IOMPS Courier Report for 26th February

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Fri 26 Feb 2021
Courier Report 260221
Our Vice President, Ruth Nicholls, introduced James Brew as our guest presenter last week. James, a local photographer who has only ever used a digital camera, began his hobby as recently as 2006. Mainly interested in landscape photography including the night skies, in different climatic conditions, James is also experienced in several other photographic genres, such as portraiture, events, commercial and weddings.

For someone so young, James has travelled fairly extensively with his camera to many countries and yet most of his inspiration has come from the Isle of Man which he described as "undervalued" as a photography destination. Naturally, the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020/21 had focused his attention closer to home recently and made him realise what opportunities the Island has to offer. 

James’ great enthusiasm and passion for photography, especially that in the great outdoors, was much in evidence. He described in some detail his personal approach and his well-paced presentation took the form of an illustrated tutorial which had members and guests held spellbound from start to finish. He certainly held their full attention with his open, honest and frank explanations and it became clear that his was a different approach to what might be termed ‘the norm’!

It is probably fair to say that his meticulous pre-planning would not suit everyone. However, there was no denying his ability to demonstrate a high degree of personal devotion and a clear vision about the outcome he was setting out to achieve in each of his spectacular images, which were most impressive. Most of this advance planning was accomplished without leaving his home, but his principal aim was (and is) to strive constantly for continuous improvement. Anything short of absolute perfection, which is virtually unattainable, was simply unacceptable to him as his strong desire to be even better could never be fully satisfied. This is highly commendable, though he is probably his own biggest critic!

His inspiring presentation generated a lively, good-natured debate as members fired many questions in his direction. He didn’t flinch once, but gave disarmingly frank, informative and patient answers to each one. What he had to say made everyone stop and think about their own photography. Though he holds no formal qualifications, his in-depth understanding, and use, of a variety of different apertures, lens speeds, filters and natural lighting was admirable. 

Though his own style tends to be quite prescriptive, he stressed that photography should be enjoyable, rather than overwhelmingly complex.

Our next scheduled meeting will be on the 3rd March at 7.00 pm at the St John Ambulance HQ, just off Glencrutchery Road. Members (and guests who wish to attend for a modest admission charge) are asked to check the website www.iomps.comnearer the time as there might be a change to the programme.

The Isle of Man Photographic Society is supported by the Arts Council

By Antony Hamilton


IMAGE 01: Killabregga Sunrise by James Brew

IMAGE 02: Cross Vein Mine by James Brew

IMAGE 03: Spooyt Vane Waterfall by James Brew