Results 2015-16

Results for the 2015-16 Season
1OPEN 1StdColour Print1st Mike Rowlands Plaza Espania Rowboat 614-Oct-15Doug Allan
2OPEN 1StdColour Print2nd Barry Murphy Albert Tower 514-Oct-15Doug Allan
3OPEN 1StdColour Print3rd Mike Rowlands The Artist 414-Oct-15Doug Allan
4OPEN 1StdColour Print4th Sue Leeming The House on the Hill 314-Oct-15Doug Allan
5OPEN 1StdColour Print5th Steve Meadows No.26 214-Oct-15Doug Allan
6OPEN 1StdColour Print6th Steve Meadows See you later Alligator 114-Oct-15Doug Allan
7OPEN 1StdColour PrintH COMM Tim Norton Logging On 14-Oct-15Doug Allan
8OPEN 1StdColour PrintH COMM Barry Murphy Bones II 14-Oct-15Doug Allan
9OPEN 1StdColour PrintCOMM Paul Dougherty ANSTEY'S LEAP 14-Oct-15Doug Allan
10OPEN 1StdColour PrintCOMM Paul Dougherty RED, WHITE & BLUE 14-Oct-15Doug Allan
11OPEN 1StdDigital1st Sue Blythe Living on thin ice (BEST IN COMPETITION)621-Oct-15Doug Allan
12OPEN 1StdDigital2nd Barry Murphy Quarry Falls 521-Oct-15Doug Allan
13OPEN 1StdDigital3rd Barry Murphy Misty Morning at Injebreck Hill 421-Oct-15Doug Allan
14OPEN 1StdDigital4th Michael Howland Making Waves 321-Oct-15Doug Allan
15OPEN 1StdDigital5th Steve Meadows A Road Well Travelled 221-Oct-15Doug Allan
16OPEN 1StdDigital6th Sue Blythe Bokeh Spider 121-Oct-15Doug Allan
17OPEN 1StdDigitalH COMM Tim Norton A leap into the unknown 21-Oct-15Doug Allan
18OPEN 1StdDigitalCOMM Tim Norton Playing Hide and Sheep 21-Oct-15Doug Allan
19OPEN 1StdDigitalCOMM Michael Howland London Eye & County Hall from Victoria Embankment 21-Oct-15Doug Allan
20OPEN 1StdDigitalCOMM Mike Rowlands Ballaglass Glen 21-Oct-15Doug Allan
21OPEN 1StdMono Print1st Sue Leeming Heads Up 614-Oct-15Doug Allan
22OPEN 1StdMono Print2nd Steve Meadows Taking in the View 514-Oct-15Doug Allan
23OPEN 1StdMono Print3rd Barry Murphy The Tin Cup 414-Oct-15Doug Allan
24OPEN 1StdMono Print4th Barry Murphy Shy 314-Oct-15Doug Allan
25OPEN 1StdMono Print5th Sue Leeming Hold Tight 214-Oct-15Doug Allan
26OPEN 1StdMono Print6th Mike Rowlands Fountain of youth 114-Oct-15Doug Allan
27OPEN 1IntColour Print1st Nessie Gillen Golden Eyes 614-Oct-15Doug Allan
28OPEN 1IntColour Print2nd Shirley Lotfy Lifebelts 514-Oct-15Doug Allan
29OPEN 1IntColour Print3rd Beryl Quayle Linaria (Purple Toadflax) and Bee 414-Oct-15Doug Allan
30OPEN 1IntColour Print4th Richard Shafto The Jacuzzi in Ballaglass Glen 314-Oct-15Doug Allan
31OPEN 1IntColour Print5th Richard Shafto Looking Up at the Gaiety 214-Oct-15Doug Allan
32OPEN 1IntColour Print6th Shirley Lotfy Arriving home 114-Oct-15Doug Allan
33OPEN 1IntColour PrintCOMM Beryl Quayle Goldfinch 14-Oct-15Doug Allan
34OPEN 1IntDigital1st Annette Slater Into the blue, Colour, Intermediate 621-Oct-15Doug Allan
35OPEN 1IntDigital2nd Beryl Quayle Juvenile Greenfinch with Rosehips on beak 521-Oct-15Doug Allan
36OPEN 1IntDigital3rd Beryl Quayle Another Place Crosby, Liverpool - Mono 421-Oct-15Doug Allan
37OPEN 1IntDigital4th Shirley Lotfy Dandelion clock 321-Oct-15Doug Allan
38OPEN 1IntDigital5th Shirley Lotfy Steve Colley 221-Oct-15Doug Allan
39OPEN 1IntDigital6th Annette Slater Milo , Mono, Intermediate 121-Oct-15Doug Allan
40OPEN 1IntDigitalCOMM Nessie Gillen Blue heart 21-Oct-15Doug Allan
41OPEN 1IntMono Print1st Richard Shafto Monster in the City 614-Oct-15Doug Allan
42OPEN 1IntMono Print2nd Nessie Gillen Bonding 514-Oct-15Doug Allan
43OPEN 1IntMono Print3rd Beryl Quayle Allium Bud Breaking 414-Oct-15Doug Allan
44OPEN 1IntMono Print4th Nessie Gillen Rock and Roll 314-Oct-15Doug Allan
45OPEN 1IntMono Print5th Richard Shafto Double Spiral 214-Oct-15Doug Allan
46OPEN 1IntMono Print6th Beryl Quayle Ox Eye Daisy 114-Oct-15Doug Allan
47OPEN 1AdvColour Print1st Robert Blyth-Skyrme Evening Light 614-Oct-15Doug Allan
48OPEN 1AdvColour Print2nd Chris Blyth Santa Maria della Salute 514-Oct-15Doug Allan
49OPEN 1AdvColour Print3rd Sue Jones Stonehenge 414-Oct-15Doug Allan
50OPEN 1AdvColour Print4th Sue Jones The Viking 314-Oct-15Doug Allan
51OPEN 1AdvColour Print5th Robert Blyth-Skyrme Break Red Four 214-Oct-15Doug Allan
52OPEN 1AdvColour Print6th Bob Servante Yelena 114-Oct-15Doug Allan
53OPEN 1AdvColour PrintH COMM Ron Shimmin Spring Sunshine, Laycock Abbey 14-Oct-15Doug Allan
54OPEN 1AdvColour PrintCOMM Bob Servante Bluetit 14-Oct-15Doug Allan
55OPEN 1AdvDigital1st Chris Blyth Red Kite 621-Oct-15Doug Allan
56OPEN 1AdvDigital2nd Sue Jones The Workshop 521-Oct-15Doug Allan
57OPEN 1AdvDigital3rd Ruth Nicholls Soul Searching 421-Oct-15Doug Allan
58OPEN 1AdvDigital4th Claire Stringer The Printers 321-Oct-15Doug Allan
59OPEN 1AdvDigital5th Mark Stringer Wing Walker 221-Oct-15Doug Allan
60OPEN 1AdvDigital6th Sue Jones The Vikings 121-Oct-15Doug Allan
61OPEN 1AdvDigitalH COMM Ruth Nicholls Bull-running 21-Oct-15Doug Allan
62OPEN 1AdvDigitalH COMM Mark Stringer Battle Plan 21-Oct-15Doug Allan
63OPEN 1AdvDigitalCOMM Bob Servante Mechanical Villa Marina 21-Oct-15Doug Allan
64OPEN 1AdvDigitalCOMM Chris Blyth The Candle Maker 21-Oct-15Doug Allan
65OPEN 1AdvMono Print1st Bob Servante Rapid Response Unit (BEST IN COMPETITION)614-Oct-15Doug Allan
66OPEN 1AdvMono Print2nd Sue Jones At Cregneash 514-Oct-15Doug Allan
67OPEN 1AdvMono Print3rd Ron Shimmin Seat of Learning 414-Oct-15Doug Allan
68OPEN 1AdvMono Print4th Sue Jones Ancient Stones 314-Oct-15Doug Allan
69OPEN 1AdvMono Print5th Ron Shimmin Galleries 214-Oct-15Doug Allan
70OPEN 1AdvMono Print6th Bob Servante Everything Stops for Tea 114-Oct-15Doug Allan
71OPEN 2StdColour Print1st Barry Murphy Autumn Meadow 618-Nov-15Steve Babb
72OPEN 2StdColour Print2nd John Cullen Sugar Bears 518-Nov-15Steve Babb
73OPEN 2StdColour Print3rd John Cullen Summer mirning in Utrecht 418-Nov-15Steve Babb
74OPEN 2StdColour Print4th Barry Murphy Injebreck Moonlight 318-Nov-15Steve Babb
75OPEN 2StdColour Print5th Sarah Bucknall Sunset at port erin 218-Nov-15Steve Babb
76OPEN 2StdColour Print6th Sue Blythe Those magnificent men..... 118-Nov-15Steve Babb
77OPEN 2StdColour PrintCOMM Steve Meadows Moove Over 18-Nov-15Steve Babb
78OPEN 2StdColour PrintCOMM Sue Blythe Wildebeest Sunrise 18-Nov-15Steve Babb
79OPEN 2StdDigital1st Sue Blythe Drop Collision 619-Nov-15Gary Harrison
80OPEN 2StdDigital2nd Steve Meadows Beacon Fell (BEST IN COMPETITION)519-Nov-15Gary Harrison
81OPEN 2StdDigital3rd Barry Murphy November 419-Nov-15Gary Harrison
82OPEN 2StdDigital4th Peter Keena open windows 319-Nov-15Gary Harrison
83OPEN 2StdDigital5th Deb Turk Introspection 219-Nov-15Gary Harrison
84OPEN 2StdDigital6th Jonathan Carey Which Way Now? 119-Nov-15Gary Harrison
85OPEN 2StdDigitalCOMM Patricia Larkham Just Lit 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
86OPEN 2StdDigitalCOMM Patricia Larkham All Lit Up 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
87OPEN 2StdDigitalCOMM Tim Norton How Now, Brown Cow? 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
88OPEN 2StdDigitalCOMM Karen Norton wet webbed garden spider 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
89OPEN 2StdDigitalCOMM Steve Meadows South Barrule 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
90OPEN 2StdDigitalCOMM Michael Howland Shag in Peel Marina 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
91OPEN 2StdDigitalCOMM Barry Murphy The Last Cast 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
92OPEN 2StdDigitalCOMM Sue Leeming Smokin' Dice 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
93OPEN 2StdDigitalCOMM Sue Leeming Where are they? 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
94OPEN 2StdDigitalCOMM Sue Blythe friendly robin 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
95OPEN 2StdDigitalCOMM Deb Turk Raindrop 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
96OPEN 2StdDigitalCOMM Jonathan Carey The Morecambe Missile 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
97OPEN 2StdMono Print1st Barry Murphy Tony 618-Nov-15Steve Babb
98OPEN 2StdMono Print2nd Steve Meadows The boy racer 518-Nov-15Steve Babb
99OPEN 2StdMono Print3rd Sue Blythe Milk Drop 418-Nov-15Steve Babb
100OPEN 2StdMono Print4th Sarah Bucknall Stand inside the white line dear 318-Nov-15Steve Babb
101OPEN 2StdMono Print5th Barry Murphy A November Night 218-Nov-15Steve Babb
102OPEN 2StdMono Print6th Sue Leeming Sea spray 118-Nov-15Steve Babb
103OPEN 2StdMono PrintCOMM Steve Meadows Angela 18-Nov-15Steve Babb
104OPEN 2StdMono PrintCOMM John Cullen Mistey lake 18-Nov-15Steve Babb
105OPEN 2IntColour Print1st Nessie Gillen Love my ballet shoes (BEST IN COMPETITION)618-Nov-15Steve Babb
106OPEN 2IntColour Print2nd Annette Slater Curlew landing 518-Nov-15Steve Babb
107OPEN 2IntColour Print3rd Nessie Gillen Golden syrup 418-Nov-15Steve Babb
108OPEN 2IntColour Print4th Beryl Quayle Hoverfly on Agapanthus 318-Nov-15Steve Babb
109OPEN 2IntColour Print5th Annette Slater Raindrops and sunshine 218-Nov-15Steve Babb
110OPEN 2IntColour Print6th Sam Bucknall Galician river scene 118-Nov-15Steve Babb
111OPEN 2IntColour PrintH COMM Shirley Lotfy Italian church window 18-Nov-15Steve Babb
112OPEN 2IntColour PrintCOMM Beryl Quayle Mersey Jet skier 18-Nov-15Steve Babb
113OPEN 2IntColour PrintCOMM Shirley Lotfy Boats 18-Nov-15Steve Babb
114OPEN 2IntDigital1st Hazel Walsh A sense of nostalgia 619-Nov-15Gary Harrison
115OPEN 2IntDigital2nd Annette Slater Title Unknown519-Nov-15Gary Harrison
116OPEN 2IntDigital3rd Beryl Quayle Fairy Homes (Porcelain Fungus) 419-Nov-15Gary Harrison
117OPEN 2IntDigital4th Nessie Gillen Fumigation 319-Nov-15Gary Harrison
118OPEN 2IntDigital5th Richard Shafto Training for the Bull Fight 219-Nov-15Gary Harrison
119OPEN 2IntDigital6th Jenny Shanley The beach at Smeale 119-Nov-15Gary Harrison
120OPEN 2IntDigitalCOMM Richard Shafto Where's Number Seven ? 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
121OPEN 2IntDigitalCOMM Nessie Gillen Break 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
122OPEN 2IntDigitalCOMM Annette Slater Three's a crowd 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
123OPEN 2IntDigitalCOMM Annette Slater Reflections 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
124OPEN 2IntDigitalCOMM Shirley Lotfy Street seller 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
125OPEN 2IntDigitalCOMM Shirley Lotfy Small Tortoiseshell on flower 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
126OPEN 2IntMono Print1st Beryl Quayle Lance - Body sculptor 618-Nov-15Steve Babb
127OPEN 2IntMono Print2nd Annette Slater Black On Black 518-Nov-15Steve Babb
128OPEN 2IntMono Print3rd Annette Slater Mother Nature 418-Nov-15Steve Babb
129OPEN 2IntMono Print4th Sam Bucknall Brandenburgh Gate 318-Nov-15Steve Babb
130OPEN 2IntMono Print5th Richard Shafto Ellis Windmill, Lincoln 218-Nov-15Steve Babb
131OPEN 2IntMono Print6th Nessie Gillen In safe hands 118-Nov-15Steve Babb
132OPEN 2AdvColour Print1st Sean Omoore Queens Pier Sunrise 618-Nov-15Steve Babb
133OPEN 2AdvColour Print2nd Sue Jones The Ventriloquists Dummy 518-Nov-15Steve Babb
134OPEN 2AdvColour Print3rd Sean Omoore Sunrise Selfie 418-Nov-15Steve Babb
135OPEN 2AdvColour Print4th Chris Blyth These Boots Are Made For Walking... 318-Nov-15Steve Babb
136OPEN 2AdvColour Print5th Bob Servante The Axe Man 218-Nov-15Steve Babb
137OPEN 2AdvColour Print6th Sue Jones The Vampyre 118-Nov-15Steve Babb
138OPEN 2AdvColour PrintH COMM Nigel Owen Start of Decay 18-Nov-15Steve Babb
139OPEN 2AdvColour PrintCOMM Bob Servante Muddy Dressing 18-Nov-15Steve Babb
140OPEN 2AdvDigital1st Chris Nicholls Paved with Gold 619-Nov-15Gary Harrison
141OPEN 2AdvDigital2nd Diane McCudden Sisterly Love 519-Nov-15Gary Harrison
142OPEN 2AdvDigital3rd Claire Stringer The Baker 419-Nov-15Gary Harrison
143OPEN 2AdvDigital4th Sue Jones Autumn 319-Nov-15Gary Harrison
144OPEN 2AdvDigital5th Ruth Nicholls Charging 219-Nov-15Gary Harrison
145OPEN 2AdvDigital6th Chris Nicholls Enlightened 119-Nov-15Gary Harrison
146OPEN 2AdvDigitalCOMM Bob Servante Juvenile Swallow feeding 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
147OPEN 2AdvDigitalCOMM Sue Jones Harlequin 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
148OPEN 2AdvDigitalCOMM Chris Blyth Wishes Do Come True 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
149OPEN 2AdvDigitalCOMM Nigel Owen The Golden Physalis Fruit 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
150OPEN 2AdvDigitalCOMM Ruth Nicholls Nature's Art 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
151OPEN 2AdvDigitalCOMM Claire Stringer Batwing butterfly 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
152OPEN 2AdvDigitalCOMM Diane McCudden Early Morning Light 19-Nov-15Gary Harrison
153OPEN 2AdvMono Print1st Ron Shimmin What's An iPad 618-Nov-15Steve Babb
154OPEN 2AdvMono Print2nd Sue Jones Viking Smile 518-Nov-15Steve Babb
155OPEN 2AdvMono Print3rd Sue Jones The Old Shed 418-Nov-15Steve Babb
156OPEN 2AdvMono Print4th Bob Servante llya Liych Telegin 318-Nov-15Steve Babb
157OPEN 2AdvMono Print5th Nigel Owen A Bridge Too Far 218-Nov-15Steve Babb
158OPEN 2AdvMono Print6th Bob Servante Twilight Harbour 118-Nov-15Steve Babb
159OPEN 3StdColour Print1st Steve Meadows Fly to Me 620-Jan-16XX
160OPEN 3StdColour Print2nd Barry Murphy A Quiet Girls Night Out 520-Jan-16XX
161OPEN 3StdColour Print3rd Sue Blythe Tree with a view - at sunrise 420-Jan-16XX
162OPEN 3StdColour Print4th Deb Turk The End Of Summer 320-Jan-16XX
163OPEN 3StdColour Print5th Jonathan Carey On The Straight And Narrow 220-Jan-16XX
164OPEN 3StdColour Print6th Deb Turk Street Movement 120-Jan-16XX
165OPEN 3StdDigital1st Sue Blythe Rainbow Drops (BEST IN COMPETITION)612-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
166OPEN 3StdDigital2nd Steve Meadows Making Friends 512-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
167OPEN 3StdDigital3rd Michael Howland Red Arrow 412-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
168OPEN 3StdDigital4th Barry Murphy Mediterranean Chameleon 312-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
169OPEN 3StdDigital5th Steve Meadows Frozen 212-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
170OPEN 3StdDigital6th Michael Howland Robin in the garden 112-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
171OPEN 3StdDigitalCOMM Sue Blythe Watercolours 12-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
172OPEN 3StdMono Print1st Deb Turk Trafalgar Square 620-Jan-16XX
173OPEN 3StdMono Print2nd Barry Murphy Dhoon & Gloom 520-Jan-16XX
174OPEN 3StdMono Print3rd Deb Turk Inside Out 420-Jan-16XX
175OPEN 3StdMono Print4th Barry Murphy Heading Home 320-Jan-16XX
176OPEN 3StdMono Print5th Steve Meadows Storm at Port Jack 220-Jan-16XX
177OPEN 3StdMono Print6th Sue Blythe Wot u looking at?? 120-Jan-16XX
178OPEN 3IntColour Print1st Shirley Lotfy Patiently waiting 620-Jan-16XX
179OPEN 3IntColour Print2nd Richard Shafto Memory of Zimbabwe 520-Jan-16XX
180OPEN 3IntColour Print3rd Beryl Quayle Bumble in Ecstasy collecting pollen from Clematis 420-Jan-16XX
181OPEN 3IntColour Print4th Nessie Gillen Scarlett 320-Jan-16XX
182OPEN 3IntColour Print5th Nessie Gillen Storms A-Brewing 220-Jan-16XX
183OPEN 3IntColour Print6th Shirley Lotfy On-shore for re-paint 120-Jan-16XX
184OPEN 3IntDigital1st Jenny Shanley Iris flower with pollen grains 612-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
185OPEN 3IntDigital2nd Beryl Quayle Dill in sihouette 512-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
186OPEN 3IntDigital3rd Annette Slater Take off 412-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
187OPEN 3IntDigital4th Shirley Lotfy Green-Veined Whites mating 312-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
188OPEN 3IntDigital5th Shirley Lotfy Quay-side view 212-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
189OPEN 3IntDigital6th Annette Slater Parrot Tulips 112-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
190OPEN 3IntDigitalCOMM Nessie Gillen May the Force be with you. 12-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
191OPEN 3IntDigitalCOMM Hazel Walsh Red Riding Wolf 12-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
192OPEN 3IntMono Print1st Nessie Gillen Solitude 620-Jan-16XX
193OPEN 3IntMono Print2nd Nessie Gillen Got The Ass 520-Jan-16XX
194OPEN 3IntMono Print3rd Richard Shafto In the Cango Caves 420-Jan-16XX
195OPEN 3IntMono Print4th Richard Shafto Steam in Africa 320-Jan-16XX
196OPEN 3AdvColour Print1st Ruth Nicholls Shades of the Aegean 620-Jan-16XX
197OPEN 3AdvColour Print2nd Chris Nicholls Treasury Petra 520-Jan-16XX
198OPEN 3AdvColour Print3rd Bob Servante Elegance in Dance 420-Jan-16XX
199OPEN 3AdvColour Print4th Tony Curtis Red Necked Wallaby 2 320-Jan-16XX
200OPEN 3AdvColour Print5th Ruth Nicholls First Light, Havana 220-Jan-16XX
201OPEN 3AdvColour Print6th Sue Jones Deep In Thought 120-Jan-16XX
202OPEN 3AdvColour PrintCOMM Sue Jones Remembrance 20-Jan-16XX
203OPEN 3AdvDigital1st Mark Stringer Inventory 612-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
204OPEN 3AdvDigital2nd Sue Jones Vintage Brass 512-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
205OPEN 3AdvDigital3rd Sue Jones Ancient Stones 412-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
206OPEN 3AdvDigital4th Tony Curtis Waiting for the fly 312-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
207OPEN 3AdvDigital5th Chris Nicholls Tuscany Land & Mists 212-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
208OPEN 3AdvDigital6th Mark Stringer gunkanjima Island 112-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
209OPEN 3AdvDigitalCOMM Chris Nicholls Model with Fan 12-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
210OPEN 3AdvDigitalCOMM Bob Servante Ballroom Twirl 12-Jan-16Mike Ashmole
211OPEN 3AdvMono Print1st Sue Jones Merlin's Cave, Tintagel (BEST IN COMPETITION)620-Jan-16XX
212OPEN 3AdvMono Print2nd Ron Shimmin The Way Up 520-Jan-16XX
213OPEN 3AdvMono Print3rd Sue Jones The Home Guard 420-Jan-16XX
214OPEN 3AdvMono Print4th Ruth Nicholls Water Spirit 320-Jan-16XX
215OPEN 3AdvMono Print5th Ron Shimmin The Skullery, Grove Museum 220-Jan-16XX
216OPEN 3AdvMono Print6th Chris Nicholls Light in our darkness 120-Jan-16XX
217OPEN 4StdColour Print1st Sue Blythe The Race (BEST IN COMPETITION)617-Feb-16John Keelan
218OPEN 4StdColour Print2nd Deb Turk Paul Weller (in concert) 517-Feb-16John Keelan
219OPEN 4StdColour Print3rd Sue Blythe The mane event 417-Feb-16John Keelan
220OPEN 4StdColour Print4th Barry Murphy The Rook 317-Feb-16John Keelan
221OPEN 4StdColour Print5th Paul Dunderdale Union Pacific 217-Feb-16John Keelan
222OPEN 4StdColour Print6th Sarah Bucknall Pipe Organ, Reykjavik 117-Feb-16John Keelan
223OPEN 4StdColour PrintCOMM Deb Turk Dirty Washing 17-Feb-16John Keelan
224OPEN 4StdColour PrintCOMM Paul Dunderdale Leaf Light 17-Feb-16John Keelan
225OPEN 4StdDigital1st Barry Murphy The Swan & the Lilies 624-Feb-16Andrew Barton
226OPEN 4StdDigital2nd Sue Leeming Miss Izzy 524-Feb-16Andrew Barton
227OPEN 4StdDigital3rd Barry Murphy The Night Stroller 424-Feb-16Andrew Barton
228OPEN 4StdDigital4th Paul Dunderdale Fog at Gatwick 324-Feb-16Andrew Barton
229OPEN 4StdDigital5th Deb Turk Glen Mooar Sunset 224-Feb-16Andrew Barton
230OPEN 4StdDigital6th Sue Blythe Water Parasol 124-Feb-16Andrew Barton
231OPEN 4StdMono Print1st Sue Blythe silhouettes at sunrise 617-Feb-16John Keelan
232OPEN 4StdMono Print2nd Barry Murphy Daisies 517-Feb-16John Keelan
233OPEN 4StdMono Print3rd Paul Dunderdale Booth Kelly's, Ramsey 417-Feb-16John Keelan
234OPEN 4StdMono Print4th Sue Blythe Stilts 317-Feb-16John Keelan
235OPEN 4StdMono Print5th Barry Murphy Walk 217-Feb-16John Keelan
236OPEN 4StdMono Print6th Sue Leeming Centred 117-Feb-16John Keelan
237OPEN 4IntColour Print1st Nessie Gillen Low-Flying Owl 617-Feb-16John Keelan
238OPEN 4IntColour Print2nd Nessie Gillen Toned 517-Feb-16John Keelan
239OPEN 4IntColour Print3rd Shirley Lotfy Red Rooster 417-Feb-16John Keelan
240OPEN 4IntColour Print4th Beryl Quayle Sunset, Formby Beach 317-Feb-16John Keelan
241OPEN 4IntColour Print5th Beryl Quayle Robin on the gate 217-Feb-16John Keelan
242OPEN 4IntColour Print6th Jenny Shanley Mirror shed, corner 117-Feb-16John Keelan
243OPEN 4IntDigital1st Hazel Walsh Kinderkrankenhaus Childrens Hospital Berlin 624-Feb-16Andrew Barton
244OPEN 4IntDigital2nd Nessie Gillen Looking out a dirty old window 524-Feb-16Andrew Barton
245OPEN 4IntDigital3rd Beryl Quayle Hold on tight we're going over! 424-Feb-16Andrew Barton
246OPEN 4IntDigital4th Hazel Walsh Antoinette 324-Feb-16Andrew Barton
247OPEN 4IntDigital5th Jenny Shanley This window 224-Feb-16Andrew Barton
248OPEN 4IntDigital6th Nessie Gillen Me and my dad 124-Feb-16Andrew Barton
249OPEN 4IntMono Print1st Nessie Gillen Under the Pier 617-Feb-16John Keelan
250OPEN 4IntMono Print2nd Nessie Gillen White Rose 517-Feb-16John Keelan
251OPEN 4IntMono Print3rd John Mackenzie Cuban Lady Resting 417-Feb-16John Keelan
252OPEN 4IntMono Print4th Beryl Quayle Stanley Park Palm House 317-Feb-16John Keelan
253OPEN 4IntMono Print5th Beryl Quayle Spaceship in the sand dunes 217-Feb-16John Keelan
254OPEN 4IntMono Print6th John Mackenzie The Marina 117-Feb-16John Keelan
255OPEN 4AdvColour Print1st Sue Jones Vintage Lamp 617-Feb-16John Keelan
256OPEN 4AdvColour Print2nd Ron Shimmin Coronation Coach Detail 517-Feb-16John Keelan
257OPEN 4AdvColour Print3rd Ron Shimmin A Quiet Corner, Antibes 417-Feb-16John Keelan
258OPEN 4AdvColour Print4th Sue Jones Twilight 317-Feb-16John Keelan
259OPEN 4AdvColour Print5th Chris Nicholls Benedictine Monastery Chapel 217-Feb-16John Keelan
260OPEN 4AdvColour Print6th Chris Nicholls St Peter in the Valley 117-Feb-16John Keelan
261OPEN 4AdvDigital1st Sue Jones Miner's Lamp (BEST IN COMPETITION)624-Feb-16Andrew Barton
262OPEN 4AdvDigital2nd Sue Jones Chess 524-Feb-16Andrew Barton
263OPEN 4AdvDigital3rd Tony Curtis Tools of the trade 424-Feb-16Andrew Barton
264OPEN 4AdvDigital4th Claire Stringer Working the fields 324-Feb-16Andrew Barton
265OPEN 4AdvDigital5th Claire Stringer Riverboat 224-Feb-16Andrew Barton
266OPEN 4AdvMono Print1st Ron Shimmin Face to Face 617-Feb-16John Keelan
267OPEN 4AdvMono Print2nd Ron Shimmin A Wily Customer 517-Feb-16John Keelan
268OPEN 4AdvMono Print3rd Sue Jones The Cottage 417-Feb-16John Keelan
269OPEN 4AdvMono Print4th Chris Nicholls Souring Splendour mono 317-Feb-16John Keelan
270OPEN 4AdvMono Print5th Sue Jones Statue Detail, Salisbury Cathedral 217-Feb-16John Keelan
271OPEN 4AdvMono Print6th Chris Nicholls Shaded Courtyard Mono 117-Feb-16John Keelan
272Assignment - CollectionsStdColour Print1st Deb Turk Inspiration 62-Dec-15Ray Davies
273Assignment - CollectionsStdColour Print2nd Steve Meadows Must be Funny 52-Dec-15Ray Davies
274Assignment - CollectionsStdColour Print3rd Sue Leeming Hat pins 42-Dec-15Ray Davies
275Assignment - CollectionsStdColour Print4th Sue Leeming Pearl drops 32-Dec-15Ray Davies
276Assignment - CollectionsStdColour Print5th Steve Meadows Get Set, Go! 22-Dec-15Ray Davies
277Assignment - CollectionsStdColour Print6th Sue Blythe Bude Beach Huts 12-Dec-15Ray Davies
278Assignment - CollectionsStdDigital1st Peter Keena street art collection 62-Dec-15Ray Davies
279Assignment - CollectionsStdDigital2nd Sue Blythe Sparkly seeds 52-Dec-15Ray Davies
280Assignment - CollectionsStdDigital3rd Tim Norton Anchor Cemetery 42-Dec-15Ray Davies
281Assignment - CollectionsStdDigital4th Mike Trout Bus Collection Wythall Transport Museum 32-Dec-15Ray Davies
282Assignment - CollectionsStdDigital5th Mike Trout Collection of Patriotic Tails 22-Dec-15Ray Davies
283Assignment - CollectionsStdDigital6th Sue Blythe Baubles 12-Dec-15Ray Davies
284Assignment - CollectionsStdDigitalCOMM Steve Meadows Daddy...can I have a Pony? 2-Dec-15Ray Davies
285Assignment - CollectionsStdMono Print1st Sue Blythe Which Way? 62-Dec-15Ray Davies
286Assignment - CollectionsStdMono Print2nd Barry Murphy A Collection of Faces from IOMTT 2015 52-Dec-15Ray Davies
287Assignment - CollectionsStdMono Print3rd Sue Leeming Potty 42-Dec-15Ray Davies
288Assignment - CollectionsStdMono Print4th Steve Meadows Foreign 'Ex' Change 32-Dec-15Ray Davies
289Assignment - CollectionsStdMono Print5th Sue Leeming Charitable choices 22-Dec-15Ray Davies
290Assignment - CollectionsStdMono Print6th Steve Meadows Times Gone By 12-Dec-15Ray Davies
291Assignment - CollectionsIntColour Print1st Nessie Gillen Watercolours 62-Dec-15Ray Davies
292Assignment - CollectionsIntColour Print2nd Nessie Gillen vintage books 52-Dec-15Ray Davies
293Assignment - CollectionsIntColour Print3rd Beryl Quayle A collection of Bugattis 42-Dec-15Ray Davies
294Assignment - CollectionsIntColour Print4th Annette Slater Sea shells in your pocket & sand in your toes 32-Dec-15Ray Davies
295Assignment - CollectionsIntColour Print5th Annette Slater Lost your marbles 22-Dec-15Ray Davies
296Assignment - CollectionsIntColour Print6th Beryl Quayle A collection of Nations 12-Dec-15Ray Davies
297Assignment - CollectionsIntColour PrintCOMM Shirley Lotfy Earrings 2-Dec-15Ray Davies
298Assignment - CollectionsIntDigital1st Hazel Walsh The Bone Collector (BEST IN COMPETITION)62-Dec-15Ray Davies
299Assignment - CollectionsIntDigital2nd Beryl Quayle Blackbird making a berry collection from Ivy 52-Dec-15Ray Davies
300Assignment - CollectionsIntDigital3rd Beryl Quayle Honey bee collecting nectar from Clover 42-Dec-15Ray Davies
301Assignment - CollectionsIntDigital4th Hazel Walsh Daddy's Toy Collection 32-Dec-15Ray Davies
302Assignment - CollectionsIntDigital5th Nessie Gillen Gems 22-Dec-15Ray Davies
303Assignment - CollectionsIntDigital6th Shirley Lotfy Beads 12-Dec-15Ray Davies
304Assignment - CollectionsIntMono Print1st Annette Slater Time to hang around 62-Dec-15Ray Davies
305Assignment - CollectionsIntMono Print2nd Nessie Gillen Spoilt for choice 52-Dec-15Ray Davies
306Assignment - CollectionsIntMono Print3rd Annette Slater Time and honour 42-Dec-15Ray Davies
307Assignment - CollectionsIntMono Print4th Nessie Gillen Sitting in the leaves 32-Dec-15Ray Davies
308Assignment - CollectionsAdvColour Print1st Sue Jones Book Club 62-Dec-15Ray Davies
309Assignment - CollectionsAdvColour Print2nd Sue Jones Millerny Collection 52-Dec-15Ray Davies
310Assignment - CollectionsAdvColour Print3rd Bob Servante Stamp collection 42-Dec-15Ray Davies
311Assignment - CollectionsAdvColour Print4th Ron Shimmin Last calls 32-Dec-15Ray Davies
312Assignment - CollectionsAdvColour Print5th Chris Nicholls Coloured Prints class of 72 22-Dec-15Ray Davies
313Assignment - CollectionsAdvColour Print6th Ron Shimmin Standing out in the crowd 12-Dec-15Ray Davies
314Assignment - CollectionsAdvDigital1st Sue Jones Metallica 62-Dec-15Ray Davies
315Assignment - CollectionsAdvDigital2nd Claire Stringer A collection of CAT's! 52-Dec-15Ray Davies
316Assignment - CollectionsAdvDigital3rd Nigel Owen The DNA of Knowledge 42-Dec-15Ray Davies
317Assignment - CollectionsAdvDigital4th Sue Jones Vintage Garage Collection 32-Dec-15Ray Davies
318Assignment - CollectionsAdvDigital5th John Phipp Tipsey Collection 22-Dec-15Ray Davies
319Assignment - CollectionsAdvDigital6th Claire Stringer Arai Helmet collection 12-Dec-15Ray Davies
320Assignment - CollectionsAdvMono Print1st Ron Shimmin Built up area (BEST IN COMPETITION)62-Dec-15Ray Davies
321Assignment - CollectionsAdvMono Print2nd Sue Jones A Collection of Designer Wellies 52-Dec-15Ray Davies
322Assignment - CollectionsAdvMono Print3rd Sue Jones Miners Collection 42-Dec-15Ray Davies
323Assignment - CollectionsAdvMono Print4th Chris Nicholls Saiboarders Wings 32-Dec-15Ray Davies
324Assignment - CollectionsAdvMono Print5th Ron Shimmin Glass collection 22-Dec-15Ray Davies
325Assignment - Light and ShadeStdColour Print1st Sue Leeming Blue Moon 63-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
326Assignment - Light and ShadeStdColour Print2nd Steve Meadows Spinning 53-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
327Assignment - Light and ShadeStdColour Print3rd Barry Murphy Quarry Falls Laxey 43-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
328Assignment - Light and ShadeStdColour Print4th Sue Blythe Winter sun and long shadows at Castlerigg Stone Circle 33-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
329Assignment - Light and ShadeStdColour Print5th Sue Blythe 50 Shades - the light of a new day 23-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
330Assignment - Light and ShadeStdColour Print6th Paul Dunderdale Ballamenagh, Sulby 13-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
331Assignment - Light and ShadeStdColour PrintH COMM Steve Meadows Morning Glory 3-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
332Assignment - Light and ShadeStdDigital1st Sue Blythe Match Lit 63-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
333Assignment - Light and ShadeStdDigital2nd Michael Howland Heron, Leigh Terrace, Douglas 53-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
334Assignment - Light and ShadeStdDigital3rd Tim Norton By the light of the silvery moon..... 43-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
335Assignment - Light and ShadeStdDigital4th Barry Murphy Point of Ayre 33-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
336Assignment - Light and ShadeStdDigital5th Sue Blythe Dawn - a light bulb moment 23-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
337Assignment - Light and ShadeStdDigital6th Peter Keena steps 13-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
338Assignment - Light and ShadeStdDigitalH COMM Peter Keena window light 3-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
339Assignment - Light and ShadeStdDigitalCOMM Tim Norton Lunar light and shadow 3-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
340Assignment - Light and ShadeStdDigitalCOMM Kevan Osborn Hango Hill 3-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
341Assignment - Light and ShadeStdMono Print1st Steve Meadows Rays in Cool Mist 63-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
342Assignment - Light and ShadeStdMono Print2nd Paul Dunderdale Hepworth, St. Ives 53-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
343Assignment - Light and ShadeStdMono Print3rd Barry Murphy Spike Island Prison, Cork, Ireland 43-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
344Assignment - Light and ShadeStdMono Print4th Deb Turk Dappled Light, Barcelona 33-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
345Assignment - Light and ShadeStdMono Print5th Barry Murphy So Watt 23-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
346Assignment - Light and ShadeStdMono Print6th Sue Blythe Sunken Jetty 13-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
347Assignment - Light and ShadeStdMono PrintH COMM Sue Leeming Winter Sun 3-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
348Assignment - Light and ShadeIntColour Print1st Nessie Gillen Let there be light 63-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
349Assignment - Light and ShadeIntColour Print2nd Shirley Lotfy Leafy pathway 53-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
350Assignment - Light and ShadeIntColour Print3rd Nessie Gillen Sunlit Past 43-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
351Assignment - Light and ShadeIntColour Print4th Beryl Quayle Cloud shadows over the manx hills 33-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
352Assignment - Light and ShadeIntColour Print5th Shirley Lotfy Castle stairwell 23-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
353Assignment - Light and ShadeIntColour Print6th Beryl Quayle Poker Stars Light display Villa Marina 13-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
354Assignment - Light and ShadeIntDigital1st Nessie Gillen Blueberries 63-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
355Assignment - Light and ShadeIntDigital2nd Beryl Quayle February sunset Bhenny Phot road 53-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
356Assignment - Light and ShadeIntDigital3rd Beryl Quayle A shaft of sunlight - Molly Quirk's Glen 43-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
357Assignment - Light and ShadeIntDigital4th Hazel Walsh The Dark Knight 33-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
358Assignment - Light and ShadeIntDigital5th Hazel Walsh Shades of Reflection 23-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
359Assignment - Light and ShadeIntDigital6th Shirley Lotfy Sunrise 13-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
360Assignment - Light and ShadeIntDigitalCOMM Shirley Lotfy Early morning at Altomonte 3-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
361Assignment - Light and ShadeIntMono Print1st Nessie Gillen Shady going ons 63-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
362Assignment - Light and ShadeIntMono Print2nd Beryl Quayle My Favourite Pose - body sculptor 53-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
363Assignment - Light and ShadeIntMono Print3rd Nessie Gillen Castle 43-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
364Assignment - Light and ShadeIntMono Print4th Beryl Quayle In my garden - Star of Bethlehem 33-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
365Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvColour Print1st Chris Nicholls Place du Palais 63-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
366Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvColour Print2nd Sue Jones Cloisters 53-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
367Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvColour Print3rd Ruth Nicholls Far Away 43-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
368Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvColour Print4th Ron Shimmin Pattern Of Light 33-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
369Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvColour Print5th Nigel Owen In Another Place 23-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
370Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvColour Print6th Sue Jones Illuminated Spheres 13-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
371Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvDigital1st Chris Nicholls Light Fantastic (BEST IN COMPETITION)63-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
372Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvDigital2nd Sue Jones Shadow Pattern 53-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
373Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvDigital3rd Sue Jones Into The Vortex 43-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
374Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvDigital4th Claire Stringer Ever decreasing balls 33-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
375Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvDigital5th Claire Stringer The colonnade 23-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
376Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvDigital6th Chris Nicholls Mood Lighting 13-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
377Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvMono Print1st Sue Jones Light To Dark (BEST IN COMPETITION)63-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
378Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvMono Print2nd Sue Jones Colonnade 53-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
379Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvMono Print3rd Ron Shimmin “Veiled Lady”, Chatsworth House 43-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
380Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvMono Print4th Bob Servante Worlds Apart 33-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
381Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvMono Print5th Chris Nicholls Crossing the lines 23-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
382Assignment - Light and ShadeAdvMono Print6th Ruth Nicholls Smoker's Area 13-Feb-16Eddie Fryer
383Assignment - SquaresStdColour Print1st Sue Blythe Rainbow Candy Squares (BEST IN COMPETITION)64-Nov-15Brian Goldie
384Assignment - SquaresStdColour Print2nd Sue Leeming Choice 54-Nov-15Brian Goldie
385Assignment - SquaresStdColour Print3rd Mike Trout Victoria Square 44-Nov-15Brian Goldie
386Assignment - SquaresStdColour Print4th Steve Meadows My Lucky Night (Pokerstars HQ) 34-Nov-15Brian Goldie
387Assignment - SquaresStdColour Print5th Sue Leeming Dicey 24-Nov-15Brian Goldie
388Assignment - SquaresStdColour Print6th Sue Blythe The Square (ish) window 14-Nov-15Brian Goldie
389Assignment - SquaresStdDigital1st Mark Thorsby Hilton Hotel, Malta 64-Nov-15Brian Goldie
390Assignment - SquaresStdDigital2nd Sue Blythe Sinking Dice 54-Nov-15Brian Goldie
391Assignment - SquaresStdDigital3rd Sue Blythe cubed sugar squares 44-Nov-15Brian Goldie
392Assignment - SquaresStdDigital4th Mike Trout Warehouse Cameo 2 34-Nov-15Brian Goldie
393Assignment - SquaresStdDigital5th Karen Norton Curved solar squares, Croatia. 24-Nov-15Brian Goldie
394Assignment - SquaresStdDigital6th Mike Trout Skytall 14-Nov-15Brian Goldie
395Assignment - SquaresStdDigitalCOMM Peter Keena castletown market square 4-Nov-15Brian Goldie
396Assignment - SquaresStdMono Print1st Mike Trout Warehouse Cameo 64-Nov-15Brian Goldie
397Assignment - SquaresStdMono Print2nd Sue Leeming Squared off 54-Nov-15Brian Goldie
398Assignment - SquaresStdMono Print3rd Sue Blythe Keep Calm! 44-Nov-15Brian Goldie
399Assignment - SquaresStdMono Print4th Steve Meadows Ever Decreasing Squares 34-Nov-15Brian Goldie
400Assignment - SquaresStdMono Print5th Steve Meadows The First Floor 24-Nov-15Brian Goldie
401Assignment - SquaresStdMono Print6th Sue Blythe Square shadows 14-Nov-15Brian Goldie
402Assignment - SquaresIntColour Print1st Nessie Gillen Battenburg 64-Nov-15Brian Goldie
403Assignment - SquaresIntColour Print2nd Annette Slater Quadruple points 54-Nov-15Brian Goldie
404Assignment - SquaresIntColour Print3rd Shirley Lotfy Mosaics 44-Nov-15Brian Goldie
405Assignment - SquaresIntColour Print4th UNKNOWNMISSING34-Nov-15Brian Goldie
406Assignment - SquaresIntColour Print5th Beryl Quayle Italian Quartz Table Top - Lady Lever Art Gallery, Liverpool 24-Nov-15Brian Goldie
407Assignment - SquaresIntColour Print6th Beryl Quayle Gable of WH Smith's, Douglas 14-Nov-15Brian Goldie
408Assignment - SquaresIntDigital1st Nessie Gillen How many points? 64-Nov-15Brian Goldie
409Assignment - SquaresIntDigital2nd Hazel Walsh Rusty Pane 54-Nov-15Brian Goldie
410Assignment - SquaresIntDigital3rd Beryl Quayle Patchwork Quilt 44-Nov-15Brian Goldie
411Assignment - SquaresIntDigital4th Jenny Shanley West Tower, Liverpool 34-Nov-15Brian Goldie
412Assignment - SquaresIntDigital5th Shirley Lotfy Red chest 24-Nov-15Brian Goldie
413Assignment - SquaresIntDigital6th Richard Shafto Distorted Squares 14-Nov-15Brian Goldie
414Assignment - SquaresIntMono Print1st Annette Slater Dare to be Squae 64-Nov-15Brian Goldie
415Assignment - SquaresIntMono Print2nd Nessie Gillen Square Eyes 54-Nov-15Brian Goldie
416Assignment - SquaresIntMono Print3rd Nessie Gillen 5 Squared 44-Nov-15Brian Goldie
417Assignment - SquaresAdvColour Print1st Sue Jones There's Always One! 64-Nov-15Brian Goldie
418Assignment - SquaresAdvColour Print2nd Ron Shimmin Geometry 54-Nov-15Brian Goldie
419Assignment - SquaresAdvColour Print3rd Sue Jones Squares Framed 44-Nov-15Brian Goldie
420Assignment - SquaresAdvColour Print4th Bob Servante TT Joiner 34-Nov-15Brian Goldie
421Assignment - SquaresAdvColour Print5th Ron Shimmin Carnival squares 24-Nov-15Brian Goldie
422Assignment - SquaresAdvColour Print6th Chris Blyth Transformations 14-Nov-15Brian Goldie
423Assignment - SquaresAdvDigital1st Nigel Owen Mind Games (BEST IN COMPETITION)64-Nov-15Brian Goldie
424Assignment - SquaresAdvDigital2nd Sue Jones Scrabble Squares 54-Nov-15Brian Goldie
425Assignment - SquaresAdvDigital3rd Chris Blyth An Eye On You 44-Nov-15Brian Goldie
426Assignment - SquaresAdvDigital4th Nigel Owen Not a Rectangle 34-Nov-15Brian Goldie
427Assignment - SquaresAdvDigital5th Claire Stringer Floor tiles 24-Nov-15Brian Goldie
428Assignment - SquaresAdvDigital6th Chris Nicholls Window Panes 14-Nov-15Brian Goldie
429Assignment - SquaresAdvMono Print1st Ron Shimmin Reflected squares 64-Nov-15Brian Goldie
430Assignment - SquaresAdvMono Print2nd Sue Jones Infinity 54-Nov-15Brian Goldie
431Assignment - SquaresAdvMono Print3rd Ron Shimmin Trafalgar square 44-Nov-15Brian Goldie
432Assignment - SquaresAdvMono Print4th Sue Jones Glass Wall 34-Nov-15Brian Goldie
433Assignment - SquaresAdvMono Print5th Bob Servante Villa Marina Laser Light Show 24-Nov-15Brian Goldie
434Assignment - SquaresAdvMono Print6th Bob Servante Words in Squares 14-Nov-15Brian Goldie
435TriptychALLTriptych1st Sue Blythe The Giant Pomegranate Harvest (BEST IN COMPETITION)16-Dec-15Patricia Tutt
436TriptychALLTriptych2nd Barry Murphy Three leaves 16-Dec-15Patricia Tutt
437TriptychALLTriptych3rd Ruth Nicholls Sand Patterns 16-Dec-15Patricia Tutt
438TriptychALLTriptych4th Nigel Owen Degredation Of Fragility 16-Dec-15Patricia Tutt
439TriptychALLTriptych5th Dave Welsh Sadie, The Next Super Model 16-Dec-15Patricia Tutt
440TriptychALLTriptych6th Ron Shimmin Foundation, Louis Vuitton, Paris 16-Dec-15Patricia Tutt
441TriptychALLTriptychH COMM Sue Jones Tribute To The Great Laxey Miners 16-Dec-15Patricia Tutt
442TriptychALLTriptychCOMM Bob Servante Breaking Point 16-Dec-15Patricia Tutt
443IOM Bank Cup - Manx TransportALLColour Print1st Beryl Quayle Steam Packet Arriving Douglas harbour (BEST IN COMPETITION)623-Mar-16Stan Basnett
444IOM Bank Cup - Manx TransportALLColour Print2nd Paul Dunderdale There's a Boat in the Morning 523-Mar-16Stan Basnett
445IOM Bank Cup - Manx TransportALLColour Print3rd Ron Shimmin Leaving Port Erin 423-Mar-16Stan Basnett
446IOM Bank Cup - Manx TransportALLColour Print4th Shirley Lotfy Horse trams 323-Mar-16Stan Basnett
447IOM Bank Cup - Manx TransportALLColour Print5th Bob Servante Reversing the Locomotive 223-Mar-16Stan Basnett
448IOM Bank Cup - Manx TransportALLColour Print6th Tim Norton Classy Chassis 123-Mar-16Stan Basnett
449IOM Bank Cup - Manx TransportALLMono Print1st Chris Blyth At The End of The Day 623-Mar-16Stan Basnett
450IOM Bank Cup - Manx TransportALLMono Print2nd Ron Shimmin Old Timers 523-Mar-16Stan Basnett
451IOM Bank Cup - Manx TransportALLMono Print3rd Paul Dunderdale Going Up 423-Mar-16Stan Basnett
452IOM Bank Cup - Manx TransportALLMono Print4th Tim Norton A Sign of the Times (monochrome) 323-Mar-16Stan Basnett
453IOM Bank Cup - Manx TransportALLMono Print5th Karen Norton Peveril Perspective 223-Mar-16Stan Basnett
454IOM Bank Cup - Manx TransportALLMono Print6th Bob Servante Refuelling the Engine 123-Mar-16Stan Basnett
455Annual OPENStdDigital Colour1st Sue Blythe section 6 - Tree with a view 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
456Annual OPENStdDigital Colour2nd Barry Murphy The Last Cast 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
457Annual OPENStdDigital Colour3rd Sue Blythe Section 6 - The flower girl 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
458Annual OPENStdDigital ColourVH COMM Paul Dunderdale HI-Key Bluebell 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
459Annual OPENStdDigital ColourCOMM Michael Howland Manx Steam Railway, Meary Veg 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
460Annual OPENStdDigital ColourCOMM Sue Leeming Miss Izzy 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
461Annual OPENStdDigital ColourCOMM Sue Leeming The Blues 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
462Annual OPENStdDigital MonoMono Digital Judged on 10th April 2016 By Terry Donnelly10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
463Annual OPENStdDigital Mono1st Sue Blythe section 7 - Submerged Jetty 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
464Annual OPENStdDigital Mono2nd Michael Howland Artist at work 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
465Annual OPENStdDigital Mono3rd Paul Dunderdale Sea View: Agneash 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
466Annual OPENStdDigital MonoVH COMM Barry Murphy My Goodness 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
467Annual OPENStdDigital MonoCOMM Michael Howland Arriving at Santon Station 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
468Annual OPENStdDigital MonoCOMM Sue Leeming Smoking Dice 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
469Annual OPENStdDigital MonoCOMM Sue Leeming The Clanger Moon 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
470Annual OPENIntDigital Colour1st Shirley Lotfy slotfy.6.balmoral.jpeg 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
471Annual OPENIntDigital Colour2nd Hazel Walsh The Bone Collector 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
472Annual OPENIntDigital Colour3rd Hazel Walsh Shades of Reflection 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
473Annual OPENIntDigital ColourVH COMM Beryl Quayle 9 Hold on tight we're going over 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
474Annual OPENIntDigital ColourVH COMM Nessie Gillen Pears 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
475Annual OPENIntDigital ColourCOMM Nessie Gillen Fishing 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
476Annual OPENIntDigital ColourCOMM Nessie Gillen Blueberries 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
477Annual OPENIntDigital ColourCOMM Shirley Lotfy slotfy.6.stevecolley.jpeg 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
478Annual OPENIntDigital Mono1st Nessie Gillen Keira 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
479Annual OPENIntDigital Mono2nd Beryl Quayle 10 "Another Place" Antony Gormley statutes 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
480Annual OPENIntDigital Mono3rd Hazel Walsh A sense of nostalgia 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
481Annual OPENAdvDigital Colour1st Chris Nicholls one of many 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
482Annual OPENAdvDigital Colour2nd Sue Jones Harlequin 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
483Annual OPENAdvDigital Colour3rd Chris Nicholls Colour Coded 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
484Annual OPENAdvDigital ColourCOMM Chris Nicholls Tuscany Mists & Lands 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
485Annual OPENAdvDigital ColourCOMM Chris Nicholls Our Daily Bread 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
486Annual OPENAdvDigital ColourCOMM Sue Jones Into The Vortex 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
487Annual OPENAdvDigital Mono1st Sue Jones Deep in Thought 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
488Annual OPENAdvDigital Mono2nd Bob Servante Unknown Destination 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
489Annual OPENAdvDigital Mono3rd Sue Jones Ancient Landscape 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
490Annual OPENAdvDigital MonoCOMM Sue Jones Infinity 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
491Annual RECORDStdDigital1st Paul Dunderdale Sculpture: Cragside, Northumberland 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
492Annual RECORDStdDigital2nd Patricia Larkham All Signed Up 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
493Annual RECORDStdDigital3rd Michael Howland Tower of Refuge 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
494Annual RECORDIntDigital1st Shirley Lotfy Albanian Church Window 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
495Annual RECORDIntDigital2nd Shirley Lotfy Manx Millenium Stone 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
496Annual RECORDIntDigital3rd Hazel Walsh Kinderkrankenhaus, Children's Hospital, Berlin 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
497Annual RECORDAdvDigital1st Sue Jones Bishop of Salisbury Plaque Detail 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
498Annual RECORDAdvDigital2nd Sue Jones Classic Car Detail 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
499Annual RECORDAdvDigital3rd Sue Jones Altar Detail Salisbury Cathedral 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
500Annual NATUREStdDigital1st Sue Blythe Polar Bear with Cub 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
501Annual NATUREStdDigital2nd Sue Blythe Lion 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
502Annual NATUREStdDigital3rd Sue Blythe Giraffe 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
503Annual NATUREStdDigitalVH COMM Sue Blythe Gannet 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
504Annual NATUREStdDigitalCOMM Paul Dunderdale Dog Rose 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
505Annual NATUREStdDigitalCOMM Paul Dunderdale Arctic Tern 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
506Annual NATUREIntDigital1st Shirley Lotfy Dandelion Clock 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
507Annual NATUREIntDigital2nd Beryl Quayle Bee collecting pollen on Clover 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
508Annual NATUREIntDigital3rd Shirley Lotfy Green Veined Whites Mating 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
509Annual NATUREIntDigitalCOMM Beryl Quayle 7 Hoverfly on Agapanthus 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
510Annual NATUREIntDigitalCOMM Beryl Quayle 12 Fairy Homes - Porcelain Fungus 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
511Annual NATUREAdvDigital1st Chris Nicholls Brackets of Fungus ( Bracket Fungus ) 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
512Annual NATUREAdvDigital2nd Chris Nicholls Snail 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
513Annual NATUREAdvDigital3rd Bob Servante Blue Tit 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
514Annual CREATIVEIntDigital1st Nessie Gillen Angel 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
515Annual CREATIVEIntDigital2nd Hazel Walsh Showgirls 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
516Annual CREATIVEIntDigital3rd Hazel Walsh Daddies Toy Collection 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
517Annual CREATIVEAdvDigital1st Sue Jones Blood Moon 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
518Annual CREATIVEAdvDigital2nd Bob Servante TT Joiner 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
519Annual CREATIVEAdvDigital3rd Sue Jones A Collection of Designer Wellies 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
520Annual CREATIVEAdvDigitalH COMM Sue Jones Guardians of the Vortex 10-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
521Annual OPENStdColour Print1st Deb Turk Paul Weller in Concert (BEST JUNIOR IN ANNUAL)7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
522Annual OPENStdColour Print2nd Deb Turk Dirty Washing 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
523Annual OPENStdColour Print3rd Sue Blythe Winter sun at Castlerigg 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
524Annual OPENStdColour PrintCOMM Sue Blythe The Race 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
525Annual OPENStdColour PrintCOMM Sue Blythe Rainbow Drops 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
526Annual OPENStdColour PrintCOMM Paul Dunderdale Workshop Window, Bewdley Museum 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
527Annual OPENStdMono Print1st Barry Murphy Heading Home 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
528Annual OPENStdMono Print2nd Sue Blythe Stilts 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
529Annual OPENStdMono Print3rd Barry Murphy Walk 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
530Annual OPENStdMono PrintCOMM Barry Murphy Dhoon & Gloom 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
531Annual OPENStdMono PrintCOMM Barry Murphy Spike Island Prison 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
532Annual OPENStdMono PrintCOMM Sue Blythe silhouettes at sunrise 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
533Annual OPENIntColour Print1st Nessie Gillen Toned 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
534Annual OPENIntColour Print2nd Nessie Gillen Watercolour 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
535Annual OPENIntColour Print3rd Nessie Gillen Cold in fur 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
536Annual OPENIntColour PrintCOMM Beryl Quayle 7 Sunset Formby Beach 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
537Annual OPENIntColour PrintCOMM Shirley Lotfy Patiently waiting 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
538Annual OPENIntColour PrintCOMM Shirley Lotfy Shaded leafy pathway7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
539Annual OPENIntMono Print1st Nessie Gillen Protection 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
540Annual OPENIntMono Print2nd Nessie Gillen White Rose 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
541Annual OPENIntMono Print3rd Beryl Quayle 4 Allium Bud Breaking 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
542Annual OPENIntMono PrintCOMM Beryl Quayle 2 Stanley Park Palm House 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
543Annual OPENIntMono PrintCOMM Beryl Quayle 3 Spaceship? in the Sand Dunes 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
544Annual OPENIntMono PrintCOMM Nessie Gillen Torso 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
545Annual OPENAdvColour Print1st Chris Nicholls Santorini Scene 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
546Annual OPENAdvColour Print2nd Chris Nicholls Lauterbrunnen 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
547Annual OPENAdvColour Print3rd Chris Nicholls Sea Horses 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
548Annual OPENAdvColour PrintCOMM Chris Nicholls Winter on the Grand canal Venice 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
549Annual OPENAdvColour PrintCOMM Chris Nicholls Lift Off 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
550Annual OPENAdvColour PrintCOMM Ron Shimmin The Chocolate Cafe 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
551Annual OPENAdvMono Print1st Nigel Owen Yin-Yang (BEST MONO PRINT IN ANNUAL)7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
552Annual OPENAdvMono Print2nd Ron Shimmin Seat of Learning 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
553Annual OPENAdvMono Print3rd Ron Shimmin Room 213 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
554Annual OPENAdvMono PrintCOMM Sue Jones Mining Collection 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
555Annual OPENAdvMono PrintCOMM Sue Jones The Home Guard 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
556Annual RECORDIntColour Print1st Shirley Lotfy Italian Church Window 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
557Annual RECORDIntColour Print2nd Shirley Lotfy Mosaics 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
558Annual RECORDIntColour Print3rd Nessie Gillen Mask 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
559Annual RECORDAdvColour Print1st Ron Shimmin Shakespeare Window 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
560Annual RECORDAdvColour Print2nd Sue Jones Window Panel Peel Cathedral 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
561Annual RECORDAdvColour Print3rd Sue Jones Great Laxey Miners Plaque Detail 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
562Annual NATUREStdColour Print1st Sue Blythe Common Fiscal 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
563Annual NATUREStdColour Print2nd Sue Blythe Dandelion Head 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
564Annual NATUREStdColour Print3rd Sue Blythe Gannet in Flight 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
565Annual NATUREStdColour PrintCOMM Sue Leeming Heron 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
566Annual NATUREStdColour PrintCOMM Sue Blythe Male Cheetah 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
567Annual NATUREIntColour Print1st Nessie Gillen Low flying owl 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
568Annual NATUREIntColour Print2nd Shirley Lotfy Common Buzzard 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
569Annual NATUREIntColour Print3rd Nessie Gillen Crusty Crab 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
570Annual NATUREAdvColour Print1st Chris Nicholls Bracket Fungus 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
571Annual NATUREAdvColour Print2nd Chris Nicholls Burnet Moth 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
572Annual CREATIVEIntColour Print1st Nessie Gillen Princess Zara 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
573Annual CREATIVEIntColour Print2nd Nessie Gillen A Colourful Lady 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
574Annual CREATIVEIntColour Print3rd Beryl Quayle Daisy - Golden sphere 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
575Annual CREATIVEAdvColour Print1st Ron Shimmin Geometry 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
576Annual CREATIVEAdvColour Print2nd Sue Jones Squares Framed 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly
577Annual CREATIVEAdvColour Print3rd Ron Shimmin Street Angles 7-Apr-16Terry Donnelly