Reports 2012-2013

IOMPS Reports During September 2012

26th September 2012

The IOMPS Committie

By the time you read this we will have had our first meeting of the year. It having been a showcase of members work and an opportunity to get "hands on" with some studio lighting.

This usually means that our summer outings have been and gone, but this year we are working on one final outing that will be better if it is held at a time when it will be getting dark
while we are there. John Phipp has been in touch with the Airport Fire and Rescue Service and is arranging for us to attend one of their training evenings where they will set fire to a
mock up of an aeroplane fuselage and then put it out again. So keep an eye on the website for more details as they arrive!

Next Wednesday sees a Practical Evening at Thie Ellyn, where we will be able to learn more on the subject of software and have more "hands on" experience. So once again bring your cameras.
Entries for our first open print competition are due on the night and I hope we will have our usual high numbers and excellent quality.

This years assignments are:- Attractions, Food, Agriculture & Fisheries, and the Isle of Man Bank Cup is for Manx Glens.

Plans for next years 75th anniversary exhibition at The House of Manannan are moving on apace, and will include a number of workshops and masterclasses courtesy of Andrew Barton Photography. Details to be advised. The Society are planning on making this more than just a number of pictures on a wall, but to be a celebration of the societies history and of photography itself. And to this end we are hoping to
have plenty of old cameras and equipment on display as well. It will be running from 18th May 2013 and continuing through June and July.

The Isle of Man Photographic Society are always keen to welcome visitors and potential new members, so do come along and see us.

Full details of membership and a map of where to find us are on our website:

Tony Curtis

23rd September 2012 - Isle of man 3 way battle - IMages...

Hi Everyone,

It’s that time of year again, the committee is after any images that anyone would like to submit for the interclub 3-way digital battle could they please email them to me (mark) , or bring them along on the first night?

Any image that hasn’t previously been used in a 3way would be good, especially if it has previously done well in competition, either as a digital or the digital a print was made from.

You can also use images that you haven’t entered yet – and still use them in club competition, we want to be selecting the images we use over the weekend, even if you only have one to send us, it could make all the difference.

Normal club sizes…


The Committee.

19th September 2012

The formal programme for the new season of activities for the IOM Photographic Society starts next week, on Wednesday 26th September, with a "social evening" and a showcase of members work. An exhibition of both prints and digital images from a wide selection of members' work will be on display, and to demonstrate the broad range of interests with "photo opportunities" - from portraits to reportage, from landscapes to natural history, from macro work (close-up studies) to abstracts. The opening evening will also be a “bring your camera along with you night”, and to that end there will be a set of studio lights set up on the stage for members to try out. Non-members and visitors and anyone with an interest in photography who might be considering joining the club, will be given a very warm welcome, together with the opportunity to have a chat about photography (and anything else after the summer break) with the members.

Over the summer, the Society held a programme of informal events, which included visits to Tynwald, the Energy-from-Waste plant, and to Crogga House, as well as a boat trip to the Calf and a walk through Glen Maye - all well supported by members and all with the opportunity for members and their families to take photos and enjoy their hobby.

Following the opening night, the programme will quickly get into gear, with a full programme of speakers and regular competitions, together with the occasional "practical evening" - all intended to stimulate the enthusiasm for photography, to encourage a continued interest in taking pictures, and hopefully to improve members' artistic skills. For competition purposes, members are allotted into standard, intermediate and advanced groups - and encouraged to develop their skills and to advance through the various classes. However, members are under no pressure to enter competitions - many just wish to enjoy looking at photographs, and to get ideas for their own work.

Full details of the weekly programme are on our website at The Society meets on Wednesday evenings at the Art Society in Withington Road, Douglas, starting at 7:30pm. The formal season runs from the end of September through to the end of April, with the exception of Christmas and New Year. The annual full membership fee is just £25:00. All are welcome to attend.

By Chris Blyth

13th September 2012 - Programme

Dear Member

Just a reminder that the new season starts on Wednesday 26th September at Thie Ellyn – the first night will be a showcase of members work and the opportunity to “have a chat” with other members as to whatever you wish....

I hope you will be able to attend, and perhaps to bring along any potential new members – the opportunity to show them some of our (and your) work, and to encourage their artistic talents is not one to miss.

The full details of the programme are now on the society’s website at

Your committee looks forward to seeing – and welcoming - as many of you as possible on the opening evening.

Very best wishes

Chris – Secretary

12th September 2012 - Presidents Letter

Dear Members,

Its hard to believe that the new season starts in just two weeks time, on the 26th September.

As Chris has already said, the first night is due to be a showcase of members work, with the framed prints from the Tynwald Exhibition and some mounted prints from last season. There will also be a  number of projected images being shown on a loop during the evening. I hope as many of you as possible will attend and bring friends, family, and any potential new members with you.

I am sure that Nigel will be only too pleased to accept your membership fees!

I would like the first night to be a “bring your camera along with you night”, and to that end there will be a set of studio lights set up on the stage for members to try out, and hopefully some willing models.

One of the things that I found strange when I joined the Society, was that there was only ever one camera present during the evenings, and that it was only used for taking the end of evening photograph. Some of the new members and potential members have commented on the same thing.

Those of you who know me will know that I am all for developing the basic skills for getting the image right “in Camera” and using photoshop etc to tweak it afterwards. This is not because I am in any way against digital manipulation, but having been brought into photography in the early 70s

(I know - I don’t look that old) and didn’t have the luxury of being able to correct the image afterwards, I have found that its better to try to improve a good picture rather than trying to save a poor one.

This brings me on to my “Mission” for the term of my Presidency.

First and foremost I want to bring a measure of hands on tutoring into the programme, with cameras, lenses, flashes etc being brought into the club, and those who are able to pass on their skills helping out the members who may not be confident in how to use their kit. I know it can be embarrassing to admit that you don’t understand something, but every single member had to start with a camera that was completely new and strange to them, and learn from there.

Being a competitive society there is always an element of wanting to keep an edge when it comes to techniques that will help to win a competition, but I believe that most members will be happy to help.

After all, if we want to win inter-club competitions, it is to all our benefits to make our members as good as we possibly can.

To be able to achieve this goal, a lot will depend on you the members telling us what  you would like to see  done to help you in this respect

Antony has done an excellent job of  liaising with the other IOM clubs, and I hope I will be able to maintain the momentum.

Your committee has worked hard over the closed season to bring together another excellent programme, which by now you should have received an E-Mail copy of, but if not, it is on the website.

The committee has also been working on other events for you, and we have been able to enjoy some wonderful summer outings to Glens, Facilities, Gardens, and Govt Buildings. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in arranging these outings on behalf of all those who were able to attend. (Group photos and reports are also on the website)

Next year will see the Society’s 75th anniversary, and it has been decided to present a major exhibition at the House Of Mannanin running from mid May through to the end of July. It has been decided to make this not just a number of pictures on a wall, but also an exhibition of the Society and photography as a whole, with  displays of old camera equipment even the possibility of workshops and tutorials.

I’m not going to say any more on the subject, as Hazel Walsh is working with the museum staff on organising this event and I really don’t want to steal her thunder.

But it’s gonna be good!

Finally I would like to point out a few minor changes that have been decided on after certain points were raised at the AGM

1/ We have for the last few years insisted on mount boards for competition being 500mm X 400mm,

    Or 16” X 12”.   This was due to the L&CPU deciding that all entries into their competitions had to   

    be in the Metric format. This has led to a bit of confusion when members have gone to buy the 16”

    X 12” boards and the supplier has cut them to the Metric equivalent of 400mm X 300mm

    For this season we will accept either 16” X 12” or 400mm X 300mm, but will move over to the               

    Metric size only for the following season

2/ After discussion during the AGM it was voted to return to the original format for the Small Print           competition. Full rules are available on the website.

3/ For the Annual competition we are introducing a Mono category for the digital section. So now you will be able to enter Colour and Mono separately.

I hope I have remembered to cover all the salient points, but if I haven’t, I’m sure that somebody will correct me.

Finally I would like to thank all the committee members for their hard work preparing for the new season, in particular Chris Blyth who as Secretary has borne the brunt of the work.

Tony Curtis

President IOMPS

31st October 2012

Small Print winners Anne Bidwell and Annette Slater with judge Tony Curtis

A busy week for the IOM Photographic Society – a small print competition and a speaker with a superb presentation for our usual weekly meeting, followed a couple of days later by the 3 Way Digital Battle with the other camera clubs on the island – our privilege to organise it this year, having won the competition last year.
Club President, Tony Curtis, started the evening by judging the small print competition – a good entry of nearly 60 images. With a very measured and helpful commentary, Tony gave every image full consideration, enabling a large and appreciative audience to understand exactly the merits of each. The society clearly has a very strong interest in nature and natural history images, which dominated the winning positions in both classes. The standard class belied their grouping with some excellent photos and a very close run competition. Annette Slater emerged the winner of the class with a lovely, almost 3D shot of a heron in close-up against an out-of-focus background. She was closely followed by Jiri Podobsky with another close-up natural history image of a large white butterfly – the detail absolutely crystal clear and beautifully back-lit. Elaine Dewhirst came in third place with a delightful image of a squirrel in the rain.
Competition was equally fierce in the Intermediate group but where Anne Bidwell came through in both first and second places - a very well composed image of a pelican or crane taken from the rear, with its head emerging from the cover of an upswept wing and the feather detail pin sharp, earnt a first place, whilst a colourful grouping of flowers gave her a second place as well. Shirley Lofty – always a strong competitor – came in third place with an image of a chick sheltering under the wings of its mother hen – almost a chocolate box shot!
At half-time, attention switched to our speaker for the evening – Phil Drowley - with a presentation on his climbing of Everest, for which he remains the only Manxman so far to have reached the summit. It would only be fair to say that the audience was totally absorbed and enthralled with the presentation – an almost step-by-step sharing of the experience, from an initial (and hair-raising) arrival in Kathmandu by air, to reaching the top via the ice fall, the western cwm, and the Hilary Step – all shown in some amazing and very detailed images, and accompanied by a commentary both amusing yet deadly serious. It quickly became clear that only the most single-mindedly determined, courageous (and possibly foolhardy) individuals are ever likely to get to the top of Everest – the physical demands on the body (high altitude acclimatisation, oxygen etc) are extreme, the sheer scale of the mountain difficult to conceive, the weather unpredictable, the risks major, the downside consequences to any accidents or slippages lethal etc. Whilst travel to most places on the planet is nowadays taken for granted, Everest and the other highest peaks remain the preserve of a select few – and it was a privilege and a pleasure to share Phil’s experience of a truly extraordinary achievement.

Small Print Competition Results. Standard Class : Annette Slater (1), Jiri Podobsky (2) Elaine Dewhirst (3), Bob Corrin (4), Norma Cowell (5), Aida Podobska (6), Steve Watson (C), Mark Thorsby (C). Intermediate Class : Anne Bidwell (1 & 2), Shirley Lotfy (3), Patricia Harvey (4), Ian Lumsden (5), Phyllis Christian (6).

By Chris Blyth

24th October 2012 - Digital Battle Commences

Digital competition winners Mark Corlett, Shirley Lotfy and Sue Jones with Judge Ray Kelly

Wednesday evening, October 17th was a wet and windy night that brought more flooding and damage to the Island and for most, an evening in seemed like the best idea. So at the Isle of Man Photographic Society, it was a surprise to our new President, Tony Curtis that so many Members had braved the weather for the first Open Digital competition of the 2012 – 2013 season.

Ray Kelly was introduced as our Judge for the evening. Ray is a very experienced photographer who has judged for the Club many times. His experience allows him to sort out the good and bad points of a photograph and then make some suggestions on how improvements may be made.

The Club has three section groups, Standard, Intermediate and Advanced and the results were as follows:-

Standard Group

1st Hutchy by Mark Corlett

2nd Deep in thought by Martyn Parnell

3rd Heading through the sea of hats by Jiri Podobsky

4th Sheep’s Bit by Aida Podobsky

5th Mussel Beach by Paul Dougherty

6th Sunset Telegraph Cove BC by Paul Dougherty

Intermediate Group

1st Shag by Shirley Lofty

2nd Busking by John Dale

3rd Fly on the wall by Ann Bidwell

4th York Floods by John Dale

5th John Bull on holiday by Jenny Shanley

6th Livingstone Daisy by Shirley Lofty

Advanced Group

1st The human firework by Sue Jones

2nd Common Blue damselfly mating by Chris Blyth

3rd Start of the Parade by Mark Stringer

4th Moonlight over Kjeungskjaer lighthouse by Chris Blyth

5th Dhara Dhevi entrance by John Phipp

6th A moment away from the hustle & bustle by Claire Stringer

Next week sees our first Assignment Competition of the season, the subject being “Attractions”

Visitors and new members are always welcome at Thie Ellyn off Withington Road, Douglas and we start at 7:30pm

22nd October 2012 - Manx Electric Railways Winter Photography

Hi All;

We've received details about a Winter Photography Event and was asked to circulate it in case anyone was interested, it is being staged by the Manx Electric Railways.. the poster can be found here

The details we have been given are and i quote "The Manx Electric Railways have a Winter Photography event on the 3rd November.

This incorporates a full day out (10:59 from Derby Castle, returns back just after 5pm) with staged photography of trams and winter scenery at Laxey station, Dhoon Quarry, Ballaskeig, Browns crossing and Bulgham head, plus great views of winter coast line.

It also includes tours of Laxey Substation, Laxey Car Shed, Glen Roy Viaduct and the Laxey Goods shed"


20th October 2012 - Camera For Sale

Dave Welsh is selling his old camera, details below -

For sale an Olympus E-520 digital dslr camera with live view, 14-42 and a 70-300 Olympus lenses both with hoods, Olympus Fl-20 small flashgun, three xd cards, one CF card, battery charger and operating discs and a camera rucksack - I would like £350 ovno

if anyone is interestedyou can contact him at dave welsh <>


Open print winners with judge John Keelan.

Left to right (back row) Elaine Dewhurst; Judge John Keelan; Patricia Harvey

Front row: Sue Jones; Chris Blyth; Hazel Walsh

The Isle of Man Photographic Society held its first Open competition of the new season tonight (Wed. Oct. 10th ). The competition saw over seventy print entries from members in both colour and monochrome formats.

The mammoth task of judging was ably done by John Keelan, chairman of the Southern Photographic Society.

John started out in photography at a very young age armed only with a Box Brownie!

It was during his college years where he gained degrees in engineering and lighting design, that photography became a more serious enterprise. Nowadays, John specialises in portraits and sports photography.

Here are the Open Print competition results:

Standard Mono

1st Elaine Dewhurst with “Ring Tailed Lemur – Have You Brought Food?” A well caught, black and white image with good contrast. The lemur's face is very expressive.

2nd Steve Watson with “Love Cherishing The Soul”.

3rd Elaine Dewhurst with “Roll Out The Barrel”.

4th Norma Cowell with “Moonlight At St. Johns”.

Standard Colour

1st Annette Slater with “Pineing For The River”. An excellent image of a heron atop a pine tree. Well composed and pin sharp.

2nd Paul Dougherty with “Humpback Whale Lunge Feeding”.

3rd & 5th Jiri Podobsky with “He Pushed Me” and “Flying Inspection Of The Orange Tip Nursery”.

4th Ernie Lumsden (junior entry) with “Oystercatcher”.

6th & Commended Elaine Dewhurst with “Foam Party Fun” & “Welcome Sight Of Home”.

Intermediate Mono

1st Hazel Walsh with “Hannah”. An excellent portrait in pure black and white. Surreal but with great impact.

2nd & 3rd Janet Servante with “Waiting For The Fat Controller” and “Tholt-Y-Will Glen”.

4th & 6th Anne Bidwell with “Vintage Bikers” and “Pan”.

5th Patricia Harvey with “The Ram”.

Intermediate Colour

1st Patricia Harvey with “The Stairs”. A sharp and well exposed image with very good use of light.

2nd Anne Bidwell with “On The Ropes”.

3rd Shirley Lotfy with “Peacock”.

4th Ian Lumsden with “Rocamadour, France”.

5th Janet Servante with Spam Sandwiches And A Cuppa Char”.

6th Jenny Shanley with “Blue Morpho”.

Hazel Walsh had two photos commended - “Herring Gull” and “The Gaze”.

After a well deserved refreshment break for our voice weary judge it was time for the advanced members to show us how photographic prints should be done!

Advanced Mono

1st & 2nd Sue Jones with “Steam Enthusiast” and “End Of Shift”. Sue's image of the steam enthusiast was very well composed with great contrast. It showed good interaction between the photographer and the subject.

3rd John Phipp with “The Sleeping Beauty”

4th Mark Stringer with “Whitby Abbey No. 2”.

5th Ron Shimmin with “Chapel, Nantes Cathedral”.

6th Dave Welsh with “A Perfect Day”.

Advanced Colour

1st & 6th Chris Blythe with “Caught It” and “Autumn Colour”.

“Caught It” was a beautiful image of a gull skimming out of the water having just caught its lunch! A very sharp photo full of colour with a lot of movement.

2nd Sue Jones with “Victorian Style”.

3rd Ron Shimmin with “View From The Meadows, Oxford”.

4th Tony Curtis with “Guy Martin At The Bungalow”.

5th Dave Welsh with “Blue Sky, Smiley Face”.

Also, Tony Curtis, Dave Welsh and Mark Stringer each earned commendations.

The evening closed with Ian Lumsden saying how great it was to be back and how good it was to see so many members putting their work into the competition. Ian thanked judge, John Keelan for the relaxed, warm and experienced way he inspected the entries. John connected well with the audience and experienced some good interaction. He picked things out that mattered and left each one of us with something constructive to remember.

John told us that judging had been far from a chore, and that he'd enjoyed seeing so many great images. Indeed, he wished he had taken some of them himself!

Next week you are invited to a Small Print competition with the photos being unmounted and no bigger than 7” x 5”. This evening, entries are due in for our first Assignment competition entitled “Attractions”. Entries can consist of up to six photos. 2 colour prints, 2 mono prints and 2 digital images.

Tickets are still available for the three way battle and buffet on October 26th.

Any members who wish to put forward entries for the Bebington Salon must do so before the end of November.

Please visit for more information about the society and also to view members photographs in the online galleries.

Anne Bidwell

13th October 2012 - Three Way Battle with Western and Southern Clubs - 26th October

Dear Member,

The Three Way Battle with the Southern and Western Clubs – being organised by ourselves this year as a result of our winning the Battle last year – is scheduled for the Glen Helen on Friday, 26th October.

This is very keenly fought occasion, and the opportunity to mingle socially both amongst ourselves and with our competitor club members – and the results closely monitored !! 

I would stress that family members or friends with an interest in photography are also welcome – the evening is open to anyone, not just club members....

Marianne McCourt will be the judge on the night – and her commentary is always an excellent one, professional, helpful and very instructive....... and every image should be excellent, chosen as they are to represent the best of each club.

However, the Glen Helen require that we confirm numbers a week in advance so that they can ensure adequate staffing and catering arrangements (ie by Friday 19th October – which is only a week or so away !!

There are two categories of attendee :

Either-  those wishing to attend and take up the offer of the buffet supper (sandwiches, chicken wings and other “finger food”) at a charge of £10 per head – and who will be required to have a “ticket” confirming the buffet

Or – those simply attending (and not having the buffet) – and who will obviously not incur the buffet charge, but may wish to have a drink at the bar, or coffees etc

Accordingly, may I request your prompt confirmation of intentions – whether simply to attend or also to have the buffet supper ?

I appreciate the problem of making a  commitment a week or more in advance, but it is being forced upon us by the Glen Helen – a simple reply to this email will suffice, otherwise, our club meeting next Wednesday will be the last opportunity to confirm your attendance (and the following Wednesday, 24th October to finalise payment for the the buffet tickets).

Your co-operation will as always be much appreciated.....

Best wishes


12th October 2012 - Bebington Salon of Photography

Dear Member

As promised at last night’s meeting, herewith attached is the detail of the entry requirement for the next Bebington Salon of Photography....

Entries are required (all digital, no prints !) by 21st November.....

Details can also be found off the website

It’s an exhibition well worth entering – yours may well be one of more than 2000 entries in total, but some 400 or so usually get selected for acceptance, and then form part of an exhibition which is shown around the North West of England and North Wales.   Each accepted image counts as one point towards the earning of a British Photographic Exhibitions award (25 points being required for the “one crown” award, 50 for a “two crown” etc)

There are now 21 Exhibitions around the UK each year – held by various clubs and associations around the UK – and images can be entered in each, and all acceptances counting towards the crown awards.

Good luck !

Best wishes


10th October 2012

Ian Lumsden (left) who demonstrated print mounting techniques to IOMPS members during the recent practical evening while President Tony Curtis talked members through various camera settings.

It was a busy evening at Thie Ellyn this week as the society hosted their second practical evening of the season. New president Tony Curtis introduced the evening and then guests had the opportunity to try out a selection of activities.

Ian Lumsden demonstrated mounting and display techniques and talked members through the various size requirements. Members were also able to try their hand at cutting their own window mounts.

Meanwhile Tony Curtis and Mark Stringer demonstrated camera settings and assisted those who had brought cameras with them. There was also a selection of specialist equipment to play with.

John Phipp screened a selection of technique videos for Photoshop CS4 including histograms, adjustments, levels and masks.

After the break we were treated to a showing of images taken by John Phipp at the wedding of members Andrew and Donna Cowan.

Next week will be the first Open digital competition of the season.

Members are reminded that tickets are now available for the 3-way battle between Douglas, Southern and Western clubs to be held at Glen Helen on the 26th October.

By Hazel Walsh

3rd October 2012

Isle of Man Photographic Society President Tony Curtis welcomed members old and new to the opening night of the new season on Wednesday September 26th

Wednesday the 26th was the first night of the new season, and we opened with a showcase of work / social evening.

Thie Ellyn was set up with boards displaying many of the works that had been previously on show at the Legislative Buildings shop and library, and other mounted prints from the previous seasons competitions. To compliment this, a selection of digital images were projected on a continuous loop throughout the evening.

There was also a three light studio setup for members and prospective members to try their hand at. Many had remembered to bring cameras along with them, and some were soon trying out some ideas whilst photographing a Johnsons Optiscope (an early projector from the 1940s) It wasn't long however before someone offered to sit for the camera.

The evening provided an opportunity for the members to meet socially and catch up on all the news and skeet, and to generally relax with like minded people.

I was delighted to see the number of new faces that joined us for the evening, and managed to have a chat with a number of them and ask for new ideas and what they would like to be able to get out of the society.
Hopefully many of them will join as members.

Next week will be our first Open print competition of the season. Entries will also be due for the first Open Digital Competition.

Please note that only fully paid up members are allowed to compete.

By Tony Curtis

IOMPS Reports During November 2012

28th November 2012

Judge John Watterson (centre) with Open competition print winners (left to right) Hazel Walsh and Annette Slater; Dave Welsh and Bob Servante

Wednesday evening 21st November at Thie Ellyn, Douglas was the venue for the Isle of Man Photographic Society's second "Open Print" competition of the 2012 - 2013 season.

The competition is in three sections, Standard, Intermediate and Advanced and each section is sub-divided into Mono and Colour.

Our President, Tony Curtis, introduced our Judge for the evening, John Watterson, from the Isle of Man Newspapers.

John had obviously spent quite some time evaluating each entry and had produced notes regarding his likes and dislikes of each image. Before starting his deliberations he stated that he had been impressed with the quality across all three groups, especially the Standard Group. The results are as follows:-

Standard Mono

1st Guy Martin by Sam Bucknall

2nd The way we were by Steve Watson

3rd Going down hill by Sam Bucknall

4th Dotty about you by Annette Slater

5th Blue moon, August 2012 by Elaine Dewhirst

6th Noah and the four winds by Annette Slater

Standard Colour

1st Here’s trouble by Annette Slater

2nd Quiet please, I’m concentrating by Annette Slater

3rd Watery Universe by Elaine Dewhirst

4th Waiting for the tide to turn by Elaine Dewhirst

5th Ants view of the forest by Jiri Podobsky

6th Church windows, Liverpool Cathedral by Steve Watson

Intermediate Mono

1st Lily by Hazel Walsh

2nd Fort Island by Patricia Harvey

3rd Searching for the Chord by Patricia Harvey

4th Castle Entrance, Milan by Ian Lumsden

5th Break for Rations by Janet Servante

6th Friends by Hazel Walsh

Intermediate Colour

1st Sand colours by Jenny Shanley

2nd The stag by Patricia Harvey

3rd Snail on a red hot poker by Ann Bidwell

4th The Dhorlish, Ballaglass by Jenny Shanley

5th Old Doors by Shirly Lofty

6th Alpine landscape, St Moritz by Ian Lumsden

Advanced Mono

1st St Mark’s Church by Bob Servante

2nd Too late for the Black Mask Concert by Dave Welsh

3rd Beach Sculpture by Chris Blyth

4th Step by step by Ron Shimmin

5th Steaming into Port Soderick by Bob Servante

6th Steam Power by Sue Jones

Advanced Colour

1st Shadow fighters by Dave Welsh

2nd Cascading Colour by Sue Jones

3rd At a snails pace by Chris Blyth

4th Heron by Bob Servante

5th Lunchtime in the treetops by Dave Welsh

6th A time to remember by Brian Speedie

Next week is our second assignment competition ”Agriculture & Fisheries”

By Bob Servante

21st November 2012

Small Print winners Annette Slater and Ian Lumsden with Judge Mark Stringer

The Isle of Man Photographic Society’s mid November programme provided an opportunity for the newer, less experienced members to try their hand at producing an un-mounted print with a maximum size of 7.5 inches by 5 inches (including any border) and the more advanced photographers were barred from entering!

There was a good attendance at Thie Ellyn, the Society’s regular meeting place on Wednesday evenings, for the second in our series of ‘Small Prints Competition’ in the 2012/13 programme. (There will be two more after the Christmas break). Our judge for this competition was one of our own members, Mark Stringer. Though Mark is an accomplished photographer, he is new to judging and in the process of refining his skills. Indeed, this was only his second time he had judged for us.

Judging in any ‘open’ competition is never easy because comparing the relative merits of such a wide variety of subjects is always a challenge but Mark set about the task he had been set in his own inimitable style, commenting thoughtfully on each of the 44 entries in turn. There are never any real ‘winners and losers’ in these competitions but Mark concluded by selecting his personal order of merit for the two Classes, which he announced as follows:-


Standard Class – 1st Annette Slater with ‘Follow Me’, a delightful shot of a youngster looking back over his/her shoulder whilst walking away; 2nd Alistair McLellan with ‘Lest we Forget, a poignant image for Remembrance weekend; 3rd Annette Slater with ‘Lift Off’; 4th Martin Parnell with ‘Take Off’; 5th Paul Daugherty with ‘Green for Go’; and 6th Jiri Podobsky with ‘Stumbling Over the Past’.

Intermediate Class – 1st Ian Lumsden with a well executed record image of a religious statue which he titled simply ‘Madonna’; 2nd Shirley Lotfy with ‘Kestrel’; 3rd Shirley Lotfy with ‘Number 10’; 4th Anne Bidwell with ‘Please Can I have a Go’; 5th Ian Lumsden with ‘Wheelbarrow Race’; and 6th Ian Lumsden with ‘Log On’.

Giving the vote of thanks, Society President, Tony Curtis, complemented Mark on completing the challenge he had been set and then thanked all those who had submitted entries. He expressed the hope that the judge’s comments might offer some guidance as to how they might produce even better images next time.

After a break for refreshments, the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union’s black and white Print Folio, made up of 61 mounted images, was exhibited. With such a high overall standard of work on view, it was pleasing to be able to congratulate three of the Society’s members, Phyllis Christian, Janet Servante and Dianne McCudden, on having had their prints selected for inclusion in this excellent folio.

The Society is busy preparing for its Christmas social evening which, this year, will be at the Hop Garden on Wednesday, 19th December. Tickets are now available for purchase, priced at £20, and early booking is recommended for what is always a very popular and enjoyable evening.

On Wednesday, 28th November, at 7.45 pm at Thie Ellyn, we have an ‘open’ competition for digital images and the entries (projected digital and printed images) are also due in that night for the next Assignment Competition, the set subject being ‘Agriculture and Fisheries’. These will be judged the following week.

We are always pleased to welcome new members and guests to the Society (the latter being asked to pay a nominal charge) and to encourage others to enjoy this wonderful hobby of photography. Why not come along as a guest initially before deciding whether you wish to join but please bear in mind that anyone under 18 years old needs to be accompanied by an adult.


14th November 2012

IOM Constabulary SATSU Officers Stuart Clague (left) and Detective Constable Andrew Haddock (right) who gave a talk on crime scene examination

The speaker at the IOM Photographic Society meeting this week was Detective Constable Andrew Haddock of the Scientific and Technical Support Unit (SATSU) of the IOM Constabulary, assisted by his colleague, Stuart Clague - their task to explain the work at a "scene of crimes" investigation, and the importance in that process of accurate and precise records (particularly photographic), and the disciplines necessary to achieve a satisfactory result meeting the legal requirements of possible court action thereafter. A fascinating couple of hours then ensued - with a very clear explanation given of the various techniques and technology being used. The work covered everything from DNA sampling, through fingerprints, CCTV camera work, the use of computers and mobile telephones, and of photography - both stills and video. The wide-ranging skills required of the team became very evident, and of the "multi-tasking" necessitated by the small size of the Manx force. The collaboration with the fire service was given considerable emphasis and praise - particularly in road traffic accident investigations, where the use of a "Simon arm" extending ladder provides both excellent lighting capabilities and the opportunity for an overhead aerial survey of the scene, and an evidence-based re-construction of any circumstances leading to the accident.

Of special interest was the use of "image stitching" of multiple photographs to create full panoramic re-creations of rooms or areas where accidents or perhaps crimes had been committed. This starts by taking a number of overlapping images in a full 360 degree rotation plus floor and ceiling shots - and then some very clever computer software puts them all together to create a "virtual tour". The resulting imagery can then be studied at leisure and in great detail.

The various techniques and equipment used in all the above were well illustrated in Andrew's excellent and well constructed presentation, fortunately with nothing too gruesome for our audience ! As Tony Curtis (IOMPS President) pointed out as an example in his vote of thanks, understanding the work of the SATSU team and their meticulous and highly technical approach to gathering evidence goes a long way to accepting any delays in re-opening our roads after serious accidents......

Our next meeting on Wednesday 21st November is an "Open Prints" competition and members are also reminded that tickets for the Christmas Meal at the Hop Garden on the 19th December will be on sale at £20.

Meetings are held at the Art Society building in Withington Road, Douglas, starting at 7:30pm, and are open to the public. Non-members are charged a £1 entry fee. Full details of the programme can be found on our website

By Chris Blyth


'Attractions' competition print winners with judge Eddie Fryer. Back row, left to right: Elaine Dewhurst; Judge Eddie Fryer; Annette Slater. Front row: Janet Servante and Sue Jones

The Isle of Man Photographic Society held its first assignment competition of the season tonight (Wed. Oct. 31st). The assignment, entitled “Attractions” was full of amusing, appealing, colourful and creative photographs.

Our judge for this large competition was vice president of the Western Photographic Society, Eddie Fryer.

Eddie had a hard task considering what is an attraction? and in how many ways can an attraction be interpreted? But as usual, Eddie put his experience to good use noting every detail and giving us plenty to think about.

Here are the competition results:

Standard Mono

1st & 3rd Elaine Dewhurst with “Clip Art”. An aptly titled, sharp black and white image of paper clips attracted to a magnet. Also “St. Michael's Chapel”.

2nd & 5th Annette Slater with “Inside The Wheel” and “Liverpool's Finest”.

4th Aida Podobska with “Fairy Saddle: One Ride-Three Daisy Petals”.

Standard Colour

1st & 6th Annette Slater with “Please! Just One?”, an enjoyable photo of monkeys on a balcony above blue skies and sea. Also “Inside The Circle”

2nd Steve Watson with “Tardis Re-Charge Station”.

3rd & 4th Elaine Dewhurst with “Big Wheel, York” and “Looking For Nectar”.

5th Jiri Podobsky with “The Play People Circus Show”.

Intermediate Mono

1st & 2nd Janet Servante with “Give Us A Kiss, Baldy”, an excellent image of two mature chimpanzees in an amusing pose. Also “That Certain Smile”.

3rd & 5th Anne Bidwell with “Baby Elephant” and “Animal Attraction”.

4th Patricia Harvey with “May Day At Cregneash”.

Intermediate Colour

1st & 3rd Janet Servante with “The Cat's Whiskers”, a beautifully done and well captured image of face painting on a girl. Also “Princess Of Hearts”

2nd & 5th Anne Bidwell with “Carousel” and “Blooming Beautiful”.

4th Ian Lumsden with “Jubilee Fair Family Fun”.

6th Shirley Lotfy with “Star Slider”.

Patricia Harvey was highly commended for “Waiting For Action”.

Advanced Mono

1st & 3rd Sue Jones with “Mutual Attraction”, a powerful image of a couple gazing into each others eyes. It had very good back lighting”. Also “”Ultimate Attraction”.

2nd Chris Blythe with “By Any Other Name”.

4th & 5th Bob Servante with “Sidecar Sonata” and “Carnival Chuck Wagon”.

Advanced Colour

1st Sue Jones with “Sausages”, a brilliant picture of a spaniel looking at a plateful of sausages! A perfect and beautiful image.

2nd Chris Blythe with “Rodeo Attraction””.

4th & 6th Bob Servante with “Precious Moments” and “Daisy's Holiday”.

3rd & 5th Ron Shimmin with “Fairground Thrill” and “Elephant Ride”.

A refreshment break enabled everyone to get a closer look at the winning photographs and to peruse all the other amazing printed entries.

Next up to be judged were the projected digital images. The results below.

Standard Group

1st Jiri Podobski with “T.T. Attraction”, a well composed image of a young lady with a backdrop of spectators and photographers.

2nd & 4th Elaine Dewhurst with “Castle Howard Fountain” and “Miniature Engine, Crogga”.

3rd & 5th Aida Podobska with “Tram Number 7” and “Mutual Attraction”.

6th Martyn Parnell with “The New Attraction”.

Intermediate Group

1st Shirley Lotfy with “Olympic Torch”, a well captured image with good lighting.

2nd Anne Bidwell with “Sea Lion Show”

3rd & 5th Hazel Walsh with “Attractive” and “No Heavy Petting”.

4th Patricia Harvey with “5th November Firework Patterns”

6th John Dale with “No One Likes A Smart Arse”

Janet Servante was highly commended for “Jurassic Park aka Summerhill Glen.

Advanced Group

1st & 4th Sue Jones with “Plasme Attraction”. This was a superbly lit image of a hand on a plasma ball. Also “Magnetism”.

2nd & 5th Bob Servante with “Rainy Race Day” and “Promenade Funfair”.

3rd Brian Speedie with “The Attraction Of The Rock Pool”.

6th Claire Stringer with “Wenlock”.

Congratulations to all of the winners! Eddie Fryer's judging was rewarded with enthusiastic applause and a bottle of wine!

Eddie was, as always, charming. His criticisms were kind but honest and always balanced with words of encouragement.

On November 14th there will be another Small Print competition followed by a showing of the L&CPU Portfolio. Entries will also be due in for the next Open Prints competition.

Please visit for more information about the society and also to view members photographs in the online galleries.

Anne Bidwell

2nd November 2012 - Isle Of Man 3 Way Photographic Competition

Judge Marianne McCourt; 'Best Image' winner Jenny Shanley (IOMPS) and IOMPS President Tony Curtis

The Isle of Man Photographic Society hosted a three way battle with Southern and Western clubs on Friday 26th October at the Glen Helen Inn. Each club submitted 30 of their best images to be judged by guest Marianne McCourt. Each image was marked out of 20 and only two images succeeded in gaining full marks. These were ‘The Body Shop’ by Ruth Nicholls (Western) and ‘Clematis Seedhead’ by Jenny Shanley (IOMPS). Jenny was also awarded the prize for the best image in the competition. Other noteworthy entries came from Brian Goldie of Southern club and Dorothy Flint of Western club who each had two entries marked at 19. Western were winners on the night with a total score of 436 with Isle of Man in second place with 422 and Southern in third with 405.

By Hazel Walsh

Vice president of the Western Photographic Society, Eddie Fryer, Judge Marianne McCourt and IOMPS President Tony Curtis

Judge Marianne McCourt; and IOMPS President Tony Curtis

'Best Image' winner Jenny Shanley (IOMPS)

IOMPS Reports During December 2012

26th December 2012

Annette Slater's winning triptych entry ‘Catch a Little Fishy’

To bring the first half of our Winter Programme to a close, the Society held its Christmas Social at the Hop Garden in Santon where a splendid meal was served. It was rather a wild night (weather wise) but the atmosphere inside was warm, friendly and festive, as always with the Society.

The Committee had arranged a triptych competition in advance with the results to be announced on the night. In order to qualify as a triptych, an entry in the competition was required to be of three separate images on a common theme to be mounted on board and these had to relate clearly to each other. Triptychs are used for those occasions when a sequence of photos can tell a story more effectively than a single image.

The judge for the evening was Pam Kershaw, herself a first class photographer and a past President of the Society. We had all been looking forward to seeing her again after a period of absence from our regular Wednesday evening gatherings. It was extremely disappointing, therefore, to learn that she had had to tender her apologies at the eleventh hour when a family illness prevented her attendance. However, Pam had completed her detailed assessments of the 12 entries in good time and these were interpreted and read out to a packed room by Ian Lumsden with his usual eloquence and skill.

As the subject for the competition was ‘open’ and individual members could decide for themselves what theme to pick, the 12 entries covered just as many topics. This added greatly to the entertainment and interest for those present. Judging any open competition is a challenging task but it quickly became clear when we heard her comments and reasoning that Pam was well up to that challenge, drawing on her considerable knowledge and experience in analysing the merits of each one in turn. Her comments also offered a useful insight as to what features the judge of such a competition would expect to see in the positioning and arrangement of the three print images, and suggested how the entries might have been given even more impact. All of the 12 boards had been presented to a commendably high standard.

Pam had chosen an entry titled ‘Catch a little fishy’ by Annette Slater as the winner, earning for her the award of the Wesley Trophy (which will be presented at the annual Society dinner in April, 2013). Pam had been impressed with the sharpness and detail in the three images of a heron which, in her opinion, revealed a high degree of photographic skill. A close second place went to Ron Shimmin for his beautiful interior images of the ‘London Guildhall, Gog and Magog’. The judge made particular reference to the good lighting and the absence of converging verticals, much to the credit of this accomplished photographer.

Third place was given jointly to ‘Winners’ (a presentation based on the TT motorcycle races) by Tony Curtis and Dave Walsh’s striking images of the ‘Fire fighters of Mann’, taken recently at Ronaldsway Airport during a night time emergency drill. The judge had also decided to award a 4th place to three images of the luxury Mandarin Oriental ‘Dhara Dhevi Hotel’ in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by John Phipp. Fifth was ‘Tulip Trilogy’ by Janette Servante and ‘Young person’s guide to sail’ by Ian Lumsden was placed sixth.

A most enjoyable social evening was brought to a close by our President, Tony Curtis, as he thanked Pam Kershaw for her thoughtful and perceptive judging, all those who had entered the competition and then wished everyone a happy Christmas and good health and happiness for 2013.

We congratulate one of our Junior Members, Sam Bucknall, in having one of his images chosen by a panel of eminent judges for inclusion in the 2013 Calendar of Crowe Morgan, the well respected local Accountancy practice, for the second consecutive year. The desk calendar is distributed by the firm to its international client base each year and so gives marvellous publicity to the Isle of Man.

The Society is now enjoying a festive break and, no doubt, our members are busy making plans to capture a winning image (or more) over the holiday period whilst hoping (as this article is penned) that Father Christmas might bring them a few photographic goodies on Christmas morning!

Our next meeting will be held at Thie Ellyn, off Withington Road at 7.30 pm on Wednesday, 9th January when our President will be entertaining us with a presentation of his own photography. The entries will also be due in on that night for the third of our ‘small prints’ competitions. All guests will be most welcome for whom there will be a small charge, unless they are in full time study.


20th December 2012 - Season's Greetings

Dear Member

On behalf of our President and the Committee, I am delighted to wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year when our first meeting will be on 9th January.......

Very best wishes

Chris – Secretary

20th December 2012 - The Presentation by Dr Suddhajit Sen - "The Pursuit of Light"

Dear Member

Last week we were fortunate to have Dr Suddhajit Sen present to the club on “The Pursuit of Light” – which became a master class in the art of landscape photography, and was very much enjoyed by all who attended.

He has been kind enough to provide me with details of some of the quotes he used in the presentation.

I can also recommend that you have a look at his website, which contains many of the images used – and which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own monitor screen....

Best wishes



“When light, subject and composition are persuaded into coherency, then the ordinary briefly becomes extraordinary” - Ian Cameron

“Whether you photograph shoe, ships or selling wax, it is the light reflected from your subject that forms your image” - Edward Weston

4 Basic types of light:

? Soft light

? Side light

? Front light

? Back light

Soft light-­- Even illumination, simplify,

Side light-­- accentuates 3D textures,

Front light-­- frontlit colour, quartering light, silhouette

Back light-­- translucence, lens flare, silhouette

 Phone apps-­-

  • DOF Calculator
  • Photographers Ephemeris-­- also available as desktop application (free)
  • Exposure Calculation for ND filter
  • Stellarium-­-desktop application
  • Isle of Man Weather and Tide Times

“Some photographers take reality... and impose the domination of their own thought and spirit.

Others come before reality more tenderly and a photograph to them is an instrument of love and revelation.” - Ansel Adams

19th December 2012

Dr Suddhajit Sen who gave a presentation entitled the Pursuit of Light

Last Wednesday the Isle of Man Photographic Society had a visit from Dr Suddhajit Sen, an orthopaedic surgeon at Nobles Hospital who also has a passion for photography. Dr Sen moved to the island in 2008 after falling in love with the landscape when he visited for an interview. Visitors to the hospital may have seen Dr Sen’s landscape images on show there in the last few months and we were fortunate to see many more in the presentation given. Dr Sen discussed varieties of light including soft, front, side and back and showed examples of each with descriptions of how the shots were achieved. The beautiful and carefully timed images included the islands glens and sweeping hillsides as well as several shots from Scotland and the Lake District. Dr Sen does not use post-production in computer, other than to convert images to monochrome, but instead prefers to ‘get it right first time’ using a variety of phone apps and filters to assist him. At the end of the informative and visually stunning presentation Dr Sen told us about the equipment he uses to capture his images.

After a tea-break we had the opportunity to view the L&CPU colour portfolio comprised of images from the 2012 annual competition and 2011 PAGB entries. The Isle of Man Featured twice with ‘The Staircase’ by Douglas member Ron Shimmin and another image by Dorothy Flint of the Western Society. The society has a break for Christmas and will be back at Thie Ellyn in the New Year with Presidents Evening on the 9th January. Members are also reminded that entries for the small print competition are due on this date.

by Hazel Walsh

12th December 2012

IOMPS Assignment competition winners with Judge Vicky.

Left to right: Back row: Brian Speedie; Judge Vicky Harrop; Patricia Harvey; Aida Podobska. Front row: Elaine Dewhirst; Jiri Podobsky; Janet Servante; Sue Jones

This week's meeting of the IOM Photographic Society comprised a competition on the theme of "Agriculture and Fisheries" - an assignment which provided the opportunity for our members to produce a wide range of images, with activities at Manx National Heritage's Cregneash site in particular proving a rich source of inspiration. Our judge was Vicky Harrop, well known local professional photographer, who has proved herself in the role on previous occasions. She is always thorough, every image getting full credit for its positive values, but also benefitting from her excellent eye for areas where the image might have been improved - all delivered with a gentle, perceptive and encouraging commentary.

Elaine Dewhirst began our evening with a win in the Standard Group Mono Prints section, with a pin sharp image of a combine harvester, the viewpoint chosen to emphasise an almost 3D perspective, well printed with an excellent tonal range. Runner-up in this section was Annette Slater with another pin sharp image, this time of a cockerel crowing, the feather detail particularly good. Jiri Podobsky came out in top position in the Colour Prints section with a delightful image of the fishing fleet in Peel harbour, bright and with excellent use of colour and line. Annette Slater was again runner-up, with a harvest scene. The Podobsky family dominated the digital section, with wife Aida taking first place with a detailed image of a plough-share turning the soil, whilst husband Jiri came in second place with an image of Ballakilmartin Farm.

Janet Servante won both the print sections of the Intermediate Group - the Mono section with a strong image of a pair of horses getting ready for ploughing, beautifully printed and well placed in the shot, whilst an image of some repair work being carried out on a binding machine won her the Colour section. Anne Bidwell came second in the Mono section, also with an image of a pair of horses pulling a plough, whilst Patricia Harvey was runner-up in the Colour section with a shot of sheep relaxing on a field boundary, the eye level viewpoint being particularly imaginative and note-worthy. Patricia Harvey continued her good evening with success in the Digital section - an evocative image of a farm workshop with the tools laid out on the benches. Phyllis Christian came in second place, with a harvest scene.

Sue Jones dominated in the Advanced Prints, winning the Mono and taking both 1st and 2nd places in the Colour section, all with images of "old farming" from Cregneash - and all done in a very sympathetic style, with excellent composition. An image of a fishing boat bucketing through a Force 10 storm with spray enveloping the boat gave Chris Blyth a second place in the Mono section. A lovely harbour shot of Portuguese fishing boats gave Brian Speedie a deserved victory in the Digital section, whilst Bob Servante produced a super, pin sharp image of a cockerel framed by material on a haystack to get the runner-up position.

The next meeting, on the 19th December, is the Society's Christmas Social being held at the Hop Garden and which will be a "tickets only" event. The next public meeting will be on the 9th January at the Art Society building in Withington Road, starting at 7:30pm, when Club President Tony Curtis will be presenting. All will be welcome, with a £1 admission charge for non-members.

RESULTS : Assignment Competition "Agriculture and Fisheries"

Standard Group : Mono Prints : Elaine Dewhirst (1 & 4), Annette Slater (2 & 3). Colour Prints : Jiri Podobsky (1), Annette Slater (2), Steve Bridson (3), Paul Dougherty (4), Elaine Dewhirst (5 & 6). Digital Images : Aida Podobska (1 & 4), Jiri Podobsky (2 & 5), Mark Thorsby (3), Elaine Dewhirst (6).

Intermediate Group : Mono Prints : Janet Servante (1 & 3), Anne Bidwell (2 & 5), Patricia Harvey (4). Colour Prints : Janet Servante (1 & 3), Patricia Harvey (2 & 6), Anne Bidwell (4 & 5). Digital Images : Patricia Harvey (1 & 4), Phyllis Christian (2), Janet Servante (3 & 6), Anne Bidwell (5).

Advanced Group : Mono Prints : Sue Jones (1 & 3), Chris Blyth (2), Bob Servante (4 & 5). Colour Prints : Sue Jones (1 & 2), Bob Servante (3 & 6), Chris Blyth (4), Ron Shimmin (5). Digital Images : Brian Speedie (1), Bob Servante (2), Sue Jones (3 & 4), Chris Blyth (5 & 6).

by Chris Blyth

5th December 2012

Open Digital competition winners Mark Thoresby, Patricia Harvey and Sue Jones with Judge Mycl Corrin

This week's meeting was an Open Digital Competition, being judged by well-known local photographer, Mycl Corrin. Mycl is very experienced, and his love of the art and the skills required is always very apparent. As was made clear in his opening remarks, judging an "open" competition is difficult - images cover a wide spread of subject, which may be of portraits, landscapes, natural history, sports or whatever. Having to decide which is a "better" picture is therefore fraught with problems, and will be affected by technique, timing, composition, use of light and colour etc. Accordingly, an image with impact, a "wow" factor, is required to ensure that it stands out from its competitors. Each image in competition was given due consideration, and summed up in a crisply delivered and perceptive commentary - with emphasis given to both the positive and negative points of each.

The winner of the Standard group was Mark Thoresby, a new member, with a natural history shot of a tortoiseshell butterfly, sharp and detailed, with the background out of focus due to a good use of aperture. In second place was Elaine Dewhirst with a corner-to-corner image of a set of train wheels, a shot with excellent detail, and the unusual viewpoint giving impact. A junior member, Sam Bucknall, came in third place with a beach scene, also shot from a well seen viewpoint, with a wooden breakwater framing the scene behind.

The winning images in the Intermediate group were dominated by natural history shots, and was headed up by Patricia Harvey with a lovely close-up image of a Pelican's head - loads of detail in the feathers, and the colour of the eye giving real drama - a well deserved winner in this section. In second place was Shirley Lotfy with a macro shot of a hoverfly - again lots of detail both of the fly and of the flower head in which it was taken. Jenny Shanley came third with another macro close-up, this time of a mason wasp.

Sue Jones returned to form and took both first and second places in the Advanced group - a shot of a colourful leaf against a dark background came out on top, the dramatic red of the leaf giving the shot real impact. Her second place came with a somewhat surreal image of a "Munch's scream" character riding on a steam train out of a dark background - another "wow" factor image. Chris Blyth came in third place with a macro shot of a blue damsel fly, the detail of the wings and body very sharp against a subdued background.

Next week's meeting is on 12th December, when Dr Suddhajit Sen will be showing some of his landscape work with a presentation on "The Pursuit of Light". Our meetings start at 7:30pm and are open to the public - all are welcome. A charge of £1 is made for non-members. Full details of the Society and the programme can be found on our website

Open Digital Competition Results : Standard Group Mark Thorsby (1), Elaine Dewhirst (2),Sam Bucknall (3 - junior member), Aida Podobska (4), Paul Dougherty (5), Phil Edge (6), Andrew Cowan (C). Intermediate Group Patricia Harvey (1), Shirley Lotfy (2), Jenny Shanley (3), Phyllis Christian (4), Hazel Walsh (5), Anne Bidwell (6), John Dale (C). Advanced Group Sue Jones (1& 2), Chris Blyth (3 & 6), Bob Servante (4), Brian Speedie (5), Dave Welsh (C).

by Chris Blyth

IOMPS Reports During January 2013

30th January 2013

Open print winners with Judge Ruth Nicholls.

Elaine Dewhurst; Sue Jones; Ruth Nicholls (Judge); Dave Welsh; Patricia Harvey

Despite the weekends bad weather there was a good turn-out at Thie Ellyn to watch the judging of the societies 3rd Open Print Competition. The judge for the evening was the societies own Dr Ruth Nicholls LRPS DPAGB AFIAP & BPE2*. For those not in the know her impressive qualifications represent Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society, The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain – Distinction Award, International Federation of Photographic Art – Artiste and British Photographic Exhibitions 2 Crown Award. These qualifications also represent several years of success in both international and regional photographic competitions. Despite this being Ruth’s first time judging for the society she was extremely competent and offered comprehensive advice on a range of subjects from composition and framing to detailed Photoshop techniques. As usual we began with the Standard class which had 6 mono and 12 colour entries. Elaine Dewhurst scooped first place in both categories with a stark black and white shot of a ferris wheel at night - ‘Midnight Ride’ and a playful image of a dog on the beach - ‘Let’s Play’. The Intermediate class also had 6 mono entries and 14 colour images. Patricia Harvey scooped the double in this section with a black and white of a ‘White Rhino’ and a colour image of ‘Little Egret’. In the Advanced mono (10 entries) the prize went to Sue Jones for her wistful image of ‘The Boathouse’ although Ron Shimmin’s 2nd place entry ‘Street Voices’ also deserves a mention for its wonderful subject matter and composition. There were 14 entries in the colour section and Dave Welsh’s ‘Gannet Getaway’ was the winner. Ruth praised the shot for its technical competencies having been taken in a split section from a boat in less than calm waters. Sue Jones was a close second with her image ‘The Surveyor’, a cleverly treated image from the Victorian Weekend held at Laxey last year. President Tony Curtis gave the vote of thanks and commented on the increasing quality of images being entered. Next week is the judging of the ‘Food’ Assignment competition and entries are due for the small print competition which will be held the following week.

Results: Open Print Competition

Standard Group: Mono Prints: Elaine Dewhurst (1&5), Annette Slater (2&4), Jiri Podobsky (3), Aida Podobska (4). Colour Prints: Elaine Dewhurst (1&C), Annette Slater (2&4), Jiri Podobsky (3&5), Richard Shafto (6&C), Aida Podobska (HC).

Intermediate Group: Mono Prints: Patricia Harvey (1&2), Janet Servante (3&5), Anne Bidwell (4&6). Colour Prints: Patricia Harvey (1&C), Janet Servante (2&5), Shirley Lotfy (3), Jenny Shanley (4&6), Peter Brew (HC), Anne Bidwell (HC), Ian Lumsden (C).

Advanced Group: Mono Prints: Sue Jones (1&4), Ron Shimmin (2&5), Dave Welsh (3), Bob Servante (6&C), Chris Blyth (C), Robert Blyth-Skyrme (C). Colour Prints: Dave Welsh (1), Sue Jones (2), Ron Shimmin (3&4), Bob Servante (5&C), Chris Blyth (6&HC), Robert Blythe-Skyrme (HC&C).

By Hazel Walsh

23rd January 2013

Professional Photographer Dave Kneale who gave a presentation of his own work and also judged the Small Print Competition

The Isle of Man Photographic Society held its latest Small Print competition on Wednesday evening 16th January.

Club President Tony Curtis opened the evening by firstly appealing for photographic equipment for an up and coming IOMPS exhibition to be held at Peel. He then moved on to the main business of the evening by introducing our judge, Dave Kneale. Dave is a very accomplished Professional Photographer who has travelled the world since starting his career in 2004. From covering our own TT Races, and providing a live photo stream for the official TT Live web-site, to being official photographer for the Volvo Ocean Race, spending nine months travelling around the world and then adding wildlife and other general subjects on top meant he was more than qualified to judge our competition.

The Small Print competition was introduced to encourage the newer photographers at the Club to start entering competitions in an easy and cost effective way. It is open to the Standard and Intermediate class and involves providing prints up to 5 x 7.5” (19mm x 13mm) unmounted. The Photo subject is open and usually a very wide range has to be judged against each other.

Even though it was his first time judging a competition, his skills as a professional came through with excellent remarks and recommendations along with various humorous comments. The results are as follows:-


1st Groudle Viaduct at Dusk by Mark Thorsby

2nd Mint Sauce by Elaine Dewhirst

3rd The Old Fire Truck by Martin Parnell

4th William Dunlop TT 2012 by Steve Bridson

5th Forest Beauty by Jiri Podobsky

6th Groudle Water Wheel by Mark Thorsby


1st American Bluebird by Anne Bidwell

2nd Training by Jenny Shanley

3rd Bee on Lavender by Shirley Lotfy

4th Doobie Brother by Hazel Walsh

5th Follow the Leader by Shirley Lotfy

6th Stranded Jellyfish by Anne Bidwell

After the judging and a break for refreshment the second half of the evening consisted of Dave presenting various slides from his work in the Isle of Man and from around the world. His web-site gallery images demonstrated what can be achieved employing different approaches from regular angles and lighting.

Next Wednesday will be a Digital Open competition.

By Bob Servante

16th January 2013 - I.O.M.P.S. PRESIDENT'S EVENING

Isle of Man Photographic Society President Tony Curtis displays one of the images from his presentation

This week The IOMPS held its annual Presidents Evening where the society's new president, Tony Curtis gave a presentation of his own work.

His theme was "Challenges" - Photographing the unknown........looking at some of his photo projects and the challenges they presented.

Tony's a full time fixings and fittings salesman to the building industry, and showed some examples of when he compiled a sales catalogue for his company. Photographing such things as glass and steel fittings taught him good lessons about how to shoot shiny surfaces while leaving out their distracting reflections.

We also saw a fine series of Tony's images following Dave Molyneux restoring an old sidecar outfit, through to racing in the TT.

Tony runs his own small part time business, Mostly Manx Photos, and we saw some photos which he was asked to take at Milntown. These included architectural details and interiors which presented their own peculiar challenges. Also the gardens and individual flowers which had to be taken in the rain. Tony told us of the challenges he faced when photographing large silver pieces and bronzes inside the house and explained how he'd used different types of lighting to overcome some of the problems.

He's also been commissioned to take photos at weddings, sports events and other occasions such as the Bay Festival which included some really nice images of famous performers.

Tony is also a member of the Laxey Mines Research Group, spending many hours deep down in the mines with others clearing and making safe both old and newly discovered shafts and adits etc.

Some of Tony's pictures from inside the mines were amazing and showed just how dangerous the work can be.

The challenges of taking photos deep inside a mine are many, especially as it's pitch black except for the helmet lamps, and very damp with water dripping from the walls.

We saw images of Tony and the other maintenance volunteers hanging over very deep shafts which they hadn't even realised were there at the time as they'd been hidden by fallen planks and stones.

Even though they were wearing safety equipment, it all looked extremely dangerous and Tony's great photo taking skills really made us feel as if we were in there with him. We imagined ourselves just as wet, cold and dirty as the men in the pictures.

Tony's presentation was much enjoyed and it was obvious that he'd put in a lot of well thought out preparation in order show us just how hard the challenges had been throughout a whole range of subjects. With all his commitments we just wonder where he finds time to preside over the IOMPS, but we're all very grateful that he does.

Everyone is welcome to join us at Thie Ellyn on Wedneday evenings at 7.30pm.

Next week will see the judging of an Open Print competition. Also members digital entries will be due in for the competition the following week.

By Anne Bidwell

9th January 2013

Following the usual Christmas Break, the second half of the annual programme has just started at the IOM Photographic society.  So far this season, we have had a good run of meetings, with a high turnout by the membership for some very closely fought competitions, and several excellent speakers presenting to the membership.  Of particular note have been the presentations by Phil Drowley, with some great shots of his climbing of Everest (the only manxman so far to have achieved this),  by DC Andrew Haddack of the IOM Police with an explanation of the work of the "scene of crimes" forensic department, and by Dr Suddhajit Sen from Nobles Hospital on "The pursuit of Light" (which proved to be a real master class on the art of landscape photography).  In the second half of our season, we are very much looking forward to presentations from David Kneale (superb yachting photographer) and from Vicky Harropp (with some of her lovely travel photography).  Our major event in the latter part of March is the Society's Annual Competition when well known Lancashire photographer Adrian Lines will be judging, and then he and his wife, Jane, will be presenting some of their work over the course of two evenings.

Competitions-wise, it has also been an exciting season, with the results so far being very tight in almost all classes, and everything to fight for in the remainder of the season - as can be seen from the score sheets shown below. Our thanks, of course, go to all our judges for the hard work they do in preparing for, and attending club evenings, and for their feedback on the work of members.

The next Society meeting will be on Wednesday evening, 16th January at Thie Ellyn (The Art Society) in Withington Road, Douglas, starting at 7:30pm.  There will be a small prints competition, followed by a presentation by David Kneale of his photographs, mainly on the subject of "Yachts and Yachting"....  a superb sports action photographer, so a meeting not to be missed.  All are welcome to attend - non-members with an entry charge of £1.

Points Results To Date       Standard Group - Open Mono Prints : Elaine Dewhirst - 12, Sam Bucknall - 10, Steve Watson - 10.   Open Colour Prints - Annette Slater - 17, Jiri Podobsky - 8, Elaine Dewhirst - 8. Open Digital : Mark Corlett - 6, Aida Podobsky - 6, Mark Thorsby - 6.  Assignment Mono Prints :-Elaine Dewhirst - 19, AnnetteSlater - 16, Aida Podobsky - 3.  Assignment Colour Prints : Annete Slater - 12, Elaine Dewhirst - 10, Jiri Podobsky - 8.  Assignment Digital : Aida Podobsky - 15, Jiri Podobsky - 13, Elaine Dewhirst - 9. Small Prints : Annette Slater - 16, Jiri podobsky - 6, Alistair McLellan - 5.     Intermediate Group - Open Mono Prints :Hazel Walsh - 13, Janet Servante - 11, Patricia Harvey 11.  Open Colour Prints : Patricia Harvey - 11, Jenny Shanley - 10, Anne Bidwell - 9.  Open Digital : Shirley Lotfy - 12, John Dale - 8, Jenny Shanley - 6, Patricia Harvey - 6. Assignment Mono Prints : Janet Servante - 21, Anne Bidwell - 13, Patricia Harvey - 6.  Assignment Colour Prints : Janet Servante - 20, Anne Bidwell - 12, Patricia Harvey - 6.  Assignment Digital : Patricia Harvey - 12, Anne Bidwell - 7, Hazel Walsh - 6, Shirley Lotfy - 6.  Small Prints : Anne Bidwell - 14, Shirley Lotfy 13, Ian Lumsden - 11.    Advanced Group - Open Mono Prints : Sue Jones - 12, Bob Servante - 8, Dave Welsh - 6.  Open Colour Prints : Chris Blyth - 11, Dave Welsh - 10, Sue Jones - 10.  Open Digital : Sue Jones - 17, Chris Blyth - 13, Mark Stringer - 4.  Assignment Mono Prints : Sue Jones - 20, Chris Blyth - 10, Bob Servante - 10.  Assignment Colour Prints : Sue Jones - 17, Bob Servante - 9, Chris Blyth -8, Ron Shimmin - 8.  Assignment Digital : Sue Jones - 16, Bob Servante - 12, Brian Speedie - 10.

IOMPS Reports During February 2013

27th February 2013

Open competition print winners Janet Servante, Annette Slater, Jenny Shanley and Sue Jones with Judge Andrew Barton

Wednesday evening 20th February saw the last Open Print competition of the 2012 – 2013 season within the Isle of Man Photographic Society. It was the type of cold and windy night that made you wonder if it was not better to stay in the warm at home but a good turn-out came and enjoyed the Judging by Andrew Barton LMIPP LMPA.

Andrew who owns AB Photography in Ramsey has been a friend to the IOMPS for many years, providing Judging and various photographic Master Class sessions. There were six sets of prints that Andrew had studied, three Mono and three Colour covering the Clubs Standard, Intermediate and Advanced groups. As each image was presented he commented on both the good and bad points and where needed, suggested improvements that could be made.

The results are as follows:-


1st Me and My Shadow by Annette Slater

2nd New Shoe by Elaine Dewhurst

3rd Rest – Be Thankful by Annette Slater

4th Mesmerising by Elaine Dewhurst

5th Maughold Lighthouse by Sam Bucknall

6th Celebration Team by Sam Bucknall


1st Rising Up by Annette Slater

2nd Banteay Srei, Cambodia by Richard Shafto

3rd Near Miss by Jiri Podobski

4th Glacier Erosion by Elaine Dewhurst

5th Wallaby In The Curraghs by Richard Shafto

6th Hey! Let’s Have a Knees-Up by Elaine Dewhurst


1st Gotcha! By Janet Servante

2nd Grey Seals On Kitterland by Patricia Harvey

3rd A Maori Summons by Patricia Harvey

4th Standing on a Sheepshank by Janet Servante

5th Christ Church, Laxey by Anne Bidwell

6th Misty Hills by Anne Bidwell


1st Footprints by Jenny Shanley

2nd Waiting for Mum by Janet Servante

3rd Gannet Lift-Off by Patricia Harvey

4th Windows, Shutters and Balcony by Ian Lumsden

5th A Female White Faced Saki Monkey by Patricia Harvey

6th Starling by Janet Servante


1st The Sweep by Sue Jones

2nd Laxey Valley by Chris Blyth

3rd The Bounty Hunter by Sue Jones

4th Prepare for Attack by Bob Servante

5th Before the Avalanche by Dave Welsh

6th Adam’s House, Angers by Ron Shimmin


1st Radio Valves by Sue Jones

2nd One Hundred Seagulls and a Gannet by Dave Welsh

3rd Fire Fighters by Sue Jones

4th River Vortex by Chris Blyth

5th A Perfect Summers Day by Dave Welsh

6th The Hat Shop by Ron Shimmin

Andrew is also leading four full day photographic workshops during June and July at the House of Manannan and Peel Castle in conjunction with our 75th anniversary exhibition this year.

The ‘Isle of Man Photographic Society – 75 Years of Photography’ Exhibition will be open to the public at the House of Manannan in Peel from 18th May until 4th August. The exhibition will include material covering both the history of photography and of photography on the Island, together with images from members.

The workshops will include topics such as an introduction to photography and camera controls, studio lighting for still life, 'people' and "photo fun" (using processes such as "green screen" and photo manipulation etc).

A season ticket entitling entry to all 4 events will cost £150 (£125 for IOMPS Members and MNH Friends) or individual sessions may be booked at £40 per day (£35 for IOMPS Members and MNH Friends) - lunch is included in these prices. Numbers will be strictly limited to ensure maximum participation by those attending. Tickets available from The House of Manannan.

Please visit for more information about the workshops.

Next week will be a Practical Evening that is aimed at newer photographers to help improve post camera production and presentation skills. Entries are also due in for the Annual competition.

By Bob Servante


Small Print winners Annette Slater and Ian Lumsden with Judge Diane McCudden (centre)

February 13th saw a digital competition between two photographic societies, the I.O.M.P.S. and Bristol. The entries in the competition were very strong and had been selected from the best images of each club.

We were very fortunate to have as our judge, David Sylvester, who judges nationwide and is a highly experienced, full time photographer at his Colby Studio.

David judged all of the entries as though they were at national level, and his knowledge and experience were immediately apparent.

He gave succinct and very detailed information on each image and explained how improvements and higher marks could have been achieved.

In the end, the scores were very close indeed with Bristol coming first with 418 points and IOMPS 414 points. The overall scores for the two rounds of the battle saw Bristol gain first place with 884 points and IOMPS 855 points.

It was a pleasure to have David come and judge for the society and to bring with him a new and refreshing insight for us to ponder. Thanks go to David for volunteering his very valuable time and experience.

Later, there was the last of the season's Small Prints competitions in which the Standard and Intermediate groups entered up to three small unmounted prints for appraisal.

Judging this was Diane McCudden CPAGB, an advanced member and professional photographer.

The Small Print scores are

Standard Group

1st Annette Slater with Landing Gear Down. A well exposed and pin sharp image of a heron about to land.

2nd Elaine Dewhurst with Mute Swan. 3rd Jiri Podobsky with Fleece Handle. 4th Annette Slater with Gotcha! 5th Richard Shafto with The Night Hunter. 6th Mark Thorsby with Hair Raising. Martyn Parnell had two photographs commended.

Intermediate Group

1st Ian Lumsden with Passing By, a crisp and well composed, black and white image of bicycles resting against a building.

2nd Shirley Lotfy with Douglas Regatta. 3rd Ian Lumsden with Tranquility, Lake Como. 4th Shirley Lotfy with Adult and Juvenile Redshanks. 5Th & 6th Jenny Shanley with Low Tide and Riley Mascot.

Currently, the Hodgson Loom Gallery at Laxey Woollen Mills is hosting a photographic exhibition by over twenty IOMPS members. The standard of work is extremely good and contains a large range of subjects and styles.

The exhibition runs until 9th March and is open from 9.00am – 5.00pm daily.

The IOM Photographic Society, the oldest "camera club" still meeting on the island, is 75 years old this year, having been formed in 1938. To celebrate the event, we are delighted to announce an "Exhibition of Photography" to be held at the House of Manannan in Peel from 18th May until 4th August, in association with the Manx Museum.

The exhibition will include material covering both the history of photography and of photography on the Island, together with images from members. A special highlight of the event includes 4 workshops in June and July, each a full day duration, to be led by well known local photographer, Andrew Barton LBIPP, LMPA - these will cover an introduction to photography, studio still life, portraiture, and "photo fun" (using processes such as "green screen" and photo manipulation etc).

A season ticket entitling entry to all 4 events will cost £150 (£125 for IOMPS Members and MNH Friends) or individual sessions may be booked at £40 per day (£35 for IOMPS Members and MNH Friends) - lunch is included in these prices. Numbers will be strictly limited to ensure maximum participation by those attending. Tickets available from The House of Manannan.

Next week will see the judging of an Open Digital competition.

Anyone is welcome to join us at Thie Ellyn on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm.

Please visit for more information about the society and also to view members photographs in the online galleries.

13th February 2013

Food assignment print winners Shirley Lotfy; Annette Slater; Sue Jones; Janet Servante with Judge Dennis Wood

The IOM Photographic Society this week enjoyed the company of Dennis Wood from the Western Society as our judge and mentor for an assignment competition on "Food", for both prints and digitally projected images - and an excellent and informative evening then ensued. Dennis provided a well balanced and well paced commentary. He confirmed that he was a photographer of many years standing, and that his background was the "school of experience" - of learning from his mistakes. In judging, he started each of the various classes with his least favoured shots, and then paired it with the next image in that class, making comparisons and giving a very careful and helpful explanation of his thoughts as regards composition, use of light, and in particular its relevance to the assignment, and whether the shot generated a response in the eyes of the viewer. He explained that food is a "sensory" subject - that looking at an image of food causes a response - ice-cream, bread or strawberries for example all have a different taste and a photograph can stimulate an expectation and an ambience.

In the Standard Group, Annette Slater pulled off 1st and 2nd place in the Mono Prints, her winning shot "Extreme Vegetarian", a very imaginative image of a young lady wearing a dress composed of various vegetable leaves with a necklace of chilli peppers. Ernie Lumsden, a junior member, then won the Colour Prints section with an expressive and well executed shot "Melting Moment", of a young boy with an open mouth clearly enjoying his food. Aida Podobska's image of "The Three Stages of Bread" won her the Digital Section, a nicely composed picture of wheat grains, flour and a baked loaf.

In the Intermediate Group, Janet Servante took both 1st and 2nd places in the Mono Print section, her winning shot "Fisherman's Feast", being a delightful image of a plate of fish well arranged and extremely well lit and printed. Shirley Lotfy's "Box of Tomatoes" gained her the winner's spot in the Colour Prints section -a colourful image, the reds and the greens of the tomatoes giving real impact in a very tightly composed image. Anne Bidwell's "Mmmm Tasty" took 1st place in the Digital Section, a close-up image of chinese food in a sweet and sour sauce, well framed with a ring of peas giving an excellent colour contrast.

In the Advanced Group, Sue Jones took both 1st and 2nd places in the Mono Prints in an otherwise empty class, but her winning image of a loaf of bread, "Crusty Cob, exemplified the sensory nature of the topic - it might not sound very interesting but the composition, texture of the loaf, and execution were such that you could taste the bread - just add the butter and cheese ! A similar situation in the Colour Prints, only this time it was Ron Shimmin in fine form, taking both 1st and 2nd places - his winning shot "A touch of the Orient" being a lovely still life of plate of oriental vegetables, a dipping sauce bowl to one side, and a pair of chop sticks artfully placed in a beautifully arranged and lit image. Sue Jones finished the evening with another 1st place in the Digital Section, with a very artistic and graphic composition of three peppers on a white plate, "Pepper Pattern", again lit perfectly.

Next week, Andrew Barton will be judging an Open Prints competition for the Society. All are welcome to attend - guests with a fee of £1 payable at the door. All meetings are at Thie Ellyn, the Art Society building in Withington Road, and start at 7:30pm.

RESULTS - STANDARD GROUP - Mono Prints : Annette Slater (1 & 2), Elaine Dewhirst (3 & 4). Colour Prints : Ernie Lumsden (Junior Member : 1), Elaine Dewhirst (2 & 4), Annette Slater (3 & 6), Jiri Podobsky (5). Digital : Aida Podobska (1), Bob Corrin (2), Jiri Podobsky (3), Elaine Dewhirst (4 & 6), Mark Thorsby (5). INTERMEDIATE GROUP - Mono Prints : Janet Servante (1 & 2), Patricia Harvey (3 & 6), Hazel Walsh (4), Anne Bidwell (5). Colour Prints : Shirley Lotfy (1 & 4), Janet Servante (2 & 3), Patricia Harvey (5), Anne Bidwell (6). Digital : Anne Bidwell (1 & 3), Hazel Walsh (2=), Patricia Harvey (2=), Anne Bidwell (3), Shirley Lotfy (4 & 5), John Dale (6). ADVANCED GROUP - Mono Prints : Sue Jones (1 & 2). Colour Prints : Ron Shimmin (1 & 2), Sue Jones (3 & 4), Chris Blyth (5 & 6). Digital : Sue Jones (1 & 4), Bob Servante (2), John Phipp (3 & 6), Chris Blyth (5).

By Chris Blyth

6th February 2013

Open digital competition winners Anne Bidwell and Dave Welsh with Judge Clare Payne (centre)

What constitutes a winning photographic image? This is a question that has been asked many times in the past but it is not an easy one to answer definitively, and is certainly difficult to enunciate in just a few words. Of course, there are those who simply say “one just has to follow all the rules” but that doesn’t always suffice because the rules of photography can be broken on occasions with pleasing results that reveal a successful end product! Whilst the truth is that different outcomes appeal to different observers, the Society was fortunate to have an experienced professional photographer to judge at its last meeting, someone with the ability to point us all in the right direction towards achieving the winning images to which we aspire.

Clare Payne is based in the South of the Island and specialises in contemporary wedding photography locally, nationally and, indeed, internationally. She had been due to judge for the Society in a few weeks’ time but obligingly agreed to come earlier than scheduled when our judge for the evening was found to be off Island. Claire has judged for the Society before so we knew that she was well qualified and that her knowledge of the demands of modern portrait photography was of the highest order. Her careful attention to detail is second to none and so we were delighted to welcome her back warmly.

Clare admitted that assessing entries in an ‘open’ competition for projected digital images added an extra dimension to the task. Making light of this challenge, however, she quickly set about her task with good humour, in spite of the fact that, being in a similar condition to a certain royal princess at the moment, she was not feeling 100%! Leaning heavily on her experience of meeting the demands of her many discerning clients by giving them excellent service in her professional work, she began by setting out her criteria for a winning image. In an open competition, she explained that the choice of subject and the angle of view can be terribly important but then the challenge for the photographer was to convey to the judge a story to help her to understand what message was being conveyed. A good use of light the light source was an essential ingredient with the correct exposure being set through the best combination of aperture and shutter speed to achieve the desired image. When photographing people, animals or birds, she advised that the sharpest focus had to be on the eyes and it was usually, but not always, best to have the main subject off-centre in the frame. So, these had been the main criteria in her mind as she had examined the 49 images before her.

Undaunted by the wide range of subject matter entered, Clare gave a brief critique on each of the images with great eloquence and a pleasant charm. She offered clear, concise explanations and reasoning to justify the order of merit upon which she had eventually decided. Her final rankings were as follows:-


Standard Group – 1st ‘Black-rimmed snout Hoverfly feasting on a cuckoo flower’, a colourful image by Aida Podobska; 2nd ‘Last lap before Sunset’ by Paul Dougherty; 3rd ‘Marco’ by Bob Corrin; 4th ‘Lightening the Night Sky’ by Annette Slater; 5th ‘Liverpool Eye’ by Tim Norton; and 6th ‘Edinburgh Dahlia Comp’ by Mark Thorsby. The judge also commended a number of images, namely ‘The Caracal’ by Richard Shafto; ‘Kiss from a Rose to the Grave’ by Mark Thorsby; ’Whoops a Daisy’ by Jiri Podobsky; ‘Soaking the Sun’ by Elaine Dewhurst; ‘Nichole’ and Beach Racer’ by Andrew Cowin; and ‘Bringing the Outside In’ by Annette Slater.

Intermediate Group – 1st ‘Swallow’ a beautiful image of a young bird by Anne Bidwell; 2nd ‘What are you looking at?’ by Hazel Walsh; 3rd ‘Gannet’ by Patricia Harvey; 4th ‘Moorhen feeding Chicks’ by Janet Servante; 5th ’Goats beard’ by Jenny Shanley; and 6th ‘Sparrow’ by Shirley Lotfy. Highly Commended were two images, one by Janet Servante with ‘Ringing a Blue Tit’ and the other by Patricia Harvey with ‘Autumn in Cambridge’. The judge also commended ‘Day Break’ by Shirley Lotfy and ‘Violet Ecstasy’ by Hazel Walsh.

Advanced Group – 1 ‘Gannet Going, Going, Gone’ by Dave Walsh, a flawless shot from a moving boat of a bird taking to flight from the water; 2nd ‘A Little bit of heaven in London’ by Robert Blyth-Skyrme; 3rd ‘Bubbles’ by Tony Curtis; 4th ‘Pete’ by Sue Jones; 5th ‘Light Painted Engine House’ by Sue Jones; and 6th ‘Red Alert’ by Brian Speedie. The judge gave two commendations, one Highly Commended to Chris Blyth for ‘Bluebell Delight’ and a Commended for ‘MG’ by John Phipp.

Proposing a well-deserved vote of thanks, Tony Curtis thanked Clare for her complimentary remarks about the overall high standard of the entries and on the marketability of several of them. It was obvious that she had been scrupulously objective in her approach and he was sure it would not be long before she would be invited to make a return visit.

The lower than usual number of entries in this monthly competition might well have been due to the considerable time members are currently devoting to producing a range of images for the Society’s Spring Photographic Exhibition at the Hodgson Loom Gallery at Laxey Woollen Mills. This exhibition will be open to the public from Saturday, 16th February and is not to be missed.

On Wednesday, 13th February at 7.30 pm at Thie Ellyn, off Withington Road, Douglas, the Society has another ‘Small Prints’ Competition when everyone will have an opportunity to test their judging skills before the judge for the night gives the final assessment. We shall also have a friendly two-way battle of projected digital images with the Bristol Camera Club which has been restored to the programme this Winter after a year’s break. The entries for the next ‘open’ prints competition will also be due in that night.


IOMPS Reports During March 2013

29th March 2013


The highlight event of the IOMPS year is the Annual Competition, this year judged by Adrian Lines  ARPS DPAGB ABPE EFIAP - so highly qualified, but as he himself confirmed, the qualifications were achieved in a very few years, having only started as a photographer some 7 or 8 years ago, which certainly justifies him as being an enthusiastic photographer.

Adrian's day started early in the morning, with a review and careful consideration of nearly 250 prints from the members in the various classes and groups.  The images to be shown later in the evening were only his selection of winning images - those gaining his placings of 1st 2nd and 3rd, or Highly Commended and Commended in each class.  Come the evening, his remarks were crisp and very perceptive, and his explanation of just why each had earnt his approval delivered with clarity and humour.  He explained that three aspects were important in his judging - the technical treatment (composition, resolution etc), the subject matter (how the subject has been handled), and the creativity of the image (the artistic input and that "extra factor " which adds impact).

In the Standard Group, Elaine Dewhirst  swept the board in the monochrome class, her winning image of "New Shoes" being praised for its atmospheric treatment and well chosen viewpoint. Richard Shafto's image of a family of lions won the colour section with its excellent composition, whilst  the quality of the lighting and the detailed texture revealed in the feathers of a shag gained Annette Slater a first place in the natural history section. Elaine Dewhirst scored again in both the creative class with a lovely image of bubbles, an almost abstract composition with excellent colours, and in the record section with a picture of St Michael's Chapel on Fort Island, the quality of the light and the full tonal range in the monochrome treatment being particularly mentioned.

In the Intermediate Group, Janet Servante enjoyed a very successful evening,  her image of fish on a plate winning the monochrome class for its sheer quality, an image of a robin being fed in a hand winning the colour class, and finishing with a 1st in the natural history class with a close-up image of a starling, simple in composition but with excellent detail.  Hazel Walsh took the award in the creative class with a portrait of a girl, reduced to its essentials in two-tone simplicity of black or white, whilst Patricia Harvey won the record section with a delightful image of a fenland workshop, much admired for its use of a warm blend of mostly brown tones.

The advanced group saw Ron Shimmin in good form, his "Street Voices" winning the monochrome class (an image of two very large graffiti faces on a wall as background with two muslim ladies in arabic garb in the foreground), and another of the interior of Nantes Cathedral taking the record section.   Sue Jones won both the colour section with a lovely studio shot of a dog being very tempted by a large plate of sausages (beautifully lit and well composited), and the creative class with a monochrome image of a goth girl against a courtyard wall and doors. Robert Blyth-Skyrme took the natural history section with an image of three otters playing together in a river, and meeting the judge's approval because of the added interest of their behaviour.

Our judge, Adrian,and his wife Jane, (also a well qualified photographer) completed our evening with a very well received presentation of their print work.  It comprised dozens of images, mostly composites of several images merged seamlessly to "tell a story" or to "ask questions" - and by so doing, involving the viewer in the exercise.  The images were largely portraits of strong personalities or characters against backgrounds thought appropriate by the photographer and required both an excellent set of images in the first place, and then put together in Photoshop software in a very creative process. The audience particularly enjoyed the opportunity to examine the images "up close" as they were very generously passed around - and we could see for ourselves the superb quality of the work on display.  Brenda Shimmin gave the well deserved vote of thanks at the end of the evening.

RESULTS OF ANNUAL PRINTS COMPETITION   STANDARD GROUP : Monochrome for the Tranter Cup - E Dewhirst (1, 2 & 3), Sam Bucknall (Junior Member - HC & C). Colour for the Woodbourne Cup  - Richard Shafto (1, 3, HC x 2), Martyn Parnell (2), Elaine Dewhirst (C x 2), Jiri Podobsky (C). Natural History for the Baldwin Shield  - Annette Slater (1,2,3, HC x 2), Richard Shafto (C). Creative for the Greeba Cup - Elaine Dewhirst (1), Sam Bucknall (2), Martyn Parnell (3).  Record for the Dreemfroy Trophy - Elaine Dewhirst (1, 3 & HC), Sam, Bucknall (2).  INTERMEDIATE GROUP : Monochrome for the Ballure Cup - Janet Servante (1, HC and C x 2),Hazel Walsh (2), Patricia Harvey (3 & C). Colour for the Coombe Cup - Janet Servante (1), Jenny Shanley (2 & HC), Hazel Walsh (3), Anne Bidwell (HC & C), Shirley Lotfy (C). Natural History for the Ballaragh Cup - Janet Servante (1, 2, HC & C), Anne Bidwell (3), Patricia Harvey (HC x 2).  Creative for the Carnane Cup - Hazel  Walsh (1 & 3), Jenny Shanley (2).   Record for the Lezayre Trophy - Patricia Harvey (1 & C), Shirley Lotfy (2), Ian Lumsden (3).    ADVANCED GROUP : Monochrome for the Bridge Cup - Ron Shimmin (1), Sue Jones (2, 3, HC & C), Bob Servante (HC & C), Dave Welsh (C). Colour for the Sanderson Cup - Sue Jones (1), Dave Welsh (2), Robert Blyth-Skyrme (3 & C), Ron Shimmin (HC & C), Bob Servante (HC), Tony Curtis (C), Nigel Owen (C). Natural History for the Caraghan Cup - Robert Blyth-Skyrme (1 & 2), Chris Blyth (3, HC & C), Bob Servante (C), Dave Welsh (C).  Creative for the Snaefell Cup - Sue Jones (1 & 3), Ron Shimmin (2), Tony Curtis (C).  Record for the Glenrigh Cup - Ron Shimmin (1), Sue Jones (2), Chris Blyth (3), Dave Welsh (C).   Best Monochrome Print in Competition - Janet Servante (Fish Supper).  Best Digital Image - Sue Jones (Sausages)

22nd March 2013 - Tonights annual digital juging.

Hi everyone, unfortunately due to the weather we have had to take the decision to cancel tonight. We will try and show the winning digital entries later in the season. Also we would ask that if you know of anyone who won't see this message you contact them to avoid anyone making the journey. Apologies again. Mark & The committee.

21st March 2013

Hi everyone, Just a quick note to say that were watching the weather for tonight. Please check back here for updates. Mark.

20th March 2013

"Lady in Red" by Shirley Lotfy gained the highest score by an IOMPS entry in the 3-Way Digital Battle with 19 points.  

The IOMPS this week enjoyed a 3-Way Digital Battle with the Oldham Photographic Society and the Rochdale Camera Club, fellow members in the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union. It was the third year that we have competed with these two clubs, so it is now a regular feature in our annual programme. It is a very important element too, as it enables us to measure ourselves in competitive terms against similar clubs on the mainland, as well as getting the benefit of a commentary from one of the L&CPU approved judges. This year, it was judged in Oldham by Gordon Jenkins APAGB, a well known and highly respected member of the L&CPU Executive where he is the Competitions Secretary - so an ideal candidate to be our judge! The Battle, comprising 25 images from each club, was filmed by Mike Lawrence from the Oldham Club who then produced a DVD for showing at the IOMPS meeting - and an enthralling evening ensued, with 75 top class images being judged, each commented on in detail and marked out of 20 points, with the totals being added up for each club to produce an overall club winner ..... Gordon marked "cold", seeing the images for the first time in a preview "run-through" prior to starting his judging. Because the images represented some of the best work of the 3 clubs, all earnt good marks, the lowest getting 15 out of 20, whilst just two images gained the top mark of 20. With an astute and perceptive commentary to accompany his judging, Gordon "held back" 23 images as being worthy of his top marks of 18 or above, and on which he made some additional comments to justify his marking. Unfortunately, the Oldham Club proved very strong, with 16 of their images being in this "highest" category, gaining marks of 18 or above - whilst only 6 of the IOMPS entries came into this group, whilst Rochdale had just 1 image. Inevitably, that meant that Oldham - for the third year running - emerged as overall winners, with 449 points, whilst IOMPS came in second with 415 points. Shirley Lotfy's image "Lady in Red" (a lady wearing a red cloak against the backdrop of a spectacular waterfall) gained 19 points for the highest score by an IOMPS entry. An image by Christine Widdall EFIAP MPAGB BPE5* of the Oldham PS of two children "Siblings" gained 20 points and was awarded best image on the night - she was also the outstanding entrant by far, with 3 others of her images gaining 19 points each - and demonstrating just what a good photographer she is. The IOMPS will be holding its Annual Competition this week, with Prints being judged tonight (Thursday 21st March) and Digital Images tomorrow night (Friday 22nd). Our judge will be Adrian Lines ARPS DPAGB ABPE EFIAP. Our meetings are held at the Art Society Building (Thie Ellyn) in Withington Road, Douglas, starting at 7:30pm. All are welcome to attend, non-members with a £1 entry fee. The IOM Photographic Society, the oldest "camera club" still meeting on the Island, is 75 years old this year, having been formed in 1938. To celebrate the event, we are delighted to announce an "Exhibition of Photography" to be held at the House of Manannan in Peel from 18th May until 4th August, in association with the Manx Museum. The exhibition will include material covering both the history of photography and of photography on the Island, together with images from members. A special highlight of the event includes 4 workshops in June and July, each a full day duration, to be led by well known local photographer, Andrew Barton LBIPP, LMPA - these will cover an introduction to photography, studio still life, portraiture, and "photo fun" (using processes such as "green screen" and photo manipulation etc). A season ticket entitling entry to all 4 events will cost £150 (£125 for IOMPS Members and MNH Friends) or individual sessions may be booked at £40 per day (£35 for IOMPS Members and MNH Friends) - lunch is included in these prices. Numbers will be strictly limited to ensure maximum participation by those attending. Tickets available from The House of Manannan.

13th March 2013

IOMPS President Tony Curtis who demonstrated the Society's Optiscope Projector and lead a workshop on how to illuminate tabletop still life subjects using desk lamps.

Wednesday 6th March was the hand in for the society’s annual competition. Club members submitted digital and print entries for a variety of categories which will be judged on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd March at Thie Ellyn.

Both evenings will commence at 7.30pm with the prints being judged on the Thursday and the digital on the Friday. This year’s judge is Adrian Lines ARPS DPAGB EFIAP who is well known throughout the UK and further afield for his digital composite images. He will also be speaking about his own work. Guests are welcome and there is a £1 charge for non-members.

Whilst the entries were collated members enjoyed a practical evening which began with a demonstration of a Johnson Optiscope Projector model 12. A.

This 1940s version of the magic lantern has an electric bulb rather than a candle. President Tony Curtis demonstrated the fully working projector and members were also able to browse a selection of cameras of varying makes and models from the history of photography.

The Optiscope and a selection of cameras will feature in the society’s upcoming exhibition, Isle of Man Photographic Society: 75 Years of Photography which opens at the House of Manannan on the 18th May.

Members then had a choice of viewing a selection of Photoshop tutorial videos or watching a demonstration of how to set up a studio shot with items found around the house. Tony Curtis demonstrated the difference between Halogen, Tungsten and Daylight Balanced lighting with 3 desk lamps which were arranged to illuminate a tabletop still life.

As part of the House of Manannan exhibition photographer Andrew Barton is holding a series of workshops. Tickets are now available at the House of Manannan and further information about the workshops can be found at Members are reminded that there is no meeting on Wednesday 20th March.

By Hazel Walsh

10th March 2013

Dear Member

As you will probably know, it has been customary to invite members of the other 2 island photographic clubs to attend the IOMPS Annual Competition, given that we try to invite a distinguished UK photographer to judge our competition, to be followed on both evenings by a presentation of his or her work....

I am delighted to confirm that Western have again this year reciprocated the invitation with a similar invite to their Annual and Judge’s presentation – the latter to be held as usual at Glen Helen with the option of a buffet supper – dates as below, and ticket details for the Glen Helen to be advised in due course.

Best wishes

Chris – Secretary

The WPS is having Brian McKenna, CPAGB, from Belfast, as judge for this year’s Annual, on Thursday 18th April. This will be at the Legion this year and as you know we always welcome visitors. The following evening, Friday 19th, he will give a talk mainly on Nature Photograprhy, at the Glen Helen Inn. This will include a buffet as previously, and there will be a charge, as yet not finalised. We hope this will be attractive to IOMPS members, - there are a lot of keen naturalists!

Please extend this  invitation to members.

Best regards,


6th March 2013

Digital 'Open' competition winners Tony Curtis and Patricia Harvey with Judge Andrew Barton

The Society was pleased at its last meeting to extend a warm welcome back as its judge highly regarded professional photographer, Andrew Barton, who offers a wide range of photography services from his Ramsey studio. This time, he was invited to assess and rank the projected digital images entered by members in the second part of our February ‘open’ competition.

Having judged the ‘open’ prints competition the previous week, Andrew might have been forgiven had he chosen to decline this extra work commitment but he said he had enjoyed viewing the entries which were all of a generally high standard. There were slightly fewer entries in the competition than normal but this had not made his task any easier! Perhaps the small entry was a reflection of the considerable time members had devoted to producing such a superb range of images for the current Spring Exhibition of the Society at the Hodgson Loom Gallery at Laxey Woollen Mills. This exhibition is open to the public for a few more days and is not to be missed!

Andrew was quickly into his stride, offering perceptive, helpful and encouraging comments on the best use of available lighting, angle of view, composition, achieving the required tonal range in mono and overall presentation, offering suggestions for improvement. Undaunted by the wide range of subject matter before him, his critique of the images was as sound as you would expect from someone with so many years’ experience of just about every photographic genre. With a never waning sense of enthusiasm, Andrew gave clear, concise explanations and reasoning to justify the marks and rankings he had eventually decided upon.

He announced his final ‘orders of merit’ as follows:-


Standard Group – 1st ‘Heron in Flight’, a first class image illustrating good use of differential focusing by Annette Slater, the improvement in whose naturally history work has been quite remarkable this past year; 2nd ‘For Disposal’, by Patricia Larkham; 3rd ‘Douglas Harbour Marina’ by Elaine Dewhurst; 4th ‘Two Together’ also by Patricia Larkham; 5th ‘Fisherman on Cliff’ by Tim Norton; and 6th ‘Spanish head’ by Phil Edge.

Intermediate Group1st ‘Cattle Egret and Chicks’, a well captured shot with striking impact by Patricia Harvey; 2nd ‘Bee on Sunflower’ by Anne Bidwell; 3rd ‘Red Shank’ by Janette Servante; 4th ‘Bat Wing’ by Jenny Shanley; 5th ’Harbour View’ by Shirley Lotfy; and 6th ‘Country Girl’ by Patricia Harvey.

Advanced Group – 1 ‘Grey Heron in Flight’, a superb colour image Tony Curtis; 2nd ‘Mystic Rocks’ by Sue Jones; 3rd ‘Roses’ by Chris Blyth; 4th ’Tunnel Vision’ also by Sue Jones; 5th ‘and 6th ‘Arctic Friend’ and ‘Just Walking in the Rain’, both by Brian Speedie.

As was reported in the Courier last week, Andrew Barton has kindly agreed to run four workshops in association with the Society’s 75th anniversary exhibition to be held at the House of Manannan in Peel from mid May to early August. Full details about the workshops can now be found on the Society’s website at as can any other information about the Society and its activities throughout the year.

In his vote of thanks, the Society President thanked Andrew for taking time out of his busy schedule to judge once more and said how appreciative we were to have such high calibre judges on the Island supporting amateur photography. Members had learned a great deal from listening to his expert analysis, as always.

The Committee has recently decided on the Assignment Competition Topics for 2013 to 2014. These are to be ‘Manx Heritage’ for the Isle of Man Bank Cup’; ‘Instruments’; ‘Night-time’ and ‘Circles’, so there is plenty of time for members to think about something that little bit different to catch the eye over the coming months.

On Wednesday, 13th March at 7.30 pm at Thie Ellyn, off Withington Road, Douglas, the Society will be presenting images from a three-way ‘battle’ with Rochdale and Oldham Photography Clubs which proved such a success last year. The entries will also be due in that evening for the Isle of Man Bank Cup Competition, the set subject being ‘Manx Glens’.


1st March 2013

Dear Member

Entries are due at our next meeting on 6th March for this year’s Annual Competition – the year is rapidly drawing to a conclusion..........

For the sake of clarity, and to ensure everyone understands the Rules governing the Annual Competition, I Please see the Competition Rules ....

I would draw members’ attention to the final paragraph “The Requirements” where the details of the various categories are stipulated – in particular, the specific characteristics for “natural history, creative, record and open” to ensure images are entered in the correct section..... not always obvious !!

Good luck to all participants in what is our highlight event....

Best wishes


1st March 2013

Dear Member

As you know, the Society has  traditionally participated (and done well) in the Annual L&CPU Club Competition, usually held in April or May,  and after we have had our own Annual Competition (and from which we have always selected the club entry into the L&CPU Club Competition).

This year, the L&CPU elected to run two separate competitions – a Club Competition (being held in March), and an Individual Competition (being held in May).

Because of the existing club programme, and commitments already made with the dates of the Annual, the Laxey Exhibition, and our 75th Anniversary Exhibition at Peel, your committee believed it impractical also to participate this year in the L&CPU Club Competition – so we are “skipping” a year.... and will re-enter next year.

However, individual members are still able to enter the L&CPU Individual Competition, should they so wish..... and

I detail the rules below.

Entries are required to be submitted via the IOMPS no later than 26th April (which means they need to be handed over to the Club Secretary at latest by our AGM on the 17th April) , and the suggestion at present is that participating members will have to pay pro rata for the number of prints ie if there are 45 images submitted by all members, and the postage is £45, then each image will bear a cost of £1.......

Best wishes


June 2012

The Individual L&CPU Competition

1 This competition will be open to ALL members of an L&CPU Federated Club

2 The sections will be as follows

1. Open Monochrome Prints

2. Open Colour Prints

3. Nature Prints

4. Open Monochrome PDI

5. Open Colour PDI

6. Nature PDI

3 There will be a Gold Medal for Winners of Each Section.

4 For second and third places, certificates will be awarded. The Judges will decide on certificates of Merit for each section.

5 In additional to the section awards there will be three others awards

a. Overall Print PHOTOGRAPHER Award



6 A photographer may enter up to four images in each section.

7 The Overall results will be based on the total of the scores of all images in the respective sections.

8 A league table of these results will be produced

9 Images must not have been entered into any L&CPU Annual previously OTHER THAN THE NEW CLUB COMPETITION.

10 Prints must be mounted 500mm x 400mm

11 All entries to be made to the L&CPU, through the L&CPU portal. (more information will be

issued on the L&CPU web site later)

12 Digital Projected Images to be 1400 Pixels x 1050 Pixels, sRGB mode saved as jpg’s

13 The ‘top markers’ may be held by the L&CPU for the PAGB, Folio and Exhibition entries.

14 There will be no Club awards

15 The usual copyright issues prevail

16 The Competition will be held in MAY

IOMPS Reports During April 2013

25th April 2013

Andrew Barton surrounded by some of the cameras which will be on display during the Isle of Man Photographic Society's 75th Anniversary Exhibition of Photography at the House of Manannan this summer. Andrew is also the tutor for the workshops to be held in connection with the exhibition.

The IOM Photographic Society held its Annual general meeting on Wednesday, 17th April, and marking the end of the official season of formal meetings.  Tony Curtis continues as President, with a second year in office, whilst Claire Stringer has stepped up as Secretary, taking over from Chris Blyth. The new committee will be meeting shortly and looking to hold a number of summer outings and practical events to stimulate the creative instincts and aspirations of our members.  Full  details, once available, will be shown on the club’s website at .

The major official event of the summer however, is of course the 75th Anniversary of the society, being marked by a collaboration with the House of Manannan in an Exhibition of Photography.  This will comprise both a showing of print and digital images by the society's members and a display of equipment to illustrate the development of photography - from film cameras requiring "wet chemicals", a darkroom and an enlarger for processing and printing, through to today's digital cameras requiring only a computer and a desk printer for simple home production.  There will also be a series of 4 one-day workshops - open to anyone with an interest in photography - being run in June and July by Andrew Barton LBIPP, LMPA on various aspects of the art.  These will cover a range of subjects - from understanding camera controls (all those buttons and menus!) to practical demonstrations on studio still life and portraiture.  There will be a charge of £40 per day or a season ticket for all 4 workshops of £150 - excellent value for a very hands-on opportunity to develop one's skills in the hands of a very experienced and skilled tutor.  Lunch is included in the price and concessions are available for Friends of Manx National Heritage or of the IOM Photographic Society. Tickets are available from the House of Manannan and for more information about the workshops visit our website

By Chris Blyth

17th April 2013

Manx Glens competition judge Richard Kinley with Isle of Man Bank Cup winner Sue Jones

The meeting  on 27th March of the IOM Photographic Society was for the IOM Bank Cup, a prestigious award held for print entries, in either Black and White or in Colour - but the winners of the two section then to be in final competition for the overall award. What is unusual is that this is the only competition during our club year in which members compete on a level playing-field, and not split into the standard / intermediate and advanced groups as normal.  Our judge was Richard Kinley - well known local photographer with an enviable record of excellence in the field of landscape work, so ideally qualified to judge this competition.  What ensued was a master class in landscape imaging, Richard's keen eye and perceptive commentary making clear the very high standards to which he works, particularly in terms of composition, the use of light, and the maintenance of good colour balance in the final image - but the comments all delivered in a very supportive and encouraging way.

Although there were only twenty entries, they were of high quality, each getting a very full commentary, the strengths and weaknesses of each being carefully analysed and noted. In the end however, the winners of the two sections emerged - the Monochrome section being a lovely and well composed image of Ballaglass Glen by Sue Jones - reckoned by Richard to be the most photogenic of all the Manx glens. The winning image in the Colour section was of Groudle Glen, the trees in the glen being very well placed  against a background of the piers of the road bridge - and again authored by Sue.  The winner of the IOM Bank Cup was therefore not in doubt - and it was her monochrome image which deservedly gained Sue the trophy.

Results IOM Bank Cup - Monochrome Section : Sue Jones (1), Bob Servante (2), Sam Bucknall (3), Chris Blyth (4), Hazel Walsh (5), Richard Shafto (6).  Colour Section : Sue Jones (1), Bob Servante (2), Ron Shimmin (3), Shirley Lotfy (4), Richard Shafto (5), Tony Curtis (6), Chris Blyth (C).

The meeting on 10th April was a "family and friends showing" of all the entries - both print and digital - in the Society's Annual Competition.  Whilst the problem of showing nearly 500 images in the course of the evening necessitates a "whistle-stop tour" approach, with each image being shown just long enough to appreciate, this is a much welcomed opportunity to see all the work of the members in competition, not just those winning the main awards. The Society gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of the Arts Council, which as always very generously sponsored this event.

10th April 2013

Vicky Harrop displays one of her landscape images

The IOM Photographic Society this week enjoyed the company of Vicky Harrop, well known and highly skilled local photographer, not in her usual role of competition judge but to showcase some examples of her work - and a real "tour de force" was the result .  Vicky has been a guest of the Society on a number of occasions, and has always delighted our membership with the excellence of her photography and the sheer pleasure and enthusiasm with which she shares her skills - and this was no exception.

She commenced our evening with a display of her equipment - a Canon EOS 5D as her "bread and butter" digital camera, used for most of her social work as a portrait and wedding photographer, a Hassleblad Xpan camera using 35mm film for ultra-wide panoramic landscape shots, and the Pentax 6x7 for ultimate large-format quality - an impressive array of kit, each superbly suited to its target sector. 

Vicky has been working for a number of years with several charities in India, using her photographic skills to promote their objectives - so street scenes in Bangalore, the colourful saris and dresses of the people and some wonderfully evocative portraits set us on our way, but inevitably also including some of the orphaned children and older people in hospice care to remind us of the more serious side of her travels.  Next came a sequence of her "mums and babies" photography - some lovely "aaaah" moments being captured and shown, accompanied with a commentary full  of helpful hints as to the best time of day to get good shots, places for images when the weather is poor or the right angles to take portraits and to get Mum and Dad in a relaxed pose (and baby not crying !).  In a completely different mode, Vicky (with Miles Cowsill) has co-photographed the definitive "coffee table" book on manx churches - and showed us a variety of her superb images which captured both their architecture and their heritage appeal.  With yet another range of images, Vicky confessed that wedding photography had been a fairly stressful part of her commercial life.  This was mostly down to the reality of the pressure of time and the "once only" opportunity of having the bride, groom and family all together, and the necessity of getting a strong range of images for the family album - and again with lots of helpful asides as to how to overcome difficulties in getting the shots. Tony Curtis, Club President, gave the vote of thanks for a stimulating, sometimes inspiring evening - and was especially grateful himself for some of the hints and tips given ! 

The Society's programme is now coming to the end of its season, with just the Annual General Meeting and Annual Dinner to come.  The main highlight of the summer season will be the Society's 75th Anniversary, with a major photographic exhibition starting in May at the House of Manannan.  The exhibition includes 4 "day-long photographic workshops" being given by Andrew Barton LBIPP LMPA, the Island’s premier professional photographer from Ramsey  - and covering an introduction to the camera controls, still life and studio photography, portraits and posing for better "people" shots, and a "flash back and fun day" showing how the camera has evolved since its invention and how some of the techniques have been adapted to the modern digital age.  The sessions include lunch, and are open to anyone interested in photography, with a cost of £40 per workshop or £150 for a season ticket - concessions for members of Manx National Heritage or of the IOM Photographic Society.  Full details on and tickets available from the House of Mannanan in Peel.

By Chris Blyth

3rd April 2013

Annual Competition digital image winners Jiri Podobsky, Elaine Dewhirst, Shirley Lotfy, Martyn Parnell. Hazel Walsh, Sam Bucknall, Sue Jones.

The meeting of the IOM Photographic Society on 27th March saw a presentation of the winning images from the Society's Annual Digital Competition, originally planned to have been held 22nd March. That meeting was cancelled due to the appalling weather conditions, but fortunately our judge, Adrian Lines ARPS DPAGB EFIAP ABPE had been able to complete his judging and to award the winning images, though the lapse of a week unfortunately meant that we lost the commentary that would have accompanied the showing of the work.

In the standard group, Martyn Parnell came good with wins in both Open Colour (with an image of a Norton motorbike in the TT) and the Record sections (with a shot of a rusting child's fire engine). Elaine Dewhirst continued her success in the Annual , winning the Open Monochrome section with a child's portrait, the pose carefully chosen with the hands framing the face, whilst Jiri Podobsky scored in Natural History with a lovely close-up shot of a hoverfly in mid-air. Winning the Creative section was a particularly striking image of a rock concert musician - the strong colours being well suited to the subject, and gaining junior member, Sam Bucknall, both a well deserved class trophy and a plaque for the best junior image in competition.

The intermediate group was dominated by Hazel Walsh, winning three classes, and by Shirley Lotfy taking the other two. Hazel's image of a girl's eyes seen close-up (and perhaps rather startled) took the Open Monochrome section, an imaginative and artistic shot of a clock in a window recess gathering dust winning her the Open Colour class, and her third award coming in the Creative section, with a portrait of a "steam punk", the red hair and spectacles capturing the spirit full-on. Shirley Lotfy swept the board in Natural History, taking all three top placings, her best shot being a close-up of some harvester ants carrying a seed-head back to the nest, whilst she also won the Record section with an image of a golden statue, taken in Zagreb.

The advanced group was similarly dominated by two competitors, Sue Jones and Robert Blyth-Skyrme. Sue took the honours in the Open Monochrome class with a wonderful image, "Mutual Attraction", of two adults facing each other across a table, the lighting being very well handled. An image of a court jester in full mediaeval dress against a composited background of a castle and the moon won her the Creative class, and a very successful night being completed with a win in the Record section, with a close-up detailed shot of the Queen Mother's Monument. Robert's entry of a London Bus navigating Piccadilly Circus in evening light won him the Open Colour section, the lighting being again very well handled, whilst a superb, frame-filling image of a turtle in close-up, took the honours in Natural History.

RESULTS OF THE ANNUAL DIGITALLY PROJECTED IMAGES COMPETITION - STANDARD GROUP : Open Monochrome Section for the Barrule Cup : Elaine Dewhirst (1), Jiri Podobsky (2), Martyn Parnell (3), Sam Bucknall (HC). Open Colour for the Henry Roy Welsh Memorial Cup : Martyn Parnell (1, 3 & HC), Patricia Larkham (2 & 2 x HC), Phil Edge (HC), Richard Shafto (C), Elaine Dewhirst (C). Natural History for the York Trophy: Jiri Podobsky (1, HC & C), Elaine Dewhirst (2), Aida Podobska (3 & C). Creative for the Salisbury Cup : Sam Bucknall (Junior Member 1), Norma Cowell (2), Martyn Parnell (3). Record for the Atlantean Trophy : Martyn Parnell (1), Sam Bucknall (2), Patricia Larkham (3), Phil edge (C).INTERMEDIATE GROUP : Open Monochrome for the Glen Darragh Trophy : Hazel Walsh (1, 2 & HC), Anne Bidwell (3). Open Colour for the Brockenhurst Cup : Hazel Walsh (1), Janet Servante (2), Jenny Shanley (3), Shirley Lotfy (2 x HC), Patricia Harvey (HC & C), Anne Bidwell (C). Natural History for the Jensen Trophy : Shirley Lotfy (1, 2 & 3), Janet Servante (2 x HC, 3 x C), Patricia Harvey (C). Creative for the Sheiling Cup : Hazel Walsh (1, 2, 3 & HC) Anne Bidwell (C). Record for the Summerhill Cup : Shirley Lotfy (1), Patricia Harvey (2), Phyllis Christian (3). ADVANCED GROUP : Open Monochrome for the Glendown Trophy :- Sue Jones (1 & 2xC), Bob Servante (2), Brian Speedie (3). Open Colour for the Andrew Barton Cup : Robert Blyth-Skyrme (1), Sue Jones (2 & HC), Dave welsh (3 & HC), Brian Speedie (2 x C). Natural History for the Kelly Cup : Robert Blyth-Skyrme (1), Chris Blyth (2, 3 & HC), Dave Welsh (C). Creative for the Malew Cup : Sue Jones (1 & 2), Bob Servante (3). Record for the Dreym Beary Trophy : Sue Jones (1 & 2), Bob Servante (3). Sue Jones won the Mistral Trophy for the Best Digital Image in Competition with "The Jester". Janet Servante won the Best Natural History Image with her print "Starling". Sam Bucknall won a Plaque for the Best Junior Image with "Jed in Concert".

2nd April 2013 - Annual Prize Dinner

Dear Member,

As you are all aware the annual dinner and prize giving evening is fast approaching, the committee have confirmed Edwards Restaurant (previously known as ‘The Max’ King Edwards Golf Club) for the annual dinner and prize giving on Friday the 26th April 7.30pm.

The evening will start with a hot buffet at a cost of £14.50 per head, the selection will be:

Chilli Con Carne

Chicken Tikka Masala Curry

Vegetarian Lasagne

With rice / chips etc

The meal will be followed by the prize giving for all cup / trophy winners and also everyone who received a top three placing receives a certificate.

And of course then there is the raffle, so please get those raffle prizes ready!

We need to confirm numbers with the restaurant as soon as possible so if you would like to attend please bring your money along on Wednesday night where we will be taking names. Partners are always welcome!

There is a bar available and we will be in the main restaurant (to the right at the top of the stairs) which will be private just for the IOMPS.

Kind Regards


1st April 2013

Dear Member

A reminder that we have all been invited to the presentation by the Western Society’s Annual Judge (Brian McKenna CPAGB) on Friday 19th April at Glen Helen – the price of £10 is as detailed below, with tickets available from our next meeting on Wednesday 3rd April.

Don’t forget to bring your money if you want to attend !!

Best wishes

Chris – Secretary

ps Brian McKenna is apparently interested in geocaching – if you know of anyone who is interested in the topic, or know of any sites on the island, could you please pass on the details to Ruth.....

Hi Chris and John,

You will be pleased to know that the Western have now decided on the price for the presentation our judge Brian McKenna is going to give. It will be by ticket, £10 including the buffet. The food will be first, at 7.30pm, Glen Helen Inn, 19th April, followed by Brian’s digital presentation entitled Close-up on Nature. He will give tips and hints on how to get it right, illustrated with his outstanding work.

I will have tickets to distribute by next week’s IOMPS club night, and Doug will drop some off to you John. Please could I ask you to circulate your members with this update, so they can come prepared to pay for their tickets at the next meeting.



Presentation by BRIAN McKENNA CPAGB

Wonderful Wildlife Images, Tips for Improving your Photography


£10      Including BUFFET

IOMPS Reports During May 2013

22nd May 2013

The offical opening of the Isle of Man Photographic Society's "75 Years of Photography" exhibition at the House of Manannan on Friday 17th May

The IOM Photographic Society, in association with Manx National Heritage, was delighted to launch its 75th Anniversary celebration with  the opening on Friday 17th May of an exhibition at the House of Manannan in Peel by His Excellency, the Lieutenant Governor, Mr Adam Wood.  The exhibition - "75 Years of Photography" - combines both a display of work by members of the Society as well as of cameras and equipment used over the years.  The development from film based work - including a mock-up display of a darkroom complete with an enlarger, safelights and chemical trays - contrasts with the equivalent environment today of a digital camera, home computer and printer..... There is also a studio set out as a Victorian drawing room to serve as a backdrop for visitors to take their own photographs.

Malcolm Kelly, Trustee of MNH, introduced the IOM Photographic Society President, Tony Curtis who gave a brief speech of welcome for His Excellency, the Lieutenant Governor (who is also Patron of the Society), the Trustees of MNH and the distinguished guests present at the opening. To commemorate the occasion, Tony Curtis presented the Lieutenant Governor with a framed copy of a still life image in the exhibition produced by Ron Shimmin, a Life Member of the IOMPS.

The exhibition has been curated by Hannah Gerrard at MNH, who commented that "The show celebrates the society’s broad ranging interests in photography. A variety of media and photographic techniques are beautifully presented in a selection of prints, including landscape, portrait and wildlife images. The display highlights the depth of precision and care that results in a final image, the pride that the society takes in its work and the sheer enjoyment gained from the process" .... comments enthusiastically confirmed  by guests at the opening.  The exhibition at the House of Manannan runs until  Sunday 4 August 2013, and will stimulate and intrigue anyone with an interest in photography and the arts, no matter what their level of expertise.

The exhibition is being supported by a series of special events including four photography workshops hosted by leading Isle of Man photographer Andrew Barton LBIPP LMPA. The first workshop (Sunday 23rd June) will serve as a general introduction to photography; the second (Sunday 30th June) explores still life techniques; the third (Sunday 7th July), at Peel Castle weather permitting, offers an opportunity to photograph people using volunteer models provided; and the fourth (Sunday 21st July) will trace developments in photography in the Victorian era. The workshops take place from 10.30am to 4pm, with tickets to each costing £35 for members of the IOMPS and Friends of MNH, and £40 to non members. Further discount is available for a season ticket for all four workshops.

For full details on the exhibition and workshops visit, via Andrew Barton on Facebook at Andrew-Barton-Photography or via

By Chris Blyth


The first of our summer outings took place on Sunday, 19th June, with an afternoon visit to Ballaglass Glen.  As per the weather forecast, conditions improved throughout the day, duly providing slightly overcast conditions at the start of the visit, but improving throughout and finishing with bright sunshine. 

A small (and determined !) group of members took advantage of the dappled light under the trees to get some shots of both streams in the glen and of the carpet of bluebells flowering at their glorious best – a wonderful display of spring magic.

At present, the trees are yet to come into full leaf, ensuring that access to the streams remains good, allowing photography as and when the light permits. Whilst the number of members turning out was disappointing, anyone wishing to visit the glens to get images with the bluebells, wild garlic etc, are urged to take advantage of any fine day soon – the flowers really are at their very best right now..... there’s probably no more than a couple of weeks whilst they last....

Best wishes

Chris Blyth

18th May 2013 - Isle of Man Photographic Society to celebrate 75 years in anniversary exhibition at the House of Manannan

The Isle of Man Photographic Society is celebrating its 75th anniversary with an exhibition at the House of Manannan in Peel from Saturday 18 May 2013 to Sunday 4 August 2013.

Jointly curated by Manx National Heritage and the Isle of Man Photographic Society, the exhibition will feature works by the society’s members together with vintage cameras and photographic equipment. There will also be a mock darkroom and a studio set out as a Victorian drawing room to serve as a backdrop for visitors to take their own photographs.

The exhibition will be supported by a series of photography workshops hosted by leading Isle of Man professional photographer Andrew Barton LBIPP LMPA, proprietor of Andrew Barton Photography Limited.

The workshops take place from 10.30am to 4pm, on Sunday 23 June, Sunday 30 June, Sunday 7 July and Sunday 21 July.

The first workshop will serve as a general introduction to photography; the second explores still life techniques; the third, at Peel Castle weather permitting, offers an opportunity to photograph people using volunteer models provided; and the fourth will trace developments in photography in the Victorian era.

Mr Barton said:

“Over the years the Isle of Man Photographic Society has done so much to promote the art of photography to a wide audience thanks to the boundless enthusiasm of its members. I’m delighted, therefore, to be able to share my passion for photography by contributing to the celebrations marking the Isle of Man Photographic Society’s 75th anniversary with this series of workshops that I hope will prove of interest to the novice as well as the accomplished photographer”.

 Isle of Man Photographic Society President Tony Curtis said:

 “This is a fantastic milestone in the society's history, and I am honoured to be president at this time. The exhibition is the most ambitious event that we have undertaken so far, with much more than just ‘pictures on a wall’. It is a celebration of all things photographic; from exhibits of old cameras and equipment, through a darkroom and studio installation, to four exciting workshops hosted by Andrew Barton of Andrew Barton Photography.

The exhibition will have something for anyone interested in photography no matter what their style or ability”.

Hannah Gerrard, Assistant Curator at Manx National Heritage said:

 “It has been a pleasure to stage this exhibition in collaboration with Isle of Man Photographic Society. Members have chosen their favourite prints for display, giving the exhibition a personal touch. The show celebrates the society’s broad ranging interests in photography. A variety of media and photographic techniques are beautifully presented in a selection of prints, including landscape, portrait and wildlife images. The display highlights the depth of precision and care that results in a final image, the pride that the society takes in its work and the sheer enjoyment gained from the process.

The exhibition also takes a look at how photography has evolved over the decades. There will be a fascinating range of vintage and classic cameras on display, owned and cared for by society members. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see how a photographic darkroom works. They can even take their own photograph against a Victorian Portrait Studio backdrop, to explore the art of photography just like our ancestors did.”

Visitors to the exhibition will also have the opportunity to vote for their favourite print. A prize draw of voting slips cast for the most popular will be held and the winner will receive a framed copy of the print.

For each of the Andrew Barton workshops lunch will be included in the ticket price. Tickets cost £35 to members of the Isle of Man Photographic Society and the Friends of Manx National Heritage, and £40 to non members.  Further discount is available for bookings for all four workshops.

For full details on the exhibition and workshops visit, follow Andrew Barton on Facebook at Andrew-Barton-Photography or via

17th May 2013 - Visit to Ballaglass Glen

Dear Member

With both a low number of members “signing up” for the Saturday outing to Ballaglass Glen AND the forecast of some very heavy rainfall from mid-morning onwards, the decision has been taken to CANCEL the Saturday outing, and to pin our hopes on the much better weather forecast for Sunday afternoon.

Accordingly, the visit is now planned for Sunday afternoon, meeting at the Glen Mona Hotel car park at 1:45pm, ready for the visit to Ballaglass starting at 2:00pm.

Given the heavy rain promised for Saturday, there is a clear recommendation to wear good walking boots as it is very likely that some parts of the paths will be muddy (and slippery as well).

We hope to see you there.....

Best wishes


10th May 2013 - Summer Outings

Dear Member,

Your committee has started to work on the summer outings for this year, with the first outing planned for next weekend Saturday 18th May.

The outing is to Ballaglass Glen, which is perhaps the most photogenic of all the manx glens, and comprises a triangle of land between two streams, just below the Manx Electric Railway tram service between Glen Mona and Ramsey.

At this time of year, the bluebells are just coming into flower, and the Glen is full of them, together with wild garlic and many other woodland plants (wood sorrel, celandines etc)

If you wish to attend please confirm names and numbers to Chris Blyth at  

Members who have confirmed their attendance should meet at the Glen Mona Hotel car park at 10.45am which is on the other side of the road from the hotel. This is a prominent meeting place and close to Ballaglass Glen ready for a 11am start.

It is recommended that you should bring a tripod as light levels in the stream bed areas and under the trees can be quite low, and I’d recommend strong walking boots as the paths can be quite muddy after rain

Should the weather be bad on Saturday we will rearrange the visit for Sunday 19th at 2pm meeting at the Glen Mona car park at 1.45pm. So please check your emails on Saturday before setting off,  if the weather is looking grim.

Don’t forget that the 75 Years exhibition also opens next weekend at the House of Manannan and runs from the 18th May to the 4th August.

You can also book onto one of the workshops being run by Andrew Barton –

Sunday 23rd June Introduction to Photography – How your camera works

Sunday 30th June Freezing flowers and still life photography

Sunday 7th July Shoot the family in Peel Castle

Sunday 21st July Flash Back to Victorian photography

All course details can be found on the IOMPS website, and don’t forget to encourage any friends or family that may be interested in Photography to visit the exhibition or attend one of the courses. (Tickets available from Manx National Heritage)

Details of further IOMPS summer outings will be emailed out in due course.

2nd May 2013

Isle of Man Photographic Society trophy winners with President Tony Curtis at the recent prize presentation evening. Photo: Andrew Barton

The Annual Dinner on Friday 26th April brought the 2012/2013 programme for the IOM Photographic Society to a very successful conclusion.  Edward's restaurant, at the King Edward Bay Golf Club, provided an ideal venue for the annual prize-giving resulting from our programme of competitions held throughout the season.  Guests of the Society included John Lindon from the IOM Bank, and his wife Mary, and Andrew and Diane Barton.

The IOM Bank Cup is one of the most prestigious awards in the club, and is awarded specifically following competition for a Manx landscape image- split into the two sections of monochrome and colour, with the judge required to select his choice of the overall "best image".  As it happened, this year Sue Jones won both the black & white and colour sections - so was always destined to win the cup, which was presented to her by John Lindon on behalf of the IOM Bank.

This year is a particularly important one for the Society, as it is now celebrating its 75th Anniversary, having been founded in 1938 - and having been in continuous operation ever since, is proud to be the oldest photographic club on the Island.  To commemorate this, the Society in collaboration with Manx National Heritage, is holding a "Celebration of Photography" at the House of Manannan in Peel, commencing 18th May and running through until early August.  It will include images from club members covering a wide range of interests, as well as a display of equipment covering the historical development of photography - from the "box brownie" of the early 1900s, which gave the ordinary working family its first access to family shots, through to the very latest digital cameras which today enables photography on the move and for images to be shared world-wide in seconds.

As part of this exhibition, Andrew Barton from Ramsey will be running a series of 4 one-day workshops in June and July at the House of Manannan covering subjects such as camera controls (all those buttons and menus to understand and to exploit the camera’s potential), studio still life and portraiture.  These are aimed at anyone with an interest in photography and a wish to improve their artistic skills.  There will be a charge of £40 per day or a season ticket for all 4 workshops of £150 - excellent value for a very hands-on opportunity to learn and to develop skills in the hands of a very experienced and skilled tutor.  Concessions are available for Friends of Manx National Heritage or of the IOM Photographic Society - full details from the staff at the House of Manannan and on our website.

By Chris Blyth

IOMPS Reports During July 2013

23rd July 2013 - Summer Outing to Ramsey Life Boat Station

Dear Member,

We have organised another summer outing to Ramsey Life Boat Station on Thursday 15th August 7.30pm till 9pm.

This will include seeing their crew training session and a look around the station.

Whilst there is no charge for the visit, they would welcome any donations to the RNLI as we leave.

Please can you  confirm if you would like to attend this event to

Kind Regards

Claire - Secretary

22nd July 2013 - Three Way Battle

Dear Member,

As you are aware the 3 way battle takes place around October time. Whilst we are awaiting final dates etc. we do need to start thinking about our entry.

If you would like some of your images to be considered for entry into the battle, please email them at the sizes required for digital club entries to by 20th August.

Whilst there is a limit to the number of images that can be used per member please feel free to email us a selection to choose from (approx 5 max).

Kind Regards

Claire Stringer


19th July 2013 - Brian Kershaw

Dear Member,

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you that  Brian Kershaw had a heart attack on Friday and sadly passed away.

As some of you may know Brian had been suffering from Alzheimer’s for some time and had been having some respite care at Castle View Nursing Home in Peel

Brian was a long standing member and supporter of the society and I am sure member will join with me in expressing their sympathy and condolences to his family for their loss.

The funeral service for Brian will be held on Wednesday 31st July 11am at St Andrews Church Douglas, should any members of the society wish to attend.

Claire Stringer - Secretary

17th July 2013 - IOMPS Workshop Three: Shoot the Family in Peel Castle

'Students' at the "Shoot the Family" workshop held in Peel Castle  

"Shoot the family" workshop

Peel Castle  was the perfect venue for the third of the Andrew Barton Workshops, and the weather couldn't have been better.

Before the first of the photographers and models arrived, "base camp" was set up in a hollow in the castle grounds. Andrew had brought along a Gazebo,
tables, chairs a generator and two computers so that images taken on the day could be downloaded and viewed.

Once our guests and models had arrived we were taken into various areas of the grounds and Andrew posed some of the models to give us an opportunity to take photos in
a range of lighting conditions. To stretch our abilities some of the settings were deliberately less than ideal, and Andrew showed how to balance flash so as not to end up with
silhouettes or harsh shadows.

Once this had been done we split into four groups with photographers, models and a member of the Isle of Man Photographic Society as an advisor and helper.

The students soon got into the swing of things and had the models working hard to get into some great locations and poses.
It was good to see how different photographers came up with very different ideas of how to use the same circumstances.
All the time Andrew moved from group to group to put his experience into their work.

At 1:00 we headed back to "camp" for lunch (supplied and delivered by The Coffee Station at The House Of Manannan) and a chance for the first download
of the day. During lunch we had the chance to compare images and see what others had come up with and compared them with our own.

The afternoon session started with a trip down to Fenella Beach for a different style of location.
I have to admit that the sight of 30 or so photographers, models and helpers gained us some rather surprised looks!

After a session climbing over the rocks, some of the models kicked off their shoes for a paddle in the sea, and this gave us a chance to try some action shots of
splashing about and jumping.

Before we went back into the castle, Andrew asked the models to stay at the bottom of the steps and took just the photographers with him.
He sat or stood them at the top of the steps under the archway and again showed how to balance flashes to light up the dark area and still have the sunlit background correctly exposed. The models were then asked to come up the steps in pairs and it looked like they were treading the red carpet with the paparazzi waiting for them.

Once inside we were split up into groups again for a chance to practice on our own. After a while Andrew took one of the groups to a building where by sitting a model on a window sill and another further away in a door way, he was able to show how depth of field can create very different effects from the same setup. Later the groups swapped over for a repeat performance.

The last part of the day  came as a bit of a surprise. Andrew had earlier set up a pair of studio flashes in front of a stone wall at a point that had them facing along the wall at a tight angle.

Despite having clear blue skies and direct sunlight on the wall Andrew showed that by again balancing the flash against the natural light it was possible to produce an image that looked as if it  had been taken at night.

I would like to thank all the people who came along and volunteered as models for being so helpful and patient in the very high temperatures on the day, all the Society members whohelped with the setting up and acting as stewards, and of course my thanks go to Andrew for dreaming up and implementing another fantastic day.

By Tony Curtis - President

16th July 2013 - IOMPS Workshop Two: Freezing Flowers and Still Life

Some of the 'students' from the "Freezing Flowers and Still Life" workshop with Andrew Barton and IOMPS President Tony Curtis

Andrew, of AB Photography, had set up an enormous amount of equipment with enough studio flashes for six separate stations with two lights each,
and a separate set up for himself to demonstrate what we were going to be doing later in the morning.

After a brief welcome by Society president Tony Curtis, Andrew described the programme for the day and gave an in depth description of how to freeze
flowers into a block of ice (which is not as simple as it sounds). Andrew had also experimented with fruit and vegetables and had come across some
oddities  such as baby sweetcorn floats and won't stay in place. Important information for getting the composition right!

Getting down to the serious part, Andrew then showed us some ideas of how to present the flowers in a way that made them possible to photograph, bearing in mind the
need for speed as the ice started to melt.

The participants who attended last weeks workshop were then able to see how to put the lessons to good use when setting their cameras to get the right exposure
and depth of field for the subject.

We were then split into groups and given time to set up our cameras ready for the frozen flowers to be brought out. Andrew, Sue Jones and Tony were on hand with advice
and help throughout the process, and all the groups took turns to put their individual spin on how to get the best image from the subject, with some very impressive results.

After a break for lunch, Andrew then set up for a tutorial on still life by showing how he would photograph a product for a client to give the best view of the item.

It is amazing how a subtle change in the strength or position of a light can produce a marked difference in the resulting image.

We then split back into groups to try our hand on our own for the rest of the afternoon. Luckily the tea and coffee pots were still on the table as they made a good
subject for lighting effects.

Once again our thanks go to Andrew for the immense amount of work that he put into preparing and presenting the day, and to Sue for all the work that she has also put in
in the background.

Thanks also go to the staff of The House of Mannnan who have given us a great deal of help and support for the events.

By Tony Curtis - President

15th July 2013 - IOMPS Workshop One:

Andrew Barton and IOMPS President Tony Curtis with the 'students' who attended the first IOMPS/Andrew Barton Workshop

Sunday 23rd June saw the first of the workshops associated with the Isle of Man Photographic Society’s 75th Anniversary Exhibition at the House of Manannan. The subject was: Sockets, knobs, switches and dials - How your camera works.

It was designed to give relative newcomers information on all the subjects that you want to know but are too embarrassed to ask, but at the same time reinforce the knowledge that the more experienced photographer already has.

The group of 16 who signed up for the day had an age range from eleven upwards.

Our host Andrew Barton of AB Photography guided us through a journey that started with a look at the similarities between the old fashioned Plate Cameras and today’s modern DSLR’s. Although you would think they were worlds apart, modern and old cameras all share three main components. Lens, body, and a light sensitive receiver to capture the image.

It was then a run through of all the major options available with all the switches, interspersed with slides to demonstrate what they all mean in the finished image.

After a short lunch break Andrew took the group into a back room that had been set up as a darkroom to show how images were produced using chemicals and photo paper before the days of digital. It is interesting to note that there is little that we do to our images using a computer that wasn’t possible in the days of the darkroom!

Whilst the prints were drying the group were then treated to a studio setup that was designed to mimic a sunlit outdoor scene. By using a single directional light Andrew was able to demonstrate some the problems that photographers encounter (such as deep shadows, silhouettes, and correcting exposure) and also show how they can be handled.

The afternoon was concluded with a question and answer session and a bit of one to one tuition.

My thanks goes out to Andrew for a fantastic day, and also to Sue Jones who helped with the previous days setting up and for being on hand to help on the day.

The next workshop is on Sunday 30th June at the House of Mannanan, Freezing Flowers and Still Life Photography

By  Tony Curtis - President

IOMPS Reports During August 2013

19th August 2013 - 2013 / 2014 Programme

Dear Member,

With only 5 ½ weeks till the start of the new season the committee has been working hard to finalise the 2013/2014 programme, and this is now live on the website in the programme section.

The first night is a social / practical evening so please bring along your cameras.

Details of judges will be added in due course for those that are interested, these will be on a click to find out the judge basis so those that don’t want to know can still look at the programme. Please note that judges can change last minute and the judges name should not be relied upon.

Claire - Secretary

19th August 2013 - Isle of Man Photographic Society bestows honour on Andrew Barton

Isle of Man Photographic Society president Tony Curtis welcomes Andrew Barton to the Society as an honorary life member

The Isle of Man Photographic Society’s 75th anniversary exhibition at the House of Mannanan has been hailed an unqualified success and, for one of the Island’s leading professional photographers, will have an impact that will last long after the displays have been have dismantled.

Andrew Barton, LBIPP LMPA, has been made an honorary life member of the Society.

President Tony Curtis explained: ‘The exhibition has been a huge success and has been viewed by people from all over the globe, many leaving some fantastic comments in the visitors’ book.

’One of the outstanding features of the event was the Andrew Barton Photography workshops. Over the four sessions we had more than 50 attendees, with some signing up for all four and intending to join the Society at the start of the season.

’Andrew put in many hours of preparation before the event, many hours setting up and 28 hours actually hosting the events. In recognition of this and all his work and support in previous years, including allowing us to use his studio for workshops, setting up the evening shoot at Luminaires and judging a number of our competitions the committee unanimously agreed that Andrew should be made an honorary life member of the Society. On behalf of the committee I was delighted to bestow the honour on Andrew, one we all agreed he richly deserved.’

Mr Barton said: ‘I am proud and also humbled to have been made an honorary life member of the Society, a body of men and women whose boundless enthusiasm and dedication has done so much over the years to raise the profile of the art of photography and also make it accessible to a wider audience.

‘The Society’s 75th anniversary exhibition showcased not only the breadth and depth of members’ skills and talents but also their sheer love of photography. I was therefore delighted to be part of their anniversary celebrations by holding these workshops where I was privileged to share the knowledge I have gained over more than 30 years as a professional photographer with such enthusiastic and receptive audiences. I look forward to my continuing involvement with the Isle of Man Photographic Society and wish members every success for the future.’

By Sue Jones

19th August 2013 - 75th Anniversary Exhibition at House of Manannan

'Gannet Getaway' by Dave Welsh

All visitors to our 75th Anniversary Exhibition at House of Manannan this summer were given the chance to vote for their favourite print.
The votes have now been counted and out of a total of 356 votes cast, 'Best Print' in the exhibition goes to 'Gannet Getaway' by Dave Welsh with 42 votes.
In second place was 'Guy Martin at Bushy's Beer Tent 2012' by Sam Bucknall with 38 votes and third place was 'Sausages' by Sue Jones with 25 votes.
A prize draw will now take place of all the 'Gannet Getaway' votes and one person will receive that print.

9th August 2013 - IOMPS Workshop Four: "Flash-Back" to Victorian Photography and Greenscreen

"Posing" with the "Prison Camera"

Our fourth and final workshop took place in and around the House of Manannan on Sunday 21st July.

Andrew Barton treated us to an insight into how the Victorians used some fairly basic equipment coupled with some very innovative ways of capturing
images onto glass plates, and how by using a variety of chemicals they were able to process either monochrome or sepia prints.
A huge advance came when flash was developed making it possible (but probably inadvisable) to shoot indoors.

Basically a trough on a long handle the flash pan was filled with a blend of highly flammable powders, and with various methods a spark was produced
igniting the mixture. One of the method was a weighted lever with a flint attached that was caused to fall forward into the tray and create the spark.
Some of the photographers added a feather to the lever and asked the subject to look at the feather. From this the term "watch the birdie" was born.

The House of Manannan kindly allowed the "Prison Camera" to be out of its case for part of the workshop so that Andrew could describe its functions.
This Kodak camera was  the one used by the IOM police to photograph inmates at the prison and was used from approx 1875 and continued in use for 75 years.

It is considered so valuable that one of the accessories was its own bodyguard for the day!

We were then taken out to the forecourt of the Museum for a demonstration of a Victorian style flash built and operated by Brian Diehl.
Six flashes were set off and the group got the chance to test their timing skills to catch  the flash going off.

After scaring the peel wildlife we went Back inside and Andrew explained what we were going to be doing for the afternoon.

Lunch again was supplied by the Coffee Station, and after a short break we went into Greenscreen.

Greenscreen is a method of easily superimposing a part of a picture into another one, and is widely used in the film industry.

The basic principal is to take a photograph of a person or object against a plain green or blue background, ensuring the subject doesn't have that colour
 on them. The background photo is the displayed and  the foreground is then superimposed against it after the computer software has been told to ignore all
green or blue (depending which background has been used) and overlay it over the back ground.
We used some old black and white photos as background and posed our subjects in such away as to make them look part of the scene.

As it was a beautiful day we then went walkabout around Peel and used some of the awkward lighting situations to test the skills learned over the previous three

Finally we went into the museum proper and got some even more difficult situations to tackle.

The Society would like to thank Andrew Barton for the incredible amount of work that has gone into the workshops.
For every hour in the "classroom" at least two were spent in preparation.

And I personally would like to thank every body who took part, helped with set up, or worked in the background to make the whole series a resounding success.

By Tony Curtis