Results 2016-17

Results for the 2016-17 Season
1OPEN 1StdColour Print1st Jonathan Carey Just Another Day 612-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
2OPEN 1StdDigital1st Michael Howland Cormorant, Douglas Harbour 619-Oct-16Ray Kelly
3OPEN 1StdDigital2nd Kevan Osborn flying toward the sunset 519-Oct-16Ray Kelly
4OPEN 1StdDigital3rd Tim Norton Look - no hands....! bw 419-Oct-16Ray Kelly
5OPEN 1StdDigital4th Jonathan Carey Street Talk 319-Oct-16Ray Kelly
6OPEN 1StdDigital5th Tim Norton Morning moon 219-Oct-16Ray Kelly
7OPEN 1StdDigital6th Kevan Osborn Rough sea at Niarbyl 119-Oct-16Ray Kelly
8OPEN 1StdMono Print1st Jonathan Carey Sleeping Beauty 612-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
9OPEN 1IntColour Print1st Barry Murphy The Pew 612-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
10OPEN 1IntColour Print2nd Shirley Lotfy All her own work 512-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
11OPEN 1IntColour Print3rd Richard Shafto El Tornillo 412-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
12OPEN 1IntColour Print4th Richard Shafto Chrysophora chrysochlora specimen from Peru 312-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
13OPEN 1IntColour Print5th Barry Murphy Rounding Little Skellig 212-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
14OPEN 1IntColour Print6th Shirley Lotfy Lemur 112-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
15OPEN 1IntColour PrintH COMM Beryl Quayle Come back that's my bike! 12-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
16OPEN 1IntDigital1st Barry Murphy The Puffin (BEST IN COMPETITION)619-Oct-16Ray Kelly
17OPEN 1IntDigital2nd Barry Murphy Quarry Falls, Laxey 519-Oct-16Ray Kelly
18OPEN 1IntDigital3rd Sue Leeming Angel Wings 419-Oct-16Ray Kelly
19OPEN 1IntDigital4th Hazel Walsh SMILE! 319-Oct-16Ray Kelly
20OPEN 1IntDigital5th Joy Brodie Are you my next meal? 219-Oct-16Ray Kelly
21OPEN 1IntDigital6th Shirley Lotfy Lily detail 119-Oct-16Ray Kelly
22OPEN 1IntDigitalCOMM Richard Shafto Grey Seal at the Calf Sound 19-Oct-16Ray Kelly
23OPEN 1IntDigitalCOMM Shirley Lotfy Female Red-veined Darter 19-Oct-16Ray Kelly
24OPEN 1IntMono Print1st Barry Murphy Tom Jackie (BEST IN COMPETITION)612-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
25OPEN 1IntMono Print2nd Joy Brodie African School Children 512-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
26OPEN 1IntMono Print3rd Barry Murphy The Quiet Word 412-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
27OPEN 1IntMono Print4th Sue Leeming Up Next 312-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
28OPEN 1IntMono Print5th Sue Leeming The Iron Cross 212-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
29OPEN 1IntMono Print6th Richard Shafto 10th Class Locomotive No. 156 at Livingstone, Zambia 112-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
30OPEN 1AdvColour Print1st Janet Servante Kim 612-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
31OPEN 1AdvColour Print2nd Ruth Nicholls La Guardia Revisited 512-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
32OPEN 1AdvColour Print3rd Chris Blyth Walking On Water ? 412-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
33OPEN 1AdvColour Print4th Chris Blyth Burano, Venice Lagoon 312-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
34OPEN 1AdvColour Print5th Bob Servante Peregrine Falcon 212-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
35OPEN 1AdvColour Print6th Ron Shimmin The Critic 112-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
36OPEN 1AdvColour PrintH COMM Sue Blythe Juvenile Starling 12-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
37OPEN 1AdvColour PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin News-stand 12-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
38OPEN 1AdvDigital1st Bob Servante Chukka Chase 619-Oct-16Ray Kelly
39OPEN 1AdvDigital2nd Sue Blythe Flying Puffin 519-Oct-16Ray Kelly
40OPEN 1AdvDigital3rd Chris Nicholls Horse Play time 419-Oct-16Ray Kelly
41OPEN 1AdvDigital4th Sue Blythe On the prowl 319-Oct-16Ray Kelly
42OPEN 1AdvDigital5th Ruth Nicholls Misty Derwentwater 219-Oct-16Ray Kelly
43OPEN 1AdvDigital6th Chris Nicholls Misty Morning 119-Oct-16Ray Kelly
44OPEN 1AdvDigitalCOMM Bob Servante Puffin feeding 19-Oct-16Ray Kelly
45OPEN 1AdvMono Print1st Sue Blythe The Lighthouse 612-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
46OPEN 1AdvMono Print2nd Bob Servante Waiting for the Ball 512-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
47OPEN 1AdvMono Print3rd Sue Blythe Keep Left 412-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
48OPEN 1AdvMono Print4th Chris Blyth Urban Living, Vancouver 312-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
49OPEN 1AdvMono Print5th Bob Servante Warning Off 212-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
50OPEN 1AdvMono Print6th Ron Shimmin Trio 112-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
51OPEN 1AdvMono PrintH COMM Ron Shimmin Group Study 12-Oct-16Seamus Whelan
52OPEN 2StdColour Print1st Jonathan Carey Aerial View 616-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
53OPEN 2StdColour Print2nd Thomas Carr Catching the light 516-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
54OPEN 2StdDigital1st Richard Leach Douglas Fireworks from the MV Karina 618-Jan-17Andrew Barton
55OPEN 2StdDigital2nd Michael Howland Villa Marina Arcade 518-Jan-17Andrew Barton
56OPEN 2StdDigital3rd Peter Keena Monument Valley 418-Jan-17Andrew Barton
57OPEN 2StdDigital4th Richard Leach Port de Pollen?a sunset 318-Jan-17Andrew Barton
58OPEN 2StdDigital5th Jonathan Carey A Ray of Light 218-Jan-17Andrew Barton
59OPEN 2StdDigital6th Michael Howland Taking air 118-Jan-17Andrew Barton
60OPEN 2StdDigitalH COMM Peter Keena The Shining 18-Jan-17Andrew Barton
61OPEN 2StdMono Print1st Thomas Carr Among the rocks 616-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
62OPEN 2StdMono Print2nd Jonathan Carey Black Rock 516-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
63OPEN 2IntColour Print1st Richard Shafto Iberian Wolf 616-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
64OPEN 2IntColour Print2nd Joy Brodie Deep in Thought 516-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
65OPEN 2IntColour Print3rd Sue Leeming The Sparrow Hawk 416-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
66OPEN 2IntColour Print4th Barry Murphy The Fox & the Kitten 316-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
67OPEN 2IntColour Print5th Sue Leeming The Black Mushroom 216-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
68OPEN 2IntColour Print6th Barry Murphy Kinsale 1864 116-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
69OPEN 2IntDigital1st Barry Murphy Doggy Paddle (BEST IN COMPETITION)618-Jan-17Andrew Barton
70OPEN 2IntDigital2nd Sue Leeming Star Light 518-Jan-17Andrew Barton
71OPEN 2IntDigital3rd Sue Leeming Puffin Perch 418-Jan-17Andrew Barton
72OPEN 2IntDigital4th Hazel Walsh It seems like only yesterday... 318-Jan-17Andrew Barton
73OPEN 2IntDigital5th Shirley Lotfy Abandoned 218-Jan-17Andrew Barton
74OPEN 2IntDigital6th Shirley Lotfy Gorilla 118-Jan-17Andrew Barton
75OPEN 2IntMono Print1st Barry Murphy The Windows to the Soul 616-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
76OPEN 2IntMono Print2nd Joy Brodie Shipwreck, Ramsey Beach 516-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
77OPEN 2IntMono Print3rd Richard Shafto Henry Moore at the Tate Britain 416-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
78OPEN 2IntMono Print4th Sue Leeming Zee Zee T.T. 316-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
79OPEN 2IntMono Print5th Barry Murphy Let there be Light 216-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
80OPEN 2IntMono Print6th Sue Leeming Jason 116-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
81OPEN 2AdvColour Print1st Chris Blyth American Great Blue heron (Ardea Herodias) (BEST IN COMPETITION)616-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
82OPEN 2AdvColour Print2nd Bob Servante D-Day Darlings 516-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
83OPEN 2AdvColour Print3rd Chris Blyth At The Going Down of The Sun........ 416-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
84OPEN 2AdvColour Print4th Bob Servante Bamburgh Castle 316-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
85OPEN 2AdvColour Print5th Janet Servante Eye-to-Eye 216-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
86OPEN 2AdvColour Print6th Ron Shimmin Pop-up Shop 116-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
87OPEN 2AdvColour PrintCOMM Janet Servante Seals at the Sound 16-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
88OPEN 2AdvDigital1st Sue Blythe beautiful blue tit 618-Jan-17Andrew Barton
89OPEN 2AdvDigital2nd Chris Nicholls Horse Fight 518-Jan-17Andrew Barton
90OPEN 2AdvDigital3rd Ruth Nicholls Fugitive 418-Jan-17Andrew Barton
91OPEN 2AdvDigital4th Chris Blyth Juvenile Bald Eagle 318-Jan-17Andrew Barton
92OPEN 2AdvDigital5th Bob Servante Believe in the Force 218-Jan-17Andrew Barton
93OPEN 2AdvDigital6th Bob Servante Promenade Garden IR 118-Jan-17Andrew Barton
94OPEN 2AdvMono Print1st Bob Servante Clip Joint 616-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
95OPEN 2AdvMono Print2nd Ron Shimmin Difference of Opinion 516-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
96OPEN 2AdvMono Print3rd Chris Blyth Wet Rose 416-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
97OPEN 2AdvMono Print4th Ron Shimmin St. Runius 316-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
98OPEN 2AdvMono Print5th Bob Servante The Small Light 216-Nov-16Eddie Fryer
99OPEN 3StdColour Print1st Jonathan Carey Every Penny Counts 611-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
100OPEN 3StdColour Print2nd Kevan Osborn Bridge in Calgary 511-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
101OPEN 3StdColour Print3rd Kevan Osborn Pretty Flamingoes 411-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
102OPEN 3StdDigital1st Peter Keena towering wave 622-Feb-17David Killip
103OPEN 3StdDigital2nd Richard Leach Poppies 522-Feb-17David Killip
104OPEN 3StdDigital3rd Peter Keena log chapel in the Rockies 422-Feb-17David Killip
105OPEN 3StdDigital4th Michael Howland Wild water 322-Feb-17David Killip
106OPEN 3StdDigital5th Tim Norton Alhambra Palace gardens 222-Feb-17David Killip
107OPEN 3StdDigital6th Patricia Larkham Two Together 122-Feb-17David Killip
108OPEN 3StdDigitalCOMM Richard Leach Purple Rain 22-Feb-17David Killip
109OPEN 3StdDigitalCOMM Kevan Osborn By the shade of the lonesome, er, tree 22-Feb-17David Killip
110OPEN 3StdMono Print1st Jonathan Carey Down by the River 611-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
111OPEN 3IntColour Print1st Barry Murphy Where the Fairies Meet 611-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
112OPEN 3IntColour Print2nd Sue Leeming Tholt Y Will 511-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
113OPEN 3IntColour Print3rd Richard Shafto I'm a Big Softy 411-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
114OPEN 3IntColour Print4th Richard Shafto The Topiary Garden 311-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
115OPEN 3IntColour Print5th Sue Leeming A Brief Pause 211-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
116OPEN 3IntColour Print6th Barry Murphy The lilies 111-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
117OPEN 3IntDigital1st Barry Murphy Forever Together 622-Feb-17David Killip
118OPEN 3IntDigital2nd Barry Murphy Into the Surf 522-Feb-17David Killip
119OPEN 3IntDigital3rd Shirley Lotfy Landing stage 422-Feb-17David Killip
120OPEN 3IntDigital4th Sue Leeming Ballaglass 322-Feb-17David Killip
121OPEN 3IntDigital5th Sue Leeming Skellig Puffin 222-Feb-17David Killip
122OPEN 3IntDigital6th Shirley Lotfy Let there be light 122-Feb-17David Killip
123OPEN 3IntDigitalH COMM Joy Brodie On the Prowl 22-Feb-17David Killip
124OPEN 3IntDigitalH COMM Richard Shafto Bee on Almond Blossom 22-Feb-17David Killip
125OPEN 3IntDigitalCOMM Beryl Quayle Drag man 22-Feb-17David Killip
126OPEN 3IntDigitalCOMM Hazel Walsh Zoe 22-Feb-17David Killip
127OPEN 3IntMono Print1st Sue Leeming Glen Mooar Groynes 611-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
128OPEN 3IntMono Print2nd Barry Murphy The Shelter 511-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
129OPEN 3IntMono Print3rd Barry Murphy Till the cows come home 411-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
130OPEN 3IntMono Print4th Sue Leeming Leading Light 311-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
131OPEN 3AdvColour Print1st Chris Nicholls Caibbean Spirit (BEST IN COMPETITION)611-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
132OPEN 3AdvColour Print2nd Ron Shimmin Old French Brasserie 511-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
133OPEN 3AdvColour Print3rd Ruth Nicholls Evening Light, Lake Bled 411-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
134OPEN 3AdvColour Print4th Dave Welsh Bike Art 311-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
135OPEN 3AdvColour Print5th Chris Blyth Salmon Fishing, Katmai National Park 211-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
136OPEN 3AdvColour Print6th Sue Blythe Stuffed 111-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
137OPEN 3AdvColour PrintH COMM Sue Blythe The Icebreaker 11-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
138OPEN 3AdvColour PrintH COMM Bob Servante The gig 11-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
139OPEN 3AdvColour PrintH COMM Dave Welsh Best Mates Together 11-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
140OPEN 3AdvColour PrintCOMM Ruth Nicholls Child's Play 11-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
141OPEN 3AdvColour PrintCOMM Chris Nicholls Church by the Sea 11-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
142OPEN 3AdvDigital1st Sue Blythe Slippery catch (BEST IN COMPETITION)622-Feb-17David Killip
143OPEN 3AdvDigital2nd Chris Blyth Stripes 522-Feb-17David Killip
144OPEN 3AdvDigital3rd Chris Nicholls Lavender and Grass 422-Feb-17David Killip
145OPEN 3AdvDigital4th Chris Blyth Gathering Pollen 322-Feb-17David Killip
146OPEN 3AdvDigital5th Ruth Nicholls Venice Dawn 222-Feb-17David Killip
147OPEN 3AdvDigital6th Chris Nicholls Val D,Orca Tuscany 122-Feb-17David Killip
148OPEN 3AdvDigitalCOMM Bob Servante Nun Wetter 22-Feb-17David Killip
149OPEN 3AdvDigitalCOMM John Phipp Steaming to the Calf 22-Feb-17David Killip
150OPEN 3AdvDigitalCOMM John Phipp Baldwin Waterfall 22-Feb-17David Killip
151OPEN 3AdvMono Print1st Sue Blythe Baker Street 611-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
152OPEN 3AdvMono Print2nd Ruth Nicholls No-one About 511-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
153OPEN 3AdvMono Print3rd Ron Shimmin Classical Scholars 411-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
154OPEN 3AdvMono Print4th Chris Nicholls No Connection 311-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
155OPEN 3AdvMono Print5th Chris Nicholls Indoors People 211-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
156OPEN 3AdvMono Print6th Sue Blythe Passing the time 111-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
157OPEN 3AdvMono PrintH COMM Bob Servante Helena Andreyevna Serebryako 11-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
158OPEN 3AdvMono PrintCOMM Bob Servante Earnley Church 11-Jan-17Patricia Tutt
159Assignment - Man & MachineStdDigital1st Michael Howland With courage nothing is impossible 61-Feb-17Steve Babb
160Assignment - Man & MachineStdDigital2nd Tim Norton Well-trained Man and Machine (monochrome) 51-Feb-17Steve Babb
161Assignment - Man & MachineStdDigital3rd Tim Norton Easy Rider (monochrome) 41-Feb-17Steve Babb
162Assignment - Man & MachineStdDigital4th Michael Howland The Barrow Boys 31-Feb-17Steve Babb
163Assignment - Man & MachineStdDigital5th Peter Keena Trimmimg off the edges 21-Feb-17Steve Babb
164Assignment - Man & MachineIntColour Print1st Sue Leeming Making Hay 61-Feb-17Steve Babb
165Assignment - Man & MachineIntColour Print2nd Sue Leeming What do You Think? 51-Feb-17Steve Babb
166Assignment - Man & MachineIntDigital1st Barry Murphy Captain Carter 61-Feb-17Steve Babb
167Assignment - Man & MachineIntDigital2nd Sue Leeming Judging Time 51-Feb-17Steve Babb
168Assignment - Man & MachineIntDigital3rd Sue Leeming Follow Him 41-Feb-17Steve Babb
169Assignment - Man & MachineIntDigital4th Barry Murphy Mobility Man 31-Feb-17Steve Babb
170Assignment - Man & MachineIntDigital5th Hazel Walsh Mechanical Animal 21-Feb-17Steve Babb
171Assignment - Man & MachineIntDigital6th Richard Shafto Woman and Machine 11-Feb-17Steve Babb
172Assignment - Man & MachineIntDigitalCOMM Hazel Walsh Man & Machine 1-Feb-17Steve Babb
173Assignment - Man & MachineIntMono Print1st Barry Murphy The Accordionist 61-Feb-17Steve Babb
174Assignment - Man & MachineIntMono Print2nd Sue Leeming Having a Blast 51-Feb-17Steve Babb
175Assignment - Man & MachineIntMono Print3rd Sue Leeming Ringing it in 41-Feb-17Steve Babb
176Assignment - Man & MachineAdvColour Print1st Jeremy Broome-smith They Can't See me for Dust (BEST IN COMPETITION)61-Feb-17Steve Babb
177Assignment - Man & MachineAdvColour Print2nd Jeremy Broome-smith On the Edge at 300 Foot 51-Feb-17Steve Babb
178Assignment - Man & MachineAdvColour Print3rd Sue Blythe Three arrows 41-Feb-17Steve Babb
179Assignment - Man & MachineAdvColour Print4th Chris Blyth Steve Operating The CNC Router at the Manx Disability Workshop 31-Feb-17Steve Babb
180Assignment - Man & MachineAdvColour Print5th Bob Servante Humanoid Optical Repair 21-Feb-17Steve Babb
181Assignment - Man & MachineAdvColour Print6th Ron Shimmin Music Man 11-Feb-17Steve Babb
182Assignment - Man & MachineAdvDigital1st Jeremy Broome-smith Crashing Out (BEST IN COMPETITION)61-Feb-17Steve Babb
183Assignment - Man & MachineAdvDigital2nd Sue Blythe Papp'd at the TT 51-Feb-17Steve Babb
184Assignment - Man & MachineAdvDigital3rd Chris Blyth Launch of the Moelfre Lifeboat 41-Feb-17Steve Babb
185Assignment - Man & MachineAdvDigital4th Chris Nicholls Vintage Tractor 1950 31-Feb-17Steve Babb
186Assignment - Man & MachineAdvDigital5th Bob Servante Contemplating the Start 21-Feb-17Steve Babb
187Assignment - Man & MachineAdvDigital6th Jeremy Broome-smith Flying High 11-Feb-17Steve Babb
188Assignment - Man & MachineAdvDigitalCOMM Sue Blythe Follow the leader 1-Feb-17Steve Babb
189Assignment - Man & MachineAdvDigitalCOMM Ruth Nicholls Young Enthusiast 1-Feb-17Steve Babb
190Assignment - Man & MachineAdvMono Print1st Jeremy Broome-smith Into the Last Bend 61-Feb-17Steve Babb
191Assignment - Man & MachineAdvMono Print2nd Jeremy Broome-smith Time Gone By 51-Feb-17Steve Babb
192Assignment - Man & MachineAdvMono Print3rd Sue Blythe The Guitar Man 41-Feb-17Steve Babb
193Assignment - Man & MachineAdvMono Print4th Bob Servante Spirit of Adventure 31-Feb-17Steve Babb
194Assignment - Man & MachineAdvMono Print5th Bob Servante Wheelie Good Lap 21-Feb-17Steve Babb
195Assignment - Man & MachineAdvMono Print6th Sue Blythe Wave jumping 11-Feb-17Steve Babb
196Assignment - Old & NewStdDigital1st Tim Norton Mother and Chick 62-Nov-16Ray Davies
197Assignment - Old & NewStdDigital2nd Michael Howland Smile for the camera 52-Nov-16Ray Davies
198Assignment - Old & NewStdDigital3rd Tim Norton Old and New(ish) Farming Methods 42-Nov-16Ray Davies
199Assignment - Old & NewStdDigital4th Michael Howland Renewal at Chibanagh Plantation 32-Nov-16Ray Davies
200Assignment - Old & NewIntColour Print1st Barry Murphy The Old & New Testaments (BEST IN COMPETITION)62-Nov-16Ray Davies
201Assignment - Old & NewIntColour Print2nd Beryl Quayle Old Steamboat Ornen, New Viking Line Cruise ship, Stockholm 52-Nov-16Ray Davies
202Assignment - Old & NewIntColour Print3rd Richard Shafto Books and E-Books 42-Nov-16Ray Davies
203Assignment - Old & NewIntColour Print4th Beryl Quayle Old and New - Liverpool buildings 32-Nov-16Ray Davies
204Assignment - Old & NewIntColour Print5th Joy Brodie Memorial to Sunken 'Arizona', Pearl Harbour, Hawaii 22-Nov-16Ray Davies
205Assignment - Old & NewIntColour Print6th Joy Brodie Changes in Afternoon Tea Manners 12-Nov-16Ray Davies
206Assignment - Old & NewIntDigital1st Hazel Walsh The new blue dress (BEST IN COMPETITION)62-Nov-16Ray Davies
207Assignment - Old & NewIntDigital2nd Beryl Quayle Mono - Old buildings, New Sculpture, Liverpool 52-Nov-16Ray Davies
208Assignment - Old & NewIntDigital3rd Hazel Walsh Old kid on the block 42-Nov-16Ray Davies
209Assignment - Old & NewIntDigital4th Beryl Quayle Ploughing - Horses and Tractor - Colour 32-Nov-16Ray Davies
210Assignment - Old & NewIntDigital5th Joy Brodie Drag racing - vintage vs new 22-Nov-16Ray Davies
211Assignment - Old & NewIntDigital6th Joy Brodie Collision course 12-Nov-16Ray Davies
212Assignment - Old & NewIntMono Print1st Beryl Quayle Old Church and Statues, New coaches, Stockholm - Mono 62-Nov-16Ray Davies
213Assignment - Old & NewIntMono Print2nd Joy Brodie Time for a Brew 52-Nov-16Ray Davies
214Assignment - Old & NewIntMono Print3rd Joy Brodie New Houses Encroach on Old Seaside Town 42-Nov-16Ray Davies
215Assignment - Old & NewAdvColour Print1st Chris Blyth As It Was and As It Is Now 62-Nov-16Ray Davies
216Assignment - Old & NewAdvColour Print2nd Chris Blyth Past and Present 52-Nov-16Ray Davies
217Assignment - Old & NewAdvColour Print3rd Sue Blythe The Shard (2012) and St Dunstans Church (1100) 42-Nov-16Ray Davies
218Assignment - Old & NewAdvColour Print4th Bob Servante Derby Castle Turminus Then and Now 32-Nov-16Ray Davies
219Assignment - Old & NewAdvColour Print5th Sue Blythe Worlds apart 22-Nov-16Ray Davies
220Assignment - Old & NewAdvColour Print6th Bob Servante Manx Railway photography 1879 - 2015 12-Nov-16Ray Davies
221Assignment - Old & NewAdvDigital1st Sue Blythe Dale Grimshaw's street art (2016) at Brick Lane (1800's) 62-Nov-16Ray Davies
222Assignment - Old & NewAdvDigital2nd Sue Blythe Baboon generations 52-Nov-16Ray Davies
223Assignment - Old & NewAdvDigital3rd Bob Servante The Leaning Post 42-Nov-16Ray Davies
224Assignment - Old & NewAdvDigital4th Bob Servante Penny Black Commemoration 32-Nov-16Ray Davies
225Assignment - Old & NewAdvMono Print1st Bob Servante Cunninghams Camp Entrance - 1934/2016 62-Nov-16Ray Davies
226Assignment - Old & NewAdvMono Print2nd Bob Servante Keep for an Age to the Throwaway Age 52-Nov-16Ray Davies
227Assignment - Old & NewAdvMono Print3rd Sue Blythe The Gherkin (2003) and St Andrews Church (1532) 42-Nov-16Ray Davies
228Assignment - Song, Book or FilmStdColour Print1st Thomas Carr The lighthouse 67-Dec-16John Keelan
229Assignment - Song, Book or FilmStdColour Print2nd Thomas Carr Toy story 57-Dec-16John Keelan
230Assignment - Song, Book or FilmStdDigital1st Peter Keena Help ! (Beatles song) 67-Dec-16John Keelan
231Assignment - Song, Book or FilmStdDigital2nd Jonathan Carey He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother 57-Dec-16John Keelan
232Assignment - Song, Book or FilmStdDigital3rd Michael Howland The Red Dhalia 47-Dec-16John Keelan
233Assignment - Song, Book or FilmStdDigital4th Tim Norton Underneath The Arches (monochrome) 37-Dec-16John Keelan
234Assignment - Song, Book or FilmStdDigital5th Peter Keena wizard of oz - main cast 27-Dec-16John Keelan
235Assignment - Song, Book or FilmStdDigital6th Jonathan Carey A Room With A View 17-Dec-16John Keelan
236Assignment - Song, Book or FilmStdMono Print1st Thomas Carr The Christmas tree 67-Dec-16John Keelan
237Assignment - Song, Book or FilmStdMono Print2nd Thomas Carr The big wheel 57-Dec-16John Keelan
238Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntColour Print1st Sue Leeming Free Willy 67-Dec-16John Keelan
239Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntColour Print2nd Barry Murphy Another Brick in the Wall 57-Dec-16John Keelan
240Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntColour Print3rd Shirley Lotfy Baby it's cold outside 47-Dec-16John Keelan
241Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntColour Print4th Richard Shafto From Russia with Love 37-Dec-16John Keelan
242Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntColour Print5th Sue Leeming Penny Lane 27-Dec-16John Keelan
243Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntColour Print6th Shirley Lotfy The tourist 17-Dec-16John Keelan
244Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntColour PrintH COMM Barry Murphy From Brussels with Love 7-Dec-16John Keelan
245Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntColour PrintCOMM Joy Brodie Cast Away 7-Dec-16John Keelan
246Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntColour PrintCOMM Richard Shafto Diamonds are Forever 7-Dec-16John Keelan
247Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntDigital1st Sue Leeming Light My Fire (BEST IN COMPETITION)67-Dec-16John Keelan
248Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntDigital2nd Barry Murphy Candle in the Wind 57-Dec-16John Keelan
249Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntDigital3rd Sue Leeming Hairspray 47-Dec-16John Keelan
250Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntDigital4th Hazel Walsh With this ring 37-Dec-16John Keelan
251Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntDigital5th Richard Shafto A Clockwork Orange 27-Dec-16John Keelan
252Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntDigital6th Barry Murphy Roxanne 17-Dec-16John Keelan
253Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntDigitalCOMM Joy Brodie Star Wars 7-Dec-16John Keelan
254Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntDigitalCOMM Joy Brodie War of the Worlds - H G Wells 7-Dec-16John Keelan
255Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntDigitalCOMM Hazel Walsh Lord of the Flies 7-Dec-16John Keelan
256Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntDigitalCOMM Shirley Lotfy Here comes the sun 7-Dec-16John Keelan
257Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntMono Print1st Sue Leeming Ebony and Ivory 67-Dec-16John Keelan
258Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntMono Print2nd Barry Murphy The Fallen 57-Dec-16John Keelan
259Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntMono Print3rd Sue Leeming Gone with the Wind 47-Dec-16John Keelan
260Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntMono Print4th Barry Murphy Sidemen 37-Dec-16John Keelan
261Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntMono Print5th Joy Brodie Little Orphan Annie 27-Dec-16John Keelan
262Assignment - Song, Book or FilmIntMono Print6th Richard Shafto The Enormous Crocodile 17-Dec-16John Keelan
263Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvColour Print1st Sue Blythe Wild Thing (BEST IN COMPETITION)67-Dec-16John Keelan
264Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvColour Print2nd Bob Servante Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 57-Dec-16John Keelan
265Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvColour Print3rd Sue Blythe London Calling 47-Dec-16John Keelan
266Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvColour Print4th Chris Blyth Frozen 37-Dec-16John Keelan
267Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvColour Print5th Bob Servante The Last Supper 27-Dec-16John Keelan
268Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvColour Print6th Ron Shimmin All you need is Love 17-Dec-16John Keelan
269Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvDigital1st Ruth Nicholls The Railway Children (Book) 67-Dec-16John Keelan
270Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvDigital2nd Sue Blythe A walk on the wild side 57-Dec-16John Keelan
271Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvDigital3rd Chris Blyth Candle In The Wind 47-Dec-16John Keelan
272Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvDigital4th Bob Servante Mona Lisa 37-Dec-16John Keelan
273Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvDigital5th Sue Blythe The pushbike song 27-Dec-16John Keelan
274Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvDigital6th Chris Nicholls Over the Rainbow 17-Dec-16John Keelan
275Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvMono Print1st Bob Servante Polo Solo 67-Dec-16John Keelan
276Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvMono Print2nd Sue Blythe What lies beneath 57-Dec-16John Keelan
277Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvMono Print3rd Bob Servante Guitar Man 47-Dec-16John Keelan
278Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvMono Print4th Sue Blythe The Trees 37-Dec-16John Keelan
279Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvMono Print5th Chris Nicholls Raindrops keep falling on my head 27-Dec-16John Keelan
280Assignment - Song, Book or FilmAdvMono Print6th Chris Nicholls Dance in the old fashioned way 17-Dec-16John Keelan
281Annual OpenStdColour Digital1st Patricia Larkham Wells Cathedral10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
282Annual OpenStdColour Digital2nd Patricia Larkham Burano10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
283Annual OpenStdColour Digital3rd Patricia Larkham Shrouds of the Somme10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
284Annual OpenStdMono Digital1st Michael Howland MSR Locomotive No 12 Hutchinson10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
285Annual OpenStdMono Digital2nd Michael Howland Super Moon, December 201610-Apr-17Christine Widdal
286Annual OpenIntColour Digital1st Barry Murphy In Safe Hands (BEST DIGITAL IN ANNUAL)10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
287Annual OpenIntColour Digital2nd Barry Murphy Doggy Paddle10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
288Annual OpenIntColour Digital3rd Beryl Quayle Out of the Light: Mountain Biker, Archallagan10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
289Annual OpenIntColour DigitalVH COMM Beryl Quayle Plum Blossom10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
290Annual OpenIntColour DigitalVH COMM Sue Leeming Angel Wings 10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
291Annual OpenIntColour DigitalVH COMM Sue Leeming Starlight10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
292Annual OpenIntColour DigitalH COMM Sue Leeming Puffin Perch10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
293Annual OpenIntColour DigitalH COMM Sue Leeming Glen Helen10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
294Annual OpenIntColour DigitalCOMM Sue Leeming Puffin10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
295Annual OpenIntColour DigitalCOMM Hazel Walsh The New Blue Dress10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
296Annual OpenIntMono Digital1st Barry Murphy A Grand Day Out10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
297Annual OpenIntMono Digital2nd Barry Murphy Down on the Winter Pasture10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
298Annual OpenIntMono Digital3rd Barry Murphy Puppy Trafficking10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
299Annual OpenIntMono DigitalVH COMM Barry Murphy The Ploughman10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
300Annual OpenIntMono DigitalVH COMM Sue Leeming Neverending Pier10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
301Annual OpenIntMono DigitalCOMM Sue Leeming On Yer Bike10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
302Annual OpenIntMono DigitalCOMM Sue Leeming Past Conflicts10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
303Annual OpenAdvColour Digital1st Chris NichollsSmokey Old Town10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
304Annual OpenAdvColour Digital2nd Sue Blythe Jesse10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
305Annual OpenAdvColour Digital3rd Jeremy Broome-Smith Crashing Out10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
306Annual OpenAdvColour DigitalVH COMM Chris NichollsHorse Fight 10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
307Annual OpenAdvColour DigitalVH COMM Ruth NichollsTuscan Mist10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
308Annual OpenAdvColour DigitalCOMM Jeremy Broome-Smith Early Morning, Clogher Beach10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
309Annual OpenAdvColour DigitalCOMM Chris NichollsA Fabrication10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
310Annual OpenAdvColour DigitalCOMM Bob Servante The Peleoton10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
311Annual OpenAdvColour DigitalCOMM Bob Servante Clear Vision10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
312Annual OpenAdvColour DigitalCOMM Bob Servante Chukka Chase 10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
313Annual OpenAdvMono Digital1st Chris NichollsIndoors People 10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
314Annual OpenAdvMono Digital2nd Sue Blythe Silhouettes at Sunrise10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
315Annual OpenAdvMono Digital3rd Sue Blythe Keep Left 10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
316Annual OpenAdvMono DigitalCOMM Jeremy Broome-Smith The Falconess10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
317Annual RecordStdDigital1st Patricia Larkham Christmas Altar10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
318Annual RecordStdDigital2nd Michael Howland Tower of Refuge10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
319Annual RecordIntDigital1st Beryl Quayle University Building, Liverpool10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
320Annual RecordIntDigital2nd Shirley Lotfy Greek Icon10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
321Annual RecordIntDigital3rd Joy Brodie Church of St Nicholas, Prague10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
322Annual RecordAdvDigital1st Ruth NichollsHolocaust Memorial Venice Ghetto10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
323Annual RecordAdvDigital2nd Chris NichollsAdam & Eve Orvieto Duomo Fa?ade 14C10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
324Annual NatureStdDigital1st Patricia Larkham Kingfisher10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
325Annual NatureIntDigital1st Barry Murphy Puffin10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
326Annual NatureIntDigital2nd Joy Brodie Giraffe10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
327Annual NatureIntDigital3rd Sue Leeming Pheasant10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
328Annual NatureIntDigitalCOMM Barry Murphy Puffins10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
329Annual NatureAdvDigital1st Sue Blythe Polar Bear Jumping10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
330Annual NatureAdvDigital2nd Chris BlythFlamingo10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
331Annual NatureAdvDigital3rd Jeremy Broome-Smith Kingfisher10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
332Annual NatureAdvDigitalVH COMM Ruth NichollsRuddy Turnstone10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
333Annual NatureAdvDigitalVH COMM Sue Blythe Cormorant and Fish10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
334Annual NatureAdvDigitalVH COMM Sue Blythe Puffin with Sand Eeels10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
335Annual CreativeIntDigital1st Beryl Quayle Golden Eyes10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
336Annual CreativeIntDigital2nd Hazel Walsh Mechanical Animal10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
337Annual CreativeIntDigital3rd Hazel Walsh Old kid on the block 10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
338Annual CreativeAdvDigital1st Jeremy Broome-Smith Splash10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
339Annual CreativeAdvDigital2nd Jeremy Broome-Smith Flash Flood10-Apr-17Christine Widdal
340Annual OpenStdColour Print1st Jonathan Carey Every Penny Counts 9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
341Annual OpenStdColour Print2nd Jonathan Carey Aerial View9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
342Annual OpenStdMono PrintVH COMM Jonathan Carey Sleeping Beauty 9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
343Annual OpenIntColour Print1st Hazel Walsh The Bone Collector9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
344Annual OpenIntColour Print2nd Barry Murphy The Fox and the Kitten9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
345Annual OpenIntColour Print3rd Sue Leeming Surrounded9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
346Annual OpenIntColour PrintVH COMM Joy Brodie Roses9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
347Annual OpenIntColour PrintH COMM Barry Murphy Kinsale 18649-Apr-17Christine Widdal
348Annual OpenIntColour PrintCOMM Sue Leeming Tholt Y Will 9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
349Annual OpenIntColour PrintCOMM Sue Leeming Freedom9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
350Annual OpenIntColour PrintCOMM Hazel Walsh Lord of the Flies 9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
351Annual OpenIntMono Print1st Barry Murphy Tom Jackie9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
352Annual OpenIntMono Print2nd Barry Murphy The Sidemen9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
353Annual OpenIntMono Print3rd Barry Murphy The Shelter 9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
354Annual OpenIntMono PrintVH COMM Sue Leeming Craters9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
355Annual OpenIntMono PrintH COMM Sue Leeming Gone with the Wind 9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
356Annual OpenIntMono PrintCOMM Richard Shafto Massai Warrior9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
357Annual OpenIntMono PrintCOMM Barry Murphy Windows to the Soul9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
358Annual OpenIntMono PrintCOMM Barry Murphy Let there be Light 9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
359Annual OpenAdvColour Print1st Chris Blyth Frozen 9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
360Annual OpenAdvColour Print2nd Ruth NichollsGentle Breath9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
361Annual OpenAdvColour Print3rd Sue Blythe Big Ben9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
362Annual OpenAdvColour PrintVH COMM Jeremy Broome-Smith They Can't See Me for Dust9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
363Annual OpenAdvColour PrintVH COMM Chris NichollsCaribbean Spirit9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
364Annual OpenAdvColour PrintVH COMM Bob Servante D Day Darlings9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
365Annual OpenAdvColour PrintH COMM Jeremy Broome-Smith What's the Point ? Confusion9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
366Annual OpenAdvColour PrintH COMM Bob Servante Kim9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
367Annual OpenAdvColour PrintCOMM Sue Blythe The Trees 9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
368Annual OpenAdvColour PrintCOMM Bob Servante Goodbye Yellow Brick Road9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
369Annual OpenAdvMono Print1st Nigel OwenTruelips of Man (BEST MONO PRINT IN ANNUAL)9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
370Annual OpenAdvMono Print2nd Jeremy Broome-Smith Into the Last Bend9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
371Annual OpenAdvMono Print3rd Sue Blythe Baker Street 9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
372Annual OpenAdvMono PrintVH COMM Sue Blythe The Lighthouse9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
373Annual OpenAdvMono PrintVH COMM Ruth NichollsNo-one About9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
374Annual OpenAdvMono PrintVH COMM Ruth NichollsMorning Run9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
375Annual OpenAdvMono PrintH COMM Bob Servante Polo Solo 9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
376Annual OpenAdvMono PrintH COMM Ruth NichollsIs it Playtime yet?9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
377Annual OpenAdvMono PrintCOMM Ruth NichollsCorners and Curves9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
378Annual OpenAdvMono PrintCOMM Bob Servante Only 73 Miles to Go9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
379Annual RecordIntPrint1st Shirley Lotfy Street Art: Belfast9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
380Annual RecordIntPrint2nd Bery QuayleCharlie on his Bouncing Bubble9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
381Annual RecordIntPrint3rd Shirley Lotfy Church Window: Italy9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
382Annual RecordAdvPrint1st Ron Shimmin Lamentation Panel: Louvre9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
383Annual RecordAdvPrint2nd Ron Shimmin St Pauls Church: Covent Garden9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
384Annual RecordAdvPrint3rd Chris NichollsDetail Sarcophagus Dionysus Depiction 3AD9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
385Annual NatureIntPrint1st Sue Leeming Heron Douglas Bay9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
386Annual NatureIntPrint2nd Sue Leeming Sparrow Hawk9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
387Annual NatureIntPrint3rd Richard Shafto Buffalo Bull (B & W)9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
388Annual NatureIntPrintVH COMM Richard Shafto Black Rhinoceros in the Massai Mara9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
389Annual NatureIntPrintVH COMM Sue Leeming Dragonfly9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
390Annual NatureIntPrintCOMM Richard Shafto Male Cheetah in the Massai Mara9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
391Annual NatureIntPrintCOMM Barry Murphy Common Sandpiper9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
392Annual NatureAdvPrint1st Sue Blythe Polar Bear and Cub (BEST COLOUR PRINT IN ANNUAL)9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
393Annual NatureAdvPrint1st Sue Blythe Polar Bear and Cub (BEST NATURE IN ANNUAL)9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
394Annual NatureAdvPrint2nd Jeremy Broome-Smith Cormorant9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
395Annual NatureAdvPrint3rd Sue Blythe Juvenile Starling 9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
396Annual NatureAdvPrintVH COMMSue Blythe Polar Bear on Ice9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
397Annual NatureAdvPrintVH COMMJeremy Broome-Smith Acorn Weevil9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
398Annual NatureAdvPrintCOMM Chris Blyth Brown Bear with Salmon: Katmai9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
399Annual CreativeIntPrint1st Hazel Walsh Man and Machine9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
400Annual CreativeAdvPrint1st Ruth NichollsVase of Tulips9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
401Annual CreativeAdvPrint2nd Jeremy Broome-Smith Killer Tomato9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
402Annual CreativeAdvPrint3rd Nigel OwenDistortion9-Apr-17Christine Widdal
403IOM Bank Cup - Something ManxALLColour Print1st Ron Shimmin Crosh Cuirn (BEST MANX IMAGE)15-Mar-17Robert Louden-Brown
404IOM Bank Cup - Something ManxALLColour Print2nd Shirley Lotfy Douglas horse trams 15-Mar-17Robert Louden-Brown
405IOM Bank Cup - Something ManxALLColour Print3rd Jeremy Broome-smith Peel Town at Dusk 15-Mar-17Robert Louden-Brown
406IOM Bank Cup - Something ManxALLColour Print4th Chris Nicholls Bradda Headland 15-Mar-17Robert Louden-Brown
407IOM Bank Cup - Something ManxALLColour Print5th Richard Shafto Loch at Ballasalla 15-Mar-17Robert Louden-Brown
408IOM Bank Cup - Something ManxALLColour Print6th Sue Blythe Stormy Castletown 15-Mar-17Robert Louden-Brown
409IOM Bank Cup - Something ManxALLMono Print1st Barry Murphy A Grand Day Out (MONO) 15-Mar-17Robert Louden-Brown
410IOM Bank Cup - Something ManxALLMono Print2nd Sue Blythe Peel Harbour (MONO) 15-Mar-17Robert Louden-Brown
411IOM Bank Cup - Something ManxALLMono Print3rd Ron Shimmin Memorial Obelisk, Kirk Braddan (MONO) 15-Mar-17Robert Louden-Brown
412IOM Bank Cup - Something ManxALLMono Print4th Ruth Nicholls Millennium Cross, Cronk ny Arrey Laa (MONO) 15-Mar-17Robert Louden-Brown
413IOM Bank Cup - Something ManxALLMono Print5th Jeremy Broome-smith Cashtal Purt ny Hinsey (MONO) 15-Mar-17Robert Louden-Brown
414IOM Bank Cup - Something ManxALLMono Print6th Richard Shafto Loaghtan Ram (MONO) 15-Mar-17Robert Louden-Brown
415Print PanelPrints1st Sue Leeming Endings (BEST PRINT PANEL)21-Dec-16The Members
416Print PanelPrints2nd Ron Shimmin Street Art 21-Dec-16The Members
417Print PanelPrints3rd Richard Shafto The First Six 21-Dec-16The Members