Courier Report 11th March 2022

Date Published 
Fri 11 Mar 2022
This week’s meeting of the Isle of Man Photography Society was a presentation from club member Andrew Cairns following his visit to Japan. Andrew has been waiting patiently for Covid restrictions to end so he could share his presentation with fellow society members. Andrew's 3 week, pre-pandemic trip, was to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary and he took us on both a cultural and culinary journey around Japan with his first port of call being the “Eastern Capital” Tokyo. Andrew was fortunate to arrive in Japan just as the first Cherry Blossoms were beginning to emerge, which provided a colourful backdrop to a number of his images.
Andrew’s journey around Japan was primarily on board the famous Shinkansen Bullet Trains which can reach speeds of up to 200 mph but provide a smooth, comfortable and punctual journey, which I am sure we would all welcome on our public transport networks. 
Andrew’s images captured a variety of wildlife, religious temples, art and Japanese infrastructure which was supported by an informative and captivating commentary with a plentiful supply of anecdotes. An enormous amount of detailed information was provided by Andrew which had been sourced locally from a combination of Professional Guides and by his own inquisitive questioning of the local people. The broad range of images gave the audience a real sense of life in Japan, from the cosmopolitan cities to the ancient and traditional life still led by many in the more rural areas of the country. Andrew’s blend of images also provided insight into the cleanliness, advanced technology and the general respect the Japanese population have for their country. The IOMPS would like to thank Andrew for sharing his experience and for taking the time to prepare and deliver his presentation.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 16th March and will be the annual 3 way battle with the Oldham and Rochdale clubs. All are welcome to attend, non-members with a modest entry fee, all meetings are held on Wednesday evenings at St John Ambulance HQ on Glencrutchery Road, starting at 7:00pm.

The IOMPS gratefully acknowledges the continued support of the Arts Council.
Jonathan Carey