IOMPS Courier Report for 9th October

Date Published 
Fri 9 Oct 2020
Autumn is now with us – that “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” - and I am delighted to report that the regular Wednesday evening meetings of the IOM Photographic Society have once again recommenced, this year meeting at the St John Ambulance Brigade HQ on Glecrutchery Road.

Whilst we have undoubtedly had the most unusual of years so far, we are now in the very fortunate position of still being able to meet – highly desirable given that much of the hobby of photography is best done on a social basis, sharing information and technical skills with other enthusiasts, and being able to enjoy seeing each other’s work – and perhaps getting some ideas for one’s own. This is in marked contrast to similar clubs in the UK who are now forced to contemplate their programmes being conducted via Zoom sessions – which, whilst providing interest and perhaps motivation, lacks the benefits and social interactions of a physical meeting.

Our first few meetings are essentially a “catch-up” on the items missed as a result of the emergency situation in March which caused the cancellation of a number of our meetings, including our Annual Competition and our AGM. 

Pat Tutt, a well known photographer from the Western Society, has very kindly agreed to judge the Annual for us – the prints already done by the time this goes to publication, with the digitally projected images to be judged later this month. We gratefully acknowledge the continuing support of the Arts Council for this event. Later this month, we are also looking forward to Neil Morris judging a “nature” assignment – an assignment for which he, as a wildlife expert, is extremely well qualified.

Three of our later meetings in the autumn will involve inter-club digital image competitions – the first, a two way battle with the NW Bristol Camera Club has already been judged but the images not yet shown, whilst the annual three way battle with the Oldham and Rochdale Clubs is a pre-recorded video show also yet to be seen. The third competition is the Island Inter-Club Battle being held at St Johns Football Club with the Southern and Western Societies – always much anticipated and always highly competitive with good craik between the various memberships.

Two new Open competitions and an assignment on “Still Life” will complete our programme in the run-up to Christmas. High quality images such as those shown here from several of our earlier competitions will be the order of the day - something we have been anticipating for more than 6 months !

Why not consider joining a camera club such as the IOM Photographic Society and take the opportunity to gain experience and skills? Members of the Society will always give a warm welcome to new members and be happy to share their knowledgeand give advice to help develop your skills. Have a look at our website – or our Facebook page for lots of ideas to stimulate your interest.

By Chris Blyth


IMAGE 01: 'Some Assembly Required' by Claire Schreuder

IMAGE 02: 'Sunflower' by Nigel Owen