Results 2014-15

Results for 2014-15 Season
1Assignment - PeopleStdColour Print1st Joy Brodie Ouch! Burnt mouth 610-Dec-14David Kneale
2Assignment - PeopleStdColour Print2nd Steve Meadows Shine bright like a diamond 510-Dec-14David Kneale
3Assignment - PeopleStdColour Print3rd Steve Meadows The conqueror 410-Dec-14David Kneale
4Assignment - PeopleStdColour Print4th Richard Shafto Wow, That was fun 310-Dec-14David Kneale
5Assignment - PeopleStdColour Print5th Beryl Quayle Love and laughter - Dora and Heather 210-Dec-14David Kneale
6Assignment - PeopleStdColour Print6th Richard Shafto Man in the Street, Seattle 110-Dec-14David Kneale
7Assignment - PeopleStdDigital1st Steve Meadows Beach Stroll 610-Dec-14David Kneale
8Assignment - PeopleStdDigital2nd Graham Harvey Kids at Play 510-Dec-14David Kneale
9Assignment - PeopleStdDigital3rd Richard Shafto The Brothers 410-Dec-14David Kneale
10Assignment - PeopleStdDigital4th Joy Brodie Ready for a bath? 310-Dec-14David Kneale
11Assignment - PeopleStdDigital5th Sakkie Meeuwsen Sisters 210-Dec-14David Kneale
12Assignment - PeopleStdDigital6th Peter Keena high street fishing 110-Dec-14David Kneale
13Assignment - PeopleStdDigitalCOMM Mark Thorsby Street performers - Teguise market 10-Dec-14David Kneale
14Assignment - PeopleStdMono Print1st Steve Meadows Chloe 610-Dec-14David Kneale
15Assignment - PeopleStdMono Print2nd Joy Brodie Helen 510-Dec-14David Kneale
16Assignment - PeopleStdMono Print3rd Joy Brodie A bygone era 410-Dec-14David Kneale
17Assignment - PeopleStdMono Print4th Steve Meadows Three little monkeys 310-Dec-14David Kneale
18Assignment - PeopleStdMono Print5th Beryl Quayle How can one little insect attract so much attention? 210-Dec-14David Kneale
19Assignment - PeopleStdMono Print6th Mike Trout Beer for Breakfast? 110-Dec-14David Kneale
20Assignment - PeopleIntColour Print1st Chris Nicholls Sisters 610-Dec-14David Kneale
21Assignment - PeopleIntColour Print2nd Nessie Gillen Rolling out 510-Dec-14David Kneale
22Assignment - PeopleIntColour Print3rd Chris Nicholls Confetti Fun 410-Dec-14David Kneale
23Assignment - PeopleIntColour Print4th Nessie Gillen Juggling Egg, Frying pan and Baguette 310-Dec-14David Kneale
24Assignment - PeopleIntColour Print5th Shirley Lotfy Souvenir Seller 210-Dec-14David Kneale
25Assignment - PeopleIntColour Print6th Ian Lumsden Daay - What big shoes you've got 110-Dec-14David Kneale
26Assignment - PeopleIntDigital1st Hazel Walsh There's Nowt So Queer as Folk (BEST IN COMPETITION)610-Dec-14David Kneale
27Assignment - PeopleIntDigital2nd Nessie Gillen The Rush 510-Dec-14David Kneale
28Assignment - PeopleIntDigital3rd Hazel Walsh Dream Girl 410-Dec-14David Kneale
29Assignment - PeopleIntDigital4th Martyn Parnell In the zone 310-Dec-14David Kneale
30Assignment - PeopleIntDigital5th Chris Nicholls Tea for Alice 210-Dec-14David Kneale
31Assignment - PeopleIntDigital6th Nessie Gillen Queen of the Fairy People 110-Dec-14David Kneale
32Assignment - PeopleIntMono Print1st Nessie Gillen Watching Guard (BEST IN COMPETITION)610-Dec-14David Kneale
33Assignment - PeopleIntMono Print2nd Chris Nicholls Party People 510-Dec-14David Kneale
34Assignment - PeopleIntMono Print3rd Chris Nicholls True to Life 410-Dec-14David Kneale
35Assignment - PeopleIntMono Print4th Nessie Gillen Everyone's different 310-Dec-14David Kneale
36Assignment - PeopleAdvColour Print1st Ron Shimmin Marathon Run 610-Dec-14David Kneale
37Assignment - PeopleAdvColour Print2nd Sue Jones Victorian Apparition 510-Dec-14David Kneale
38Assignment - PeopleAdvColour Print3rd Ron Shimmin Napoloean's troops 410-Dec-14David Kneale
39Assignment - PeopleAdvColour Print4th Sue Jones Splash of colour 310-Dec-14David Kneale
40Assignment - PeopleAdvColour Print5th Chris Blyth Wet, Wet, Wet 210-Dec-14David Kneale
41Assignment - PeopleAdvColour Print6th Ruth Nicholls Punch and Judy Children 110-Dec-14David Kneale
42Assignment - PeopleAdvDigital1st Mark Stringer I Caught It, You Clean It 610-Dec-14David Kneale
43Assignment - PeopleAdvDigital2nd Patricia Harvey Fun in the Sun 510-Dec-14David Kneale
44Assignment - PeopleAdvDigital3rd Diane McCudden Guy Martin 410-Dec-14David Kneale
45Assignment - PeopleAdvDigital4th Sue Jones Guardian of the Vortex 310-Dec-14David Kneale
46Assignment - PeopleAdvDigital5th Patricia Harvey Ava 210-Dec-14David Kneale
47Assignment - PeopleAdvDigital6th Ruth Nicholls Evacuees 110-Dec-14David Kneale
48Assignment - PeopleAdvMono Print1st Ron Shimmin Rising Steam 610-Dec-14David Kneale
49Assignment - PeopleAdvMono Print2nd Nigel Owen 90 Years old 510-Dec-14David Kneale
50Assignment - PeopleAdvMono Print3rd Sue Jones Comtemplation 410-Dec-14David Kneale
51Assignment - PeopleAdvMono Print4th Ron Shimmin A bite to eat 310-Dec-14David Kneale
52Assignment - PeopleAdvMono Print5th Sue Jones Guitar Man 210-Dec-14David Kneale
53Assignment - PeopleAdvMono Print6th Chris Blyth The Rider 110-Dec-14David Kneale
54Assignment - ReflectionsStdColour Print1st Beryl Quayle Getting Ready, Dress Rehearsal, Calamity Jane 65-Nov-14Ray Davies
55Assignment - ReflectionsStdColour Print2nd Joy Brodie Lake Hayes, New Zealand 55-Nov-14Ray Davies
56Assignment - ReflectionsStdColour Print3rd Norma Cowel Early Evening, Rome 45-Nov-14Ray Davies
57Assignment - ReflectionsStdColour Print4th Richard Shafto Reflections of the Old in the New 35-Nov-14Ray Davies
58Assignment - ReflectionsStdColour Print5th Mike Trout Canalside Location 25-Nov-14Ray Davies
59Assignment - ReflectionsStdColour Print6th Richard Shafto Vancouver Reflections 15-Nov-14Ray Davies
60Assignment - ReflectionsStdDigital1st Lara Howe Reflections on the sea 65-Nov-14Ray Davies
61Assignment - ReflectionsStdDigital2nd Lara Howe Boat reflections 55-Nov-14Ray Davies
62Assignment - ReflectionsStdDigital3rd Peter Keena austin symbol 45-Nov-14Ray Davies
63Assignment - ReflectionsStdDigital4th Mark Thorsby Cueva de los Verdes 35-Nov-14Ray Davies
64Assignment - ReflectionsStdDigital5th Mike Trout Injbreck Reflection 25-Nov-14Ray Davies
65Assignment - ReflectionsStdDigital6th Karen Norton Lifebelt 15-Nov-14Ray Davies
66Assignment - ReflectionsStdMono Print1st Mark Thorsby Mirror mirror ... 65-Nov-14Ray Davies
67Assignment - ReflectionsStdMono Print2nd Beryl Quayle Lots Of TLC Needed Here 55-Nov-14Ray Davies
68Assignment - ReflectionsStdMono Print3rd Mike Trout Fishing at Injebreck 45-Nov-14Ray Davies
69Assignment - ReflectionsStdMono Print4th Joy Brodie Reflections on India 35-Nov-14Ray Davies
70Assignment - ReflectionsStdMono Print5th Mike Trout Street Reflections 25-Nov-14Ray Davies
71Assignment - ReflectionsStdMono Print6th Mark Thorsby Highfields, Nottingham University 15-Nov-14Ray Davies
72Assignment - ReflectionsIntColour Print1st Shirley Lotfy Harley And Me 65-Nov-14Ray Davies
73Assignment - ReflectionsIntColour Print2nd Chris Nicholls Oriental Shades 55-Nov-14Ray Davies
74Assignment - ReflectionsIntColour Print3rd Annette Slater Oopsie Daisies 45-Nov-14Ray Davies
75Assignment - ReflectionsIntColour Print4th Chris Nicholls Classic Car Details 35-Nov-14Ray Davies
76Assignment - ReflectionsIntColour Print5th Mark Falconer Canal Living 25-Nov-14Ray Davies
77Assignment - ReflectionsIntColour Print6th Nessie Gillen Blue Hour, Peel 15-Nov-14Ray Davies
78Assignment - ReflectionsIntDigitalCOMM Jenny Shanley Reflections In A Summer Rockpool 5-Nov-14Ray Davies
79Assignment - ReflectionsIntDigital1st Anne Bidwell Reflection In A Puddle (BEST IN COMPETITION)65-Nov-14Ray Davies
80Assignment - ReflectionsIntDigital2nd Chris Nicholls Simple Setting 55-Nov-14Ray Davies
81Assignment - ReflectionsIntDigital3rd Mark Falconer Kerrowdhoo Reflections 45-Nov-14Ray Davies
82Assignment - ReflectionsIntDigital4th Nessie Gillen Golden Lights 35-Nov-14Ray Davies
83Assignment - ReflectionsIntDigital5th Nessie Gillen Serenity 25-Nov-14Ray Davies
84Assignment - ReflectionsIntDigital6th Shirley Lotfy Derwent Water Marina 15-Nov-14Ray Davies
85Assignment - ReflectionsIntMono Print1st Mark Falconer The Bearded Man 65-Nov-14Ray Davies
86Assignment - ReflectionsIntMono Print2nd Chris Nicholls Louvre Reflections 55-Nov-14Ray Davies
87Assignment - ReflectionsIntMono Print3rd Nessie Gillen Victorian Boy 45-Nov-14Ray Davies
88Assignment - ReflectionsIntMono Print4th Nessie Gillen Boat On A Rope 35-Nov-14Ray Davies
89Assignment - ReflectionsIntMono Print5th Chris Nicholls Antique Reflections 25-Nov-14Ray Davies
90Assignment - ReflectionsIntMono Print6th Mark Falconer Model Pose 15-Nov-14Ray Davies
91Assignment - ReflectionsAdvColour Print1st Ron Shimmin Pavement Reflections 65-Nov-14Ray Davies
92Assignment - ReflectionsAdvColour Print2nd Ron Shimmin Royal Reflections 55-Nov-14Ray Davies
93Assignment - ReflectionsAdvColour Print3rd Ruth Nicholls Through the Looking Glass 45-Nov-14Ray Davies
94Assignment - ReflectionsAdvColour Print4th Sue Jones Racing Reflections 35-Nov-14Ray Davies
95Assignment - ReflectionsAdvColour Print5th Bob Servante Memories Of Air Gunner Cadet 1253781 25-Nov-14Ray Davies
96Assignment - ReflectionsAdvColour Print6th Sue Jones Infinity And Beyond 15-Nov-14Ray Davies
97Assignment - ReflectionsAdvDigital1st Claire Stringer Cruise Ship Reflection 65-Nov-14Ray Davies
98Assignment - ReflectionsAdvDigital2nd Chris Blyth Brothers In Arms 55-Nov-14Ray Davies
99Assignment - ReflectionsAdvDigital3rd Mark Stringer Planet's In A Boat 45-Nov-14Ray Davies
100Assignment - ReflectionsAdvDigital4th Claire Stringer Valencia Science Museum 35-Nov-14Ray Davies
101Assignment - ReflectionsAdvDigital5th Diane McCudden The Flood 25-Nov-14Ray Davies
102Assignment - ReflectionsAdvDigital6th Patricia Harvey Autumn Glory 15-Nov-14Ray Davies
103Assignment - ReflectionsAdvMono Print1st Nigel Owen Treeflection (BEST IN COMPETITION)65-Nov-14Ray Davies
104Assignment - ReflectionsAdvMono Print2nd Ron Shimmin Window Mosaic 55-Nov-14Ray Davies
105Assignment - ReflectionsAdvMono Print3rd Sue Jones Instrumental Reflections 45-Nov-14Ray Davies
106Assignment - ReflectionsAdvMono Print4th Chris Blyth Self Portrait 35-Nov-14Ray Davies
107Assignment - ReflectionsAdvMono Print5th Ruth Nicholls Desperate! 25-Nov-14Ray Davies
108Assignment - ReflectionsAdvMono Print6th Sue Jones The Bearded Man 15-Nov-14Ray Davies
109Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdColour Print1st Richard Shafto Amazing flowers on an achinopsis cactus 628-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
110Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdColour Print2nd Richard Shafto Common spotted orchid at close sartfield 528-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
111Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdColour Print3rd Beryl Quayle Globe Thistle 428-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
112Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdColour Print4th Joy Brodie Tulip 328-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
113Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdColour Print5th Beryl Quayle Poppy 228-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
114Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdColour Print6th Karen Norton Deeply Amarylis 128-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
115Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdDigital1st Tim Norton Aguava plant 628-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
116Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdDigital2nd Karen Norton water-kissed rose 528-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
117Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdDigital3rd Richard Leach Kaleidoscope of colour 428-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
118Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdDigital4th Richard Shafto Water Lilies at Ballannette 328-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
119Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdDigital5th Beryl Quayle Anemone in spring sunshine 228-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
120Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdDigital6th Mark Thorsby painted rose 128-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
121Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdDigitalH COMM Richard Leach Jolly green giant 28-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
122Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdDigitalCOMM Beryl Quayle Red flowers Madeira 28-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
123Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdMono Print1st Beryl Quayle New Zealand Flax Flower Remains 628-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
124Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdMono Print2nd Joy Brodie Prickly Cactus 528-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
125Assignment - Flowers & FloraStdMono Print3rd Joy Brodie Lilies 428-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
126Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntColour Print1st Shirley Lotfy Blue Geranium 628-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
127Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntColour Print2nd Chris Nicholls Flanders Poppies 528-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
128Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntColour Print3rd Jenny Shanley Zig Zag 428-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
129Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntColour Print4th Chris Nicholls Mulberry Bark 328-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
130Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntColour Print5th Nessie Gillen Rouge Red Ranunculus 228-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
131Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntColour Print6th Shirley Lotfy Poppies at the gate 128-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
132Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntDigital1st Nessie Gillen Four Roses 628-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
133Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntDigital2nd Shirley Lotfy Orange Poppy detail 528-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
134Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntDigital3rd Chris Nicholls Fushia colours 428-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
135Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntDigital4th Shirley Lotfy Agapanthus emerging 328-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
136Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntDigital5th Nessie Gillen Purple Iris 228-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
137Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntDigital6th Jenny Shanley Morning glory 128-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
138Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntDigitalCOMM Jenny Shanley Tight 28-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
139Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntDigitalCOMM Chris Nicholls Dutch Tulips 28-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
140Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntMono Print1st Chris Nicholls Moon Daisies 628-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
141Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntMono Print2nd Chris Nicholls Caper Blooms 528-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
142Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntMono Print3rd Nessie Gillen Dead Daffs 428-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
143Assignment - Flowers & FloraIntMono Print4th Nessie Gillen Flowering Kale 328-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
144Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvColour Print1st Ron Shimmin Cactus Flowers (BEST IN COMPETITION)628-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
145Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvColour Print2nd Ruth Nicholls Grey-Green Foliose Lichen 528-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
146Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvColour Print3rd Sue Jones Trio 428-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
147Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvColour Print4th Sue Jones Freesias 328-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
148Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvColour Print5th Nigel Owen Twolips Kiss 228-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
149Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvColour Print6th Nigel Owen Together 128-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
150Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvColour PrintCOMM Ruth Nicholls Old English Roses 28-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
151Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvDigital1st Claire Stringer Clematis 'The President' (BEST IN COMPETITION)628-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
152Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvDigital2nd Chris Blyth Close-Up 528-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
153Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvDigital3rd Nigel Owen Christmas Rose 428-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
154Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvDigital4th Claire Stringer Pale Pink Rose 328-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
155Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvDigital5th Sue Jones Lily Stamens 228-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
156Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvDigital6th Sue Jones Floral Display 128-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
157Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvDigitalH COMM Mark Stringer Nicolaia elatior 28-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
158Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvDigitalCOMM John Phipp Orchid 28-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
159Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvMono Print1st Ron Shimmin Hogweed 628-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
160Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvMono Print2nd Sue Jones Illuminated Lily 528-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
161Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvMono Print3rd Ron Shimmin Misty Morning 428-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
162Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvMono Print4th Sue Jones Petal Pattern 328-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
163Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvMono Print5th Nigel Owen Looking Back 228-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
164Assignment - Flowers & FloraAdvMono Print6th Nigel Owen The Lady 128-Jan-15Eddie Fryer
165OPEN 1StdDigital1st Karen Norton Winging it (BEST IN COMPETITION)622-Oct-14John Keelan
166OPEN 1StdDigital2nd Graham Harvey Awaiting the Moment 522-Oct-14John Keelan
167OPEN 1StdDigital3rd Peter Keena yellow cabs copy 422-Oct-14John Keelan
168OPEN 1StdDigital4th Lara Howe Lost your head 322-Oct-14John Keelan
169OPEN 1StdDigital5th Beryl Quayle I need a drink 222-Oct-14John Keelan
170OPEN 1StdDigital6th Richard Leach North Cyprus dragonfly 122-Oct-14John Keelan
171OPEN 1IntDigital1st Nessie Gillen Keira 622-Oct-14John Keelan
172OPEN 1IntDigital2nd Annette Slater Butterfly Orchid 522-Oct-14John Keelan
173OPEN 1IntDigital3rd Mark Falconer Otterly Cute 422-Oct-14John Keelan
174OPEN 1IntDigital4th Hazel Walsh The Night Circus 322-Oct-14John Keelan
175OPEN 1IntDigital5th Martyn Parnell We have lift off 222-Oct-14John Keelan
176OPEN 1IntDigital6th Shirley Lotfy Speckled Wood 122-Oct-14John Keelan
177OPEN 1AdvDigital1st Patricia Harvey Papango - A New Zealand Scaup 622-Oct-14John Keelan
178OPEN 1AdvDigital2nd Claire Stringer Tower Through The Flowers 522-Oct-14John Keelan
179OPEN 1AdvDigital3rd Chris Blyth Into The Red 422-Oct-14John Keelan
180OPEN 1AdvDigital4th Chris Blyth Douglas Fireworks 322-Oct-14John Keelan
181OPEN 1AdvDigital5th Mark Stringer Presentation 222-Oct-14John Keelan
182OPEN 1AdvDigital6th Bill Callow Suffer 122-Oct-14John Keelan
183OPEN 2StdDigital1st Beryl Quayle Gone in a splash (BEST IN COMPETITION)63-Dec-14Alex Madrell
184OPEN 2StdDigital2nd Richard Leach Tug of war? 53-Dec-14Alex Madrell
185OPEN 2StdDigital3rd Richard Shafto Giraffe with Oxpecker 43-Dec-14Alex Madrell
186OPEN 2StdDigital4th Beryl Quayle Grumpy Wet Goldfinches 33-Dec-14Alex Madrell
187OPEN 2StdDigital5th Tim Norton Keeping a beady eye on you 23-Dec-14Alex Madrell
188OPEN 2StdDigital6th Richard Shafto Lion Cubs by the Luangwa River 13-Dec-14Alex Madrell
189OPEN 2StdDigitalH COMM Karen Norton Lifeboat House 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
190OPEN 2StdDigitalH COMM Lara Howe Bright lights 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
191OPEN 2StdDigitalH COMM Steve Meadows Victoria Street 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
192OPEN 2StdDigitalCOMM Mark Thorsby All By Myself - the lonely busker 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
193OPEN 2StdDigitalCOMM Tim Norton Prague Architecture at Night 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
194OPEN 2StdDigitalCOMM Sakkie Meeuwsen African Wharthog 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
195OPEN 2IntDigital1st Anne Bidwell Robin Redbreast 63-Dec-14Alex Madrell
196OPEN 2IntDigital2nd Chris Nicholls Wild Horses 53-Dec-14Alex Madrell
197OPEN 2IntDigital3rd Chris Nicholls Cuban Gold 43-Dec-14Alex Madrell
198OPEN 2IntDigital4th Martyn Parnell Gone Fishing 33-Dec-14Alex Madrell
199OPEN 2IntDigital5th Shirley Lotfy Damselflies mating 23-Dec-14Alex Madrell
200OPEN 2IntDigital6th Annette Slater The ugly duckling 13-Dec-14Alex Madrell
201OPEN 2IntDigitalVH COMM Jiri Podobsky Pssst! 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
202OPEN 2IntDigitalVH COMM Jiri Podobsky Emu's Look 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
203OPEN 2IntDigitalVH COMM Martyn Parnell A Duck out of water 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
204OPEN 2IntDigitalVH COMM Annette Slater Eagle eye Black & white 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
205OPEN 2IntDigitalH COMM Hazel Walsh Little Red Riding Hood 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
206OPEN 2IntDigitalH COMM Jenny Shanley Apple blossom 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
207OPEN 2IntDigitalCOMM Hazel Walsh Slumber Party 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
208OPEN 2IntDigitalCOMM Shirley Lotfy Greylag Geese 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
209OPEN 2IntDigitalCOMM Jenny Shanley Horizontal headstone, Ballure Memorial Garden 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
210OPEN 2AdvDigital1st Ruth Nicholls Pastel Petals 63-Dec-14Alex Madrell
211OPEN 2AdvDigital2nd Patricia Harvey Female Marine Iquana 53-Dec-14Alex Madrell
212OPEN 2AdvDigital3rd Claire Stringer White Tree Nymph Butterfly 43-Dec-14Alex Madrell
213OPEN 2AdvDigital4th Sue Jones November 5th 33-Dec-14Alex Madrell
214OPEN 2AdvDigital5th Sue Jones Links 23-Dec-14Alex Madrell
215OPEN 2AdvDigital6th Ruth Nicholls Prayer Chapel 13-Dec-14Alex Madrell
216OPEN 2AdvDigitalVH COMM Patricia Harvey Sundowner 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
217OPEN 2AdvDigitalVH COMM Chris Blyth Pierhead 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
218OPEN 2AdvDigitalVH COMM Chris Blyth One of those magnificent men - Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
219OPEN 2AdvDigitalVH COMM Diane McCudden Forget me knot 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
220OPEN 2AdvDigitalH COMM Diane McCudden Queens Pier at Sunrise 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
221OPEN 2AdvDigitalCOMM Mark Stringer Facebook Day Dreams 3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
222OPEN 2AdvDigitalCOMM Claire Stringer Jellyfish3-Dec-14Alex Madrell
223OPEN 3StdDigital1st Barry Murphy Battery Pier Light 64-Feb-15Andrew Barton
224OPEN 3StdDigital2nd Steve Meadows Angela in Mono 54-Feb-15Andrew Barton
225OPEN 3StdDigital3rd Steve Meadows Frost Melt at South Barrule 44-Feb-15Andrew Barton
226OPEN 3StdDigital4th Barry Murphy Douglas Outer Harbour 34-Feb-15Andrew Barton
227OPEN 3StdDigital5th Richard Shafto Male giraffes fighting 24-Feb-15Andrew Barton
228OPEN 3StdDigital6th David Norton Sharp and grainy 14-Feb-15Andrew Barton
229OPEN 3StdDigitalH COMM Mark Thorsby Gracie Lily 4-Feb-15Andrew Barton
230OPEN 3IntDigital1st Chris Nicholls Stallions out early 64-Feb-15Andrew Barton
231OPEN 3IntDigital2nd Jenny Shanley Sea and stones 54-Feb-15Andrew Barton
232OPEN 3IntDigital3rd Martyn Parnell The Shadow 44-Feb-15Andrew Barton
233OPEN 3IntDigital4th Nessie Gillen Wheely High 34-Feb-15Andrew Barton
234OPEN 3IntDigital5th Shirley Lotfy Wind turbines 24-Feb-15Andrew Barton
235OPEN 3IntDigital6th Nessie Gillen Final Flight 14-Feb-15Andrew Barton
236OPEN 3IntDigitalH COMM Chris Nicholls Angelina 4-Feb-15Andrew Barton
237OPEN 3AdvDigital1st Sue Jones Timepiece (BEST IN COMPETITION)64-Feb-15Andrew Barton
238OPEN 3AdvDigital2nd Ruth Nicholls Pensive 54-Feb-15Andrew Barton
239OPEN 3AdvDigital3rd Sue Jones End of Shift 44-Feb-15Andrew Barton
240OPEN 3AdvDigital4th Claire Stringer Tynwald celebration 34-Feb-15Andrew Barton
241OPEN 3AdvDigital5th Claire Stringer Boat and Balls 24-Feb-15Andrew Barton
242OPEN 3AdvDigital6th John Phipp Passage of time 14-Feb-15Andrew Barton
243OPEN 4StdDigital1st Richard Shafto Dinner Time in Africa 625-Oct-14Gary Harrison
244OPEN 4StdDigital2nd Barry Murphy Artic Tern at Point of Ayre 525-Oct-14Gary Harrison
245OPEN 4StdDigital3rd Karen Norton Rosy Owl 425-Oct-14Gary Harrison
246OPEN 4StdDigital4th Beryl Quayle Charlie looking serious 325-Oct-14Gary Harrison
247OPEN 4StdDigital5th Sakkie Meeuwsen Custard Sea Splash 225-Oct-14Gary Harrison
248OPEN 4StdDigital6th Joy Brodie London Ghosts 125-Oct-14Gary Harrison
249OPEN 4StdDigitalCOMM Tim Norton Reflecting on Alhambra Palace 25-Oct-14Gary Harrison
250OPEN 4StdDigitalCOMM Sakkie Meeuwsen Cape Sugarbird 25-Oct-14Gary Harrison
251OPEN 4StdDigitalCOMM Mike Rowlands Calf of Man Sunset 25-Oct-14Gary Harrison
252OPEN 4IntDigital1st Chris Nicholls Tobacco Man (BEST IN COMPETITION)625-Oct-14Gary Harrison
253OPEN 4IntDigital2nd Hazel Walsh Candy Pop 525-Oct-14Gary Harrison
254OPEN 4IntDigital3rd Nessie Gillen No sailing today 425-Oct-14Gary Harrison
255OPEN 4IntDigital4th Shirley Lotfy Lakeside landing 325-Oct-14Gary Harrison
256OPEN 4IntDigital5th Martyn Parnell Lifeboat 225-Oct-14Gary Harrison
257OPEN 4IntDigital6th Shirley Lotfy Black swans bathing 125-Oct-14Gary Harrison
258OPEN 4AdvDigital1st Mark Stringer Busker 625-Oct-14Gary Harrison
259OPEN 4AdvDigital2nd Sue Jones The Homecoming 525-Oct-14Gary Harrison
260OPEN 4AdvDigital3rd Claire Stringer Damselfly trying to hide 425-Oct-14Gary Harrison
261OPEN 4AdvDigital4th Patricia Harvey Homeward Bound 325-Oct-14Gary Harrison
262OPEN 4AdvDigital5th Claire Stringer Wheel Hub Reflection 225-Oct-14Gary Harrison
263OPEN 4AdvDigital6th Chris Blyth Goldfinch 125-Oct-14Gary Harrison
264OPEN 1StdColour Print1st Lara Howe Don't Look Down 615-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
265OPEN 1StdColour Print2nd Beryl Quayle Juvenile Sparrow 515-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
266OPEN 1StdColour Print3rd Paul Dougherty Dunlop - On The Limit 415-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
267OPEN 1StdColour Print4th Beryl Quayle Reeds 315-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
268OPEN 1StdColour Print5th Paul Dougherty Fishing On The Mekong 215-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
269OPEN 1StdColour Print6th Joy Brodie Tower Bridge 115-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
270OPEN 1StdColour PrintCOMM Richard Shafto Brown Bear Feeding 15-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
271OPEN 1StdMono Print1st Lara Howe Gone Fishing 615-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
272OPEN 1StdMono Print2nd Joy Brodie World At War 515-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
273OPEN 1StdMono Print3rd Joy Brodie Carrbridge 415-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
274OPEN 1IntColour Print1st Shirley Lotfy Not Forgotten 615-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
275OPEN 1IntColour Print2nd Mark Falconer Belting Through Ballaugh 515-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
276OPEN 1IntColour Print3rd Nessie Gillen Brighton West Pier 415-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
277OPEN 1IntColour Print4th Ian Lumsden Santa Ponsa, Majorca 315-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
278OPEN 1IntColour Print5th Nessie Gillen Berried Bike 215-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
279OPEN 1IntColour Print6th Ian Lumsden The Only Answer To Mankind's Problems 115-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
280OPEN 1IntColour PrintH COMM Shirley Lotfy Common Blue Damselfly 15-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
281OPEN 1IntColour PrintH COMM Jenny Shanley Pride Of Madeira (Echium Candicans) 15-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
282OPEN 1IntColour PrintH COMM Jenny Shanley Crane Fly 15-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
283OPEN 1IntMono Print1st Jenny Shanley Cat On The Tiles 615-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
284OPEN 1IntMono Print2nd Mark Falconer Finishing Touch 515-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
285OPEN 1IntMono Print3rd Jenny Shanley lnside The Hive 415-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
286OPEN 1IntMono Print4th Nessie Gillen What Did You Say? 315-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
287OPEN 1IntMono Print5th Mark Falconer ln The Zone 215-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
288OPEN 1IntMono Print6th Nessie Gillen Splashing Time 115-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
289OPEN 1AdvColour Print1st Ron Shimmin Haddon Hall 615-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
290OPEN 1AdvColour Print2nd Sue Jones The Smithy 515-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
291OPEN 1AdvColour Print3rd Ron Shimmin Altar, Salisbury Cathedral 415-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
292OPEN 1AdvColour Print4th Tony Curtis Bearded Dragon 315-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
293OPEN 1AdvColour Print5th Bob Servante Poetry ln Motion 215-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
294OPEN 1AdvColour Print6th Tony Curtis Cormorant 115-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
295OPEN 1AdvColour PrintH COMM Patricia Harvey Osprey With Catch 15-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
296OPEN 1AdvColour PrintCOMM Patricia Harvey Time To Cross 15-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
297OPEN 1AdvColour PrintCOMM Bob Servante Stroll Through Bluebell Woods 15-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
298OPEN 1AdvColour PrintCOMM Chris Blyth Common Blue Damselfly 15-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
299OPEN 1AdvColour PrintCOMM Chris Blyth Over The Top and 15-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
300OPEN 1AdvMono Print1st Ron Shimmin Stairs To The Chapter House, Wells Cathedral (BEST IN COMPETITION)615-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
301OPEN 1AdvMono Print2nd Sue Jones Steam Up 515-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
302OPEN 1AdvMono Print3rd Chris Blyth GrassHopper 415-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
303OPEN 1AdvMono Print4th Chris Blyth Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth 315-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
304OPEN 1AdvMono Print5th Ron Shimmin Footbridge, Salford Quays 215-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
305OPEN 1AdvMono Print6th Tony Curtis At Home With The Vikings 115-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
306OPEN 1AdvMono PrintH COMM Patricia Harvey The Stairs 15-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
307OPEN 1AdvMono PrintH COMM Sue Jones Misty Morning 15-Oct-14Robert Louden-Brown
308OPEN 2StdColour Print1st Beryl Quayle Peel Sand Racer 626-Nov-14Dennis Wood
309OPEN 2StdColour Print2nd Paul Dougherty Fill her up! 526-Nov-14Dennis Wood
310OPEN 2StdColour Print3rd Lara Howe Morning Light 426-Nov-14Dennis Wood
311OPEN 2StdColour Print4th Richard Shafto The Nave at Lincoln Cathedral 326-Nov-14Dennis Wood
312OPEN 2StdColour Print5th Lara Howe Red Kite 226-Nov-14Dennis Wood
313OPEN 2StdColour Print6th Mike Trout Serene Cygnet 126-Nov-14Dennis Wood
314OPEN 2StdMono Print1st Mike Trout Towpath Talk 626-Nov-14Dennis Wood
315OPEN 2StdMono Print2nd Mike Trout Skylight 526-Nov-14Dennis Wood
316OPEN 2StdMono Print3rd Lara Howe Wood for the Trtees 426-Nov-14Dennis Wood
317OPEN 2StdMono Print4th Lara Howe Lighting the way 326-Nov-14Dennis Wood
318OPEN 2StdMono Print5th Tim Norton Peel Breakwater 226-Nov-14Dennis Wood
319OPEN 2StdMono Print6th Richard Shafto Storm over Camares 126-Nov-14Dennis Wood
320OPEN 2IntColour Print1st Ian Lumsden The hub London eye 626-Nov-14Dennis Wood
321OPEN 2IntColour Print2nd Annette Slater The Goose Neck 526-Nov-14Dennis Wood
322OPEN 2IntColour Print3rd Shirley Lotfy Lakeside Boats 426-Nov-14Dennis Wood
323OPEN 2IntColour Print4th Chris Nicholls Door man 326-Nov-14Dennis Wood
324OPEN 2IntColour Print5th Chris Nicholls Visiting the Past 226-Nov-14Dennis Wood
325OPEN 2IntColour Print6th Mark Falconer Dolphin Harbour 126-Nov-14Dennis Wood
326OPEN 2IntMono Print1st Nessie Gillen Nature's Art (BEST IN COMPETITION)626-Nov-14Dennis Wood
327OPEN 2IntMono Print2nd Chris Nicholls Oh Dear ( venice pair + brolly ) 526-Nov-14Dennis Wood
328OPEN 2IntMono Print3rd Annette Slater Heron at rest 426-Nov-14Dennis Wood
329OPEN 2IntMono Print4th Chris Nicholls Shaded Courtyard 326-Nov-14Dennis Wood
330OPEN 2IntMono Print5th Jenny Shanley Barrier 226-Nov-14Dennis Wood
331OPEN 2IntMono Print6th Jenny Shanley Balconies 126-Nov-14Dennis Wood
332OPEN 2AdvColour Print1st Ron Shimmin Young Scientist 626-Nov-14Dennis Wood
333OPEN 2AdvColour Print2nd Sue Jones Bleak house 526-Nov-14Dennis Wood
334OPEN 2AdvColour Print3rd Ruth Nicholls Going home 426-Nov-14Dennis Wood
335OPEN 2AdvColour Print4th Sue Jones The clown 326-Nov-14Dennis Wood
336OPEN 2AdvColour Print5th Dave Welsh Who's looking at who? 226-Nov-14Dennis Wood
337OPEN 2AdvColour Print6th Dave Welsh The vikings have arrived 126-Nov-14Dennis Wood
338OPEN 2AdvMono Print1st Sue Jones The home guard 626-Nov-14Dennis Wood
339OPEN 2AdvMono Print2nd Ron Shimmin Font Haddon Hall Chapel 526-Nov-14Dennis Wood
340OPEN 2AdvMono Print3rd Nigel Owen Pitcher Window 426-Nov-14Dennis Wood
341OPEN 2AdvMono Print4th Ron Shimmin Calatrava Bridge, Manchester 326-Nov-14Dennis Wood
342OPEN 2AdvMono Print5th Sue Jones Textures 226-Nov-14Dennis Wood
343OPEN 2AdvMono Print6th Ruth Nicholls Paris in Winter 126-Nov-14Dennis Wood
344OPEN 3StdColour Print1st Richard Shafto The Leopard 64-Feb-15Ray Kelly
345OPEN 3StdColour Print2nd Beryl Quayle Three Swans a Swimming 54-Feb-15Ray Kelly
346OPEN 3StdColour Print3rd Richard Shafto Lion cubs, south Luanga National Park 44-Feb-15Ray Kelly
347OPEN 3StdColour Print4th Paul Dougherty Dunlop - Classic 2014 34-Feb-15Ray Kelly
348OPEN 3StdColour Print5th Beryl Quayle Jetskier 24-Feb-15Ray Kelly
349OPEN 3StdColour Print6th Mike Trout Vodka Kick 14-Feb-15Ray Kelly
350OPEN 3StdColour PrintH COMM Joy Brodie Arctic Turn 4-Feb-15Ray Kelly
351OPEN 3StdColour PrintCOMM Tim Norton Siesta Time 4-Feb-15Ray Kelly
352OPEN 3StdMono Print1st Richard Shafto Mother and baby 64-Feb-15Ray Kelly
353OPEN 3StdMono Print2nd Mike Trout Number 25 54-Feb-15Ray Kelly
354OPEN 3StdMono Print3rd Richard Shafto Glorious Mud 44-Feb-15Ray Kelly
355OPEN 3StdMono Print4th Mike Trout Chasms Old Cafe 34-Feb-15Ray Kelly
356OPEN 3StdMono Print5th Beryl Quayle Jaguar radiator and headlight detail 24-Feb-15Ray Kelly
357OPEN 3StdMono Print6th Beryl Quayle Wave on the rocks 14-Feb-15Ray Kelly
358OPEN 3IntColour Print1st Nessie Gillen Faithful Friend 64-Feb-15Ray Kelly
359OPEN 3IntColour Print2nd Chris Nicholls Serene Santorini 54-Feb-15Ray Kelly
360OPEN 3IntColour Print3rd Shirley Lotfy A man and his dog 44-Feb-15Ray Kelly
361OPEN 3IntColour Print4th Shirley Lotfy Llama in the Andes 34-Feb-15Ray Kelly
362OPEN 3IntColour Print5th Ian Lumsden Come inside the shop! Valldemossa 24-Feb-15Ray Kelly
363OPEN 3IntColour Print6th Jenny Shanley Springtime on the Calf of Man 14-Feb-15Ray Kelly
364OPEN 3IntColour PrintH COMM Chris Nicholls Water colours 4-Feb-15Ray Kelly
365OPEN 3IntColour PrintCOMM Nessie Gillen Model Boat 4-Feb-15Ray Kelly
366OPEN 3IntMono Print1st Nessie Gillen Bursting bubbles 64-Feb-15Ray Kelly
367OPEN 3IntMono Print2nd Chris Nicholls Air side Zurich 54-Feb-15Ray Kelly
368OPEN 3IntMono Print3rd Jenny Shanley Sam at the dog mills cliffs 44-Feb-15Ray Kelly
369OPEN 3IntMono Print4th Jenny Shanley At the top of their tree 34-Feb-15Ray Kelly
370OPEN 3IntMono Print5th Nessie Gillen Boy Silhouette 24-Feb-15Ray Kelly
371OPEN 3AdvColour Print1st Chris Blyth Pied Wagtail 64-Feb-15Ray Kelly
372OPEN 3AdvColour Print2nd Sue Jones Leaves in the line 54-Feb-15Ray Kelly
373OPEN 3AdvColour Print3rd Ruth Nicholls Is it playtime yet? 44-Feb-15Ray Kelly
374OPEN 3AdvColour Print4th Ron Shimmin Old textile mills 34-Feb-15Ray Kelly
375OPEN 3AdvColour Print5th Ruth Nicholls A touch of frost 24-Feb-15Ray Kelly
376OPEN 3AdvColour Print6th Ron Shimmin Art Appreciation 14-Feb-15Ray Kelly
377OPEN 3AdvColour PrintH COMM Chris Blyth Maughold Church 4-Feb-15Ray Kelly
378OPEN 3AdvColour PrintCOMM Sue Jones Watching me, watching you 4-Feb-15Ray Kelly
379OPEN 3AdvMono Print1st Sue Jones Fort Island (BEST IN COMPETITION)64-Feb-15Ray Kelly
380OPEN 3AdvMono Print2nd Sue Jones Enjoying a joke 54-Feb-15Ray Kelly
381OPEN 3AdvMono Print3rd Ron Shimmin Staircase, Chatsworth House 44-Feb-15Ray Kelly
382OPEN 3AdvMono Print4th Ron Shimmin The New Broom34-Feb-15Ray Kelly
382OPEN 4StdColour Print1st Barry Murphy Point of Ayre lighthouse 611-Mar-15Steve Babb
383OPEN 4StdColour Print2nd Mike Trout Winter Fair 511-Mar-15Steve Babb
384OPEN 4StdColour Print3rd Barry Murphy Glen Wyllin Waterfall 411-Mar-15Steve Babb
385OPEN 4StdColour Print4th Paul Dougherty Teamwork 311-Mar-15Steve Babb
386OPEN 4StdColour Print5th Karen Norton Lobster pot wall, Niarbyl 211-Mar-15Steve Babb
387OPEN 4StdColour Print6th Richard Shafto Lion cubs on a log by the Luangwa River 111-Mar-15Steve Babb
388OPEN 4StdColour PrintCOMM Mike Trout Rapid Responder 11-Mar-15Steve Babb
389OPEN 4StdColour PrintCOMM Thomas Carr Up ahead 11-Mar-15Steve Babb
390OPEN 4StdMono Print1st Beryl Quayle Fenella Beach Waves Rocks - Mono 611-Mar-15Steve Babb
391OPEN 4StdMono Print2nd Mike Trout Urban Snakes & Ladders 511-Mar-15Steve Babb
392OPEN 4StdMono Print3rd Richard Shafto Portrait of a Leopard 411-Mar-15Steve Babb
393OPEN 4StdMono Print4th Beryl Quayle Snowdrop, Ferry Cross the Mersey 311-Mar-15Steve Babb
394OPEN 4StdMono Print5th Joy Brodie Gracious Swan 211-Mar-15Steve Babb
395OPEN 4StdMono Print6th Mike Trout Symphony Hall Birmingham 111-Mar-15Steve Babb
396OPEN 4StdMono PrintCOMM Karen Norton Niarbyl in Sepia 11-Mar-15Steve Babb
397OPEN 4IntColour Print1st Chris Nicholls Lauterbrunnen 611-Mar-15Steve Babb
398OPEN 4IntColour Print2nd Nessie Gillen Playing aeroplane 511-Mar-15Steve Babb
399OPEN 4IntColour Print3rd Jenny Shanley Running in heels 411-Mar-15Steve Babb
400OPEN 4IntColour Print4th Shirley Lotfy Paraglider 311-Mar-15Steve Babb
401OPEN 4IntColour Print5th Ian Lumsden London emerging from the economic gloom 211-Mar-15Steve Babb
402OPEN 4IntColour Print6th Nessie Gillen Mr Graffiti 111-Mar-15Steve Babb
403OPEN 4IntMono Print1st Nessie Gillen Oh I do like to be beside the seaside 611-Mar-15Steve Babb
404OPEN 4IntMono Print2nd Jenny Shanley Laxey Wrought Ironwork 511-Mar-15Steve Babb
405OPEN 4IntMono Print3rd Chris Nicholls Spreading Forms 411-Mar-15Steve Babb
406OPEN 4IntMono Print4th Nessie Gillen Roxy 311-Mar-15Steve Babb
407OPEN 4IntMono Print5th Chris Nicholls Light and Shade 211-Mar-15Steve Babb
408OPEN 4IntMono Print6th Jenny Shanley Joey Dunlop Memorial 111-Mar-15Steve Babb
409OPEN 4AdvColour Print1st Sue Jones Fading beauty 611-Mar-15Steve Babb
410OPEN 4AdvColour Print2nd Ron Shimmin Remembrance 511-Mar-15Steve Babb
411OPEN 4AdvColour Print3rd Nigel Owen Winter's Tale 411-Mar-15Steve Babb
412OPEN 4AdvColour Print4th Sue Jones At the fair 311-Mar-15Steve Babb
413OPEN 4AdvColour Print5th Chris Blyth Christmas Shopping, Princess St, Edinburg 211-Mar-15Steve Babb
414OPEN 4AdvColour Print6th Ruth Nicholls Harvested 111-Mar-15Steve Babb
415OPEN 4AdvMono Print1st Nigel Owen Sentinel (BEST IN COMPETITION)611-Mar-15Steve Babb
416OPEN 4AdvMono Print2nd Nigel Owen A Helping Hand 511-Mar-15Steve Babb
417OPEN 4AdvMono Print3rd Ron Shimmin Weary passengers 411-Mar-15Steve Babb
418OPEN 4AdvMono Print4th Sue Jones Hunt the wren 311-Mar-15Steve Babb
419OPEN 4AdvMono Print5th Ron Shimmin Break for a burger 211-Mar-15Steve Babb
420OPEN 4AdvMono Print6th Ruth Nicholls Group Arrangements 111-Mar-15Steve Babb
421SMALL PRINT 1StdSmall Print1st Joy Brodie Parasailing (BEST IN COMPETITION)614-Jan-15XX
422SMALL PRINT 1StdSmall Print2nd Richard Shafto After the hunt, Leopard with Impala Fawn 514-Jan-15XX
423SMALL PRINT 1StdSmall Print3rd Richard Shafto Interior of Russian Orthodox Church, Alaska 414-Jan-15XX
424SMALL PRINT 1StdSmall Print4th Steve Meadows The journey 314-Jan-15XX
425SMALL PRINT 1StdSmall Print5th Steve Meadows The Lightening Tree 214-Jan-15XX
426SMALL PRINT 1StdSmall Print6th Tim Norton Summerland Memorial 114-Jan-15XX
427SMALL PRINT 1StdSmall PrintH COMM Joy Brodie Worse for weat 14-Jan-15XX
428SMALL PRINT 1StdSmall PrintH COMM Thomas Carr Reaching for the moon 14-Jan-15XX
429SMALL PRINT 1StdSmall PrintCOMM Beryl Quayle Slow paddle home 14-Jan-15XX
430SMALL PRINT 1IntSmall Print1st Shirley Lotfy Street performer 614-Jan-15XX
431SMALL PRINT 1IntSmall Print2nd Ian Lumsden Dizzy Heights 514-Jan-15XX
432SMALL PRINT 1IntSmall Print3rd Nessie Gillen Put 'em up 414-Jan-15XX
433SMALL PRINT 1IntSmall Print4th Shirley Lotfy Church Gateway 314-Jan-15XX
434SMALL PRINT 1IntSmall Print5th Ian Lumsden Hidrobeetles 214-Jan-15XX
435SMALL PRINT 1IntSmall Print6th Shirley Lotfy Three of a kind 114-Jan-15XX
436SMALL PRINT 2StdSmall Print1st Thomas Carr On the move 629-Oct-14Tony Curtis
437SMALL PRINT 2StdSmall Print2nd Lara Howe Frozen In Time 529-Oct-14Tony Curtis
438SMALL PRINT 2StdSmall Print3rd Joy Brodie A Bird's Eye View 429-Oct-14Tony Curtis
439SMALL PRINT 2StdSmall Print4th Thomas Carr Rooftops 329-Oct-14Tony Curtis
440SMALL PRINT 2StdSmall Print5th Norma Cowel Old Sea Dog 229-Oct-14Tony Curtis
441SMALL PRINT 2StdSmall Print6th Thomas Carr Autumn leaves 129-Oct-14Tony Curtis
442SMALL PRINT 2IntSmall Print1st Nessie Gillen Sundown, Turkish Waters (BEST IN COMPETITION)629-Oct-14Tony Curtis
443SMALL PRINT 2IntSmall Print2nd Mark Falconer Kite Surfer 529-Oct-14Tony Curtis
444SMALL PRINT 2IntSmall Print3rd Shirley Lotfy Greylag Goose 429-Oct-14Tony Curtis
445SMALL PRINT 2IntSmall Print4th Ian Lumsden Puzzling 329-Oct-14Tony Curtis
446SMALL PRINT 2IntSmall Print5th Nessie Gillen 100% Cheeky 229-Oct-14Tony Curtis
447SMALL PRINT 2IntSmall Print6th Shirley Lotfy Robert 129-Oct-14Tony Curtis
448SMALL PRINT 2IntSmall PrintCOMM Nessie Gillen Golden Hair 29-Oct-14Tony Curtis
449SMALL PRINT 3StdSmall Print1st Steve Meadows Moody Scarlett (BEST IN COMPETITION)619-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
450SMALL PRINT 3StdSmall Print2nd Karen Norton Wheels Within Wheels 519-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
451SMALL PRINT 3StdSmall Print3rd Mark Thorsby Guy Martin At Governors Bridge 419-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
452SMALL PRINT 3StdSmall Print4th Steve Meadows Woody 319-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
453SMALL PRINT 3StdSmall Print5th Mark Thorsby Freya's Feather 219-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
454SMALL PRINT 3StdSmall Print6th Thomas Carr Safe harbour 119-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
455SMALL PRINT 3StdSmall PrintH COMM Joy Brodie Flying High 19-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
456SMALL PRINT 3StdSmall PrintCOMM Steve Meadows Getting Ready 19-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
457SMALL PRINT 3IntSmall Print1st Shirley Lotfy Rowing Boats 619-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
458SMALL PRINT 3IntSmall Print2nd Mark Falconer Those Daring Young Men On Their Fling Machines 519-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
459SMALL PRINT 3IntSmall Print3rd Anne Bidwell Grey Wagtail 419-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
460SMALL PRINT 3IntSmall Print4th Shirley Lotfy Lava Lizard 319-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
461SMALL PRINT 3IntSmall Print5th Annette Slater Grey Heron 219-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
462SMALL PRINT 3IntSmall Print6th Annette Slater Wish Upon A Butterfly 119-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
463SMALL PRINT 3IntSmall PrintH COMM Ian Lumsden Millennium Bridge And St. Paul's 19-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
464SMALL PRINT 3IntSmall PrintCOMM Annette Slater Hanging Around 19-Nov-14Seamus Whelan
465SMALL PRINT 4StdSmall Print1st Barry Murphy Douglas Head Sunrise (BEST IN COMPETITION)618-Feb-15Mike Trout
466SMALL PRINT 4StdSmall Print2nd Joy Brodie Model boat racing 518-Feb-15Mike Trout
467SMALL PRINT 4StdSmall Print3rd Beryl Quayle Patterned stones 418-Feb-15Mike Trout
468SMALL PRINT 4StdSmall Print4th Beryl Quayle Twisted chimney 318-Feb-15Mike Trout
469SMALL PRINT 4StdSmall Print5th Barry Murphy Arctic Turn 218-Feb-15Mike Trout
470SMALL PRINT 4StdSmall Print6th Richard Shafto The Seattle great wheel 118-Feb-15Mike Trout
471SMALL PRINT 4StdSmall PrintH COMM Steve Meadows Princess Pansy 18-Feb-15Mike Trout
472SMALL PRINT 4StdSmall PrintCOMM Karen Norton Not needed today 18-Feb-15Mike Trout
473SMALL PRINT 4StdSmall PrintCOMM Karen Norton Point of Ayre lighthouse 18-Feb-15Mike Trout
474SMALL PRINT 4StdSmall PrintCOMM Steve Meadows The look out 18-Feb-15Mike Trout
475SMALL PRINT 4IntSmall Print1st Jenny Shanley Happy Shoppers 618-Feb-15Mike Trout
476SMALL PRINT 4IntSmall Print2nd Shirley Lotfy Tulip 518-Feb-15Mike Trout
477SMALL PRINT 4IntSmall Print3rd Jenny Shanley Loughtan Ram 418-Feb-15Mike Trout
478SMALL PRINT 4IntSmall Print4th Shirley Lotfy Kayaks 318-Feb-15Mike Trout
479SMALL PRINT 4IntSmall Print5th Jenny Shanley Double Daisy 218-Feb-15Mike Trout
480SMALL PRINT 4IntSmall Print6th Shirley Lotfy Boats 118-Feb-15Mike Trout
481Annual OPENStdDigital Colour1st Barry Murphy Point of Ayre Lighthouse 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
482Annual OPENStdDigital Colour2nd Barry Murphy Injecbreck Hill 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
483Annual OPENStdDigital Colour3rd Mike Trout Smoke On 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
484Annual OPENStdDigital ColourVH COMM Joy Brodie Car Trails 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
485Annual OPENStdDigital ColourVH COMM Steve Meadows Groudle Glen 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
486Annual OPENStdDigital ColourVH COMM Barry Murphy Battery Pier Light 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
487Annual OPENStdDigital ColourCOMM Patricia Larkham Shower of Red 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
488Annual OPENStdDigital ColourCOMM Patricia Larkham Welder 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
489Annual OPENStdDigital ColourCOMM Joy Brodie Ballaglass Glen 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
490Annual OPENStdDigital ColourCOMM Richard Leach Wayna Picchu 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
491Annual OPENStdDigital ColourCOMM Steve Meadows Frost Melt at South Barrule 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
492Annual OPENStdDigital ColourCOMM Steve Meadows Sunset over Windy 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
493Annual OPENStdDigital ColourCOMM Steve Meadows The Sunday Chill 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
494Annual OPENStdDigital ColourCOMM Barry Murphy Douglas Outer Harbour 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
495Annual OPENStdColour Print1st Beryl Quayle Peel Sand Racer 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
496Annual OPENStdColour Print2nd Thomas Carr On the move 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
497Annual OPENStdColour Print3rd Richard Shafto Flowers On An Echinopsis Cactus 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
498Annual OPENStdColour PrintVH COMM Richard Shafto The Nave Of Lincoln Cathedral 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
499Annual OPENStdColour PrintH COMM Mike Trout Clean Sweep 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
500Annual OPENStdColour PrintCOMM Beryl Quayle Jet Skier 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
501Annual OPENStdDigital Mono1st Steve Meadows Shine Bright like a Diamond 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
502Annual OPENStdDigital Mono2nd Peter Keena Moon over church ruin 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
503Annual OPENStdDigital Mono3rd Mike Trout No 25 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
504Annual OPENStdDigital MonoVH COMM Joy Brodie Ghostly Figures 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
505Annual OPENStdDigital MonoVH COMM Steve Meadows Angela in Mono 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
506Annual OPENStdDigital MonoCOMM Peter Keena Hango hill from the beach 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
507Annual OPENStdDigital MonoCOMM Steve Meadows Beach Stroll 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
508Annual OPENStdDigital MonoCOMM Steve Meadows Don't Mess With Me 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
509Annual OPENStdDigital MonoCOMM Steve Meadows Snapping the Snapper 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
510Annual OPENStdMono Print1st Mike Trout Gas Street Canal Basin Scene 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
511Annual OPENStdMono Print2nd Beryl Quayle Lots of TLC needed here 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
512Annual OPENStdMono Print3rd Joy Brodie Helen 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
513Annual OPENStdMono PrintVH COMM Joy Brodie High Winds & High Tide, Douglas Prom 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
514Annual OPENStdMono PrintH COMM Richard Shafto Mare & Foal In Black And White 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
515Annual OPENStdMono PrintCOMM Joy Brodie Leaning Tower Of Liverpool 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
516Annual OPENIntDigital Colour1st Chris Nicholls tobacco worker 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
517Annual OPENIntDigital Colour2nd Martyn Parnell In the Zone 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
518Annual OPENIntDigital Colour3rd Chris Nicholls Cuban Gold 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
519Annual OPENIntDigital ColourVH COMM Hazel Walsh For Display Purposes Only 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
520Annual OPENIntDigital ColourVH COMM Nessie Gillen Lancing Chapel Altar 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
521Annual OPENIntDigital ColourCOMM Martyn Parnell Gone Fishing 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
522Annual OPENIntDigital ColourCOMM Martyn Parnell Infinity 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
523Annual OPENIntDigital ColourCOMM Shirley Lotfy Azamara Quest In Douglas Bay 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
524Annual OPENIntDigital ColourCOMM Mark Falconer Blasting Through Ballaugh 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
525Annual OPENIntDigital ColourCOMM Chris Nicholls Stallions Out Early 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
526Annual OPENIntColour Print1st Chris Nicholls Door-Man 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
527Annual OPENIntColour Print2nd Chris Nicholls Capella Di Vitaleta 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
528Annual OPENIntColour Print3rd Chris Nicholls Whatever The Weather 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
529Annual OPENIntColour PrintVH COMM Ian Lumsden Santa Ponsa, Majorca 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
530Annual OPENIntColour PrintVH COMM Chris Nicholls Show And High Water 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
531Annual OPENIntColour PrintCOMM Shirley Lotfy Reflections - Harley And Me 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
532Annual OPENIntColour PrintCOMM Shirley Lotfy Blue Geranium 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
533Annual OPENIntColour PrintCOMM Ian Lumsden The Hub London Eye 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
534Annual OPENIntColour PrintCOMM Ian Lumsden Dizzy Heights 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
535Annual OPENIntDigital Mono1st Chris Nicholls Wild Horses 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
536Annual OPENIntDigital Mono2nd Mark Falconer Finishing Touch 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
537Annual OPENIntDigital Mono3rd Mark Falconer Self Portrait 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
538Annual OPENIntDigital MonoVH COMM Hazel Walsh Shades of Decay 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
539Annual OPENIntDigital MonoCOMM Nessie Gillen Chapel Arches 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
540Annual OPENIntMono Print1st Chris Nicholls Angelina 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
541Annual OPENIntMono Print2nd Chris Nicholls Party People 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
542Annual OPENIntMono Print3rd Chris Nicholls True To LIfe 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
543Annual OPENIntMono PrintVH COMM Chris Nicholls Old And New 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
544Annual OPENIntMono PrintH COMM Chris Nicholls Moon Daisies 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
545Annual OPENAdvDigital Colour1st Sue Jones End of Shift (BEST DIGITAL IN ANNUAL)10-Apr-15Robert Millin
546Annual OPENAdvDigital Colour2nd Bob Servante Red White & Blue 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
547Annual OPENAdvDigital Colour3rd Diane McCudden Cairns Shore 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
548Annual OPENAdvDigital ColourVH COMM Claire Stringer Science Museum Valencia 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
549Annual OPENAdvDigital ColourCOMM Sue Jones Timepiece 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
550Annual OPENAdvDigital ColourCOMM Sue Jones Trio 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
551Annual OPENAdvDigital ColourCOMM Ruth Nicholls Santa Maria della Salute at Sunset 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
552Annual OPENAdvDigital ColourCOMM Ruth Nicholls Misty Derwentwater 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
553Annual OPENAdvDigital ColourCOMM Ruth Nicholls Stunt Rider 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
554Annual OPENAdvDigital ColourCOMM Claire Stringer Tower through the flowers 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
555Annual OPENAdvDigital ColourCOMM Diane McCudden Laxey Pier 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
556Annual OPENAdvDigital ColourCOMM Diane McCudden Odd one out 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
557Annual OPENAdvColour Print1st Ruth Nicholls Heaven And Earth (BEST COLOUR PRINT IN ANNUAL)9-Apr-15Robert Millin
558Annual OPENAdvColour Print2nd Ron Shimmin Cactus FLowers 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
559Annual OPENAdvColour Print3rd Ruth Nicholls Modes 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
560Annual OPENAdvColour PrintVH COMM Nigel Owen Twolips Kiss 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
561Annual OPENAdvColour PrintVH COMM Ruth Nicholls Forgotten 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
562Annual OPENAdvColour PrintVH COMM Mark Stringer The Busker 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
563Annual OPENAdvColour PrintCOMM Chris Blyth Red Arrows 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
564Annual OPENAdvColour PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin Art Appreciation 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
565Annual OPENAdvColour PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin Remembering 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
566Annual OPENAdvColour PrintCOMM Nigel Owen Winter's Tale 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
567Annual OPENAdvColour PrintCOMM Ruth Nicholls Fading Beauty 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
568Annual OPENAdvColour PrintCOMM Ruth Nicholls Through The Looking Glass 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
569Annual OPENAdvColour PrintCOMM Mark Stringer Salmon Fishing 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
570Annual OPENAdvDigital Mono1st Bob Servante Urban Burnout 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
571Annual OPENAdvDigital Mono2nd Sue Jones The Grudge 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
572Annual OPENAdvDigital Mono3rd Diane McCudden Guy Portrait 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
573Annual OPENAdvDigital MonoVH COMM Diane McCudden The Storm 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
574Annual OPENAdvDigital MonoCOMM Bob Servante Pop Idol 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
575Annual OPENAdvDigital MonoCOMM Bob Servante Port Erin Express 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
576Annual OPENAdvDigital MonoCOMM Sue Jones Guitar Man 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
577Annual OPENAdvMono Print1st Sue Jones Hunt The Wren (BEST MONO PRINT IN ANNUAL)9-Apr-15Robert Millin
578Annual OPENAdvMono Print2nd Ruth Nicholls Mike's Secret 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
579Annual OPENAdvMono Print3rd Nigel Owen 90 Years Old 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
580Annual OPENAdvMono PrintVH COMM Sue Jones Fort ISland 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
581Annual OPENAdvMono PrintVH COMM Nigel Owen Reed's 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
582Annual OPENAdvMono PrintVH COMM Ruth Nicholls School Time, Havana 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
583Annual OPENAdvMono PrintCOMM Sue Jones Enjoying A Joke 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
584Annual OPENAdvMono PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin Window Mosaic 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
585Annual OPENAdvMono PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin Media City 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
586Annual OPENAdvMono PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin Rising Steam 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
587Annual OPENAdvMono PrintCOMM Nigel Owen Sentinel 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
588Annual OPENAdvMono PrintCOMM Ruth Nicholls Fontrevaud Abbey 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
589Annual RECORDStdDigital1st Patricia Larkham Altar Detail 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
590Annual RECORDStdDigital2nd Richard Leach Treasury 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
591Annual RECORDStdDigitalCOMM Joy Brodie Beatles statue Liverpool 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
592Annual RECORDStdDigitalCOMM Peter Keena Sibelius monument detail 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
593Annual RECORDStdDigitalCOMM Richard Leach Mosaic Church of St Stephen 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
594Annual RECORDStdDigitalCOMM Richard Leach Amman Citadel ceiling rose 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
595Annual RECORDStdPrint1st Beryl Quayle Liverpool Albert Dock 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
596Annual RECORDStdPrint2nd Richard Shafto Amenhotep 3rd Statue, British Museum 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
597Annual RECORDStdPrint3rd Joy Brodie Panel Of Glass, Jurby Church 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
598Annual RECORDStdPrintVH COMM Joy Brodie Queen Victoria Statue 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
599Annual RECORDIntDigital1st Shirley Lotfy Door Furnishings 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
600Annual RECORDIntDigital2nd Shirley Lotfy Bride Church Windows 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
601Annual RECORDIntDigitalCOMM Mark Falconer Scooter Art 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
602Annual RECORDIntPrint1st Nessie Gillen Mary And Boys Jesus 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
603Annual RECORDIntPrint2nd Shirley Lotfy Bell Tower 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
604Annual RECORDIntPrintVH COMM Shirley Lotfy The Minstrel 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
605Annual RECORDIntPrintCOMM Nessie Gillen Bishop Trevor Huddleston Memorial Window 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
606Annual RECORDAdvDigital1st Sue Jones Traction Engine Detail 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
607Annual RECORDAdvDigital2nd Ruth Nicholls Tours Cathedral Window Detail 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
608Annual RECORDAdvDigitalCOMM Claire Stringer Kristiansand Manhole Cover 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
609Annual RECORDAdvPrint1st Ron Shimmin Altar, Salisbury Cathedral 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
610Annual RECORDAdvPrint2nd Ron Shimmin Plaque, St. Pancras Station 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
611Annual NATUREStdDigital1st Sakkie Meeuwsen Arctic Feeding 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
612Annual NATUREStdDigital2nd Richard Shafto Leopard carrying impala faun 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
613Annual NATUREStdDigital3rd Richard Leach Dragonfly 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
614Annual NATUREStdDigitalVH COMM Patricia Larkham Polar Bear 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
615Annual NATUREStdDigitalCOMM Beryl Quayle Starling 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
616Annual NATUREStdDigitalCOMM Beryl Quayle Seal 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
617Annual NATUREStdDigitalCOMM Sakkie Meeuwsen Custard Sea Splash 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
618Annual NATUREStdDigitalCOMM Sakkie Meeuwsen Polar Bear 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
619Annual NATUREStdDigitalCOMM Sakkie Meeuwsen Arctic Walrus 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
620Annual NATUREStdPrint1st Beryl Quayle Juvenile Sparrow 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
621Annual NATUREStdPrint2nd Richard Shafto Leopard, South Lungwa Nat. Park 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
622Annual NATUREStdPrint3rd Michael Howland Robin, Douglas head 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
623Annual NATUREStdPrintVH COMM Mike Trout Ringed Plover 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
624Annual NATUREStdPrintH COMM Mike Trout Brown Roll Rim Fungi 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
625Annual NATUREStdPrintCOMM Mike Trout Cormorant Drying Wings 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
626Annual NATUREStdPrintCOMM Beryl Quayle Three Black Swans 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
627Annual NATUREStdPrintCOMM Beryl Quayle Globe Thistle 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
628Annual NATUREStdPrintCOMM Michael Howland Grey Heron, Glen Wyllin Beach 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
629Annual NATUREIntDigital1st Shirley Lotfy Speckledwood 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
630Annual NATUREIntDigital2nd Shirley Lotfy Greylag Geese 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
631Annual NATUREIntDigitalCOMM Shirley Lotfy Sea-lion With Lava Lizard 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
632Annual NATUREIntPrint1st Shirley Lotfy Common Blue Damselfly 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
633Annual NATUREIntPrint2nd Chris Nicholls DR. Humming Bird 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
634Annual NATUREIntPrint3rd Shirley Lotfy Lava Lizard 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
635Annual NATUREIntPrintVH COMM Shirley Lotfy Sea-Lion 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
636Annual NATUREAdvDigital1st Diane McCudden Female Stonechat (BEST NATURE IN ANNUAL)10-Apr-15Robert Millin
637Annual NATUREAdvDigital2nd Diane McCudden Robin ready to fly 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
638Annual NATUREAdvDigital3rd Ruth Nicholls Greater Yellowlegs on Guard 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
639Annual NATUREAdvDigitalCOMM Bob Servante Common Brown 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
640Annual NATUREAdvDigitalCOMM Bob Servante Fishing Cat 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
641Annual NATUREAdvDigitalCOMM Chris Blyth Common Blue Damselfly 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
642Annual NATUREAdvDigitalCOMM Claire Stringer Clematis 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
643Annual NATUREAdvPrint1st Chris Blyth Common Blue Damselfly 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
644Annual NATUREAdvPrint2nd Chris Blyth Chiloe Wigeon 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
645Annual NATUREAdvPrintCOMM Chris Blyth Grashopper 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
646Annual CREATIVEStdDigital1st Joy Brodie Strawberry Splash 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
647Annual CREATIVEStdPrint1st Joy Brodie Autumn Kaleidoscope 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
648Annual CREATIVEIntDigital1st Hazel Walsh Alice 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
649Annual CREATIVEIntPrint1st Nessie Gillen Forgotten 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
650Annual CREATIVEAdvDigital1st Sue Jones Bleak House 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
651Annual CREATIVEAdvDigital2nd Bob Servante Memoary of an Air Gunner 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
652Annual CREATIVEAdvDigital3rd Sue Jones The Homecoming 10-Apr-15Robert Millin
653Annual CREATIVEAdvPrint1st Ruth Nicholls La Guarida Revisited 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
654Annual CREATIVEAdvPrint2nd Ruth Nicholls The Body Shop 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
655Annual CREATIVEAdvPrintCOMM Sue Jones The Post Box 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
656Annual CREATIVEAdvPrintCOMM Mark Stringer Tower Bridge 9-Apr-15Robert Millin
657IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureColour Print1st Janet Servante Manx Cats 64-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
658IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureColour Print2nd Sue Jones Easter At St. Ninian's 54-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
659IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureColour Print3rd Karen Norton Wichever Way You Row Me.... 44-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
660IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureColour Print4th Ron Shimmin Music For Tynwold 34-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
661IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureColour Print5th Richard Shafto Manx Dancing On Tynwald Green 24-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
662IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureColour Print6th Bob Servante Sybil Confined To Bed 14-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
663IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureColour PrintH COMM Barry Murphy The Ploughing Event 4-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
664IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureColour PrintCOMM Chris Nicholls Manx Dancing at The Fair 4-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
665IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureMono Print1st Ron Shimmin Manx Poetry - Tommy Big Eyes by T.E Brown (BEST MANX IMAGE)64-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
666IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureMono Print2nd Sue Jones Hall Caine Memorial 54-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
667IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureMono Print3rd Chris Nicholls Millennium Of Tunwald Cross With Cultural Symbols 44-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
668IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureMono Print4th Barry Murphy The Plough Team 34-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
669IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureMono Print5th Bob Servante Pop idol at Peel 24-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
670IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureMono Print6th Tim Norton Home Grown Talent 14-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
671IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureMono PrintH COMM Richard Shafto The View From The Circle 4-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
672IOM Bank Cup - Manx CultureMono PrintCOMM Karen Norton Heroic Community Spirit 4-Mar-15Patricia Tutt
673TriptychPrints1st Ron Shimmin Woodcarvings, Manchester Cathedral (BEST TRIPTYCH)28-Jan-15Pam Kershaw
674TriptychPrints2nd Patricia Harvey Time to Move – Hermit (Crab) Style 28-Jan-15Pam Kershaw
675TriptychPrints3rd Chris Blyth Wing Walkers 28-Jan-15Pam Kershaw
676TriptychPrints4th Sue Jones Wildlife Park Portraits 28-Jan-15Pam Kershaw
677TriptychPrints5th Richard Shafto The Bee-Eaters of South Luangwa 28-Jan-15Pam Kershaw
678TriptychPrints6th Beryl Quayle A perfect calm - Albert Dock, Liverpool 28-Jan-15Pam Kershaw