IOMPS Courier Report for 25th December

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Fri 25 Dec 2020
Courier Report 251220

The Isle of Man Photographic Society is supported by the Arts Council

The IOM Photographic Society’s meeting this week was a social evening, an opportunity to relax with fellow photographers and enjoy a chat, as well as to share refreshments and to review progress during the first half of the season, the three months of which have passed very quickly. A discussion about the issues of judging proved a topical subject, the island lacking any officially accredited judges by the Photographic Alliance of GB which is our federal authority. With just three clubs on the island and the need to have independent judges for competitions, we are incredibly dependent on (and very grateful for) the goodwill of members from the other two clubs to provide judges, the expense of bringing in judges from across obviously not possible even during “normal” times when travel arrangements are much easier. However, we feel very fortunate to have been able to hold a fairly normal sequence of meetings since September, in marked contrast to our colleagues across, who are now limited to Zoom sessions.  More good news followed with the announcement of a successful application for a grant from the Arts Council towards the expense of a new laptop – their continued support is always much appreciated.

The evening continued with a showing of digital images from four of the members of images taken for “monthly challenges” held over our summer closed season – challenges with a specific assignment such as “boats”, “summer” and “liquid”. First up was Andrew Cairns with a super selection of well exposed images, including several illustrating the theme of “liquid”, a number of architectural shots showing patterns and shapes and a colourful foxglove with an elegant curve in its stem which is included here. Phil Watterson showed his selection next, a selection with an emphasis on boats both large and small – an action shot showing a kayaker in the surf being particularly striking. Beryl Quayle’s images are always noteworthy, a particular interest being natural history subjects such as insects and flowers where she excels with her macro work. This was very apparent in the selection she showed which included several flower heads taken in her garden, and which I think will do well in competition later this year. The evening concluded with Ruth Nicholls showing a range of her images, including in particular a selection of shots taken at this year’s Tynwald Day ceremony at St Johns – an unusual and obviously heavily curtailed occasion given the pandemic circumstances with no canopy on the hill, and few dignitaries or spectators in attendance. 

The IOM Photographic Society is now in its Christmas break, our next meeting being on Wednesday, 6th January when Dorothy Flint will be presenting her folio of images on “Tuscany and Dalmatian Pelicans” - an evening sure to please with some superb images in store. The meeting will be held the St John Ambulance HQ on Glencrutchery Road, starting at7:00 pm. Full details of our programme may be found on our Facebook page or on our website Our meetings are open to the public (non-members with a modest entry fee), and all will be given a very warm welcome. Meantime, we would wish all our readers a “Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

By Chris Blyth


IMAGE 01: Purple Poser by Andrew Cairns

IMAGE 02: Kayaker by Phil Watterson

IMAGE 03: Flower Head by Beryl Quayle