Results 2011-12

Results for the 2011-2012 Season
1Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardColour Print1st Paul Dougherty I want to break free 61-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
2Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardColour Print2nd Sam Bucknall Friends 51-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
3Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardColour Print3rd Patricia Harvey Baywatch 41-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
4Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardColour Print4th Shirley Lotfy Gandhi 31-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
5Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardColour Print5th Anne Bidwell On golden pond 21-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
6Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardColour Print6th Shirley Lotfy These boot's were made for walking 11-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
7Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardColour PrintCOMM Norma Cowel To be a farmer's boy 1-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
8Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardDigital1st Shirley Lotfy Lady in Red 61-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
9Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardDigital2nd Hazel Walsh Bleak house 51-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
10Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardDigital3rd Patricia Harvey Tragedy 41-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
11Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardDigital4th Patricia Larkham Lady in the water 31-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
12Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardDigital5th Patricia Harvey These boots were meant for walking 21-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
13Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardDigital6th Patricia Larkham Day at the beach 11-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
14Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardMono Print1st Patricia Harvey Under the boardwalk 61-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
15Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardMono Print2nd Patricia Harvey Night of the living dead 51-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
16Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardMono Print3rd Anne Bidwell Underneath the arches 41-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
17Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardMono Print4th Anne Bidwell The Sleeper 31-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
18Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardMono Print5th Norma Cowel This old water wheel 21-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
19Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleStandardMono Print6th Norma Cowel Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines 11-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
20Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateColour Print1st Janet Servante The letter 61-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
21Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateColour Print2nd Ian Lumsden Can Can 51-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
22Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateColour Print3rd Diane McCudden Fields of gold 41-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
23Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateColour Print4th Robert Blyth-Skyrme The patriot 31-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
24Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateColour Print5th Janet Servante High and dry 21-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
25Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateColour Print6th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Turtles can fly 11-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
26Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateDigital1st Phyllis Christian When the boat comes in 61-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
27Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateDigital2nd John Dale Cheek to Cheek 51-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
28Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateDigital3rd John Dale Autumn Leaves 41-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
29Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateDigital4th Janet Servante The old curiosity shop 31-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
30Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateDigital5th Natasha Wilson Little shop of horrors 21-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
31Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateDigital6th Phyllis Christian Hard times 11-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
32Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateMono Print1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Flipper 61-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
33Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateMono Print2nd Diane McCudden Sailing 51-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
34Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateMono Print3rd Janet Servante Rock around the clock 41-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
35Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateMono Print4th Diane McCudden The Rose 31-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
36Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleIntermediateMono Print5th Janet Servante Walking the dog 21-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
37Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedColour Print1st Sue Jones Scrooged 61-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
38Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedColour Print2nd Bob Servante Psycho 51-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
39Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedColour Print3rd Claire Stringer Eye of the Tiger 41-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
40Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedColour Print4th Ron Shimmin Candle in the wind 31-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
41Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedColour Print5th Sue Jones Dr Who and the Daleks 21-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
42Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedColour Print6th Ron Shimmin Summer Holiday 11-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
43Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones Stephen King's IT 61-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
44Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedDigital2nd John Phipp Blue Sky's 51-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
45Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedDigital3rd Bob Servante Rocking Robin 41-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
46Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedDigital4th Chris Blyth A bend in the river 31-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
47Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedDigital5th Chris Blyth Watership Down 21-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
48Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedDigital6th Claire Stringer Madam Butterfly 11-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
49Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedMono Print1st Claire Stringer Nellie the Elephant 61-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
50Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedMono Print2nd Sue Jones I'm in chains 51-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
51Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedMono Print3rd Sue Jones The Ring 41-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
52Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedMono Print4th Bob Servante Stormy weather 31-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
53Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedMono Print5th Ron Shimmin Empty chairs 21-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
54Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedMono Print6th Ron Shimmin The lion in winter 11-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
55Assignment - Book, Song or Film TitleAdvancedMono PrintVH COMM Claire Stringer Antz 1-Feb-12Mariane McCourt
56Assignment - Household ObjectsStandardColour Print1st Anne Bidwell Light Through A Sieve 67-Dec-11Dennis Wood
57Assignment - Household ObjectsStandardColour Print2nd Shirley Lotfy Fruit Dish 57-Dec-11Dennis Wood
58Assignment - Household ObjectsStandardColour Print3rd Shirley Lotfy Candelabra 47-Dec-11Dennis Wood
59Assignment - Household ObjectsStandardColour Print4th Anne Bidwell Cut It And Mix It 37-Dec-11Dennis Wood
60Assignment - Household ObjectsStandardColour Print5th Bob Corrin Help! I've Been Mugged 27-Dec-11Dennis Wood
61Assignment - Household ObjectsStandardColour Print6th Hazel Walsh Anyone Home? 17-Dec-11Dennis Wood
62Assignment - Household ObjectsStandardDigital1st Shirley Lotfy Lemon Squeezer 67-Dec-11Dennis Wood
63Assignment - Household ObjectsStandardDigital2nd Hazel Walsh Lava Lamp 57-Dec-11Dennis Wood
64Assignment - Household ObjectsStandardDigital3rd Sam Bucknall That's Mine 47-Dec-11Dennis Wood
65Assignment - Household ObjectsStandardDigital4th Shirley Lotfy Armchair 37-Dec-11Dennis Wood
66Assignment - Household ObjectsStandardDigital5th Anne Bidwell Steam Iron 27-Dec-11Dennis Wood
67Assignment - Household ObjectsStandardDigital6th Hazel Walsh Pots and Pans 17-Dec-11Dennis Wood
68Assignment - Household ObjectsStandardMono Print1st Hazel Walsh The Old Church 67-Dec-11Dennis Wood
69Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateColour Print1st Diane McCudden The Red Book 67-Dec-11Dennis Wood
70Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateColour Print2nd Diane McCudden Perfume Bottle 57-Dec-11Dennis Wood
71Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateColour Print3rd Ian Lumsden Ornaments 47-Dec-11Dennis Wood
72Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateColour Print4th Robert Blyth-Skyrme The Rat Trap 37-Dec-11Dennis Wood
73Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateColour Print5th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Happy Nappy Time 27-Dec-11Dennis Wood
74Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateColour Print6th Janet Servante Galileo Thermometer 17-Dec-11Dennis Wood
75Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateDigital1st Jenny Shanley Glasses in the Sink 67-Dec-11Dennis Wood
76Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateDigital2nd Natasha Wilson Kids Cutery 57-Dec-11Dennis Wood
77Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateDigital3rd Janet Servante Shades of Light 47-Dec-11Dennis Wood
78Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateDigital4th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Ceiling Fan Pattern 37-Dec-11Dennis Wood
79Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateDigital5th John Dale Kitchen Cabinet 27-Dec-11Dennis Wood
80Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateDigital6th Diane McCudden Twenty Past Eleven 17-Dec-11Dennis Wood
81Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateMono Print1st Janet Servante Glow Light 67-Dec-11Dennis Wood
82Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateMono Print2nd Diane McCudden Northampton 31417 57-Dec-11Dennis Wood
83Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateMono Print3rd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Japanese Garden Drainpipe 47-Dec-11Dennis Wood
84Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateMono Print4th Diane McCudden Antique Silver And Crystal Grooming Kit 37-Dec-11Dennis Wood
85Assignment - Household ObjectsIntermediateMono Print5th Janet Servante Sad Sofa 27-Dec-11Dennis Wood
86Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedColour Print1st Ron Shimmin Times Past 67-Dec-11Dennis Wood
87Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedColour Print2nd Chris Blyth Mugs - All Of Us 57-Dec-11Dennis Wood
88Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedColour Print3rd Sue Jones Well Balanced 47-Dec-11Dennis Wood
89Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedColour Print4th Ron Shimmin Up In The Attic 37-Dec-11Dennis Wood
90Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedColour Print5th Claire Stringer Cupcake Cases 27-Dec-11Dennis Wood
91Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedColour Print6th Sue Jones Hand Whisk 17-Dec-11Dennis Wood
92Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones Rough Edge 67-Dec-11Dennis Wood
93Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedDigital2nd John Phipp Wood Carving 57-Dec-11Dennis Wood
94Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedDigital3rd Claire Stringer Marmite Break 47-Dec-11Dennis Wood
95Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedDigital4th Chris Blyth Arabic Coffee Pot 37-Dec-11Dennis Wood
96Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedDigital5th Chris Blyth Oh…And anouther Job 27-Dec-11Dennis Wood
97Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedDigital6th Sue Jones Neon Phone 17-Dec-11Dennis Wood
98Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedMono Print1st Claire Stringer Lemon Juicer 67-Dec-11Dennis Wood
99Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedMono Print2nd Claire Stringer Clock 57-Dec-11Dennis Wood
100Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedMono Print3rd Sue Jones Lemon Squeezer 47-Dec-11Dennis Wood
101Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedMono Print4th Chris Blyth The Way To A Man's Heart Starts Here 37-Dec-11Dennis Wood
102Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedMono Print5th Sue Jones Egg Whisk 27-Dec-11Dennis Wood
103Assignment - Household ObjectsAdvancedMono Print6th Bob Servante Shower Head 17-Dec-11Dennis Wood
104Assignment - People at PlayStandardColour Print1st Hazel Walsh Tin Bath Races 62-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
105Assignment - People at PlayStandardColour Print2nd Sam Bucknall Nearly There 52-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
106Assignment - People at PlayStandardColour Print3rd Mark Corlett For The HIgh Jump 42-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
107Assignment - People at PlayStandardColour Print4th Anne Bidwell Airborne 32-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
108Assignment - People at PlayStandardColour Print5th Patricia Harvey Did I Just Hear "Mush"? 22-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
109Assignment - People at PlayStandardColour Print6th Shirley Lotfy Going Fishing 12-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
110Assignment - People at PlayStandardDigital1st Phil Edge Stringing Along 62-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
111Assignment - People at PlayStandardDigital2nd Patricia Harvey Under Water Fun 52-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
112Assignment - People at PlayStandardDigital3rd Anita Imberger Eat My Dirt 42-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
113Assignment - People at PlayStandardDigital4th Shirley Lotfy River Fishing 32-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
114Assignment - People at PlayStandardDigital5th Shirley Lotfy HIgh Flyer 22-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
115Assignment - People at PlayStandardDigital6th Anne Bidwell Reflective Start 12-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
116Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateColour Print1st Diane McCudden The Line-Out Lift 62-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
117Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateColour Print2nd Janet Servante Sand Wrestling 52-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
118Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateColour Print3rd Ian Lumsden Seriously-Successful Raft Building Fun 42-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
119Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateColour Print4th Janet Servante Katie's Castle 32-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
120Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateColour Print5th Diane McCudden Fun At The Fair 22-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
121Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateColour Print6th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Yee-Haa! 12-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
122Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateDigital1st Diane McCudden The Determined PLayer 62-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
123Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateDigital2nd Natasha Wilson Busey Building Castles 52-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
124Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateDigital3rd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Polo - Take That! 42-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
125Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateDigital4th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Fly By 32-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
126Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateDigital5th Jenny Shanley In His Element 22-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
127Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateDigital6th John Dale Little Dribbler 12-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
128Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateMono Print1st Janet Servante Whistling Willy 62-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
129Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateMono Print2nd Diane McCudden Playground Games 52-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
130Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateMono Print3rd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Swim Through 42-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
131Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateMono Print4th Janet Servante Paddling With Dry Feet 32-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
132Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateMono Print5th Jenny Shanley We Made It 22-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
133Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateMono Print5th Diane McCudden I Want To Play In This Car 22-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
134Assignment - People at PlayIntermediateMono Print6th Robert Blyth-Skyrme In We Go 12-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
135Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedColour Print1st Sue Jones Going DOwn 62-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
136Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedColour Print2nd Sue Jones Fun At The Fair 52-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
137Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedColour Print3rd Bob Servante Snake Race 42-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
138Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedColour Print4th Chris Blyth Hawaii Style 32-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
139Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedColour Print5th Claire Stringer A Game Of Ball 22-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
140Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedColour Print6th Chris Blyth Catch Me! 12-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
141Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedDigital1st Chris Blyth I Can See You - Just 62-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
142Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedDigital2nd Bob Servante That Sinking Feeling 52-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
143Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedDigital3rd Chris Blyth Sinking Fast 42-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
144Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedDigital4th Sue Jones Rodeo Rider 32-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
145Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedDigital5th John Phipp Move Over Pat! 22-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
146Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedDigital6th John Phipp Play Dat Horn 12-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
147Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedMono Print1st Sue Jones High Flyer 62-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
148Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedMono Print2nd Sue Jones Fairground Fun 52-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
149Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedMono Print3rd Bob Servante Hopping Mad 42-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
150Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedMono Print4th Bob Servante A Leap Of Faith 32-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
151Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedMono Print5th Claire Stringer Jersey Band 22-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
152Assignment - People at PlayAdvancedMono Print6th John Phipp Three Men In A Boat 12-Nov-11Victoria Harrop
153OPEN 1StandardColour Print1st Patricia Harvey Leopard 612-Oct-11Clare Payne
154OPEN 1StandardColour Print2nd Shirley Lotfy Vulcan Bomber 512-Oct-11Clare Payne
155OPEN 1StandardColour Print3rd Mark Corlett Up At The Point 412-Oct-11Clare Payne
156OPEN 1StandardColour Print4th Shirley Lotfy Pelican Bathing 312-Oct-11Clare Payne
157OPEN 1StandardColour Print5th Anne Bidwell Butterfly On Flower 212-Oct-11Clare Payne
158OPEN 1StandardColour Print6th Mark Corlett Moooving Sunset 112-Oct-11Clare Payne
159OPEN 1StandardColour PrintCOMM Walter Lumsden Look-Out, Scarlett 12-Oct-11Clare Payne
160OPEN 1StandardDigital1st Shirley Lotfy Green Bottle Fly 619-Dec-11Alex Madrell
161OPEN 1StandardDigital2nd Jiri Podobsky Gorrymag Chadjin 519-Dec-11Alex Madrell
162OPEN 1StandardDigital3rd Andrew Cowan Water Spash 419-Dec-11Alex Madrell
163OPEN 1StandardDigital3rd Mark Corlett Klaffi 319-Dec-11Alex Madrell
164OPEN 1StandardDigital5th Patricia Harvey Short Eared Owl 219-Dec-11Alex Madrell
165OPEN 1StandardDigital6th Hazel Walsh London 360 119-Dec-11Alex Madrell
166OPEN 1StandardDigital6th Anne Bidwell Midnight Rose 19-Dec-11Alex Madrell
167OPEN 1StandardDigitalH COMM Shirley Lotfy Church Alter 19-Dec-11Alex Madrell
168OPEN 1StandardDigitalH COMM Andrew Cowan Flipside 19-Dec-11Alex Madrell
169OPEN 1StandardDigitalH COMM Mark Corlett Dusk over Douglas 19-Dec-11Alex Madrell
170OPEN 1StandardDigitalCOMM Patricia Harvey Electric Blue 19-Dec-11Alex Madrell
171OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Turtle 612-Oct-11Clare Payne
172OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Gold Dust Gecko 512-Oct-11Clare Payne
173OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print3rd Diane McCudden Coastal Sunset 412-Oct-11Clare Payne
174OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print4th Ian Lumsden Pilgrims Hospital Ruins & Chapel 312-Oct-11Clare Payne
175OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print5th Ian Lumsden The Dordogne Valley, SW France 212-Oct-11Clare Payne
176OPEN 1IntermediateColour Print6th Janet Servante Moored Boat 112-Oct-11Clare Payne
177OPEN 1IntermediateColour PrintH COMM Diane McCudden Three Brothers 12-Oct-11Clare Payne
178OPEN 1IntermediateDigital1st Diane McCudden Girl in Pink 619-Dec-11Alex Madrell
179OPEN 1IntermediateDigital2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Whitespot Surgeons 519-Dec-11Alex Madrell
180OPEN 1IntermediateDigital3rd John Dale Looking at The World through Rose coloured Glasses 419-Dec-11Alex Madrell
181OPEN 1IntermediateDigital4th John Dale Gansey 2 319-Dec-11Alex Madrell
182OPEN 1IntermediateDigital5th Jenny Shanley The Demolition of Albert Road School 219-Dec-11Alex Madrell
183OPEN 1IntermediateDigital6th Jenny Shanley Lichen 119-Dec-11Alex Madrell
184OPEN 1IntermediateDigitalH COMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Egret 19-Dec-11Alex Madrell
185OPEN 1IntermediateDigitalCOMM Janet Servante Cringle & Beyond 19-Dec-11Alex Madrell
186OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Liquid Motion - Dall’s Porpoise 612-Oct-11Clare Payne
187OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print2nd Diane McCudden Still Waters 512-Oct-11Clare Payne
188OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print3rd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Albatross Over Maka ‘Pu 412-Oct-11Clare Payne
189OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print4th Janet Servante Tenders Invited 312-Oct-11Clare Payne
190OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print5th Natasha Wilson Lost For Words 212-Oct-11Clare Payne
191OPEN 1IntermediateMono Print6th Diane McCudden The Squat 112-Oct-11Clare Payne
192OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print1st Bob Servante Juvenile Swallow Feeding 612-Oct-11Clare Payne
193OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print2nd Mark Stringer Baby Rhino 512-Oct-11Clare Payne
194OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print3rd Claire Stringer Baby Eyes 412-Oct-11Clare Payne
195OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print4th Ray Davies Paris Reflections 312-Oct-11Clare Payne
196OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print5th Tony Curtis Red-Legged Partridge 212-Oct-11Clare Payne
197OPEN 1AdvancedColour Print6th Mark Stringer Old Shacks 112-Oct-11Clare Payne
198OPEN 1AdvancedColour PrintH COMM Sue Jones Mooring Detail Textures 12-Oct-11Clare Payne
199OPEN 1AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Ray Davies We Have Lift-Off 12-Oct-11Clare Payne
200OPEN 1AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Sue Jones On The Bridge 12-Oct-11Clare Payne
201OPEN 1AdvancedDigital1st Chris Blyth Hover Fly 619-Dec-11Alex Madrell
202OPEN 1AdvancedDigital2nd Sue Jones Net Textures 519-Dec-11Alex Madrell
203OPEN 1AdvancedDigital3rd Bob Servante Crossing Paths 419-Dec-11Alex Madrell
204OPEN 1AdvancedDigital3rd John Phipp Don't tell a soul! 419-Dec-11Alex Madrell
205OPEN 1AdvancedDigital5th Mark Stringer Do you want my Honest Opinion? 219-Dec-11Alex Madrell
206OPEN 1AdvancedDigital5th Claire Stringer Barclays Bicycles 219-Dec-11Alex Madrell
207OPEN 1AdvancedDigital5th Chris Blyth Eyes Wide Open 219-Dec-11Alex Madrell
208OPEN 1AdvancedDigitalVH COMM John Phipp Ramakian Figure 19-Dec-11Alex Madrell
209OPEN 1AdvancedDigitalH COMM Mark Stringer Gaiety roof detail 19-Dec-11Alex Madrell
210OPEN 1AdvancedDigitalH COMM Claire Stringer Crane Silhoette 19-Dec-11Alex Madrell
211OPEN 1AdvancedDigitalH COMM Antony Hamilton Castletown Beacon 19-Dec-11Alex Madrell
212OPEN 1AdvancedDigitalCOMM Ray Davies What's the Rush 19-Dec-11Alex Madrell
213OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print1st Sue Jones Solitude 612-Oct-11Clare Payne
214OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print2nd Chris Blyth Half Dome, Yosemite 512-Oct-11Clare Payne
215OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print3rd Tony Curtis Local Heroes 412-Oct-11Clare Payne
216OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print4th Sue Jones Urban Scene 312-Oct-11Clare Payne
217OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print5th Mark Stringer In Thought 212-Oct-11Clare Payne
218OPEN 1AdvancedMono Print6th Bob Servante Carburretor 112-Oct-11Clare Payne
219OPEN 2StandardColour Print1st Walter Lumsden Reaching For The Sun 623-Nov-11Andrew Barton
220OPEN 2StandardColour Print2nd Elaine Dewhirst Autumn Light, Cornelly Mine 523-Nov-11Andrew Barton
221OPEN 2StandardColour Print3rd Ernie Lumsden Welcome Break 423-Nov-11Andrew Barton
222OPEN 2StandardColour Print4th Mark Corlett Misty Maughold 323-Nov-11Andrew Barton
223OPEN 2StandardColour Print5th Patricia Harvey Peel Castle 223-Nov-11Andrew Barton
224OPEN 2StandardColour Print6th Norma Cowel The Gondolier 123-Nov-11Andrew Barton
225OPEN 2StandardDigital1st Patricia Harvey The Green Door 61-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
226OPEN 2StandardDigital2nd Hazel Walsh 3 Legs of Woman 51-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
227OPEN 2StandardDigital3rd Patricia Larkham Ice Mountains 41-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
228OPEN 2StandardDigital4th Jiri Podobsky Flying Copper 31-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
229OPEN 2StandardDigital5th Sam Bucknall Gotcha! 21-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
230OPEN 2StandardDigital6th Anne Bidwell Beachscape 11-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
231OPEN 2StandardDigitalCOMM John Northey Sacred Lake Alberta 1-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
232OPEN 2StandardMono Print1st Patricia Harvey Bygone Days 623-Nov-11Andrew Barton
233OPEN 2StandardMono Print2nd Hazel Walsh Peel Castle 523-Nov-11Andrew Barton
234OPEN 2StandardMono Print3rd Patricia Harvey Winter Cascade 423-Nov-11Andrew Barton
235OPEN 2StandardMono Print4th Sam Bucknall Winter At Tromode Dam 323-Nov-11Andrew Barton
236OPEN 2StandardMono Print5th Elaine Dewhirst Bright As A Button 223-Nov-11Andrew Barton
237OPEN 2StandardMono Print6th Hazel Walsh Rusting Racer 123-Nov-11Andrew Barton
238OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print1st Diane McCudden Forlorn 623-Nov-11Andrew Barton
239OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print2nd Diane McCudden Leading The Way 523-Nov-11Andrew Barton
240OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print3rd Natasha Wilson FInding The Perfect Stone To Skim 423-Nov-11Andrew Barton
241OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print4th Jenny Shanley FInding The Target 323-Nov-11Andrew Barton
242OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print5th Janet Servante Des. Res. 223-Nov-11Andrew Barton
243OPEN 2IntermediateColour Print6th Ian Lumsden Modernised Hosoric Passage, Sarlat 123-Nov-11Andrew Barton
244OPEN 2IntermediateDigital1st Diane McCudden Deep In Thought 61-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
245OPEN 2IntermediateDigital2nd Diane McCudden Happy Faces 51-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
246OPEN 2IntermediateDigital3rd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Watery Perspective 41-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
247OPEN 2IntermediateDigital4th Janet Servante Soaring High 31-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
248OPEN 2IntermediateDigital5th Jenny Shanley Barnacles 21-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
249OPEN 2IntermediateDigital6th Phyllis Christian Pap of Glencoe 11-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
250OPEN 2IntermediateDigitalH COMM Janet Servante Red Admiral Butterfly 1-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
251OPEN 2IntermediateDigitalCOMM John Dale Hacky Sack Girl 1-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
252OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print1st Diane McCudden Resting On The Landing Stage 623-Nov-11Andrew Barton
253OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print2nd Janet Servante Snow In Cumbria 523-Nov-11Andrew Barton
254OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print3rd Natasha Wilson I Spy With My Little Eye 423-Nov-11Andrew Barton
255OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print4th Diane McCudden Mangersta, Western Isles 323-Nov-11Andrew Barton
256OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print5th Natasha Wilson Cornered 223-Nov-11Andrew Barton
257OPEN 2IntermediateMono Print6th Janet Servante Old Adit Entrance, Laxey Mine 123-Nov-11Andrew Barton
258OPEN 2IntermediateMono PrintH COMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme The Young Cowboy 23-Nov-11Andrew Barton
259OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print1st Mark Stringer Abandoned 623-Nov-11Andrew Barton
260OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print2nd Tony Curtis A Little Light Reading 523-Nov-11Andrew Barton
261OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print3rd Chris Blyth The Name Is Bond.... James Bond 423-Nov-11Andrew Barton
262OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print4th Bob Servante Autumn Palette 323-Nov-11Andrew Barton
263OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print5th Brian Speedie Spaghetti Junction 223-Nov-11Andrew Barton
264OPEN 2AdvancedColour Print6th Sue Jones Explosion Of Colour 123-Nov-11Andrew Barton
265OPEN 2AdvancedColour PrintH COMM Tony Curtis Beach Racer 23-Nov-11Andrew Barton
266OPEN 2AdvancedDigital1st Claire Stringer Faces 61-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
267OPEN 2AdvancedDigital2nd Chris Blyth Goldfinch 51-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
268OPEN 2AdvancedDigital3rd Sue Jones Vintage Post Box 41-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
269OPEN 2AdvancedDigital4th Ray Davies Cactus in The Pink 31-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
270OPEN 2AdvancedDigital5th John Phipp Tony 21-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
271OPEN 2AdvancedDigital6th Bob Servante End of a Perfect Day 11-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
272OPEN 2AdvancedDigitalCOMM Chris Blyth Chesil Bridge 1-Dec-11Eva Lancaster
273OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print1st Tony Curtis Hering Gull 623-Nov-11Andrew Barton
274OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print2nd Mark Stringer Directors Chair 523-Nov-11Andrew Barton
275OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print3rd Sue Jones Cregneash 423-Nov-11Andrew Barton
276OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print4th Claire Stringer Abandoned 323-Nov-11Andrew Barton
277OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print5th Bob Servante Niarbyl Cottage 223-Nov-11Andrew Barton
278OPEN 2AdvancedMono Print6th Ron Shimmin Holiday Reading 123-Nov-11Andrew Barton
279OPEN 3StandardColour Print1st Anne Bidwell Young Sparrow Resting 618-Jan-12Ray Kelly
280OPEN 3StandardColour Print2nd Shirley Lotfy Red Admiral 518-Jan-12Ray Kelly
281OPEN 3StandardColour Print3rd Patricia Harvey Juvenile Robin 418-Jan-12Ray Kelly
282OPEN 3StandardColour Print4th Patricia Harvey Watching You Watching Me 318-Jan-12Ray Kelly
283OPEN 3StandardColour Print5th Mark Corlett Castle View 218-Jan-12Ray Kelly
284OPEN 3StandardColour Print6th Norma Cowel In The Gap 118-Jan-12Ray Kelly
285OPEN 3StandardColour PrintH COMM Shirley Lotfy Pasque Flower 18-Jan-12Ray Kelly
286OPEN 3StandardColour PrintCOMM Mark Corlett Knee Down 18-Jan-12Ray Kelly
287OPEN 3StandardDigital1st Andrew Cowan Chess 625-Jan-12Andrew Barton
288OPEN 3StandardDigital2nd Jiri Podobsky Christmas Angel 525-Jan-12Andrew Barton
289OPEN 3StandardDigital3rd Andrew Cowan Matt 425-Jan-12Andrew Barton
290OPEN 3StandardDigital4th Jiri Podobsky Time To Glide Home 325-Jan-12Andrew Barton
291OPEN 3StandardDigital5th Patricia Harvey Sea Caves 225-Jan-12Andrew Barton
292OPEN 3StandardDigital6th Richard Shafto Come Dine With Us 125-Jan-12Andrew Barton
293OPEN 3StandardDigitalH COMM Patricia Larkham Sea Eyes 25-Jan-12Andrew Barton
294OPEN 3StandardMono Print1st Anne Bidwell British Bank Holiday Weather 618-Jan-12Ray Kelly
295OPEN 3StandardMono Print2nd Hazel Walsh Ashes To Ashes 518-Jan-12Ray Kelly
296OPEN 3StandardMono Print3rd Patricia Harvey Misty Trees 418-Jan-12Ray Kelly
297OPEN 3StandardMono Print4th Anne Bidwell Lost In Thought 318-Jan-12Ray Kelly
298OPEN 3StandardMono Print5th Patricia Harvey The Old Ways 218-Jan-12Ray Kelly
299OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print1st Janet Servante Sinking Into Disrepair 618-Jan-12Ray Kelly
300OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print2nd Diane McCudden Falls Between The Trees 518-Jan-12Ray Kelly
301OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print3rd Diane McCudden Lion At Watering Hole 418-Jan-12Ray Kelly
302OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print4th Jenny Shanley Graffiti Bird 318-Jan-12Ray Kelly
303OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print5th Peter Brew Rejuvenated Doc Area, Liverpool 218-Jan-12Ray Kelly
304OPEN 3IntermediateColour Print6th Robert Blyth-Skyrme The Baby 118-Jan-12Ray Kelly
305OPEN 3IntermediateColour PrintH COMM Janet Servante Arriving For Duty 18-Jan-12Ray Kelly
306OPEN 3IntermediateColour PrintCOMM Ian Lumsden Little And Large, Martel 18-Jan-12Ray Kelly
307OPEN 3IntermediateDigital1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme The Sunbathers 625-Jan-12Andrew Barton
308OPEN 3IntermediateDigital2nd Phyllis Christian The Magic Of Christingle 525-Jan-12Andrew Barton
309OPEN 3IntermediateDigital3rd Diane McCudden Herring Gull In Flight 425-Jan-12Andrew Barton
310OPEN 3IntermediateDigital4th John Dale Harbour Lights 325-Jan-12Andrew Barton
311OPEN 3IntermediateDigital5th Diane McCudden Otter 225-Jan-12Andrew Barton
312OPEN 3IntermediateDigital6th Janet Servante Niarbyl 125-Jan-12Andrew Barton
313OPEN 3IntermediateDigitalH COMM John Dale Imposing Portal 25-Jan-12Andrew Barton
314OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print1st Diane McCudden All Dressed Up 618-Jan-12Ray Kelly
315OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print2nd Janet Servante Maughold Lighthouse 518-Jan-12Ray Kelly
316OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print3rd Natasha Wilson Palm Tree Detail 418-Jan-12Ray Kelly
317OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print4th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Winter Plumage 318-Jan-12Ray Kelly
318OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print5th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Last Days Of The Cabel 218-Jan-12Ray Kelly
319OPEN 3IntermediateMono Print6th Janet Servante Fishermans Tackle 118-Jan-12Ray Kelly
320OPEN 3IntermediateMono PrintH COMM Natasha Wilson Volcanic Skyline 18-Jan-12Ray Kelly
321OPEN 3IntermediateMono PrintH COMM Diane McCudden Stroll On The Beach 18-Jan-12Ray Kelly
322OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print1st Chris Blyth Looking For An Exit 618-Jan-12Ray Kelly
323OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print2nd Tony Curtis Closer To The Edge 518-Jan-12Ray Kelly
324OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print3rd Claire Stringer Deer 418-Jan-12Ray Kelly
325OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print4th Claire Stringer Otter 318-Jan-12Ray Kelly
326OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print5th Bob Servante The RIsk Assessor 218-Jan-12Ray Kelly
327OPEN 3AdvancedColour Print6th Sue Jones Texture Of Time 118-Jan-12Ray Kelly
328OPEN 3AdvancedColour PrintH COMM Tony Curtis Heavy Weather 18-Jan-12Ray Kelly
329OPEN 3AdvancedColour PrintH COMM Ron Shimmin Boat Week At Peel 18-Jan-12Ray Kelly
330OPEN 3AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Chris Blyth Still Life In Brown 18-Jan-12Ray Kelly
331OPEN 3AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin Farm Visit 18-Jan-12Ray Kelly
332OPEN 3AdvancedDigital1st Bob Servante Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner 625-Jan-12Andrew Barton
333OPEN 3AdvancedDigital2nd Chris Blyth Alliam Big Bang 525-Jan-12Andrew Barton
334OPEN 3AdvancedDigital3rd Claire Stringer Owl 425-Jan-12Andrew Barton
335OPEN 3AdvancedDigital4th Sue Jones Last Light 325-Jan-12Andrew Barton
336OPEN 3AdvancedDigital5th John Phipp Deer 225-Jan-12Andrew Barton
337OPEN 3AdvancedDigital6th Brian Speedie I've Seen It All 125-Jan-12Andrew Barton
338OPEN 3AdvancedDigitalH COMM Brian Speedie What A Wonderful WOrld 25-Jan-12Andrew Barton
339OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print1st Ron Shimmin A Hard Climb 618-Jan-12Ray Kelly
340OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print2nd Sue Jones Injebreck 518-Jan-12Ray Kelly
341OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print3rd Sue Jones Rodeo Rider 418-Jan-12Ray Kelly
342OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print4th Mark Stringer Laura 318-Jan-12Ray Kelly
343OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print5th Claire Stringer Meercat 218-Jan-12Ray Kelly
344OPEN 3AdvancedMono Print6th Mark Stringer Rock Artist 118-Jan-12Ray Kelly
345OPEN 3AdvancedMono PrintH COMM Claire Stringer NIght Owl 18-Jan-12Ray Kelly
346OPEN 3AdvancedMono PrintH COMM Bob Servante Druidale 18-Jan-12Ray Kelly
347OPEN 3AdvancedMono PrintH COMM Tony Curtis Maughold Church 18-Jan-12Ray Kelly
348OPEN 3AdvancedMono PrintCOMM Tony Curtis Bronze In Black And White 18-Jan-12Ray Kelly
349OPEN 3AdvancedMono PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin Statue, Hindu Temple 18-Jan-12Ray Kelly
350OPEN 4StandardColour Print1st Sam Bucknall Street Art, Douglas Quay 615-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
351OPEN 4StandardColour Print2nd Annette Slater Fright Of The Heron 515-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
352OPEN 4StandardColour Print3rd Paul Dougherty Knock, Knock? Who's There? 415-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
353OPEN 4StandardColour Print4th Shirley Lotfy Luiselles 315-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
354OPEN 4StandardColour Print5th Norma Cowel The Good Shephard 215-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
355OPEN 4StandardColour Print6th Sam Bucknall Blending In 115-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
356OPEN 4StandardColour PrintVH COMM Mark Corlett Reach For The Sky 15-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
357OPEN 4StandardColour PrintCOMM Patricia Harvey Red-Billed Hull 15-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
358OPEN 4StandardColour PrintCOMM Annette Slater Peeping Tom 15-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
359OPEN 4StandardDigital1st Anne Bidwell Portugese Man of War 622-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
360OPEN 4StandardDigital2nd Anne Bidwell Penguin 522-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
361OPEN 4StandardDigital3rd Patricia Harvey Reflections 422-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
362OPEN 4StandardDigital4th Shirley Lotfy Doors and windows 322-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
363OPEN 4StandardDigital5th Sam Bucknall The Embers of the Campfire 222-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
364OPEN 4StandardDigital6th Hazel Walsh Dan 122-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
365OPEN 4StandardDigitalH COMM Jiri Podobsky Invader 22-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
366OPEN 4StandardDigitalCOMM Patricia Harvey Trinity College Chapel 22-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
367OPEN 4StandardMono Print1st Patricia Harvey By Two 615-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
368OPEN 4StandardMono Print2nd Sam Bucknall Jodrell Bank 515-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
369OPEN 4StandardMono Print3rd Patricia Harvey Port Moore Coastline 415-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
370OPEN 4StandardMono Print4th Norma Cowel North Shore Pier 315-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
371OPEN 4StandardMono Print5th Sam Bucknall New Look Liverpool 215-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
372OPEN 4StandardMono Print6th Elaine Dewhirst 'm So Cute 115-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
373OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print1st Phyllis Christian Sea Holly 615-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
374OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Duck Through 515-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
375OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print3rd Ian Lumsden The Old Mill, Rocamadour 415-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
376OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print4th Diane McCudden Wild Rose 315-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
377OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print5th Janet Servante Peling Pattern 215-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
378OPEN 4IntermediateColour Print6th Janet Servante Quiet Contemplation 115-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
379OPEN 4IntermediateDigital1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Up Close 622-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
380OPEN 4IntermediateDigital2nd Janet Servante Sparrow on the rocks 522-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
381OPEN 4IntermediateDigital3rd John Dale Ornamental Garden 422-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
382OPEN 4IntermediateDigital4th Phyllis Christian Tyred Lion 322-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
383OPEN 4IntermediateDigital5th John Dale Tudor View 222-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
384OPEN 4IntermediateDigital6th Diane McCudden Standing Stone 122-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
385OPEN 4IntermediateDigitalH COMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Odd one out 22-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
386OPEN 4IntermediateDigitalCOMM Janet Servante Scooter Abandoned 22-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
387OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print1st Diane McCudden Boating Lake 615-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
388OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print2nd Janet Servante Heron 515-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
389OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print3rd Janet Servante Meerkat 415-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
390OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print4th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Dew On Silver Sword At Haleakala 315-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
391OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print5th Diane McCudden Abandoned Cottage 215-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
392OPEN 4IntermediateMono Print6th Peter Brew Foreset Fence 115-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
393OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print1st Sue Jones Bandsman 615-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
394OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print2nd Mark Stringer In Flight 515-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
395OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print3rd Claire Stringer Baby Baboon 415-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
396OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print4th Sue Jones Heading Jome 315-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
397OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print5th Mark Stringer Bored With The Household Chores 215-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
398OPEN 4AdvancedColour Print6th Tony Curtis Icicles 115-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
399OPEN 4AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Claire Stringer Crested Crane 15-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
400OPEN 4AdvancedColour PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin Pause For Thought 15-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
401OPEN 4AdvancedDigital1st John Phipp Floating Market 622-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
402OPEN 4AdvancedDigital2nd Chris Blyth Mellow Fruitfullness 522-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
403OPEN 4AdvancedDigital3rd Bob Servante Goldfinch Data Collection 422-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
404OPEN 4AdvancedDigital4th Bob Servante Cashtal yn Ard 322-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
405OPEN 4AdvancedDigital5th Sue Jones Georgian Terrace 222-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
406OPEN 4AdvancedDigital6th Brian Speedie Spiral Staircase 122-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
407OPEN 4AdvancedDigitalCOMM Sue Jones The Ventriloquist 22-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
408OPEN 4AdvancedDigitalCOMM Chris Blyth Close Formation 22-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
409OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print1st Sue Jones Under Tension 615-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
410OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print2nd Tony Curtis Cregneash 515-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
411OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print3rd Ron Shimmin The Student 415-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
412OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print4th Sue Jones The Staircase 315-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
413OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print5th Ron Shimmin Odd Man Out 215-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
414OPEN 4AdvancedMono Print6th Tony Curtis Snowey View 115-Feb-12Eddie Fryer
415Small Prints 1StandardSmall Print1st Martyn Parnell The Wizard 626-Oct-11Tony Curtis
416Small Prints 1StandardSmall Print2nd Norma Cowel Ballerina 526-Oct-11Tony Curtis
417Small Prints 1StandardSmall Print3rd Elaine Dewhirst Well Grounded 426-Oct-11Tony Curtis
418Small Prints 1StandardSmall Print4th Anne Bidwell Pelican 326-Oct-11Tony Curtis
419Small Prints 1StandardSmall Print5th Elaine Dewhirst Mute Swan 226-Oct-11Tony Curtis
420Small Prints 1StandardSmall Print6th Patricia Harvey Lioness And Cubs 126-Oct-11Tony Curtis
421Small Prints 1StandardSmall PrintCOMM Patricia Harvey Day's End 26-Oct-11Tony Curtis
422Small Prints 1IntermediateSmall Print1st Natasha Wilson Has It Stoped Raining Yet 626-Oct-11Tony Curtis
423Small Prints 1IntermediateSmall Print2nd Ian Lumsden We're GOing To Be Kippered 526-Oct-11Tony Curtis
424Small Prints 1IntermediateSmall Print3rd Peter Brew Celtic Nations Flag 426-Oct-11Tony Curtis
425Small Prints 1IntermediateSmall Print4th Jenny Shanley Copper And Glass Flower 326-Oct-11Tony Curtis
426Small Prints 1IntermediateSmall Print5th Natasha Wilson Hislop And The Sea Mist 226-Oct-11Tony Curtis
427Small Prints 1IntermediateSmall Print6th Janet Servante Robin In Camouflage 126-Oct-11Tony Curtis
428Small Prints 2StandardSmall Print1st Martyn Parnell We Have Lift-Off 616-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
429Small Prints 2StandardSmall Print2nd Shirley Lotfy Hen 516-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
430Small Prints 2StandardSmall Print3rd Patricia Harvey Gerbera 416-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
431Small Prints 2StandardSmall Print4th Patricia Harvey The Victorious Salute 316-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
432Small Prints 2StandardSmall Print5th Steve Bridson The Race Is On 216-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
433Small Prints 2StandardSmall Print6th Mark Corlett And The Laxey River Runs Down To The Sea 116-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
434Small Prints 2StandardSmall PrintCOMM Shirley Lotfy Galway Cathedral Window 16-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
435Small Prints 2StandardSmall PrintCOMM Martyn Parnell The Piper 16-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
436Small Prints 2IntermediateSmall Print1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Riding For Breast Cancer 616-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
437Small Prints 2IntermediateSmall Print2nd Phyllis Christian It's God To Have A Chat 516-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
438Small Prints 2IntermediateSmall Print3rd Jenny Shanley Old Mans Beared 416-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
439Small Prints 2IntermediateSmall Print4th Ian Lumsden Plant Pots 316-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
440Small Prints 2IntermediateSmall Print5th Janet Servante Stairway To The Castle 216-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
441Small Prints 2IntermediateSmall Print6th Ian Lumsden Canoeists 116-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
442Small Prints 2IntermediateSmall PrintCOMM Natasha Wilson When I Grow Up.... 16-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
443Small Prints 2IntermediateSmall PrintCOMM Jenny Shanley Low Tide At Ramsey 16-Nov-11Diane mcCudden
444Small Prints 3StandardSmall Print1st Jiri Podobsky Stone Eater 611-Jan-12Antony Hamilton
445Small Prints 3StandardSmall Print2nd Anne Bidwell Feeling On Top Of The World 511-Jan-12Antony Hamilton
446Small Prints 3StandardSmall Print3rd Martyn Parnell Dog On A Mission 411-Jan-12Antony Hamilton
447Small Prints 3StandardSmall Print4th Hazel Walsh The Fire Breather 311-Jan-12Antony Hamilton
448Small Prints 3StandardSmall Print4th Martyn Parnell Tranquility 311-Jan-12Antony Hamilton
449Small Prints 3StandardSmall Print6th Jiri Podobsky Silent Night 111-Jan-12Antony Hamilton
450Small Prints 3StandardSmall PrintCOMM Norma Cowel Stone In My Shoe 11-Jan-12Antony Hamilton
451Small Prints 3StandardSmall PrintCOMM Patricia Harvey Autumn In Ballaglass Glen 11-Jan-12Antony Hamilton
452Small Prints 3IntermediateSmall Print1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Paddle – Hard ! 611-Jan-12Antony Hamilton
453Small Prints 3IntermediateSmall Print2nd Janet Servante High Flyer 511-Jan-12Antony Hamilton
454Small Prints 3IntermediateSmall Print3rd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Running – At Warp Speed ! 411-Jan-12Antony Hamilton
455Small Prints 3IntermediateSmall Print4th Janet Servante Robin 311-Jan-12Antony Hamilton
456Small Prints 3IntermediateSmall Print5th Natasha Wilson Sam 211-Jan-12Antony Hamilton
457Small Prints 3IntermediateSmall Print6th Jenny Shanley Clematis Seedhead 111-Jan-12Antony Hamilton
458Small Prints 4StandardSmall Print1st Patricia Harvey Leopard On The Ridge 68-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
459Small Prints 4StandardSmall Print2nd Anne Bidwell Sunshine Awakes 58-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
460Small Prints 4StandardSmall Print3rd Norma Cowel Please Let Me In 48-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
461Small Prints 4StandardSmall Print4th Anne Bidwell Bar-Headed Goose 38-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
462Small Prints 4StandardSmall Print5th Patricia Harvey Hope Spring Eternal 28-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
463Small Prints 4StandardSmall Print6th Phil Edge St Peter 18-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
464Small Prints 4StandardSmall PrintVH COMM Martyn Parnell The Rock 8-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
465Small Prints 4StandardSmall PrintVH COMM Annette Slater Wherefoe Art Thou? 8-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
466Small Prints 4StandardSmall PrintH COMM Shirley Lotfy Church Spire 8-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
467Small Prints 4StandardSmall PrintH COMM Hazel Walsh Raw Heart 8-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
468Small Prints 4StandardSmall PrintCOMM Martyn Parnell The Way Home 8-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
469Small Prints 4StandardSmall PrintCOMM Annette Slater Hokey Cokey 8-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
470Small Prints 4IntermediateSmall Print1st Ian Lumsden Poets Courtyard, Sarlat 68-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
471Small Prints 4IntermediateSmall Print2nd Ian Lumsden Computer Corner 58-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
472Small Prints 4IntermediateSmall Print3rd Janet Servante Smiler 48-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
473Small Prints 4IntermediateSmall Print4th Peter Brew Arc-De-Triumph, Paris 38-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
474Small Prints 4IntermediateSmall Print5th Janet Servante Juvenile Hering Gull With Prey 28-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
475Small Prints 4IntermediateSmall Print6th Phyllis Christian Formal Garden, albi Cathedral 18-Feb-12Ruth Nicholls
476Annual CreativeStandardDigital1st Hazel Walsh The Legs Of Woman 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
477Annual CreativeStandardDigital2nd Hazel Walsh London 360 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
478Annual CreativeStandardDigital3rd Hazel Walsh We Want To Play 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
479Annual CreativeStandardDigitalCOMM Sam Bucknall Ghost Rider 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
480Annual CreativeStandardDigitalCOMM Patricia Harvey Great Grey Owl 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
481Annual CreativeStandardDigitalCOMM Hazel Walsh How Does Your Garden Grow 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
482Annual CreativeStandardDigitalCOMM Hazel Walsh The Devils Ride 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
483Annual CreativeStandardPrint1st Anne Bidwell Cut it And Mix It 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
484Annual CreativeStandardPrint2nd Hazel Walsh The Old Hospital 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
485Annual CreativeStandardPrint3rd Anne Bidwell Light Through A Seive 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
486Annual CreativeStandardPrintCOMM Norma Cowel A Shower Of Stars In The Moonlight 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
487Annual CreativeIntermediateDigital1st Jenny Shanley Clematis Seedhead 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
488Annual CreativeIntermediateDigital2nd Janet Servante Shades Of LIght 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
489Annual CreativeIntermediateDigital3rd Jenny Shanley Four Centurions 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
490Annual CreativeIntermediateDigital1st Jenny Shanley Copper And Glass Flower 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
491Annual CreativeIntermediateDigital2nd Jenny Shanley Foliose Lichen 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
492Annual CreativeAdvancedDigital1st Chris Blyth Allium Big Bang 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
493Annual CreativeAdvancedDigital2nd Sue Jones Georgian Terrace 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
494Annual CreativeAdvancedDigital3rd Claire Stringer Faces 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
495Annual CreativeAdvancedDigitalH COMM Sue Jones Beyond The Angel 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
496Annual CreativeAdvancedPrint1st Mark Stringer Danging Girl 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
497Annual CreativeAdvancedPrint2nd Sue Jones Into The Vortex 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
498Annual CreativeAdvancedPrint3rd Bob Servante Pop-Up Toaster 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
499Annual CreativeAdvancedPrintVH COMM Sue Jones Vintage Post Box 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
500Annual CreativeAdvancedPrintH COMM Ron Shimmin Yellow Chair 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
501Annual CreativeAdvancedPrintCOMM Ron Shimmin The Staircase 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
502Annual NatureStandardDigital1st Patricia Harvey African Leopard 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
503Annual NatureStandardDigital2nd Norma Cowel Laurus, Comon Juvenile Gull 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
504Annual NatureStandardDigital3rd Norma Cowel Rubus Currant 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
505Annual NatureStandardDigitalVH COMM Shirley Lotfy Green Bottle 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
506Annual NatureStandardDigitalVH COMM Anne Bidwell POrtugese Man-O-War 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
507Annual NatureStandardDigitalH COMM Patricia Harvey African Lyon 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
508Annual NatureStandardDigitalH COMM Patricia Harvey African White Rhinoceros 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
509Annual NatureStandardDigitalCOMM Patricia Harvey African Elephant 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
510Annual NatureStandardDigitalCOMM Anne Bidwell Starling 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
511Annual NatureStandardPrint1st Shirley Lotfy Stag Beetle 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
512Annual NatureStandardPrint2nd Patricia Harvey African Leopard 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
513Annual NatureStandardPrint3rd Patricia Harvey African White Rhinoceros & Calf 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
514Annual NatureStandardPrintVH COMM Anne Bidwell Juvenile Sparrow 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
515Annual NatureStandardPrintH COMM Annette Slater Heron 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
516Annual NatureStandardPrintCOMM Shirley Lotfy Red Admiral 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
517Annual NatureIntermediateDigital1st Diane McCudden Goldfinch In The Rain 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
518Annual NatureIntermediateDigital2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Whitespot Surgeon Fish 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
519Annual NatureIntermediateDigital3rd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Dolphin Formation 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
520Annual NatureIntermediateDigitalVH COMM Janet Servante Seal 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
521Annual NatureIntermediateDigitalH COMM Janet Servante Heron 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
522Annual NatureIntermediateDigitalCOMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Egret 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
523Annual NatureIntermediateDigitalCOMM Jenny Shanley Natural Form : Fleshwick 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
524Annual NatureIntermediatePrint1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Turtle 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
525Annual NatureIntermediatePrint2nd Jenny Shanley Acorn Barnacle 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
526Annual NatureIntermediatePrint3rd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Dolphon Pod 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
527Annual NatureIntermediatePrintVH COMM Diane McCudden Cheetahs 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
528Annual NatureIntermediatePrintVH COMM Diane McCudden Lion At Watering Hole 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
529Annual NatureIntermediatePrintCOMM Jenny Shanley Juvenile Wren 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
530Annual NatureIntermediatePrintCOMM Diane McCudden Three Cheetah Brothers 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
531Annual NatureAdvancedDigital1st Chris Blyth Hoverfly (BEST NATURE IN ANNUAL)30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
532Annual NatureAdvancedDigital2nd Chris Blyth Goldfinch 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
533Annual NatureAdvancedDigital3rd Bob Servante Juvenile Sparrow 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
534Annual NatureAdvancedDigitalCOMM Bob Servante Juvenile Seal With Prey 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
535Annual NatureAdvancedPrint1st Mark Stringer Baby White Rhinoceros 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
536Annual NatureAdvancedPrint2nd Mark Stringer African Wild Dog 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
537Annual NatureAdvancedPrint3rd Tony Curtis Herring Gull 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
538Annual NatureAdvancedPrintVH COMM Claire Stringer Baby Elephant 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
539Annual NatureAdvancedPrintVH COMM Claire Stringer Baby Baboon 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
540Annual NatureAdvancedPrintH COMM Claire Stringer Baby Baboon 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
541Annual NatureAdvancedPrintH COMM Claire Stringer Meerkat 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
542Annual NatureAdvancedPrintCOMM Bob Servante Juvenile Swallow Feeding 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
543Annual NatureAdvancedPrintCOMM Tony Curtis Red Kegged Partridge 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
544Annual NatureAdvancedPrintCOMM Chris Blyth Small Tortoiseshell 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
545Annual OpenStandardColour Print1st Martyn Parnell We Have Lift-Off 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
546Annual OpenStandardColour Print2nd Shirley Lotfy Dish Of Tomatoes 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
547Annual OpenStandardColour Print3rd Hazel Walsh Shades Of Decay 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
548Annual OpenStandardColour PrintVH COMM Anne Bidwell Biggest Fan 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
549Annual OpenStandardColour PrintVH COMM Martyn Parnell Guy MArtin: Creg Ny BAr 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
550Annual OpenStandardColour PrintH COMM Patricia Harvey Ballaglas Glen 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
551Annual OpenStandardColour PrintH COMM Walter Lumsden Reaching For The Sun (BEST JUNIOR IN ANNUAL)29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
552Annual OpenStandardColour PrintCOMM Ernie Lumsden Welcome Break 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
553Annual OpenStandardColour PrintCOMM Shirley Lotfy Red-Tailed Buzzard 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
554Annual OpenStandardColour PrintCOMM Patricia Harvey The Green Door 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
555Annual OpenStandardDigital1st Anne Bidwell British Bank Holiday Weather 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
556Annual OpenStandardDigital2nd Hazel Walsh Self Portrait 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
557Annual OpenStandardDigital3rd Shirley Lotfy High Flyer 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
558Annual OpenStandardDigitalVH COMM Anne Bidwell Butterfly On Flower 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
559Annual OpenStandardDigitalVH COMM Anne Bidwell Far Away Gaze 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
560Annual OpenStandardDigitalH COMM Sam Bucknall Pistyll Rhaedor 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
561Annual OpenStandardDigitalH COMM Patricia Larkham Bowls OF Colour 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
562Annual OpenStandardDigitalH COMM Hazel Walsh Daredevil Dan 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
563Annual OpenStandardDigitalCOMM Sam Bucknall Late Evening, Castletown Beach 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
564Annual OpenStandardDigitalCOMM Sam Bucknall River Dee 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
565Annual OpenStandardDigitalCOMM Shirley Lotfy Armchair 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
566Annual OpenStandardDigitalCOMM Shirley Lotfy Lady In Red 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
567Annual OpenStandardDigitalCOMM Patricia Harvey Cheers 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
568Annual OpenStandardDigitalCOMM Patricia Harvey Gerbera 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
569Annual OpenStandardDigitalCOMM Patricia Harvey Harry Kelly's Cottage 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
570Annual OpenStandardMono Print1st Hazel Walsh If I Lay Here (BEST MONO PRINT IN ANNUAL)29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
571Annual OpenStandardMono Print2nd Annette Slater Resting In The Dock 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
572Annual OpenStandardMono Print3rd Annette Slater Lying Low 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
573Annual OpenStandardMono PrintH COMM Hazel Walsh On Being An Angel 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
574Annual OpenStandardMono PrintCOMM Norma Cowel Get Out Of My Shoe 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
575Annual OpenStandardMono PrintCOMM Patricia Harvey Port Mooar Coast 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
576Annual OpenStandardMono PrintCOMM Hazel Walsh Ashes To Ashes 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
577Annual OpenIntermediateColour Print1st Diane McCudden Forelorn (BEST COLOUR PRINT IN ANNUAL)29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
578Annual OpenIntermediateColour Print2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Duck Through 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
579Annual OpenIntermediateColour Print3rd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Odd One Out 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
580Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintVH COMM Diane McCudden Coastal Sunset 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
581Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintVH COMM Diane McCudden The LIne Out 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
582Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintH COMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Riding For Breast Cancer 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
583Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintH COMM Janet Servante Tethered Boat 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
584Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintCOMM Robert Blyth-Skyrme Sun Over Waimea Canyon 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
585Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintCOMM Ian Lumsden Pilgrims Hospital Ruins & Chapel : Rocamadour 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
586Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintCOMM Janet Servante The Old Switch Box 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
587Annual OpenIntermediateColour PrintCOMM Janet Servante The Letter 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
588Annual OpenIntermediateDigital1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Up Close (BEST DIGITAL IN ANNUAL)30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
589Annual OpenIntermediateDigital2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Hit Hard And True 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
590Annual OpenIntermediateDigital3rd Diane McCudden Happy Faces 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
591Annual OpenIntermediateDigitalVH COMM Phyllis Christian Pap Of Glencoe 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
592Annual OpenIntermediateDigitalVH COMM Diane McCudden The Determined Player 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
593Annual OpenIntermediateDigitalH COMM Diane McCudden Girl In Pink 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
594Annual OpenIntermediateDigitalCOMM Phyllis Christian Amy 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
595Annual OpenIntermediateDigitalCOMM Diane McCudden Deep In Thought 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
596Annual OpenIntermediateMono Print1st Diane McCudden The Squat 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
597Annual OpenIntermediateMono Print2nd Robert Blyth-Skyrme Dalls Dolphin : Liquid Motion 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
598Annual OpenIntermediateMono Print3rd Janet Servante Maughold Lighthouse 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
599Annual OpenIntermediateMono PrintVH COMM Diane McCudden Boating Lake 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
600Annual OpenIntermediateMono PrintH COMM Janet Servante Whistling Willy 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
601Annual OpenIntermediateMono PrintCOMM Phyllis Christian Hong-Kong Harbour 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
602Annual OpenIntermediateMono PrintCOMM Janet Servante Snow In Cumbria 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
603Annual OpenAdvancedColour Print1st Ron Shimmin Times Past 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
604Annual OpenAdvancedColour Print2nd Claire Stringer Deer 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
605Annual OpenAdvancedColour Print3rd Chris Blyth Looking For An Exit 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
606Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintVH COMM Bob Servante Autumn Palette 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
607Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintVH COMM Sue Jones Bandsman 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
608Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintVH COMM Sue Jones Fairground Fun 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
609Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintH COMM Bob Servante Millroad Crossing 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
610Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintH COMM Sue Jones Scrooged 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
611Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Claire Stringer Walking The Stair LIght Fantastic 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
612Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Sue Jones Heading Home 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
613Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Sue Jones Mooring DEtail Textures 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
614Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Chris Blyth The Name Is Bond - James Bond 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
615Annual OpenAdvancedColour PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin Interior : York Cathedral 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
616Annual OpenAdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones The Clown 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
617Annual OpenAdvancedDigital2nd Chris Blyth Half Dome - Yosemite 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
618Annual OpenAdvancedDigital3rd Antony Hamilton Air Aeribics 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
619Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalVH COMM Bob Servante Great Tit Ringing 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
620Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalVH COMM Sue Jones Going Down 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
621Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalH COMM Bob Servante Castletown Harbour Area 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
622Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalH COMM Bob Servante Lonsliness Of The Long Distance Runner 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
623Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalCOMM Claire Stringer Looking Out To Sea 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
624Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalCOMM Bob Servante Time For A Cuppa 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
625Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalCOMM Sue Jones Net TExtures 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
626Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalCOMM Sue Jones Textures Of Time 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
627Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalCOMM Chris Blyth Chesil Bridge, Winchester 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
628Annual OpenAdvancedDigitalCOMM Chris Blyth Close Formation 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
629Annual OpenAdvancedMono Print1st Sue Jones In Chains 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
630Annual OpenAdvancedMono Print2nd Mark Stringer Laura 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
631Annual OpenAdvancedMono Print3rd Mark Stringer In Thought 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
632Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintVH COMM Tony Curtis Bronze IN Black And White 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
633Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintH COMM Claire Stringer Night Owl 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
634Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintMono PrintSue Jones Solitude 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
635Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintCOMM Bob Servante Hopping MAd 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
636Annual OpenAdvancedMono PrintCOMM Sue Jones Under Tension 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
637Annual RecordStandardDigital1st Patricia Harvey Trinity College Chapel 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
638Annual RecordStandardDigital2nd Shirley Lotfy Lapa Church Altar : Portugal 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
639Annual RecordStandardDigital3rd Norma Cowel Stained Glass Window : St Ninians 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
640Annual RecordStandardPrints1st Shirley Lotfy Galway Cathedral Window 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
641Annual RecordStandardPrints2nd Shirley Lotfy St Anthony Convent Spire 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
642Annual RecordStandardPrints3rd Norma Cowel Alexander The Great 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
643Annual RecordIntermediateDigital1st Diane McCudden Ducati Engine Casing 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
644Annual RecordIntermediateDigital2nd Diane McCudden Legis Olympifer: Bologna 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
645Annual RecordIntermediatePrints1st Diane McCudden Montagnola Park Monument : Bologna 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
646Annual RecordIntermediatePrints2nd Phyllis Christian Callandish Standing Stones 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
647Annual RecordIntermediatePrints3rd Jenny Shanley The Demolition Of Albert Road School 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
648Annual RecordIntermediatePrintsCOMM Ian Lumsden Roof & Chimney Detail: Round HOuse : Rocamadour 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
649Annual RecordAdvancedDigital1st Sue Jones Window Detail, St Adamnans Church 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
650Annual RecordAdvancedDigital2nd Sue Jones Kings Own Scottish Borders Memorial North Bridge, Edinburgh 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
651Annual RecordAdvancedDigital3rd Antony Hamilton Symbol Of Speed: Jaguar Cars 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
652Annual RecordAdvancedDigitalCOMM Sue Jones Detail: Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial, St Giles Cathedral, Edingburugh 30-Mar-12Colin Douglas
653Annual RecordAdvancedPrints1st Sue Jones Scottish Veterans Residences Plaque Detail 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
654Annual RecordAdvancedPrints2nd Sue Jones Window Detail: St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
655Annual RecordAdvancedPrints3rd Ron Shimmin Statue: Hindu Temple 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
656Annual RecordAdvancedPrintsH COMM Sue Jones Detail : Scots American War Memorial, Edinburgh 29-Mar-12Colin Douglas
657IOM Bank Cup - Manx ChurchesColour Print1st Diane McCudden Jurby Church 21-Mar-12Eva Lancaster
658IOM Bank Cup - Manx ChurchesColour Print2nd Sue Jones St Thoma's Church 21-Mar-12Eva Lancaster
659IOM Bank Cup - Manx ChurchesColour Print3rd Dave Welsh Kirk Lonan All Saints, Built 1834 21-Mar-12Eva Lancaster
660IOM Bank Cup - Manx ChurchesColour Print4th Bob Servante St. Marks Church 21-Mar-12Eva Lancaster
661IOM Bank Cup - Manx ChurchesColour Print5th Peter Brew St Runius 21-Mar-12Eva Lancaster
662IOM Bank Cup - Manx ChurchesColour Print6th Chris Blyth Holy Trinity Church, Patrick 21-Mar-12Eva Lancaster
663IOM Bank Cup - Manx ChurchesMono Print1st Bob Servante Holy Trinity, Patrick (BEST MANX IMAGE)21-Mar-12Eva Lancaster
664IOM Bank Cup - Manx ChurchesMono Print2nd Sue Jones Kirk Christ, Lezayre 21-Mar-12Eva Lancaster
665IOM Bank Cup - Manx ChurchesMono Print3rd Diane McCudden Maughold Church 21-Mar-12Eva Lancaster
666IOM Bank Cup - Manx ChurchesMono Print4th Dave Welsh Old Kirk Lonan St Adamnan's, Built 1834 21-Mar-12Eva Lancaster
667IOM Bank Cup - Manx ChurchesMono Print5th Ron Shimmin St Marks Church 21-Mar-12Eva Lancaster
668IOM Bank Cup - Manx ChurchesMono Print6th Chris Blyth St Maugholds Church, Maughold 21-Mar-12Eva Lancaster
669TriptychPrints1st Tony Curtis Me, Myself And I (BEST TRIPTYCH)13-Dec-11Pam Kershaw
670TriptychPrints2nd Mark Stringer Dancing Girl 13-Dec-11Pam Kershaw
671TriptychPrints3rd Patricia Harvey Start To Finish 13-Dec-11Pam Kershaw
672TriptychPrints4th Sue Jones Edinburgh Evening 13-Dec-11Pam Kershaw
673TriptychPrints5th Chris Blyth Yosemite Landscape 13-Dec-11Pam Kershaw
674TriptychPrints6th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Hop, Skip And A Jump 13-Dec-11Pam Kershaw
675TriptychPrintsCOMM Claire Stringer Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas! 13-Dec-11Pam Kershaw
676TriptychPrintsCOMM Ray Davies Skeppshulmen, Stockholm 13-Dec-11Pam Kershaw