintCOMM Hazel Walsh The Gaze 10/10/2012John Keelan
177OPEN 1IntermediateColour PrintCOMM Hazel Walsh Herring Gull 10/10/2012John Keelan
178OPEN 1IntermediateDigital1st Shirley Lotfy Shag 617-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
179OPEN 1IntermediateDigital2nd John Dale Busking 517-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
180OPEN 1IntermediateDigital3rd Anne Bidwell Fly on the wall 417-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
181OPEN 1IntermediateDigital4th John Dale York floods 317-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
182OPEN 1IntermediateDigital5th Jenny Shanley John Bull on holiday 217-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
183OPEN 1IntermediateDigital6th Shirley Lotfy Livingstone Daisey 117-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
184OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print1st Hazel Walsh Hannah 610/10/2012John Keelan
185OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print2nd Janet Servante Waiting For The Fat COntroller 510/10/2012John Keelan
186OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print3rd Janet Servante Tholt-y-Will Glen 410/10/2012John Keelan
187OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print4th Anne Bidwell Vintage Bikers 310/10/2012John Keelan
188OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print5th Patricia Harvey The Ram 210/10/2012John Keelan
189OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print6th Anne Bidwell Pan 110/10/2012John Keelan
190OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print1st Chris Blyth Caught It 610/10/2012John Keelan
191OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print2nd Sue Jones Victorian Style 510/10/2012John Keelan
192OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print3rd Ron Shimmin View From The Meadows, Oxford 410/10/2012John Keelan
193OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print4th Tony Curtis Guy Martin At The Bungalow 310/10/2012John Keelan
194OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print5th Dave Welsh Blue Sky, Smily Face 210/10/2012John Keelan
195OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print6th Chris Blyth Autumn Colour 110/10/2012John Keelan
196OPEN 1AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Tony Curtis Twisted Tree 10/10/2012John Keelan
197OPEN 1AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin The Green Party 10/10/2012John Keelan
198OPEN 1AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Dave Welsh The Great British Holiday 10/10/2012John Keelan
199OPEN 1AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Mark Stringer What do You Mean - You're Out Of Oil? 10/10/2012John Keelan
200OPEN 1AdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones The human firework 617-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
201OPEN 1AdvancedDigital2nd Chris Blyth Common Blue Damselfly mating 517-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
202OPEN 1AdvancedDigital3rd Mark Stringer Start of the parade 417-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
203OPEN 1AdvancedDigital4th Chris Blyth Moonlight over Kjeungskjaer lighthouse 317-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
204OPEN 1AdvancedDigital5th John Phipp Dhara Dhevi entrance 217-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
205OPEN 1AdvancedDigital6th Claire Stringer A moment away from the hussel & bussel 117-Oct-12Eddie Fryer
206OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print1st Sue Jones Steam Enthsiast 610/10/2012John Keelan
207OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print2nd Sue Jones End Of Shift 510/10/2012John Keelan
208OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print3rd John Phipp The Sleeping Beauty 410/10/2012John Keelan
209OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print4th Mark Stringer Whitby Abbey 310/10/2012John Keelan
210OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print5th Ron Shimmin Chapel, Nantes Cathedral 210/10/2012John Keelan
211OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print6th Dave Welsh A Perfect Day 110/10/2012John Keelan
212OPEN 2StandardColour Print1st Annette Slater Here's Trouble 621-Nov-12John Watterson
213OPEN 2StandardColour Print2nd Annette Slater Quiet Please, I'm Concentraiting 521-Nov-12John Watterson
214OPEN 2StandardColour Print3rd Elaine Dewhirst Watery Universe 421-Nov-12John Watterson
215OPEN 2StandardColour Print4th Elaine Dewhirst Waiting For The Tide to Turn 321-Nov-12John Watterson
216OPEN 2StandardColour Print5th Jiri Podobsky Ants View Of The Forest 221-Nov-12John Watterson
217OPEN 2StandardColour Print6th Steve Watson Church WIndows, Liverpool Cathedral 121-Nov-12John Watterson
218OPEN 2StandardColour PrintH COMM Steve Watson Sunset Over Digital City 21-Nov-12John Watterson
219OPEN 2StandardColour PrintCOMM Jiri Podobsky Fungi In Action 21-Nov-12John Watterson
220OPEN 2StandardDigital1st Mark Thorsby Toroiseshell On A Smartie 628-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
221OPEN 2StandardDigital2nd Elaine Dewhirst The Wheel On The Train 528-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
222OPEN 2StandardDigital3rd Sam Bucknall On The Beach 428-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
223OPEN 2StandardDigital4th Aida Podobska Morning Bath 328-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
224OPEN 2StandardDigital5th Paul Dougherty Focus 228-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
225OPEN 2StandardDigital6th Phil Edge Window On The Past 128-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
226OPEN 2StandardDigitalCOMM Andrew Cowan Sea Goddess 28-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
227OPEN 2StandardMono Print1st Sam Bucknall Guy Martin 621-Nov-12John Watterson
228OPEN 2StandardMono Print2nd Steve Watson The Way We Were 521-Nov-12John Watterson
229OPEN 2StandardMono Print3rd Sam Bucknall Going Down Hill 421-Nov-12John Watterson
230OPEN 2StandardMono Print4th Annette Slater Dotty About YOu 321-Nov-12John Watterson
231OPEN 2StandardMono Print5th Elaine Dewhirst Blue Moon, August 2012 221-Nov-12John Watterson
232OPEN 2StandardMono Print6th Annette Slater Noah And The Four Winds 121-Nov-12John Watterson
233OPEN 2StandardMono PrintH COMM Elaine Dewhirst Backbone Of Victorian Architecture 21-Nov-12John Watterson
234OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print1st Jenny Shanley Sand Colours 621-Nov-12John Watterson
235OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print2nd Patricia Harvey The Stag 521-Nov-12John Watterson
236OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print3rd Anne Bidwell Snail On A Red Hot Poker 421-Nov-12John Watterson
237OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print4th Jenny Shanley The Dhorlish, Ballaglass 321-Nov-12John Watterson
238OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print5th Shirley Lotfy Old Doors 221-Nov-12John Watterson
239OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print6th Ian Lumsden Alpine Landsacpe, St Moritz 121-Nov-12John Watterson
240OPEN 2IntermediateColour PrintH COMM Ian Lumsden Bradda GLen 21-Nov-12John Watterson
241OPEN 2IntermediateColour PrintCOMM Anne Bidwell A New Leaf 21-Nov-12John Watterson
242OPEN 2IntermediateColour PrintCOMM Janet Servante Gull WIth Catch 21-Nov-12John Watterson
243OPEN 2IntermediateDigital1st Patricia Harvey Pelican 628-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
244OPEN 2IntermediateDigital2nd Shirley Lotfy Hoverfly On Cistus Flower 528-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
245OPEN 2IntermediateDigital3rd Jenny Shanley Mason Wasp 428-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
246OPEN 2IntermediateDigital4th Phyllis Christian Groudle Glen 328-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
247OPEN 2IntermediateDigital5th Hazel Walsh Steampunk 228-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
248OPEN 2IntermediateDigital6th Anne Bidwell Enchanted Glen 128-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
249OPEN 2IntermediateDigitalCOMM John Dale Man About Town 28-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
250OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print1st Hazel Walsh Lily 621-Nov-12John Watterson
251OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print2nd Patricia Harvey Fort Island 521-Nov-12John Watterson
252OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print3rd Patricia Harvey Searching For The Cord 421-Nov-12John Watterson
253OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print4th Ian Lumsden Castle Entrance, MIlan 321-Nov-12John Watterson
254OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print5th Janet Servante A Break For Rations 221-Nov-12John Watterson
255OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print6th Hazel Walsh Friends 121-Nov-12John Watterson
256OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print1st Dave Welsh Shadow Fighters 621-Nov-12John Watterson
257OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print2nd Sue Jones Cascading COlour 521-Nov-12John Watterson
258OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print3rd Chris Blyth At A Snail's Pace 421-Nov-12John Watterson
259OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print4th Bob Servante Heron 321-Nov-12John Watterson
260OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print5th Dave Welsh Lunchtime In The Treetops 221-Nov-12John Watterson
261OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print6th Brian Speedie A Time To Remember 121-Nov-12John Watterson
262OPEN 2AdvancedColour PrintH COMM Ron Shimmin Notre Dam, Soho 21-Nov-12John Watterson
263OPEN 2AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Sue Jones The Deputy 21-Nov-12John Watterson
264OPEN 2AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Chris Blyth Bubble Trouble 21-Nov-12John Watterson
265OPEN 2AdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones Autumn 628-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
266OPEN 2AdvancedDigital2nd Sue Jones Hell Ride 528-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
267OPEN 2AdvancedDigital3rd Chris Blyth Common Blue Damselfly 428-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
268OPEN 2AdvancedDigital4th Bob Servante Douglas Harbour 328-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
269OPEN 2AdvancedDigital5th Brian Speedie No Parking On Yellow Lines 228-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
270OPEN 2AdvancedDigital6th Chris Blyth Stand Back From The Platform 128-Nov-12Eva Lancaster
271OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print1st Bob Servante St Marks Church 621-Nov-12John Watterson
272OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print2nd Dave Welsh Too Late For The Black Mass Concert 521-Nov-12John Watterson
273OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print3rd Chris Blyth Beach Sculpture 421-Nov-12John Watterson
274OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print4th Ron Shimmin Step By Step 321-Nov-12John Watterson
275OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print5th Bob Servante Steaming Into Port 221-Nov-12John Watterson
276OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print6th Sue Jones Steam Power 121-Nov-12John Watterson
277OPEN 2AdvancedMono PrintCOMM Dave Welsh Wast Water Winter Wonderland 21-Nov-12John Watterson
278OPEN 3StandardColour Print1st Elaine Dewhirst Let's Play 623-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
279OPEN 3StandardColour Print2nd Annette Slater Step Lightly 523-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
280OPEN 3StandardColour Print3rd Jiri Podobsky Water Painting 423-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
281OPEN 3StandardColour Print4th Annette Slater Feeling The Breeze 323-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
282OPEN 3StandardColour Print5th Jiri Podobsky Autumn Colours 223-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
283OPEN 3StandardColour Print6th Richard Shafto The Gamemakers Of 2012 123-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
284OPEN 3StandardColour PrintCOMM Elaine Dewhirst Guarding The Nest 23-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
285OPEN 3StandardColour PrintCOMM Richard Shafto Who's Driving? 23-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
286OPEN 3StandardDigital1st Aida Podobska Black - Rimmed snout Hoverfly, feasting on cuckoo flower 630-Jan-13Clare Payne
287OPEN 3StandardDigital2nd Paul Dougherty Last lap before sunset 530-Jan-13Clare Payne
288OPEN 3StandardDigital3rd Bob Corrin Marco 430-Jan-13Clare Payne
289OPEN 3StandardDigital4th Annette Slater Lightening the Night Sky 330-Jan-13Clare Payne
290OPEN 3StandardDigital5th Tim Norton Liverpool Eye 230-Jan-13Clare Payne
291OPEN 3StandardDigital6th Mark Thorsby Edinburgh Dahlia Comp 130-Jan-13Clare Payne
292OPEN 3StandardDigitalCOMM Andrew Cowan Beach Racer 30-Jan-13Clare Payne
293OPEN 3StandardDigitalCOMM Andrew Cowan Nicole 30-Jan-13Clare Payne
294OPEN 3StandardDigitalCOMM Jiri Podobsky Whoops - a - Daisy 30-Jan-13Clare Payne
295OPEN 3StandardDigitalCOMM Elaine Dewhirst Soaking up the Sun 30-Jan-13Clare Payne
296OPEN 3StandardDigitalCOMM Richard Shafto The Caracal 30-Jan-13Clare Payne
297OPEN 3StandardDigitalCOMM Annette Slater Bringing the Outside In 30-Jan-13Clare Payne
298OPEN 3StandardDigitalCOMM Mark Thorsby Kiss from a rose on the grave 30-Jan-13Clare Payne
299OPEN 3StandardMono Print1st Elaine Dewhirst Midnight Ride 623-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
300OPEN 3StandardMono Print2nd Annette Slater Rooftops 523-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
301OPEN 3StandardMono Print3rd Jiri Podobsky Prison Sentenced To History 423-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
302OPEN 3StandardMono Print4th Annette Slater Hanging Around 323-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
303OPEN 3StandardMono Print5th Elaine Dewhirst 7, 8, Lay Them Straight 223-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
304OPEN 3StandardMono Print6th Aida Podobska Dark Times For Old Farm 123-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
305OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print1st Patricia Harvey Little Egret 623-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
306OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print2nd Janet Servante Ringed And Ready 523-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
307OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print3rd Shirley Lotfy Peregrine Falcon 423-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
308OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print4th Jenny Shanley Frosted Self-Heal 323-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
309OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print5th Janet Servante Cayman Lizard 223-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
310OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print6th Jenny Shanley East Wind 123-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
311OPEN 3IntermediateColour PrintH COMM Anne Bidwell Tortoiseshell Visitor 23-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
312OPEN 3IntermediateColour PrintH COMM Peter Brew Rose After Rain 23-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
313OPEN 3IntermediateColour PrintCOMM Patricia Harvey Catching The Light 23-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
314OPEN 3IntermediateColour PrintCOMM Ian Lumsden Prototype Shopping Mall, Milan 23-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
315OPEN 3IntermediateDigital1st Anne Bidwell Swallow 630-Jan-13Clare Payne
316OPEN 3IntermediateDigital2nd Hazel Walsh What are you Looking at 530-Jan-13Clare Payne
317OPEN 3IntermediateDigital3rd Patricia Harvey Gannet 430-Jan-13Clare Payne
318OPEN 3IntermediateDigital4th Janet Servante Moorhen Feeding Chicks 330-Jan-13Clare Payne
319OPEN 3IntermediateDigital5th Jenny Shanley Goatsbeard 230-Jan-13Clare Payne
320OPEN 3IntermediateDigital6th Shirley Lotfy Sparrow 130-Jan-13Clare Payne
321OPEN 3IntermediateDigitalH COMM Patricia Harvey Autumn in Cambridge 30-Jan-13Clare Payne
322OPEN 3IntermediateDigitalH COMM Janet Servante Ringing a Blue Tit 30-Jan-13Clare Payne
323OPEN 3IntermediateDigitalCOMM Hazel Walsh Violet ecstacy 30-Jan-13Clare Payne
324OPEN 3IntermediateDigitalCOMM Shirley Lotfy Day Break 30-Jan-13Clare Payne
325OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print1st Patricia Harvey White Rhino 623-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
326OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print2nd Patricia Harvey Windmill 523-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
327OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print3rd Janet Servante Heads Or Tails 423-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
328OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print4th Anne Bidwell Corrugated Castle 323-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
329OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print5th Janet Servante Sulby 223-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
330OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print6th Anne Bidwell Arch Detail 123-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
331OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print1st Dave Welsh Gannet Getaway 623-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
332OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print2nd Sue Jones The Surveyor 523-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
333OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print3rd Ron Shimmin Cocktail Time 423-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
334OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print4th Ron Shimmin Chateau D'Azay-Le-Rideau 323-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
335OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print5th Bob Servante Common Blue Butterfly 223-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
336OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print6th Chris Blyth Farrant Window, Jurby Church 123-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
337OPEN 3AdvancedColour PrintH COMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Volcanic Sand Beach, Maui 23-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
338OPEN 3AdvancedColour PrintH COMM Chris Blyth Heron 23-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
339OPEN 3AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Seahorse Dawn 23-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
340OPEN 3AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Bob Servante Harbour Panorama 23-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
341OPEN 3AdvancedDigital1st Dave Welsh Gannet Going Going Gone 630-Jan-13Clare Payne
342OPEN 3AdvancedDigital2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme A Little bit of Heaven in London 530-Jan-13Clare Payne
343OPEN 3AdvancedDigital3rd Tony Curtis Bubbles 430-Jan-13Clare Payne
344OPEN 3AdvancedDigital4th Sue Jones Pete 330-Jan-13Clare Payne
345OPEN 3AdvancedDigital5th Sue Jones Light Painted Engine House 230-Jan-13Clare Payne
346OPEN 3AdvancedDigital6th Brian Speedie Red Alert 130-Jan-13Clare Payne
347OPEN 3AdvancedDigitalH COMM Chris Blyth Bluebell Delight 30-Jan-13Clare Payne
348OPEN 3AdvancedDigitalCOMM John Phipp MG 30-Jan-13Clare Payne
349OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print1st Sue Jones The Boathouse 623-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
350OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print2nd Ron Shimmin Street Voices 523-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
351OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print3rd Dave Welsh Bird City 423-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
352OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print4th Sue Jones The Driver 323-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
353OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print5th Ron Shimmin Vortex 223-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
354OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print6th Bob Servante Railway Element 123-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
355OPEN 3AdvancedMono PrintCOMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Bonefish 23-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
356OPEN 3AdvancedMono PrintCOMM Bob Servante Sunday Stroll 23-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
357OPEN 3AdvancedMono PrintCOMM Chris Blyth Herring Gull Action 23-Jan-13Ruth Nicholls
358OPEN 4StandardColour Print1st Annette Slater Rising Up 620-Feb-13Andrew Barton
359OPEN 4StandardColour Print2nd Richard Shafto Banteay Srei, Cambodia 520-Feb-13Andrew Barton
360OPEN 4StandardColour Print3rd Jiri Podobsky Near MIss 420-Feb-13Andrew Barton
361OPEN 4StandardColour Print4th Elaine Dewhirst Glaciew Erosion 320-Feb-13Andrew Barton
362OPEN 4StandardColour Print5th Richard Shafto Wallaby In The Curraghs 220-Feb-13Andrew Barton
363OPEN 4StandardColour Print6th Elaine Dewhirst Hey! Let's Have A Knees Up 120-Feb-13Andrew Barton
364OPEN 4StandardColour PrintH COMM Jiri Podobsky Tower Of Refuge 20-Feb-13Andrew Barton
365OPEN 4StandardDigital1st Annette Slater Heron in Flight 627-Feb-13Andrew Barton
366OPEN 4StandardDigital2nd Patricia Larkham For Disposal 527-Feb-13Andrew Barton
367OPEN 4StandardDigital3rd Elaine Dewhirst Douglas Harbour Marina 427-Feb-13Andrew Barton
368OPEN 4StandardDigital4th Patricia Larkham Two Together 327-Feb-13Andrew Barton
369OPEN 4StandardDigital5th Tim Norton Fisherman on Cliff 227-Feb-13Andrew Barton
370OPEN 4StandardDigital6th Phil Edge Spanish Head 127-Feb-13Andrew Barton
371OPEN 4StandardMono Print1st Annette Slater Me And My Shadow 620-Feb-13Andrew Barton
372OPEN 4StandardMono Print2nd Elaine Dewhirst New Shoe 520-Feb-13Andrew Barton
373OPEN 4StandardMono Print3rd Annette Slater Rest - Be Thankful 420-Feb-13Andrew Barton
374OPEN 4StandardMono Print4th Elaine Dewhirst Memorising 320-Feb-13Andrew Barton
375OPEN 4StandardMono Print5th Sam Bucknall Maughold LIghthouse 220-Feb-13Andrew Barton
376OPEN 4StandardMono Print6th Sam Bucknall Celebration Tram 120-Feb-13Andrew Barton
377OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print1st Jenny Shanley Footprints 620-Feb-13Andrew Barton
378OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print2nd Janet Servante Waiting For Mum 520-Feb-13Andrew Barton
379OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print3rd Patricia Harvey Gannet Lift-Off 420-Feb-13Andrew Barton
380OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print4th Ian Lumsden WIndows, Shutters And Balcony 320-Feb-13Andrew Barton
381OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print5th Patricia Harvey A FEmale White FAced Saka Monkey 220-Feb-13Andrew Barton
382OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print6th Janet Servante Starling 120-Feb-13Andrew Barton
383OPEN 4IntermediateDigital1st Patricia Harvey Cattle Egret and Chicks 627-Feb-13Andrew Barton
384OPEN 4IntermediateDigital2nd Anne Bidwell Bee on Sunflower 527-Feb-13Andrew Barton
385OPEN 4IntermediateDigital3rd Janet Servante Redshank 427-Feb-13Andrew Barton
386OPEN 4IntermediateDigital4th Jenny Shanley Bat Wing 327-Feb-13Andrew Barton
387OPEN 4IntermediateDigital5th Shirley Lotfy Harbour View 227-Feb-13Andrew Barton
388OPEN 4IntermediateDigital6th Patricia Harvey Country Girl 127-Feb-13Andrew Barton
389OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print1st Janet Servante Gotcha! 620-Feb-13Andrew Barton
390OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print2nd Patricia Harvey Grey Seals On Kitterland 520-Feb-13Andrew Barton
391OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print3rd Patricia Harvey A Maori Summons 420-Feb-13Andrew Barton
392OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print4th Janet Servante Standing On A Sheepshank 320-Feb-13Andrew Barton
393OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print5th Anne Bidwell Christ Church Laxey 220-Feb-13Andrew Barton
394OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print6th Anne Bidwell Misty Hills 120-Feb-13Andrew Barton
395OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print1st Sue Jones Radio Valves 620-Feb-13Andrew Barton
396OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print2nd Dave Welsh One HUndred Seagulls And A Gannet 520-Feb-13Andrew Barton
397OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print3rd Sue Jones Fire Fighters 420-Feb-13Andrew Barton
398OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print4th Chris Blyth River Vortex 320-Feb-13Andrew Barton
399OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print5th Dave Welsh A Perfect Summers Day 220-Feb-13Andrew Barton
400OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print6th Ron Shimmin The Hat SHop 120-Feb-13Andrew Barton
401OPEN 4AdvancedColour PrintH COMM Ron Shimmin Heirlooms 20-Feb-13Andrew Barton
402OPEN 4AdvancedDigital1st Tony Curtis Grey Heron in Flight 627-Feb-13Andrew Barton
403OPEN 4AdvancedDigital2nd Sue Jones Mystic Rocks 527-Feb-13Andrew Barton
404OPEN 4AdvancedDigital3rd Chris Blyth Roses 427-Feb-13Andrew Barton
405OPEN 4AdvancedDigital4th Sue Jones Tunnel Vision 327-Feb-13Andrew Barton
406OPEN 4AdvancedDigital5th Brian Speedie Arctic Friend 227-Feb-13Andrew Barton
407OPEN 4AdvancedDigital6th Brian Speedie Just Walking in the Rain 127-Feb-13Andrew Barton
408OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print1st Sue Jones The Sweep 620-Feb-13Andrew Barton
409OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print2nd Chris Blyth Laxey Valley 520-Feb-13Andrew Barton
410OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print3rd Sue Jones The BOunty Hunter 420-Feb-13Andrew Barton
411OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print4th Bob Servante Prepare For Attack 320-Feb-13Andrew Barton
412OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print5th Dave Welsh Before The Avalanche 220-Feb-13Andrew Barton
413OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print6th Ron Shimmin Adams HOuse, Angers 120-Feb-13Andrew Barton
414OPEN 4AdvancedMono PrintH COMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Black Stilt 20-Feb-13Andrew Barton
415Small Prints 1StandardSmall Print1st Annette Slater Ever Watchful 624-Oct-12Tony Curtis
416Small Prints 1StandardSmall Print2nd Jiri Podobsky Large White Femail 524-Oct-12Tony Curtis
417Small Prints 1StandardSmall Print3rd Elaine Dewhirst Drying Off In The Sunshine 424-Oct-12Tony Curtis
418Small Prints 1StandardSmall Print4th Bob Corrin Douglas Bay 324-Oct-12Tony Curtis
419Small Prints 1StandardSmall Print5th Norma Cowel What A Dismal Summer 224-Oct-12Tony Curtis
420Small Prints 1StandardSmall Print6th Aida Podobska Peacock 124-Oct-12Tony Curtis
421Small Prints 1StandardSmall PrintCOMM Steve Watson Gadalf In Groudle 24-Oct-12Tony Curtis
422Small Prints 1StandardSmall PrintCOMM Mark Thorsby Life After Death 24-Oct-12Tony Curtis
423Small Prints 1IntermediateSmall Print1st Anne Bidwell Peek-A-Boo 624-Oct-12Tony Curtis
424Small Prints 1IntermediateSmall Print2nd Anne Bidwell Bouquet 524-Oct-12Tony Curtis
425Small Prints 1IntermediateSmall Print3rd Shirley Lotfy Mother Hen 424-Oct-12Tony Curtis
426Small Prints 1IntermediateSmall Print4th Patricia Harvey Sophie 324-Oct-12Tony Curtis
427Small Prints 1IntermediateSmall Print5th Ian Lumsden San Siro Horse-Racing Stadium 224-Oct-12Tony Curtis
428Small Prints 1IntermediateSmall Print6th Phyllis Christian Smile For The Camera 124-Oct-12Tony Curtis
429Small Prints 2StandardSmall Print1st Annette Slater Follow Me 614-Nov-12Mark Stringer
430Small Prints 2StandardSmall Print2nd Alistair McLellan Lest We Forget 514-Nov-12Mark Stringer
431Small Prints 2StandardSmall Print3rd Annette Slater Ready For Lift Off 414-Nov-12Mark Stringer
432Small Prints 2StandardSmall Print4th Martyn Parnell Take Off 314-Nov-12Mark Stringer
433Small Prints 2StandardSmall Print5th Paul Dougherty Green For Go 214-Nov-12Mark Stringer
434Small Prints 2StandardSmall Print6th Jiri Podobsky Stumbling Over The Past 114-Nov-12Mark Stringer
435Small Prints 2IntermediateSmall Print1st Ian Lumsden Madonna 614-Nov-12Mark Stringer
436Small Prints 2IntermediateSmall Print2nd Shirley Lotfy Kestrel 514-Nov-12Mark Stringer
437Small Prints 2IntermediateSmall Print3rd Shirley Lotfy Number 10 414-Nov-12Mark Stringer
438Small Prints 2IntermediateSmall Print4th Anne Bidwell Please Can I Have A Go 314-Nov-12Mark Stringer
439Small Prints 2IntermediateSmall Print5th Ian Lumsden Wheelbarrow Race 214-Nov-12Mark Stringer
440Small Prints 2IntermediateSmall Print6th Ian Lumsden Log ON 114-Nov-12Mark Stringer
441Small Prints 3StandardSmall Print1st Mark Thorsby Groudle Viaduct At Dusk 616-Jan-13David Kneale
442Small Prints 3StandardSmall Print2nd Elaine Dewhirst Mint Sauce 516-Jan-13David Kneale
443Small Prints 3StandardSmall Print3rd Martyn Parnell The Old Fire Truck 416-Jan-13David Kneale
444Small Prints 3StandardSmall Print4th Steve Bridson William Dunlop TT 2012 316-Jan-13David Kneale
445Small Prints 3StandardSmall Print5th Jiri Podobsky Forest Beauty 216-Jan-13David Kneale
446Small Prints 3StandardSmall Print6th Mark Thorsby Groudle Water Wheel 116-Jan-13David Kneale
447Small Prints 3StandardSmall PrintCOMM Jiri Podobsky Hummingbird Moth 16-Jan-13David Kneale
448Small Prints 3StandardSmall PrintCOMM Annette Slater I'm Not Just Black And White You Know 16-Jan-13David Kneale
449Small Prints 3IntermediateSmall Print1st Anne Bidwell American Bluebird 616-Jan-13David Kneale
450Small Prints 3IntermediateSmall Print2nd Jenny Shanley Training 516-Jan-13David Kneale
451Small Prints 3IntermediateSmall Print3rd Shirley Lotfy Bee On Lavender 416-Jan-13David Kneale
452Small Prints 3IntermediateSmall Print4th Hazel Walsh Doobie Brother 316-Jan-13David Kneale
453Small Prints 3IntermediateSmall Print5th Shirley Lotfy Follow The Leader 216-Jan-13David Kneale
454Small Prints 3IntermediateSmall Print6th Anne Bidwell Stranded Jellyfish 116-Jan-13David Kneale
455Small Prints 3IntermediateSmall PrintCOMM Peter Brew Reflection 16-Jan-13David Kneale
456Small Prints 4StandardSmall Print1st Annette Slater Landing Gear Down 613-Feb-13Diane McCudden
457Small Prints 4StandardSmall Print2nd Elaine Dewhirst Mute Swan 513-Feb-13Diane McCudden
458Small Prints 4StandardSmall Print3rd Jiri Podobsky Fleece Handle 413-Feb-13Diane McCudden
459Small Prints 4StandardSmall Print4th Annette Slater Gotcha! 313-Feb-13Diane McCudden
460Small Prints 4StandardSmall Print5th Richard Shafto The Night Hunter 213-Feb-13Diane McCudden
461Small Prints 4StandardSmall Print6th Mark Thorsby Hair Raising 113-Feb-13Diane McCudden
462Small Prints 4StandardSmall PrintCOMM Martyn Parnell The World Of Brick 13-Feb-13Diane McCudden
463Small Prints 4IntermediateSmall Print1st Ian Lumsden Passing By 613-Feb-13Diane McCudden
464Small Prints 4IntermediateSmall Print2nd Shirley Lotfy Dougas Regatta 513-Feb-13Diane McCudden
465Small Prints 4IntermediateSmall Print3rd Ian Lumsden Tranquility, Lake Como 413-Feb-13Diane McCudden
466Small Prints 4IntermediateSmall Print4th Shirley Lotfy Adult And Juvenile Redshanks 313-Feb-13Diane McCudden
467Small Prints 4IntermediateSmall Print5th Jenny Shanley Low Tide 213-Feb-13Diane McCudden
468Small Prints 4IntermediateSmall Print6th Jenny Shanley Riley Mascot 113-Feb-13Diane McCudden
469IOM Bank Cup - Manx GlensColour Print1st Sue Jones In Groudle Glen 627-Mar-13Richard Kinley
470IOM Bank Cup - Manx GlensColour Print2nd Bob Servante Dhoon Glen 527-Mar-13Richard Kinley
471IOM Bank Cup - Manx GlensColour Print3rd Ron Shimmin Autumn IN Glen Helen 427-Mar-13Richard Kinley
472IOM Bank Cup - Manx GlensColour Print4th Shirley Lotfy Foliage And Falls, Summerhill Glen 327-Mar-13Richard Kinley
473IOM Bank Cup - Manx GlensColour Print5th Richard Shafto Ballaglass Glen In Winter 227-Mar-13Richard Kinley
474IOM Bank Cup - Manx GlensColour Print6th Tony Curtis Waterfall, Groudle Glen 127-Mar-13Richard Kinley
475IOM Bank Cup - Manx GlensColour PrintCOMM Chris Blyth Ballaglass Glen 27-Mar-13Richard Kinley
476IOM Bank Cup - Manx GlensMono Print1st Sue Jones Ballaglass Glen No 2. (BEST MANX IMAGE)627-Mar-13Richard Kinley
477IOM Bank Cup - Manx GlensMono Print2nd Bob Servante Ballaglass Glen 527-Mar-13Richard Kinley
478IOM Bank Cup - Manx GlensMono Print3rd Sam Bucknall Groudle Glen ( Edwardian Style ) 427-Mar-13Richard Kinley
479IOM Bank Cup - Manx GlensMono Print4th Chris Blyth Ballaglass No.1 327-Mar-13Richard Kinley
480IOM Bank Cup - Manx GlensMono Print5th Hazel Walsh Glen Dhoo 227-Mar-13Richard Kinley
481IOM Bank Cup - Manx GlensMono Print6th Richard Shafto Glen May In Winter127-Mar-13Richard Kinley
482TriptychPrints1st Annette Slater Catch A Little Fishy (BEST TRIPTYCH)619-Jan-12Pam Kershaw
483TriptychPrints2nd Ron Shimmin London Guildhall, Gog, Magog 519-Jan-12Pam Kershaw
484TriptychPrints3rd Tony Curtis Winners 419-Jan-12Pam Kershaw
485TriptychPrints3rd Dave Welsh Firefighters Of Man 419-Jan-12Pam Kershaw
486TriptychPrints4th John Phipp Dhara Dhevi Hotel 319-Jan-12Pam Kershaw
487TriptychPrints5th Janet Servante Tulip Trilogy 219-Jan-12Pam Kershaw
488TriptychPrints6th Ian Lumsden Young Persons Guide To Sailing 119-Jan-12Pam Kershaw
489Annual CreativeStandardDigital1st Sam Bucknall Jed In Concert (BEST JUNIOR IN ANNUAL)22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
490Annual CreativeStandardDigital2nd Norma Cowel Shadow Figures 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
491Annual CreativeStandardDigital3rd Martyn Parnell World Wide Web 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
492Annual CreativeStandardPrints1st Elaine Dewhirst Cosmic Bubbles 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
493Annual CreativeStandardPrints2nd Sam Bucknall Taking Line At Governor's 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
494Annual CreativeStandardPrints3rd Martyn Parnell The World Of Brick 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
495Annual CreativeIntermediateDigital1st Hazel Walsh Steam Punk 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
496Annual CreativeIntermediateDigital2nd Hazel Walsh Bonita 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
497Annual CreativeIntermediateDigital3rd Hazel Walsh Facing The Fire 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
498Annual CreativeIntermediateDigitalH COMM Hazel Walsh Child Minding 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
499Annual CreativeIntermediateDigitalCOMM Anne Bidwell Tunnel To Enlightenment 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
500Annual CreativeIntermediatePrints1st Hazel Walsh Provocation 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
501Annual CreativeIntermediatePrints2nd Jenny Shanley Goats Beard 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
502Annual CreativeIntermediatePrints3rd Hazel Walsh Killabregga Enigma 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
503Annual CreativeAdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones The Jester (Best Digital in Annual)22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
504Annual CreativeAdvancedDigital2nd Sue Jones The Disciple 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
505Annual CreativeAdvancedDigital3rd Bob Servante Chicken In The Basket 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
506Annual CreativeAdvancedPrints1st Sue Jones Rendezvous 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
507Annual CreativeAdvancedPrints2nd Ron Shimmin Cocktail Time 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
508Annual CreativeAdvancedPrints3rd Sue Jones PLay Time 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
509Annual CreativeAdvancedPrintsCOMM Tony Curtis Twisted Tree 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
510Annual NatureStandardDigital1st Jiri Podobsky Black Rimmed Snout Hoverfly reaching cookoo flower with orange tipped buterfly eggs 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
511Annual NatureStandardDigital2nd Elaine Dewhirst Wild Rabbit 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
512Annual NatureStandardDigital3rd Aida Podobska Peacock Butterfly On Bracken 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
513Annual NatureStandardDigitalH COMM Jiri Podobsky Large White Butterfly with Damaged Wings 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
514Annual NatureStandardDigitalCOMM Jiri Podobsky Mycenasp 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
515Annual NatureStandardDigitalCOMM Aida Podobska Buff Tailed Bumblebee 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
516Annual NatureStandardPrints1st Annette Slater Shag 3 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
517Annual NatureStandardPrints2nd Annette Slater Grey Heron 4 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
518Annual NatureStandardPrints3rd Annette Slater Oystercatcher 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
519Annual NatureStandardPrintsH COMM Annette Slater Grey Heron 5 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
520Annual NatureStandardPrintsH COMM Annette Slater Shag 1 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
521Annual NatureStandardPrintsCOMM Richard Shafto Leopard At Night 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
522Annual NatureIntermediateDigital1st Shirley Lotfy Harvester Ants Carying Seeds 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
523Annual NatureIntermediateDigital2nd Shirley Lotfy Shag 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
524Annual NatureIntermediateDigital3rd Shirley Lotfy Hoverfly 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
525Annual NatureIntermediateDigitalH COMM Janet Servante Redshank 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
526Annual NatureIntermediateDigitalH COMM Janet Servante Swallow Feeding Juvenile 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
527Annual NatureIntermediateDigitalCOMM Patricia Harvey Black Rhino And Calf 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
528Annual NatureIntermediateDigitalCOMM Janet Servante Herring Gull With Prey 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
529Annual NatureIntermediateDigitalCOMM Janet Servante Robin 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
530Annual NatureIntermediateDigitalCOMM Janet Servante Sparow 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
531Annual NatureIntermediatePrints1st Janet Servante Starling (BEST NATURE IN ANNUAL)21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
532Annual NatureIntermediatePrints2nd Janet Servante Herring Gull With Fish 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
533Annual NatureIntermediatePrints3rd Anne Bidwell Female Elephant 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
534Annual NatureIntermediatePrintsH COMM Patricia Harvey White Rhino 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
535Annual NatureIntermediatePrintsH COMM Patricia Harvey Little Egret 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
536Annual NatureIntermediatePrintsH COMM Janet Servante Juvenile Swallow 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
537Annual NatureIntermediatePrintsCOMM Janet Servante Cayman Lizard 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
538Annual NatureAdvancedDigital1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Turtle 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
539Annual NatureAdvancedDigital2nd Chris Blyth Gypsy Cuckoo Bee 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
540Annual NatureAdvancedDigital3rd Chris Blyth Common Blue Damselfly Mating 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
541Annual NatureAdvancedDigitalH COMM Chris Blyth Lesser Black Backed Gull 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
542Annual NatureAdvancedDigitalCOMM Dave Welsh Redshank 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
543Annual NatureAdvancedPrints1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme American River Otters ( Lontra Camadensis Pacifica ) 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
544Annual NatureAdvancedPrints2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Black Necked Stilt ( Himantopus Mexicanus Kimdseni ) 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
545Annual NatureAdvancedPrints3rd Chris Blyth Common Garden Snail ( Helix Aspersa ) 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
546Annual NatureAdvancedPrintsH COMM Chris Blyth Own Butterfly ( Catigo Eurilochus ) 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
547Annual NatureAdvancedPrintsCOMM Bob Servante Heron 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
548Annual NatureAdvancedPrintsCOMM Chris Blyth Herring Gull ( Larus Argentatus ) 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
549Annual NatureAdvancedPrintsCOMM Dave Welsh Gannet 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
550Annual OpenStandardColour Digital1st Martyn Parnell Norton 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
551Annual OpenStandardColour Digital2nd Patricia Larkham Two Together 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
552Annual OpenStandardColour Digital3rd Martyn Parnell Red On The Move 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
553Annual OpenStandardColour DigitalH COMM Patricia Larkham Pilot Ahoy 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
554Annual OpenStandardColour DigitalH COMM Patricia Larkham We Have Been Spotted 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
555Annual OpenStandardColour DigitalH COMM Phil Edge Quill 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
556Annual OpenStandardColour DigitalH COMM Martyn Parnell Heading FOr HOme 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
557Annual OpenStandardColour DigitalCOMM Elaine Dewhirst Douglas Harbour Marina 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
558Annual OpenStandardColour DigitalCOMM Richard Shafto Dead Vlei Namiabia 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
559Annual OpenStandardColour Print1st Richard Shafto Lions At Tshukudu: South Africa 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
560Annual OpenStandardColour Print2nd Martyn Parnell High Flyer 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
561Annual OpenStandardColour Print3rd Richard Shafto The Cloisters At Santanilla Del Mar 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
562Annual OpenStandardColour PrintH COMM Richard Shafto Buddhist Monk At Ta Prohm: Cambodia 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
563Annual OpenStandardColour PrintH COMM Richard Shafto Who's Driving 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
564Annual OpenStandardColour PrintCOMM Jiri Podobsky Water Painting 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
565Annual OpenStandardColour PrintCOMM Elaine Dewhirst Lets Play Ball 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
566Annual OpenStandardColour PrintCOMM Elaine Dewhirst Crop Harvesting 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
567Annual OpenStandardMono Digital1st Elaine Dewhirst Strike A Pose 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
568Annual OpenStandardMono Digital2nd Jiri Podobsky Manx Demolition 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
569Annual OpenStandardMono Digital3rd Martyn Parnell In COntemplation 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
570Annual OpenStandardMono DigitalH COMM Sam Bucknall We WOn 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
571Annual OpenStandardMono Print1st Elaine Dewhirst New Shoe 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
572Annual OpenStandardMono Print2nd Elaine Dewhirst Combine Earth And Sky 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
573Annual OpenStandardMono Print3rd Elaine Dewhirst Long Tailed Lemur 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
574Annual OpenStandardMono PrintH COMM Sam Bucknall Guy Martin 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
575Annual OpenStandardMono PrintCOMM Sam Bucknall Ruby Clery On Duty At Peel Dip 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
576Annual OpenIntermediateColour Digital1st Hazel Walsh Past Time 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
577Annual OpenIntermediateColour Digital2nd Janet Servante Blue Tit Ringed And Ready 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
578Annual OpenIntermediateColour Digital3rd Jenny Shanley John Bull on Holiday 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
579Annual OpenIntermediateColour DigitalH COMM Patricia Harvey Red Arrows 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
580Annual OpenIntermediateColour DigitalH COMM Shirley Lotfy Douglas Regatta 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
581Annual OpenIntermediateColour DigitalH COMM Shirley Lotfy Peregrine Falcon 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
582Annual OpenIntermediateColour DigitalCOMM Patricia Harvey sunset Watchers At Peel 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
583Annual OpenIntermediateColour DigitalCOMM Anne Bidwell End Of Day 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
584Annual OpenIntermediateColour Print1st Janet Servante Robin: Ringed And Ready 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
585Annual OpenIntermediateColour Print2nd Jenny Shanley Footprints 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
586Annual OpenIntermediateColour Print3rd Hazel Walsh Double Trouble 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
587Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintH COMM Anne Bidwell St Peters Church: Bermuda 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
588Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintH COMM Jenny Shanley Sand Colours 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
589Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintCOMM Anne Bidwell Carousel 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
590Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintCOMM Shirley Lotfy Kestrel 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
591Annual OpenIntermediateMono Digital1st Hazel Walsh Look into My Eyes 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
592Annual OpenIntermediateMono Digital2nd Hazel Walsh Youth 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
593Annual OpenIntermediateMono Digital3rd Anne Bidwell Jackdaw 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
594Annual OpenIntermediateMono DigitalH COMM Hazel Walsh Intent 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
595Annual OpenIntermediateMono Print1st Janet Servante Fish Supper (BEST MONO PRINT IN ANNUAL)21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
596Annual OpenIntermediateMono Print2nd Hazel Walsh Lilly 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
597Annual OpenIntermediateMono Print3rd Patricia Harvey Windmill 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
598Annual OpenIntermediateMono PrintH COMM Janet Servante Sulby Glen 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
599Annual OpenIntermediateMono PrintCOMM Patricia Harvey Maori Summons 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
600Annual OpenIntermediateMono PrintCOMM Janet Servante Give Us A Kiss Baldy 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
601Annual OpenIntermediateMono PrintCOMM Janet Servante That Certain Smile 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
602Annual OpenAdvancedColour Digital1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme A Little Bit Of Heaven In London 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
603Annual OpenAdvancedColour Digital2nd Sue Jones Light Painted Engine House 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
604Annual OpenAdvancedColour Digital3rd Dave Welsh Blazing INfurno 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
605Annual OpenAdvancedColour DigitalH COMM Sue Jones Autumn 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
606Annual OpenAdvancedColour DigitalH COMM Dave Welsh Mananan's Mantle 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
607Annual OpenAdvancedColour DigitalCOMM Brian Speedie Time To Remember 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
608Annual OpenAdvancedColour DigitalCOMM Brian Speedie Wating For The Sunshine 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
609Annual OpenAdvancedColour Print1st Sue Jones Sausages (BEST colour print in annual)21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
610Annual OpenAdvancedColour Print2nd Dave Welsh Shadow Fighters 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
611Annual OpenAdvancedColour Print3rd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Queing Up 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
612Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintH COMM Bob Servante Daisy's HOliday 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
613Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintH COMM Ron Shimmin Fairground Thrill 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
614Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Stormy Morning on the Black Sand Beach 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
615Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Tony Curtis Hot Work 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
616Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin Food - Spanish Style 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
617Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Nigel Owen Graffiti Puddle 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
618Annual OpenAdvancedMono Digital1st Sue Jones Mutual Attraction 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
619Annual OpenAdvancedMono Digital2nd Bob Servante Harbour At Rest 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
620Annual OpenAdvancedMono Digital3rd Brian Speedie Historic Site 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
621Annual OpenAdvancedMono DigitalCOMM Sue Jones Lone Tree 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
622Annual OpenAdvancedMono DigitalCOMM Sue Jones The Bounty Hunter 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
623Annual OpenAdvancedMono Print1st Ron Shimmin Street Voices 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
624Annual OpenAdvancedMono Print2nd Sue Jones Steam Enthusiast 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
625Annual OpenAdvancedMono Print3rd Sue Jones The Executioner 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
626Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintH COMM Bob Servante Steamin Into Port Soderick 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
627Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintH COMM Sue Jones End Of Shift 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
628Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintH COMM Dave Welsh Wing Walkers 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
629Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintCOMM Bob Servante Preparing The Land 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
630Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintCOMM Sue Jones The Sweep 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
631Annual RecordStandardDigital1st Martyn Parnell Old Fire Truck 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
632Annual RecordStandardDigital2nd Sam Bucknall Niarbyl Cottages 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
633Annual RecordStandardDigital3rd Patricia Larkham Steps At Little Petra Jordan 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
634Annual RecordStandardDigitalCOMM Phil Edge Great Hall Haddon 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
635Annual RecordStandardPrint1st Elaine Dewhirst St Michael's Chapel:Fort Island 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
636Annual RecordStandardPrint2nd Sam Bucknall Water Wheel: Groudle Glen 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
637Annual RecordStandardPrint3rd Elaine Dewhirst Manx Garden Gate 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
638Annual RecordStandardPrintH COMM Elaine Dewhirst Troll Door Knocker 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
639Annual RecordIntermediateDigital1st Shirley Lotfy Golden Statue Of Mary: Zagreb 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
640Annual RecordIntermediateDigital2nd Patricia Harvey Old Court Corpus Christ College Cambridge 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
641Annual RecordIntermediateDigital3rd Phyllis Christian Manhole Cuver Bergen 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
642Annual RecordIntermediatePrints1st Patricia Harvey Fen Man's Workshop: Wicken Fen: Ely21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
643Annual RecordIntermediatePrint2nd Shirley Lotfy Old Doors: Croatia 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
644Annual RecordIntermediatePrint3rd Ian Lumsden Madonna And Child: San Giacomo Church: Bellagoi 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
645Annual RecordIntermediatePrintCOMM Patricia Harvey Interior Of Harry Kelly's Cottage: Cregneash 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
646Annual RecordAdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones Queen Mother Monument Detail 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
647Annual RecordAdvancedDigital2nd Sue Jones Traction Engine Detail 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
648Annual RecordAdvancedDigital3rd Bob Servante Isle OF Mand Railway Crest 22-Mar-13Adrian Lines
649Annual RecordAdvancedPrint1st Ron Shimmin Chapel: Nantes Cathedreal 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
650Annual RecordAdvancedPrint2nd Sue Jones Traction Engine Badge 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
651Annual RecordAdvancedPrint3rd Chris Blyth Farrant Window: Jurby Church 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines
652Annual RecordAdvancedPrintCOMM Dave Welsh Mike Hailwood Plaque Detail 21-Mar-13Adrian Lines