IOMPS Courier Report for 13th November

Date Published 
Fri 13 Nov 2020

Isle of Man Photographic Society

Hot on the heels of the Society’s annual photographic competitions, delayed this year until November because of the Pandemic, came the annual two-way ‘battle’ with the North West Bristol Camera Club. 

This annual event has become established as a regular feature over several years. A former member who was also a member of the Bristol Club, suggested it so that she could maintain her links with her Manx Society. Her idea was for an annual competition between the two photographic clubs of projected digital images. Under the competition rules, each club is invited to submit 30 new images which are then marked (out of 20) by two independent judges, one from the Bristol area and the other from the Isle of Man. The scores of the two judges are then combined to give an overall ‘winner’.

Normally, members look forward eagerly to having their competition entries assessed by an experienced photographic ‘expert’ who then gives a constructive critique on each image. This is usually followed by helpful tips and suggestions on how the images might have been improved and the thinking underpinning the scores awarded. The philosophy of this general format is to encourage participation and development. This feedback element was missing because the two judges were not able to be present with us. This was a pity, especially in the case of the unnamed Bristol judge whose markings seemed to be overly harsh and difficult to comprehend in the absence of his or her commentary. Such was this the case that there was no correlation between the markings of the two judges. However, the Society President, Jeremy Broome-Smith, asked those present to give their own opinions on each image and this generated a lively and entertaining discussion, interspersed with a good deal of humour.

The images on display were generally impressive and of a high standard. Peter Cannard’s "Ghost Crab", Steve Johnstone’s "Red Kite", Barry Murphy’s "Tally Ho" and Jeremy Broome-Smith’s "White-tailed Sea Eagle with Catch" all scored highly. However, the highest mark of 20 went to Jeremy again for his "Osprey with Fish".

The final overall results were as follows - 

Isle of Man Photographic Society – 503 points

North West Bristol Camera Club – 466 points

On Wednesday, 18th November, at 7.00 pm, we are looking forward to a recorded presentation by Ross McKelvey, member of the London Salon of Photography, on editing with 'Photoshop’ at the St John Headquarters, Glencrutchery Road, Douglas.

By Antony Hamilton

IMAGE 01: 'Osprey with Fish' by Jeremy Broome-Smith was the IOMPS highest scoring image with 20 points in the Battle with Bristol
IMAGE 02: 'Chrysanthemum White' by Nigel Owen gained 19 points for the IOMPS
IMAGE 03: 'Manhattan Dawn' by Sue Blythe also gained 19 points