Courier Report 5th April 2024

Date Published 
Sun 31 Mar 2024
If there is one genre of photography that is guaranteed to be greeted with ‘oohs and aahs,’ it is images of cute, young babies! Such was the case when a former member of the Photographic Society, Nessie Gillen, agreed to come to the St John Ambulance HQ to give helpful tips and advice about this specialist subject and a most interesting presentation on photographing the very young, including babies who are only a few days old!

Having been a Society member herself, Nessie had made the bold leap from being a committed amateur photographer in her spare time to the world of professional photography, carving out for herself a successful niche business and, in the process, establishing a loyal, satisfied customer base. She freely admitted that it was her love of photography and her membership of the IOMPS that had given her the confidence to offer a professional service on the Island.

The foundation for success, as with all photography, is sound, advance planning, of course, and Nessie explained in some detail how she prepared and distributed information briefing parents before each studio session. (Knowing what parents are likely to expect removes anxiety and builds confidence). She gave details of the equipment she prefers to use and of how she lights her subjects, normally newborn babies. Because the children are often so young and require much patience and concentration, she tends to offer only one session per day, with strong liaison with parents in advance over such things as colours and clothing being essential – she is aware that most babies feel more comfortable and contented if they are dressed.

Nessie wraps the youngest babies in a way that makes them feel safe and warm, mimicking the womb. Gentle pressure on the wrap simulates mums embrace, providing a sense of security and promoting relaxation. Because babies cannot regulate their own temperature, it is crucial they do not become too cold or too hot.

Every session is ‘baby-focused.’ (If the baby is hungry or unhappy, Nessie knows that the best outcome will not be achieved for either parents or child). She tends to end her sessions with shots taken with one or both parents. This usually results in beautiful, pleasing images to satisfy the all-important clients’ wishes.

Nessie also offers sessions which includes siblings, who are usually slightly older. Doing the very best possible job is always key to achieving maximum client satisfaction and producing wonderful images which proud parents can look back upon.

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday 10th April when Andrew Barton will be judging our Annual Competition.

By Antony Hamilton